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 "No Turning Back" - Fri. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 9/14/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"No Turning Back" - Fri. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 9/14/18

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 "No Turning Back" - Fri. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 9/14/18 Empty "No Turning Back" - Fri. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 9/14/18

Post by Ssmith on Sat Sep 15, 2018 9:54 am


Samson » September 14th, 2018

Experts put an integrated program to revive the economy of Iraq .. These ways of rescue

14th September, 2018

Held in Baghdad at the Sheraton this week a conference of the "success" in order to provide an integrated economic program to revive Iraq The group includes the success of a group of Iraqi technocrats such as economic expert Salam Samism have over the months writing an economic project to promote the economic reality in Iraq

They called on a successful group to rid Iraq of the deep state course that was built over a period of 12 years, because the deep state has moved the Iraqi economy, which is the mother of problems according to an ideological vision, causing the loss of billions of dollars without any significant gains.

In this important conference, figures were revealed about important matters that were not known, including:

 "No Turning Back" - Fri. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 9/14/18 3-presidents_orig

- The existence of 40 thousand production projects in the neighboring countries of Iraq owned by Iraqis residing in these countries, while failed successive Iraqi governments to maintain the 79 industrial projects left by Saddam after.

- In the winter of last year, the Ministry of Water Resources destroyed a financial reserve of the dam of Mosul and others, which is four times the water reserves of the Turkish Aliso dam.

- The Iraqi state after 2003 has spent on 9888 investment projects, but it turned out that 5,600 projects were lost due to fraud and corruption, and because of partisan quotas.

- Budgets were written in the state for the past years according to an ideological vision and not for economic and developmental reasons. The budgets were written for the interests of political families and not for the benefit of the 36 million Iraqi citizens.

- In recent years, legislation has been enacted in favor of parties at the expense of the state, including the laws of economy and investment.

The SUCCESSFUL group initiates numerous initiatives through the economic program to revive Iraq. These initiatives begin with:

1- Issuing a new Iraqi Dinar, stopping the foreign currency auction and establishing a network of banks.

2- Allocating 30% of the budget to the Iraq Reconstruction Council after its merger with the Investment Authority.

3- Allocating 17% of the budget to social security.

4 - Transformation of all governorates to decentralized system.

5. Allocate 35% of the budget to the governorates according to the census.

6 - allocation of 17% to the federal government.

7- A bank account shall be opened for each family in which deposits of oil estimated at $ 243 per month for each family shall be deposited as a substitute for the ration card.

8 - Transformation of all government companies to the common sector.

9 - Abolition of companies to collect electricity electricity and replace them with electricity production companies, in the sense of canceling the privatization of collection and move to privatization of production, and transfer of collection to the system of prepayment.

10 - reconsidering oil licensing contracts and establishing a joint Iraqi oil company.
Building the health insurance network.

12- Providing free internet service inside Iraq after the opening of the fourth licensing round.

**** The translation below is most of the 24 page document on the link - kindly done for us by Don961 - thanks pardner' ....

1- Title page
2 - date
3 - Infrastructure of the economy.
•Opening the door of investment ...........................
•Social justice ................
• Decentralization of Governorates
• Democratic Parliamentary Representation
• Free Trade .... Mazen Al-Ashekir • ...............................
• Reviving agriculture • Reviving the industry ....... ................................ Mazen Al-Abboudi
• Electricity Reform ...................... ....... Mazen Al-Asheikher
•Oil Sector .............................
Mazen Al-Ashqir
• Tourism Sector .. ..................................................
Reform of the system Health
• The educational system ..............................
Mazen Al-Abboudi ............
Telecommunication network • •
4 - Pic page

5 - • Linking the dinar with a basket of foreign currencies, such as dollars, euros and pounds.

• Revaluation of Iraqi banks by linking them to foreign banks

• Ensuring the linking of private and government banks with an electronic network with the Central Bank directly canceling the currency auction

6- Opening the door of investment
Establishment of the Council of Reconstruction
• Establishment of the Bank of the Council of Reconstruction for Investment
• Integration of the Investment Authority in the Council of Construction
• Issuing a quarterly report on the entire activities of the Reconstruction Council
•30% of the budget for the Reconstruction Council allocation

7 - Achieving social justice
• Of the remainder of the budget for the people 25 % allocation
• Each Iraqi family to open a bank account •
• Deposits oil revenues in the accounts monthly

8 - Decentralization of governorates
• All Governorates are decentralized to the decentralized system
• Directly elected by the governorate's residents
• Percentage of the balance of the budget allocated to the governorates 50 %Allocation
• This amount is divided according to the governorates' souls
•25% of the budget of the federal government Allocation

9 - Democratic representation
• Conducting the general population census
• Drawing electoral districts according to the census
• Each electoral district has one deputy in parliament
• Conducting parliamentary elections according to the various constituencies
• The right of each constituency to withdraw confidence from their deputy

10 - Free economy
• Transformation of all government companies into the common sector
• Expansion of the business sector through small and medium enterprises
• Reviewing the system of laws and regulations that link the economy to the centrality of the Authority
• Abolish all laws that deepen the private sector's dependence on the public sector

11- Reform of the trading system
Canceling the ration -

12 - Reviving the agricultural sector
• Developing investment opportunities with agricultural economic feasibility.
• Presenting these opportunities to international agricultural companies.

