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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "The Reckoning"  10/20/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef "The Reckoning" 10/20/18

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "The Reckoning"  10/20/18 Empty Alexander Gagin/Yosef "The Reckoning" 10/20/18

Post by Ssmith on Sun Oct 21, 2018 6:21 am

Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "The Reckoning"  10/20/18 2018-306

The reckoning. The RV release. His grace.

Have you surrendered with all of your heart to the Lord? Do you trust Him with everything in your being? Can you let go of the cosmic wheel and allow God to drive your yellow schoool bus?

Look, I can’t convince anyone to receive Christ, only remind those who have of their commitment as it will always burn deep within their hearts until experienced and expressed as love

Christ HAS your back, so have His.

And while you might be nervous, anxious even defiant denial, remember that most to many never got to see the day of Saturday October 20, 2018.

Their divine missions here on earth were ended early, and their souls weren’t required to witness the transition. Yet many waited loyally for nearly five decades to see the great cabal fiat money lie exposed and ulitamtely replaced.

But God choose you.

Fischer was one. I’m sure you know others. But all their sacrifices must be honored, as they were selfless souls, consistant in their resistance of the worst evils ever threatening mankind.

Will you be as steady they were with all the money? We shall see. We shall see.

But you better be or else you’ll have to answer to once Human Angles who are now only Angles in spirit. And trust me, answering to Fischer in spirit will be no picnic:)

As for new intel, we understand that the public roll out process began last week at midnight Saturday for this week midnight Saturday.

Also, we fully anticipate the firing of Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein and third in command Noel Franscico, jso someone pre-selected can that night come in to DOJ leadership and fire Bob Mueller—ending his Russian probe—which will do anything but.

However the act will secure the Senate for the GOP, and the House for the DNC. Odd how whose worlds schism with the same political event.

But it still is one highly significant event that will provide cover for the RV release and public introduction for the new financial system.

Ironically the same one that’s been up and running for two years without issue.

Hilarious. New to the world I guess.

The fall of 2018 was always the release date for the RV, giving banks and military security details two full weeks for exchanges and redemptions before all GESARA compliance must be implemented by midnight Sunday November 4, 2018.

That conveniently would also be a less than two full days before the US midterms (not enough time for us to do any political funding damage), which will be the first real election on American soil in its history, and why the get-out-the-vote drive has been so intense on both sides—as the NPTB are trying to re-invigorate mass attention to all modern political matters.

Seems voter apathy is at a record low especially with younger generations who know the old political system is absolutely corrupt.

On a positive note, this October’s RV and midterms will ultimately trigger the full showcase of GESARA Treaty terms for the entire world to see.

Meaning, all who were faithful to the transition of the world from darkness into light will finally have their glorious moment, their day in the sun, their reputations restored and finances blessed beyond measure.

In a word, true Human Angels can and will now be seen as such. Your moment of grace HAS arrived.

While currency exchangers will just be well paid and lose their religions in the process.

Remember, money makes you more of what you are. And if you haven’t jumped off Trump ship yet and start humbly serving the light, that money will drag you down into an abyss of darkness, but faster.

And the Zim a gauranteed anchor for your death.

Again, I’m not here to scare anyone, just trying to offer all the possibilities of your choice, acting as a poet servant harbinger describing what HAS already manifested in spirit and now rushing towards you in form.

I’m done preparing souls for the transition, and have gone to a strategy of simply alerting souls still paying close attention of how their cosmic surfboards are positioned before a second flood hits our common shoreline.

No different than a warning to hard core costal residents in Florida about the dangers of storm surge during a hurricane.

So if you’ve been abused by the system, hurt by those who intentionally rebuked your good name, were ever underpaid or professionally cheated, incarcerated by illegal charges, even physically tormented or subjected to undue illness by our shared Draconian colonizers… know that this your moment of grace should you want to live in peace and prosperity, as so many have prophesied over the years.

But you gotta leave your old life now before it’s too late. And I plead for you to do so. Pray on it until you surrender.

Please, please, please.

God is full control of all RV and GESARA mandated events, certainly not man, nor Trump or the delusional religious white western world that has been unknowingly trapped in the Trump psy-ops identifying latent hatred for humanity.

As I know all such evil is scheduled for vibrational termination in the form of mass executions via Trump’s crucifixion; which is going down right now btw and in very graphic fire and flames around the world.

This next great flood has started and publicly hitting our common shores tomorrow night.

And folks, the hydration will never end. Ever.

