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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Cliff notes by Sunny) 9/10/18

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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Cliff notes by Sunny) 9/10/18 Empty TNT SHOWTIME CC (Cliff notes by Sunny) 9/10/18

Post by RamblerNash on Wed Sep 12, 2018 12:21 am

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


Ray: . . .Weekend Updates:


Friday evening – Cleric Sadr called for an emergency meeting for all Parliament members on Saturday to discuss the Basra situation and other matters. He warned that any member not in attendance would be held accountable.

A new program and a new national E-Card for citizens was being shared on Iraqi TV by Alaq.

Saturday morning – The Kurds did not attend the Parliament meeting claiming constitutional concerns. Sadr publicly trashes them on Iraqi TV for not participating in that important session.  #wearethepeople


Iraqi President announces plans for tomorrow’s meeting to include naming a new president and a new speaker…hopefully with the attendance of the Kurds.

Sadr’s comments on TV did not receive a positive reception. [Gee, I wonder why?]  lol




Tony:   Goooooooooood Morning, TNT!  So, Kurds didn’t show up.  Sadr talked about them.  They didn’t really care.  Abadi went to Basra.  Several meetings about the money already sent there,  tracking down the other money and who sold it and clean drinking water.  Basra rioting in the streets, no jobs, no clean drinking water.

Remind you of anywhere else? . . . Flint, Michigan: no jobs, no clean drinking water.

Unfortunately Basra contributes about 80% of Iraq budget.  That is the only difference.

(Basra) Citizens got mad and took to Facebook.  Abadi came in on Sunday.  He says he’s there for the people, the projects.  We’ll see.  Because Abadi did that, Sadr has asked everybody not to protest for 30 days . . . to see what changes can be made.  It’s a good thing.  We needed the calm.

In the middle of all this Iran asked Abadi to resign.  Iran blaming it all on Abadi and the US.   Maliki blaming it all on Abadi and the US. It’s their plan to get back in charge.

A few weeks ago articles came out about the US taking over with an “emergency” government for two years.  Articles coming out right now Abadi will be in the US to talk to Trump about doing that. 

This morning the Kurd’s decided at least two of the three groups have made a decision and saying they are ready to vote on the 15th. Once they vote the US won’t need to do anything.  If they can wait till the 15th to do that, which I’m sure if Abadi is leading them.

On the 13th Abadi is not going by himself.  Taking a group that represents the CBI to have a meeting in Washington.  That’s interesting in it’s self.

CBI put out an article about lower denom’s coming out this month or next month.  They put that same article out last month.  It’s Iraq I don’t know which month they meant.

The E cards were supposed to have been given out and them paid.  Didn’t happen on the 5th, Saturday or yet this morning.  Haven’t paid the HCL on them yet.  We are waiting to see that.  Everyone wants it to come out with the new rate.    What are they waiting for?  The 15th now?  We wait if they pay it at the old rate, the new rate or by the 15th?

Banks in some areas putting their people on alert.

CURRENT WINDOW:  Tony:  Some banks are on alert. . . Between now and Saturday is the plan . . .the window they are operating under right now. . . It was supposed to happen today . . . I would be shocked if they did it on the 15th, the day they have the announcement.

They could do this all tomorrow and for some reason they are waiting . . . They are stretching this out intentionally, whether it is to get to the 15th or the 30th, they are doing this intentionally!  . . He (Abadi) does not need a full government to do the RV.

IRAQ:    Basra:  Rioting because no jobs, no clean drinking water.  Abadi visited Basra;  money sent to Basra;  Sadr has asked for no more demonstrations for 30 days to see how the GOI follows through with there promises.  Iran and Maliki blaming Abadi and have called for Abadi’s resignation.  Tony: It’s their (Iran and Maliki) plan to get back in charge. . . they are supposed to get an emergency payment today. . . doing everything they can to calm the people down.  Telling the Governor (of Basra) there is no red tape . . . this money is to fix these problems.

Kurd’s have said they have come to an agreement with two of the three groups.

CBI put out an article saying lower denom’s to come out this month, mostly next month.  Tony:  They put out that article also last month so I don’t know if they mean this month or next month.  A delegation from the CBI will also be in Washington for a meeting on the 13th.  Tony:  I don’t know who that delegation consists of. Tony says he does not expect the RV to happen while Abadi and the CBI delegation are in Washington.

Article 140 cannot be passed until there is a new GOI.  Tony:  We are not waiting on Article 140 because there is nothing to wait for. 

Abadi going to Washington Sept 13th for meeting with President Trump

Parliament meeting scheduled for the 15th.  Kurd’s say they will be there.

Sadr: has called for a moratorium on any more demonstrations in Basra for 30 days to see if the GOI follows through on relief plans. Article out Sadr has asked for Abadi’s resignation.  Tony:  Abadi and Sadr are definitely going to be in the same group.  Abadi is going to be the PM and if for one second he doesn’t make it, we (the USA) will put him in position.

