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Mountain Goat - Mid -Term Elections NOVEMBER 2018 – go out and vote (here is why)  9/27/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Mountain Goat - Mid -Term Elections NOVEMBER 2018 – go out and vote (here is why) 9/27/18

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Mountain Goat - Mid -Term Elections NOVEMBER 2018 – go out and vote (here is why)  9/27/18 Empty Mountain Goat - Mid -Term Elections NOVEMBER 2018 – go out and vote (here is why) 9/27/18

Post by Mountain Goatee on Fri Sep 28, 2018 12:32 pm

Mid -Term Elections NOVEMBER 2018 – go out and vote (here is why)

What is the real reason for this circus and mockery of the hearing proceedings we are now witnessing with these accusations against judge Kavanaugh? This is not the first time such a circus has happened since president Trump has taken office. Remember how the deep state works?

· False allegations (or a red flag event of some kind)

· Create chaos

· Leads to a crisis

· Crisis creates FEAR (who is the real enemy?)

· They have the SOLUTION and unless you do it their way this creates never ending stalling, nothing even gets done. Real issues are NEVER addressed.

The intent is not to have any progress while the apposition is in power, they wait to retake back the power and then continue with their agenda. They peck away at their agenda during each administration they are in power, a little at a time. They slowly gain more and more of the apposition to their side since there is no other way to go. They gain more and more unchecked power. This is with worst part. When all of Washington is corrupt – then they have their way and it really does not matter who gets elected. Over the last 27 years you have witnessed exactly this. You keep asking what is wrong in politics and I am telling you. Now the upsetting of the apple cart with Trump as president and so they must discredit him somehow. So he upsets their plans for eventual UNCONTROLLED / UNCHECKED POWER.

All you have to do is watch this circus now going on with Kavanaugh hearings. If you are not now convinced I don’t know what to say to you. Pay attention to who the players are in the hearings and how they attack Kavanaugh. Write down their names and come November get them the hell out of the senate.

This is what the “deep state” is capable of. It is sickening and makes my stomach turn to even to watch it on TV. I have to say this ordeal is EVIL and if these democrats think this is going to help them gain more senate seats come November they are in for a big surprise.

Remember this:

In the entire history of mid-term elections, the administration in power, has NEVER won the majority seats and always loses it

BUT in 2018

I am going to tell you something….for the FIRST time in history of the USA the opposing party is going to lose the senate and congress and lose it bad. Mark my words today. God is NOT going to let this country to a bunch of charlatans.

I encourage everyone to watch these hearings


Senator Lindsey Graham on Kavanaugh slams Democrats



Who is behind these recent protests (agitators) against the Kavanaugh appointment?


There is much more at stake here than just the appointment of a Supreme Court judge. This is also about the constant badjering of the current president and the lack of support to move this country forward. It appears these ultra-liberal democrats and their “deep state” constituents have another agenda in mind for this country and its not about you and me.


You have the POWER to walk into the election both in November and make a difference. Your vote does count now more than ever. Your country is in a crisis and you can help resolve it. It is not an easy job to undo decades of abusive power by these charlatans. But you can make a difference one step at a time. This comes down now to you and the rest of the US voting citizens. You can’t put this off until 2020 or some other day. The crisis is NOW and it needs your support. The fight is on for your country and for you to take it back. Will you respond?

I also have to say that living now in Germany I have not seen a more honest and a more determined president to help the American people. For the last 27 years I have watched the games in politics as being the goal rather than the service to the country. I have seen the effort to bring down the USA by massive military industrial complex debt, social welfare and stagnation. I look at what we have in Germany and I compare to America and I have to tell you in ways we are now better off even living here. Surprised?

I have many friends here in Germany and we talk. We talk about what is going on in your country. We keep asking ourselves how can the American people just sit back and watch their country being destroyed bit by bit.

The overwhelming majority of Germans don’t like the coming US tariffs on our goods and it may even mean a loss of some jobs and a decline in our economy. But we knew someday this unfair trade balance had to end. WE knew it was wrong but these were the deals we were allowed to make. Why we kept asking does America do such self-defeating deals?

This new president, president Donald Trump is the first to recognize these challenges and to take action and set it right. So even in spite of all the changes coming to our trade, we gained the utmost respect and admiration for president Trump as a true leader. Even in our church on Sunday we pray for him, so this is real.

If you don’t get the point of the charades going on in the hearings let me spell it out for you:

1. Both Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Ford are victims of the democrat scheme and are both being politically used;

2. Sure Ford may have been sexually attacked, but was it really Kavanaugh? Maybe the entire ordeal is lie. No one really knows.

3. Deep State democrats want and keep asking for an FBI investigation. Why? To delay and delay….. Then later would they also want to request an investigation of the other 2 allegations? Once these investigations are done then what? Would Kavanaugh then just give up and pull out of the nomination?

4. So what would come first - the appointment vote or the mid term elections? Right now, if the vote were to be taken, the democrats would probably lose and Kavanaugh would get appointed. Go figure.

If they can stall the appointment vote long enough then perhaps the democrats feel they can get enough votes in the November mid term elections to gain yet more senate seats thus delay the vote until after the elections and then vote Kavanaugh out or anyone put forward out.

But like all evil, they always forget the long-term consequences- which is what if they do not actually win the seats in the senate because of this circus and mockery they have now made of the hearings.

Bad, bad choice on their part to leak the Ford sex assault allegations to the press and not to conduct closed hearings on this matter. This alone is enough to make them lose the November elections. But people are now seeing through this crap. People are not as dumb as they think. Remember these same charlatans call you all toothless crack heads.

5. No need for an FBI investigation. Not even enough evidence to start an investigation. Where would the FBI even begin? All said witnesses deny that Kavanaugh was ever even present at the party.

6. So the Ford testimony begins to fall apart and then 2 others also have to also come forward, Really? Again no hard evidence and it all happened decades ago. Who is putting them up to this?

7. The FACT that these sexual assault allegations were known for months prior and just now brought before the hearing committee only now since the odds looked real good in favor of Kavanaugh getting the votes needed for the appointment.

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat
Mountain Goatee
Mountain Goatee
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Mountain Goat - Mid -Term Elections NOVEMBER 2018 – go out and vote (here is why)  9/27/18 Empty Re: Mountain Goat - Mid -Term Elections NOVEMBER 2018 – go out and vote (here is why) 9/27/18

Post by Scotchie on Fri Sep 28, 2018 11:19 pm

Kavanaugh is a mean drunk.  Always has been, and is still.  He will not be confirmed, thank goodness!!!!   I would not be surprised if he withdraws, after listening to all the women that have come forward stating he was a fall-down drunk, vomiting in the dorm bathroom night after night.  He is NOT what this country needs as a Supreme Court Justice.  He is scum!  I feel sorry for his wife and children.  If you believe the RV of the dinar or zim is dependent on Kavanaugh, FORGET IT.  Of course, there will never be an RV of the dinar, and the zim is toilet paper.

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