Thus, it is imparitive to distance yourself from anyone supporting the Trump agenda at the risk of exposing yourself as being a co-conspirator, to what will be the largest political and financial scandal in human history, making Nixon’s Watergate look like a teenager getting busted for pot in a high school parking lot.

Trump was and is still pure evil.

And if you can’t see that, believe that, deal with that… then well, you universe has deemed you an obstacle in need of removal.

Also, I’ve been informed that the Mueller Report is a full exposure hit piece for all of the cabal’s hidden networks, murderous practices and illicit money laundering schemes crossing over party lines, cultures, races and sovereign boarders.

Metaphorically, it’s the band-aid being ripped off that this community has long waited for. But it’s 100x worse than we could ever expect.

It will implicate far more than just Trump and his cabal leftovers and misfits, but more importantly, it fulfills a mandated requirement of GESARA performance, to educate the sleeping masses of their galactic enslavement by sharing all Draconian’s tricks for keeping humanity enslaved.

To some this might seem like justice, but to me it’s something less than grace even though it’s a necessity—I get that. I do. Don’t like it. But I get it.

The Trump deception was a necessary as to identify all remaining evil, and they did so with the greatest evil—i.e. Trump.


However, in the larger duality scheme of things, I see how this truth serves organically as a way to reveal Heaven and Hell simultaneously.

I simply choose to not to focus on the evil primarily, and prefer instead to put my attention on purity of Yeshua’s grace as He unflowers His financial blessing versus the train wreck that is Trump, and the raw destruction of his certain demise.

Know also that Commander Obama is controlling global operations of GESARA.

I have had this intel confirmed yet again at the highest levels. Please never again speak badly of Obama again—not since the tan suit in 2014 anyway.

Ironically, the Trump character doesn’t know what’s coming next, in part because there are now nine different Trump clones handling his every public appearance.

That’s why he always feels "fresh and full of energy.” Seriously, how else can you explain a 70 plus year old man handling that kind of national speaking schedule and intensity of multiple political drama on a daily basis?

Certainly it’s not his healthy exercise or eating regime that’s for sure. So yes there are mutliple clones playing the part of Trump and being used to draw out all remaining evil worldwide.

Look, I know some of you struggle to believe such claims, but they’ve been cloning people since the 1950s, and Presidents since the 1970s using a bunker under Camp David.

And while I know there are few Human Angels left that love them some Trump, it’s time we parted ways and said goodbye.

Please leave Human Angels forever. Your energy is no longer wanted here.

Nor your future contributions as a seed planted in bad soil produces no fruit.

And Trump is bad soil. And you will therefore bear no fruit. So go in peace.

We at HAS deal in good soil, which is God's truth not Saturn's lies; as we are the future of the world and you sadly you are dedicated to the past.

That said, it’s time all Human Angels start living with their wings fully outstretched, and be prepared come Monday morning to leave your beastly and burdensome jobs, as well as the inadequate dwellings, diets, means of transportation an inactivity doldrums you currently prescribe.

As scarcity labor does not serve the greater good, neither does lingering apathy or shame about what went down in your former life.

All of that negative energy HAS gotta to be scrubbed.

It’s wise now to offer yourself, and all other souls, full amnesty before the RV as to come into the redemption of your Zim with a clean slate and open heart.

Seriously, full amnesty no exceptions.

Forgive everyone, for everything, bar none. Agape love for all living beings with no memory of past sins. It’s the only way forward.

The world must start seeing you as are, not anything less than.

No longer will your beauty allowed to be invisible, hiding in darkened corners behind shadows of doubt and insecurity.

Time to step into the full light of day as the hero that you are. Because that too is a fact.

Anything less than your full Human Angel truth is now deemed a complete and utter lie, with dangerous reprocussions.

Grace, therefore, comes at the steep price of living your truth and letting go of all illusions.

This means leaving behind very decent people with slightly flawed understandings of reality, and reflecting back to them like a mirror their own spiritually inadequacies.


Know that all illusionary beliefs limit soul ascension, as scarcity and fear HAS never served an omnipotent and divine Creator Mother/Father Source.

Just can’t.

So start walking in your Human Angel truth even if difficult at first, as those waiting for you to produce profit before they acknowledgment your rightesouness and dedication to God... are doomed.

God is asking for all to surrender before the blessing as evidence to gift the blessing.

He's insisting we completely lean into Him without reservations of any kind; and start living as greatest good;clearing a spiritual pathway for others who are too timid, asleep or simple minded to make a pathway for others to walk.

