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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Modus Operandi"  10/2/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Modus Operandi" 10/2/18

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Modus Operandi"  10/2/18 Empty Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Modus Operandi" 10/2/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed Oct 03, 2018 9:04 am

Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Modus Operandi"  10/2/18 Dzudwx14

"Modus Operandi"

Well, we’re finally into October 2018, who would have thunk it when you started, eh?

I’m going on twelve plus years with the GCR/RV and four with the Zim. I got a certificate of participation in the mail today from Maliki.

God bless Iraq.

I’m beyond wiped out. How about you?

My things are starting to protest their inactivity. Fortunately my knees talked them back into functioning again and joining the rest of my legs.

Look, the reasons to stay on and follow this to the end and obvious and endless. The liberation of mankind and preservation of the species/earth.

Totally get that. Wonderful.

Many I know will want to buy me a beer at the RVFCW Hall, have a laugh, tell a story.

Problem is I stopped drinking alcohol and I’m boring in person now.

But what I know to be coming next is my worst nightmare and perhaps that will force me to pep up.

It’s the hard and bloody implementation of GESARA. The immovable force meeting the irresistible object.

Divorce basically of a malevolent alien race yielding to several other benevolent alien races, who are smarter and more evolved.

Brothers and sisters, I accept that 95% of those reading this post don’t or wont accept this as truth. I really do. But you dead wrong.

And for some unknown reason I feel obligated to tell this common truth. A la John the Baptist maybe, but unlike Johnny B, once the Messiah moment comes, and the dramatic truth revealed for all to see, I’m done.

No more preaching for this preacher. I gave you all that I had.

Please don’t look to Yosef for future answers or spiritual guidance, one on one, or digitally like this.

My covenant has been served, and now I must go assist the poor and innocent after the RV, not keep reliving the good old pre-RV days.

That’s what all of you get to do, share your experience with all of those needing answers. There are so, so many who have no clue what’s what.

You’re the leaders. You’re the mouthpieces. You’re the podcast hosts and bloggers of this amazing new world.

I’m happy being a stay at home dad, driving an electric mini-van and designing a digital architecture platform that unites the world’s best Top Down Philanthropists like yourselves.

I will be starting a safe haven in my home town… just like all of you. We are one in servicing the greatest good. Always we shall share that truth.

Know that I’m perfectly happy being irrelevant when I known I'm anything but.

Because when I was irrelevant, I knew I was anything but.

Guess that's just my Modus Operandi (MO). Look weak, be strong. Dance when no one’s watching, disappear when they come looking.

Kinda my schtick.

News coming in from the front lines is one of military transition that will be anything but a seamless transition, in fact, it will be public, violent, sudden, and absolute.

And I refused for a long time to accept that this was the way it had to be. I believed the benevolent master planners could out think every evil being within the Draconian cabal overlords who have ruled humanity for 13 millenia without our knowledge.

There’s just a faction that was never going to quit in their quest for total global domination. And that element is what will be flame thrown into the annuls of history.

Most to all politicians you either like or dislike, loathe and adore, will be removed due to their extra terrestrial genetics not their party affiliation.

Some of the best and most well like sports athletes and actors too; they will be removed for crimes committed against humanity.

Radio talk show hosts, mass media news personalities, judges, even TV pastors and spiritual icons will be arrested and dealt with accordingly to the level or degree of their crimes.

There Modus Operandi is to deceive, kill and destroy. And as a result they couldn’t see when they were being deceived, killed and destroyed via the Trump, nationalist agenda psy-ops.

GMO food will no longer be made available on store shelves, which will force you to change your diet and palette. That includes mass produced fast food, beer, wine and spirits. Ouch.

What a buzz kill I know. But the truth nonetheless.

Advanced technologies will come on-line quickly. Medical cures will be presented openly to humanity. Cancer will be eradicated quickly. Anti-aging devices revealed.

So there is good with bad in proportion… but there will be an immense amount of carnage due to the radical amounts of change.

The contrast will be very disruptive initaily, especially for those more rooted in the old world.

I will struggle on some things. Others, not as much. I suspect everyone will be a little different in how they adjust to the light of the new day.

Some simply won’t and will voluntarily leave the earth because adapting to change that dynamic is less desirable than living in a completely new reality.

Seniors and angry white men are going to have it rough.

Adapt or die won’t be some cute slogan, rather a daily mantra in need of constant repeating just to survive.

Seriously, human experience changes will come that quickly and be that relentless. Mercilessly honestly.

Neutral energy therefore will be the best and only way to consistently adapt, let everything just pass by you, taking in what you believe to be true and leaving the rest.

Come back to a few things that catch your curiosity, investigate then adapting to its truth.

There is no rush. The universe will judge you on your hearts innocence, not your level of current competence.

However, old Yo won’t around feeding you answers to the test anymore.

Besides, I’m much sexier being anonymous. Many of you think I’m 6’4”, Latino, ripped with muscles, bronze skin and speak six romantic languages.

Nobody what’s a short, fat, balding, Anglo hero… not even my wife… but legally she has to put with me. You don’t. Not anymore.

In truth, part of my wants to set my smart phone ablaze and whip my laptop into the lake. No more intel calls, Lord… and no more small internet links that steal my eyesight please for the love of Yeshua.

Oh, and no more mindless discussions about the acquisition of money… when exit only is the only real conversation to be had… everything must go, go, go without ceasing.

I like the word cease. Don’t know why I had to point that out. Adding a gerand to any word makes it better if you ask me, like salt to food.

So in the near and permanent future, please respect my private after the gun sounds and the hammer drops on your new life.

I won’t look back, and I won’t ask you to relive something painful.

We can’t look back. The past is just too painful, and our suffering far too extended.

If I show up at your safe haven with my family, I’ll just pop in and say hello. No drama.

Because we must move forward. Move on. Lead.

Hey, we did it. Together at HAS, we lived (made) history and came out the other side… alive and with very deep pockets. Yippee!

How many can say that right? Not many.

Yet. So what.

The present is all that matters, as the present is what creates the future, not what we did when we were called upon to play hero and save our families, communities, cities, countries and continents.

What we did yesterday is so over… and only what we’ve done on that day to bless your family and fellow man/woman to heal the soul of the world is what matters.

Who and what is “next” is the only mantra Top Down Philanthropists ever need to repeat from here on out.

God is with us

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