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Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Grace" 10/20/18

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Grace"  10/20/18 Empty Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Grace" 10/20/18

Post by Ssmith on Sun Oct 21, 2018 9:23 am

Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Grace"  10/20/18 Yosef14


Part one

Saturday October 20, 2018 is the most critical day of the RV... bar none.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, on Saturday October 20, 1973 then President Richard M. Nixon fired his two top Department of Justice lawyers to ultimately end the Watergate probe of Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox, thus sealing Nixon’s future resignation 10 months later beforehand Congressional impeachment trial found him guilty.

The reason this singular event mattered so much in world history is because the NPTB have almost verbatim framed Trump in the exact same way, as to help the general public set precedent for the premature removal of an American President.

The NPTB decided to frame Nixon for obstruction of justice right after he took the USA off the gold standard in 1971, and defaulted the world’s reserve currency (USD) into a fiat monetary asset, which literally was fueled by oil sales out of the Middle East—and why the WAPO journalist faked his own death in the Turkish Saudi Arabian Embassy.

This singular event will publicly end the petrol dollar as created by Henry Kissinger to keep the cabal fiat money lie going after stealing all American gold reserves.

As it was this "Saturday Night Massacre” that began that gold heisting process from the Federal Reserve Bank vaults, and ended the first asset backed financial system, Bretton Woods (1944), which eventually created decades of economic misery and lead to the current retribution by hidden sovereign powers.

A series of violent proxy wars also were waged since 9/11 including Russia, Europe, Afghanistan, Desert Storms 1&2, ISIS in Syria, Lebanon, Kurdistan; Libya, Balkans, Sub Saharan Africa, plus dozens of other lesser known Private war conflicts of equally murderous results, all for possession of hard assets before the financial system transitioned.

Basically WW3 was fought on multiple continents and on dozens of battle fields, with hundreds of millions dying all to gain better positioning on an imminent new asset back digital and quantum financial system—whereby humanity would be the greatest victim and you it’s greatest benefactor—by far.That’s how much God loves and believes in you.

And in the aftermath of all this global death and horrific torture for precious rocks, your sweet soul is one of the special human beings God HAS entrusted to heal the soul of the world.

Honestly, that’s the deeper spiritual secrete behind the RV, as each of you HAS been turned onto the Zim by the Lord, who hath called many, chosen few and knowing selected only a handfull of brave and courageous souls to step up believe, receive and achieve Heaven’s clarion call here on earth.

I shit you not. What other explanation can there be but this? Human Angels therefore are not just the spice of life as it relates to economic mercy, but also the salt, pepper, oregano, cinnamon, ginger, cumin, basil, nutmeg and sugar of philathropy for the entire rest of free world.

For God HAS given us the global resources as good and noble stewards for disbursal to the mass of population.

Think about that. Really think.

A merciful God has blessed a selected group of Human Angels with the restoration and healing duties for the tired, meek, poor, mammed, broken and huddled masses.

Somehow HAS passed the Messiah’s test to receive His burden, first paid by His only begotten son, Christ Yeshua, who absorbed all pain and suffering just so we could lovingly, abundantly and peacefully accomplish our sacred covenants in remembrance of Him.

Do consider this “notion” as fact. Because that’s what it is, fact!

Also think about your life as a sacrifice to the greater good. All your suffering. All your misery. All your agony. All your defamation. All in service of this one transitional moment in planetary history so that you could and would be ready, willing and able to serve a higher calling.

Take a few minutes to ponder why everything good and bad HAS happened in your life, and lead you to this moment of grace. Because if your life was anything like mine, it was far from graceful. In truth, at times it was downright sad, horrible, painful and disgraceful.

Yet here IAM and WEARE. Sobeit. Beitso.

And only the earlier sacrifice of Christ explains everything that’s happened before my prayers were answered as to what will happen to me after the RV.

The truth of Christ’s life, ministry and His torturer is what is being reset, not any currency value.


And you and I are living in historic times, when the reckoning is seen publicly and we are one’s selected to bear Christ’s immense responsibilities for healing the soul of the world.

Again, these are facts. Any other life purpose you held before this moment was the fiction. You are alive to heal souls.

All reading this have been protected and trained through a series of life struggles, groomed through agonies, honed through misery... yet all of you came out alive, hardened by a firm test of righteousness, but in the end you were spit out from the clutches of enslavement to now receive the wealth of Christ Yeshua and have it placed into your own accounts with your name on a quantum satellite/computer network that is cryptically unhackable.


Nixon’s Draconian sin now serves as a convenient backdrop for this weekend public transition of the world’s old financial system to the new. Great. Wonderful. So now what?

Truth is this fancy new system HAS been fully operation for two years, and thus it's release garuanteed in the Golden Book of Fate, perfectly coordinated with the removal of Trump before the 2018 midterms.

Making this weekend your last time to sincerely surrender, and accept the sizemic burden of walking with His cross, in shiney new servant shoes until you can bear to walk no more.

Sound familiar? Seen the movie? Read the book? Heard the good news?

Please don’t wait to surrender!

Put on right servant shoes today and begin your journey as a Human Angel, as you've building to it your entire life.

This my friends is it.


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