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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "The Question"  10/11/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef "The Question" 10/11/18

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "The Question"  10/11/18 Empty Alexander Gagin/Yosef "The Question" 10/11/18

Post by Ssmith on Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:40 am

Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "The Question"  10/11/18 Yosef12

“The Question"

Can you feel it? The Zim bond note harvest looming. Sitting right there.

1:1 rate. 7-10% structured payout interest programs on all principal invested. No tax. Sovereign passport status. Private banking.

Are your arms wide open waiting sincerely for the scope of such a Heavenly blessing?

A few, sure. But most no. Nearly all still have doubts. A small handful proceed with certainty. Even fewer joy. A couple enlightenment.

Hey, the mathematics of faith are what they are.

How many holding Zim right now are even reading this blog? Studying the geopolitical and world monetary landscapes closely? Knowing in their heart or hearts that this event is so? Immanent?

Not many to all, let’s be honest. As it should, as it must. I blame the law of the harvest—not all fruit is ripe at the end of the season.

Most wanted it to happen years ago, even believed it would, but they left for different reasons, and even fewer now wait with spiritual arms outstretch ready to receive.

The conversion timespan was just too long. The road to rocky. People had to make a living. Provide. Survive.

Understandable. Yet showing up for a once in a multi-mullenial event is kinda the whole point, isn’t it? To be present?

Sadly, most to all have chosen to exist on a constant survival mode which all are subjected to from birth.

Ironic that the human desire to survive overwhelms the desire to live well. And it’s this sane natural reaction the cabal uses against us, encouraging us to fight our spiritual instincts for physical ones.

Ironically this is what kills us faster. Prematurely. Permanently. And that’s mental enslavement. Walls without erecting a prison.

But once the illusion is revealed as false, then what? How will your old life end? Or better yet, how will your new life begin anew?

You see Human Angels only fear binds us to our limited post in life. Dear keeps us bound to past subconscious choices of scarcity which actually accelerate death, even guarantees its early arrival.

It’s the rare few souls that ever really break free of this thinking that live life in full. Who live beyond an artificial matrix of control.

And God called you to experience that breakthrough.

Still most who were called just couldn’t wait it out. Lacked the resolve. The faith. Didn’t have the heart. Refused to imagine a world in transition.

Who went first? Christ. He walked the earth and changed everything with His death.

That one soul proved a simple truth, fear is a liar.

Regardless of where your are on the RV scale of commitment, or what your threshold for suffering may be… there’s one common prayer that unites us all as a force of mercy in this beautiful and most miraculous moment… a deep and pure hope for a better day.

Together we share a cosmic calling. To witness and live at the end of fiduciary bondage. The absolute elimination of scarcity. To be I resent as a preservative of mankind during Christ’s redemption.

Because it was Christ that redeemed His soul first. Paved our way. Set the vibration for all eternity. He led.

Guess that’s just what Messiah’s do.

Friends, it is here. Your miraculous moment. It’s now time to let the Messiah’s love into heart or die in fear.

This is why many are called, but few are chosen.

As the question now is not whether or not you believe in Christ, trust Christ, know Christ, wait with Christ in your heart, prepare for and educate yourself in Christ... what’s done is done, that’s just math... no the question now is who reading this HAS the courage to receive the Master’s Grace.

Have you accepted His truth as He truly existed as an African male?

Because it is easy now to see all the structural banking, military, diplomatic, and political reforms already accomplished and vitally necessary for this miracle of all miracles to happen...

you witnessed all of that, lived through it, declared it so, endured.

In fact, the actual RV redemption period is irrelevant now that you know the truth about Christ, even the subtly RV release announcement made before a worldwide audience in Bali, and open ramping up of redemption centers on full display in every banking center in the world is meaningless without asking the question... is Christ black?

Yes the Lord’s grace is ready to be shared with the masses and ascend the species. Only the blind cannot see this now. Only the wicked dare obstruct. But who shall lead depends on who is closest to the truth of Christ.

And Christ’s truth is not negotiable, as this is why we are all redeeming. To restore His name, His Peace, His Grace.

So the only question you should be asking yourself today is how will I survive when survival is no longer the primary issue of my existence if Christ had hair of wool, bronze feet and olive skin?

For when this miracle moment comes and goes for you, and it will, what do you look and feel like when the sins of your Anglo ancestors and personal bias debts have been paid in full?


Who are you then? Will you live as Yeshua’s true image or your own? Truly that becomes the only question then, who am I?

It’s not only a fair ask, it’s the only truth any of us will ever need to seek again. Because if the answer is yes, everything else culturally is also an illusion—and then you are free. Until then you’re still a Slavs, with or without endless zeros in digital bank accounts.


How much does a colored Christ love me? What does He want me to accomplish for all of His children? How can I best serve Him if I’m not black skinned?

All are reasonable questions... but who am I if Christ is African is the only question that will ever really matter moving forward.

That question scares me, might excite others, but what say you?

I encourage all to dare to live the answer.

God is with us

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