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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   10/24/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat/Tony Call Notes 10/24/18

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   10/24/18 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 10/24/18

Post by Ssmith on Thu Oct 25, 2018 11:18 am

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Cliff notes by Sunny)

TNT UPDATE, Tuesday, Oct 23, 2018

Replay: [url=tel:641.715.0623;409029%23]641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#[/url]


TNT UPDATE, Tuesday, Oct 23, 2018

Ray: . . .

Iraqi TV reported that Parliament will hold its session on Thursday but cabinet-select names won’t be disclosed or voted upon until next week. #wearethepeople

And then it just started after that with a host of doing this, doing that.

Tony:   Goooooooooood Morning, TNT!  Originally said they were not going to take the thirty days to form their government.  Would have their GOI together by Oct 24th.  Today.   Then moved it, not going to do it.  Do it at 8; next Thursday.

Due to technical issues the call will resume in 15 minutes.

Tony:  Maybe we will get an update by then.  Something is going to happen in the next two hours.


Ray read the Tuesday update again

Tony:  It went back and forth.  Articles today at 8, Thursday of next week.  Mahdi wanted 15 names voted on today.  Others didn’t.  Some complained because they did not get 48 hours notice or portfolio’s on the individuals and did not want to vote on them if they didn’t know about them.

Chaos or intentional chaos.  Or screwed up.  We will know here in a little bit.  Tishwash is watching everything, the news, Parliament on TV.  She is texting me.  They wanted to be transparent so they put it on TV.  Then it went out.  I have some other guys watching too.  I was hoping to get the information live during this call.

Let’s clear up some things from the last call.  I had a guy on the call live.  He was at the bank to cash his check.  Every business has a bank they write their checks on.  (some people take their check to the company bank to cash the company check)   Everybody does not have to have a (personal) bank account where they cash their check at.  He went back Saturday and they had made changes, just that quick.  The rate was $1.25.  Had a meeting and said currencies they could not exchange and they would have to be sent out.  So he went back to the bank yesterday. and asked for the rate.  She put in IQD and the screen said ‘refer to Tier One bank.’  She couldn’t see the rates or do it anymore.  Which means the Tier One bank had decided they would not let their affiliates do this.

So that’s what was going on at the bank with that incident and that opportunity.

Tony talked about a story going around that the presentation of bills and fils to the President of the Arab Monetary Fund was old bills and old coins.  Tony:  Who does that make sense too?  We had people there who were telling a different story.

We are waiting to see what happens in this meeting.  There are banks who are still planning for this to go this week.  Based on Iraq’s plan . . . if they do what they say they are going to do.  Forget what all the articles say, let’s see what they do, then we’ll know where Iraq is at.

Over there (in Iraq) my people are saying, ‘everything’s fine.’  It is scheduled to go after (Mahdi) is sworn in.  That’s what they have been told.

CURRENT WINDOW:  Tony:  There are banks who are still planning for this to go this week.  Based on Iraq’s plan . . . (in Iraq) my people are saying . . .  It is scheduled to go after (Mahdi) is sworn in.  That’s what they have been told. . . Watch the CBI.  That is where it is scheduled to go first.



Tish Update: 2:13 pm EDT:  They have a quorum.  The meeting has started.

Parliament Update: 2:35 pm EDT:  Tony: Parliament had session.  Names given.  Vote postponed due to names presented.  That’s what’s on Iraq TV right now.

Update, 2:47 pm EDT:  Tony:  Mahdi gave speech.  Some of his deputies walked out . . . because they were not going  to vote on him I guess.

Update at call close:  Tony: The guy submitted for the interior ministry.  Meeting still going on.  Some demanding vote be postponed for five days.

  1. – How do you think this (Parliament – PM voting) is going to be resolved? Tony:  They will either do what they are supposed to do by the 2nd of Nov or the US is going to go in. 

IRAQ:    GOI Parliament vote on again, off again for PM and his Cabinet.  Date switches often.  Parliament is in session during this call.   Tony:  Chaos or intentional chaos.  Or screwed up.  We will know here in a little bit.

CBI  Tony has a contact at the CBI.  They are saying this is all done and this has just been a show and a means to get to some point in time.  Tony: I don’t know what the set time is.  If everything goes right today we will get an update tomorrow to let us know how close we are.

HCL Payments:  Tony:  We’ll see with the reforms if it goes to January.

Parliament:  Meeting NOW!

Mahdi Resign and Abadi become new PM?   Tony: Cause a constitutional crisis . . .the US come in . . . nobody wants the US to come in . . . why would anyone think that is the plan?


Iran: The RV was delayed so those sanctions could be put in place.  Tony:  Read “Confessions of an Economic Hitman.”  That’s what they are doing, “starving them out.”  How are they doing that.  We are threatening them.  We are threatening our allies.  They (Iraq) are caught in the middle. . . It’s held us up what’s going on in Iran.

Currencies:  First Basket:  ZIM, Rupiah, Dinar, Afghani, Dong.  All but Iran.   Dinar go to $8 or $12.  Tony says watch it and be ready to move.   Tony . . .  if it goes over $8 it maybe going to $12.


US Elections:  Tony does not see any benefit the elections would have on the RV going or not.

Banks: Are still planning on exchanging this week based on what Iraq does this week.  Tony:  Our banks will not go until CBI goes!

Taxes:   Tony still hearing no taxes on the exchange.  Tony:  For years I’ve been telling people to put 50% aside until we are sure what it is.

Gift Currency before the currency revalues.  Tony:  By gifting it afterwards (with a higher value) then you have created a taxable event.

Exchange Fees:  expected to be less than 1%.

800 #’s:  No release yet.


ZIM Information:  100 Trillion and 50 Trillion notes are what is expected to be exchanged but the banks have been taking other denominations.  Ray:  Nothing beats a failure but a try.

Q & A: Callers

  1. –Sales invoice instead of a gifting letter be proof to the IRS?  Tony:  You tell the IRS you sold ZIM for $100 they will say see you in court.  You are not authorized to sell currency.  People in Dinar community who are already in prison because they sold currency.  I’ve gifted everything I  needed to do.  Gifting letters –  All mine are notarized.

Ray:  The IRS does not care who you got it from or how you got it.  They are concerned with taxes.  If it’s taxable, to determine if it’s going to be long term or short term capital gains is when the date will make a difference.

  1. –Will tier two banks be able to handle the exchange?   Tony:  I don’t know.  This was a little community bank in Washington (state).  They could bring up the currency and rates.  Monday it said ‘refer to Tier One bank.’  Their Tier One bank is Wells Fargo.  . . I would always go to a Tier One bank because I know they have more capabilities and give . . .me the best rate and best benefits after the fact.Q. –Tony:


Tony . . . Okay guys. Latest update from Tish:  The guy submitted for the interior ministry.  Meeting still going on.  Some demanding vote be postponed for five days.

We still don’t know until the meeting is over.  I think she posted that in the forum or send out a tweet to let you know where we are.  Let’s see what happens.  We know everything else is ready to go.  Be upbeat.  Even if they give them five more days there will be a conclusion to this.

Ray . . .If anything happens we will get the information out to you.  (played “I Believe.”)

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