13- Reviving the industrial sector
• Building industrial cities on the outskirts of major cities.

14 -Repairing the electricity system
• • •

15 -Reviving the oil sector
Reviewing oil licensing contracts

16 -Reviving the tourism sector
• Investment sites

17 -Reform of the health system
Providing free health insurance to citizens
• Issuing the identities of health insurance for citizens
• Offering hospitals to investment
• Free health service for citizens and payment through identity
• Health insurance

18-Reform of the educational system
• Setting up global standards and standards for public and private schools and universities

19- Rebuilding the telecommunications network
Presentation of the landline telephone network for investment • Presentation of post offices to investment • Presentation of the fourth license network for Mobile Investment • Fourth license conditional on the provision of the Internet DAT • Free use of the fourth license for correspondence • Government and government employees

20- (pie chart)
Proposed budget
Council of Reconstruction 30.0 $ 30%
Share people $ 17.5 17%
Governorates decentralized $ 35.0%
Central Government $ 17.5 18.0%

21-Oil belongs to the people
36,000,000 Total population of Iraq 6 Average family size 6,000,000 Number of families
$ 486 Annual income per citizen $ 41 Monthly income per citizen
$ 2,917 Annual income per family $ 243 Monthly income per

22-Decentralized governorates (pie chart)
Governorate Governorate Population Governorate Budget
$ 7,390,000,000 7,665,000 Baghdad
$ 3,380,000,000 3,500,000 Ninewa
$ 2,700,000,000 2,796,000 Basrah
$ 2,050,000,000 2,123,000 Sulaymaniyah
$ 1,910,000,000 1,979,000 Thi-Qar
$ 1,860,000,000 1,931,700 Arbil $ 1,650,000,000 1,715,700 Arbil
$ 1,600,000,000 1,661,000 Al Anbar
$ 1,490,000,000 1,548,000 Diyala
$ 1,460,000,000 1,515,600 Kirkuk
$ 1,460,000,000 1,509,000 Salah Dinars $ 1,340,000,000 1,389,000 Najaf
$ 1,310,000,000 1,360,000 Wasit
$ 1,270,000,000 1,320,000 Diwaniyah
$ 1,180,000,000 1,220,300 Karbala
$ 1,180,000,000 1,218,700 Duhok
$ 1,020,000,000 1,059,644 Maysan
$ 750,000,000 775,900 Muthanna
$ 35,000,000,000 36,287,544 Total


24- Q & A section LINK

3Greentreesmusic » September 14th, 2018

Looks like we’ll be framing this one!! BOOM!!!!

Usmcrete22 » September 14th, 2018

ARE these three the new PRESIDENTS,

Don961 » September 14th, 2018

no .. part of the panel of experts who put this together ... Abadi's Economic Adviser , Mr. Saleh is one of them

Sirenfire » September 14th, 2018

IMO WE FINALLY have what we are looking for!!! So here is my breakdown of this article. If we use the Turkmenistine article as a translator then what we have here is nothing short of them boldly telling you that they have a "New" currency.

An IMF requirement is to show the citizens that they have a new currency and that they have to educate the citizens by calling it a "NEW" currency or give it a new name. That way citizens dont get confused. That one line says it ALL However they take it SOOO much further and then tell you how they implemented significant reforms to show that there economy, and government are ready.

They also tell you that they will be in a new basket of currencies.

They will be stopping the auctions and establishing a new network of banks. IMO the network is already in place. It has been for some time.

They have told you about how they NOW have a SOLID budget with sound principles on how they are moving into the future. 30% to Iraqi reconstruction, 17% to Iraqi federal Government, $243 per family going to a QI card for Oil and Gas law.

That right there TELL YOU and SCREAMS at you that they have a rate!!! They have to or they couldn't give you the $243.

I could also tell you how to figure that part out but I will leave that for you. Then they are taking all government companies and turning then into private sector. There is SOOOOOO much stuff in here you could write a book.

Congrats everyone I believe in my opinion this think is now on steroids and As WS and Frank have Said THERE IS NO TURNING BACK. Amen!!!!

This is my interpretation from reading the article which is in my opinion... Just saying...

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