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Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Soar" 10/18/18

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Soar"  10/18/18 Empty Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Soar" 10/18/18

Post by Ssmith on Fri Oct 19, 2018 10:10 am

Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Soar"  10/18/18 Yosef13


Isaiah 40:31

but those who hope in the Lord will

renew their strength.

They will soar on wings like eagles;

they will run and not grow weary,

they will walk and not be faint.

Eagles soar. That’s just what eagles do. They fly, high. Higher than all other animals.

And when the air gets really thin, they expand their lungs to soar even higher. Yet the higher an eagle soars, the more isolated it becomes.

Eventually, soaring above all other birds who watch on with amazement, and some in disgust, while they fly right out of sight.

“How dare they soar so high!"

But then what?

Seriously, what good is being an eagle if no one is there to see you soar? Worse, what if the world will hates you for going past what comes naturally to the masses—ascending far beyond their wildest imaginations.

How can an good hearted eagle share their heroic journey to far away lands if there are no ears to hear nor eyes to see?

Yeah, the Zim might be in rare economic air alright, but it’s damn lonely. And meant only for those eagles who can expand their imaginations to participate in its vast and unending rewards—untethered to trivial conversation, detailed minutia or grounding everyday activities.

Thus, to redeem Zim makes you an eagle, instantly, demanding that you soar higher than all others, regardless of whatever spirit animal you might associate yourself with now.

Elephants must become eagles.

Lions must become eagles.

Giraffes must become eagles.

Sharks must become eagles.

Donkeys must become eagles.

Aardvarks must become eagles.

Even ants can become eagles (with an insect waiver).

The question then becomes not whether or not its cool being an eagle, because it is, it really is, but how high are you willing to soar?

Is the Zim vehicle really the greatest good reality for your life? Or would you be happier remaining on the ground?

Enslaved sure, but assured of all the basic necessities of life and preservation of long-earned grounded relationships.

You would be surprised how many people would say no to being an eagle, if ever offered the opportunity. And even more surprised at who might say yes.

Look, I don’t care what path you choose, I don’t. Be an ant or an eagle for all I care.

Just don’t drink decaf is what I’ve consistently been asking of this community, as it’s still caffeinated coffee; how can people not see this... and unleaded gas has lead in it... wake up... ugh!

In fact, 95% of all who been gifted or even purchased Zim should back off from redeeming these sovereign bonds, as it will ultimately lead to their undoing, abruptly and tragically so.

But I’ll let God determine who lives and who dies. I’ve surrendered to that truth—many will suffer post RV from too much wealth.

The guilt of life and death was killing me. And above put too much effort in be martyred.

My job HAS always been to share the truth, as harsh as it might be sometimes, and prepare those spirit animals destined to soar like eagles—even if it meant adopting some permanent forms of economic and emotional isolation.

At least you were all given the choice. And the truth. Which in a just universe is all we have ever ask for from our Creator: “Lord, let us decide how high we fly!"

This is why we started Human Angel Services… to give Zim redeemers / eagles a digital daily nest to share all their wonderful humanitarian tales with other soaring eagles, maybe even develop a few young eaglets along the way, feeding them our worms of wisdom, get a cool scarf, find a philanthropic minded date for Saturday night or just have a friendly Human Angel face in every Safe Haven you choose to fly to.

An on-line community in the physical and with a strong pulse. A home for all eagles wherever they may decide to soar.

But make no mistake, eagles must soar because eagles are born to fly, just as Human Angels are born to serve. We have no other choice. It’s what we do.

So if this lifestyle sounds like you, a soaring eagle flying higher than all the other spirit animals in service of mankind’s greater good, then by all means redeem your Zim and be bold in your ask.

If not, enjoy being a leopard, coyote, howler monkey or stingray. Nothing wrong with being an ant either, the world needs laborers who can carry fifty times their own body weight.

Because when your old life begs you to return back to your former spirit animal, and it will, eagles knowingly must leave behind all other realities and soar some more.

Real superhero stuff if you ask me.

For eagles represent the purest possibility of what can and will be achieved in the human form… which unconsciously is envied by the entire animal kingdom, yet also equally despised.

There’s that duality thing again. Can’t escape it.

Truth be told, land animals are just as courageous as flying souls, both can test the limits of what’s possible in a lifetime, inspire others by providing an example of what might be.

But eagles rise. And if and when someone decides to become an eagle and soar, we must already be airborne.

Living wings out.

Translated, human beings need Human Angels to demonstrate Christ’s love for all, unconditionally, so that’s we may all soar (ascend) into far away spiritual realms by our faith in Him.

The RV is not about money friends, never was. It’s all about the liberated ascension of humanity. At both the individual and collective levels, to clean up this messed up world.

Eagles must leave their nests right now, as they are required to soar by universal law. Not just economically, but morally you are destined to lead a spiritual crusade after 13 millennia of unimaginable forced ignorance and brutal repression.

So soar eagles, soar. Be not afraid. In fact, be a shining example of Christ’s love the world over.

Just know that you will have a little bit of company in HAS nest, a servants only community, to share all of your fantastic graces along the way.

There just won’t be a lot of eagles at the beginning. But at least the nest is not empty and there’s plenty of parking close to the door.

Get excited. It’s here!

God is with us

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