E-cards issued.  No new rates and no payment of HCL.

Lower Denom’s:  Tony:  They’ve had lower denom’s and got used to them and now they are talking lower lower denom’s.

E-cards:  Supposed to have paid on them on Sept 5th, then Saturday and then today.  Nothing paid on them to date.

Still spending dollars, dinar and the EURO.  Tony:  Told they would be restricted to the Dinar and EURO and hasn’t happened.


Canada: Tony:  Fortunately for you . . . you are going to get more for your dinar.  You should be happy.

Currencies:  No rates update as Tony did not check any rates today.  Rates can be accessed at www.coinmill.com


UST – United States Treasury – The window starts at the UST.  Tony:  They are never going to tell them (the banks) when this is going to happen.  They are going to give them a window . . .Only a limited number of people in the world who will really know that moment.  The banks don’t get to make any no decisions about any of this.

Banks: Some banks once again have employees on alert status since this weekend.

Taxes:   Tony has been told there will be no taxes on the exchange.

800 #’s:  No update yet

TO RECEIVE Text message’s: Send text to 40404.  Send the following text message exactly:  FOLLOW @THE_TNT_TEAM

EXCHANGING:   Separate bank account for the dinar: Tony said they did not know if this was still advisable but to do it and if it’s not necessary you can move or blend the account later.

Can take $14,000 cash at exchange. You will have access to 10% of the exchange immediately. Will receive a debit card and a black credit card.

VERIFICATION: You can look on the internet and verify your own currency, checking all the points for verification. You can call a bank and ask where in your area they have a De la Rue machine (or other machine brand that verifies automatically)  and you can verify it now and not wait till the day of exchange.  You can do this regardless of whether the bank handles that currency or not.

E & O Insurance: Errors and Omissions coverage on someone you will be interviewing or choosing to manage your money.

ZIM Information:  No update yet.

Q & A: TNT Forum

  1. What do you think the odds are for them to RV if they get a temporary GOI in place?  Tony:  I think it’s 100%!

  2. The Venezuelan currency recently RV’ed . . . new symbol (VES) and new rate. . .re you aware of any bank or currency exchange that will exchange VES currency? Tony:  I’m not aware . . right now the current administration is trying to destroy the Venezuelan economy. . .  I’m not expecting anything out of that currency.

  3. Wouldn’t it be in Iraq’s best interest to make nice with the Kurd’s and bring their gold mines on board before Iran claims them as territory: Tony:  It would be nice for them to all play in the same sandbox together and all get along.  It would be great for the country. . .they are all Iraqi’s. . . Iran could never claim the Kurd’s territory as theirs.  First of all it’s not.  You’d have to go through Iraq to get to it and the US is already in place to make sure that never happens and that’s why the US is building the largest embassy in Kurdistan.

Q & A: Callers

  1. Do you think this whole thing in Iraq is a sham to allow the US to go back in?  Tony:  You have one side trying to play by the rules and the other side that doesn’t care about the rules. Yes, they are trying to cause chaos.  We should be concerned.  He’s (Abadi) playing fair and is the good guy and then in the end Sadr says you’ve got to go because your not doing anything.    Tony:  I don’t think he’s scared of him, I think he’s trying to survive.  Good and evil don’t fight the same way.


Tony . . .  Good information.  Waiting for good action this week.  A bunch of articles coming out.  We should get some more stuff today as they‘re supposedly meeting again today.

They said another article was supposed to come out today about the lower currencies, is what they’re calling them. . . Let’s look for that. 

Something else I was supposed to tell you guys.  Shoot I forgot. If I remember it Ray will blast or tweet it out.

I think it’s going to be a great week which leads us to Saturday and we’ll see what happens.. . Enjoy the rest of your day.   Thanks everybody.

Ray . . . You did say there was a plan to release information today.  Today is Monday and we will be back Wed. if nothing happens before then.  If something happens before then we will let you know.  (played “I Believe”)


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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Cliff notes by Sunny) 9/10/18 Empty Re: TNT SHOWTIME CC (Cliff notes by Sunny) 9/10/18

Post by Flazen on Wed Sep 12, 2018 12:58 pm

There is one easily verifiable FACT that should wake up even the most dillusional followers of Tony TNT. When he was convicted of FRAUD he openly and willingly admitted to the court that he held ZERO FOREIGN CURRENCIES. That admission alone should tell even the most dillusional of people that he is nothing more than a convicted criminal playing on people's gullibility and lack of understanding when it comes to the mechanisms of currencies and how they work and how only a very few large institutions ever make any real money when speculating on currencies. It's a world closed off to the average currency speculator a d extremely convert and secretive. And I can assure you Tony TNT has zero accessibility to that world !

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