Be aware that being a Human Angel comes with massive responsibilities that go far beyond just managing huge sums of capital and disbursing it wisely; yes, being a Human Angel means leading the innocence out of their suffering, relentlessly, and being a living example of how a loving God can and will bless their lives without limitation; but this sacred duty applies for the remainder of your natural days.

It’s not an internet fad, but rather a non-negotiable spiritual contract.

And that burden comes with every soul redeeming Zim.

That is why I draw constant comparison via absolution. There is no choice here.

There’s only a surrender of self for service. That’s the whole ball game!

Self or service. Love or fear. Life or death. God or not God.

And this is why IAM pleading with you one final time.

Please, please, please surrender all illusions to the Grace that is Christ Yeshua, who was dark skinned, pure in His white light and unconditional loving.

Know the hard and fast truth of Christ is upon us all today, and only His pathway moves us forward, especially for Zim redeemers who desire to achieve their greatest good—all must pass through the heart of Christ.

John 14:6 Yeshua answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

There must be a personal sacrifice made in His name in order to safely redeem your Zim.

Historically speaking, the unjust will be met with swift and great despair, and banned from eternal life without earthy limitation, whereby His grace exists and your name will be exahualted though service of His.

"Remember Me,” was not just some clever bible phrase, it was His divine whisper that foreshadowed the events of today by a dying Messiah.

A Messiah that knowingly came into form and was crucified so your soul would be protected, honored and ascended for intense times like these.

Christ really happened, and it’s really time to really deal with the truth of Christ as the Messiah of Man.

Do it now before the earthly temptation of redeeming Zim lures you into a false promise of attaining salvation without surrender.

No one HAS ever bouhght their way out of hell or into Heaven. In fact, what drives most people insane in the first place, and why the Lord is mercifully removing the fiat construct via endless zeroed Zim redemptions.

Only an olive (black) skinned, bronze footed, hair soft as wool Christ can protect you. He was the first to die, so that all could know this day. It was His sacrifice that now allows us to make ours.

Christ HAS thus already blazed a trail for all humanity.

He HAS already cut the cabal's forrest of central banking impossibility down and slashed through all Draconian mechanisms of illusion so you could be the souls honored to finish what He started.

The Lord HAS thus blessed you to walk down this RV humanitarian corridor proudly, safely, and into the full light of Heaven as a Human Angel. But you must walk with Him and not alone.

Therefor please consider an immediate surrender to Him as mandatory if you haven’t done so already.

Please, I pray and beg of you. Because if you don’t kneel before a Negro Christ’s truth, if you don’ fully surrender to His salvation of the world, then please just walk away from the Zim/RV before you destroy yourself and your family.

You just can’t get to the other side of this narrow bridge without such a sacrifice.

Again, if you still must resist this plea do not redeem your Zim. It will absorb your soul and ultimately destroy your legacy and cause massive destruction to all around you.

Just know also there are severe penalties for lying to God, as well as following Trump off a cliff and into the abysss as hell.

His most loyal followers are doomed as doomed can be, as all have been chalked spiritually. In opposite, His most fervent detractors have also been chalked by Heaven, with the truly vehement to be acknowledged when they redeem their Zim or so I’ve been told.

Trump is literally a litmus test of your heart’s deepest intent.

Those who awakened will benefit, while those who continue to sleep shall never be awoken.

Know they gave us all two full years of his insanity of a completely treasonous administration to pick sides, and choose a future consciousness. And all did, whether they know it or not.

Zim redemptions thus heighten all expressions of truth, consciously and unconsciously. So either you will be revealed as supporting the suffering masses or in concert with the soulless slave masters.

Again, I know this is harsh material, very absolute and quite dangerous… but never have I wavered or attempted soften my pitch as a disciple of Christ.

I’ve always come to this audience on naked spiritual terms with truth… and why my readership numbers have dwindled down to a few hundred.

Surrender or succumb, bow or bow out, live or die is not an easy choice to make nor lesson to learn. But that’s the choice. And it comes without options or replacements.

So yeah, there’s a high price to pay for redeeming the Zim… it’s called grace… and it’s merciless as well as merciful depending on your choice. But no alternative pathway exists other than through Christ.

Due to the universal laws of free will, that choice is 100% yours by the grace and mercy of a loving Creator Mother / Father.

So decide before the news breaks. And deem this post to be your last alert and final warning.

All in or all out.

God is with us


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