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BLUWOLF  September 29, 2011 9:25  GET TEAM Empty BLUWOLF September 29, 2011 9:25 GET TEAM

Post by lexie on Thu Sep 29, 2011 11:01 pm

September 29, 2011


Thursday, September 29, 2011 9:25 PM Message body [Agent 007] [bluwolf] good evening [bluwolf] how are we doing this great day [bluwolf] yes I feel like a million bucks he had lost connection........ [bluwolf] sorry computer glitch [bluwolf] listen up no real data comimg out today [bluwolf] all is silent [bluwolf] but both wf and citibank have something going on [bluwolf] seems that wf in dallas fort worth is now prepared [bluwolf] citibank has sent notice to all branches specifiing to be on alert for pending rv and Iraq and Vietnam are included [bluwolf] on my side of the pond all banks are just ready to go [bluwolf] as you well know all issues that are sounding about Iraq are all smoke and mirriors at this time [bluwolf] all is looking good [cjswest] oom ghost hcl and erbil has already been published in the gazette making it official and law [bluwolf] cj one more good news [Ks_dad] bluwolf Any chance of the dong going for less than 3 cents each? [bluwolf] ks-dad no way Jose [otsteve] Bluewolf what your take on iraq needing a law so it can trade on t the 4x. Because once they rv they can no longer hold auctions? [bluwolf] otsteve Iraq is now a
trade on t the 4x. Because once they rv they can no longer hold auctions? [bluwolf] otsteve Iraq is now a member of the WTO

[elaine schembre] bluwolf .... a full member.... must have an internallly tradable curreny then.... awesome [bluwolf] elaine yes you are correct [bluwolf] listen for the past few months I have been specifing to you all about the bank spreads [bluwolf] well if you must know they will be doing exactly that [bluwolf] so be careful and know the real rate coming out of Iraq,remember you now have the power of money and its a blessing not a hand me down ok [bluwolf] on another point the rates just might be a little bit higher than expected imo [bluwolf] please do not ask me for the rates for I must keep it silent [elaine schembre] bluwolf .... higher than the 640 [bluwolf] elaine higher than my fixed rate imo [cjswest] bluwolf I really think rates are over rated, we need this rv blessings, will be joy with this is over [bluwolf] cj amen [bluwolf] now the date could be at any time now for all is set,like a thief in the night [Lady Sarah] eagleeyes3500 bluwolf and TONIGHT would be the BEST night for it (imho) [bluwolf] lady sara it well could be [msjeta1] bluwolf silence is golden sometimes

[bluwolf] ms I cannot say anything different my friend,,jejeje [Believer2] bluewolf you've given us a lot of good news tonight [bluwolf] no I just have given you facts [bluwolf] now I have something to ask of you all? [bluwolf] you are to be patient,you are to maintain your faith,you are to praise God as soon as this cashin occurs,and you must pay it forward ok [elaine schembre] bluwolf ... do you know if the Erbil has been implemented .... as of yet?? [bluwolf] elaine all is done dear all is done,we are just waiting to go to the banks and cash in dear [elaine schembre] bluwolf .... all else is smoke then [bluwolf] yes dear all else is smoke

[bluwolf] people so all is in the basket of goodies,you are now on the alert mode whether you like it or not,,,jejeje [bluwolf] citibank announced in the news that they have in Iraq 187 million dollars in construction projects,besides they also informed that they are setting up different exchange centers for different currencys and it includes your dinars,,,ok so there you go [hotdogs] bluwolf you have a confirmed link for that? [bluwolf] sir just watch CNN [bluwolf] well folks its past my bedtime must go got to get up early,,bye now be blessed and good night to all [bluwolf] happy journeys all [msjeta1] $8.47 is what GMoney says the rate is [bluwolf] ms you will be surprised

[elaine schembre] cheesehead .... a real biggy... they are a member of the WTO...

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