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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   8/29/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes 8/29/18

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   8/29/18 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 8/29/18

Post by Ssmith on Thu Aug 30, 2018 9:30 am

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Cliff Notes by Sunny)


Ray: . . .No updates so we start fresh . . .

Tony:   Goooooooooood Morning, TNT!   Somebody called me yesterday out of the blue.  He was excited.  Called me basically cause he didn’t think I was real.  We talked for a minute.  His wife was frustrated.  I enjoyed that call.  I want to talk to you guys.

Here we have had meetings.  People come over.  Went to the cigar place in Modesto.  Those are the things I like to do.  Yesterday I got an email from a guy.  He wanted to give me $10K and fly to Sacrament and we’ll talk.  While I appreciate it, that’s not who we are.  It’s not what we do.  We had 30 people donate and I would take that before I’d take $10 to sit down and have dinner.  I meet people and talk to them all the time for absolutely nothing.  Not a dime.  If your coming through Sacrament . . . we can sit down and talk and it doesn’t cost a dime.

Ray does classes.  He has to fly, get rooms, pay for hotels, meals.   That costs money.  We are talking two different things.  He does that and we do calls.  We are not hear to set up meetings.  I got a job offer.  That is not why we are here.  We are here because out of all the Guru’s back then we were selected to help you guys know what is going on.  We were not just selected here, we were selected by people over there.  We got contacts in Iraq and Kurdistan governments . . . New Zealand governments.

I don’t want anyone to think they need to buy our time to get information.  If your going through Sacrament, let me know.  If I’m not doing anything I will sit down with everybody.

Zimbabwe:  If your going to exchange you can then take your money to any other bank for a humanitarian project.  The other question was:  Each bank would be able to structure their payout according to their ability and how much you have.  Somebody with $16 million could get it all paid today or at a smaller branch get $4 million a year.  I just chose that number.

When you call the 800 number and tell them how much currency you have they are going to send you where you can get paid that day.   Zimbabwe is still on the board.  Rate is still there.  The committee member said, this administration thinks they can come up with a better deal.  Zimbabwe did not like it and walked out of the room.  Said that happened several times.  It is still on the table but this administration is trying to negotiate a new deal.

New Parliament met, walked around the building, and next meeting is Tuesday when they put people in place.

Kurds still deciding who they will sign with and declare the largest bloc.  Most other articles are about needing a strong government, jobs, education.

Banks:  Nothing changed over here.  Banks don’t have a date or time.  At meeting yesterday no date, no time came out of the meeting.  Still doing their check every morning as they said they would until it happens.  Rates still there.

CURRENT WINDOW:  Tony:   Banks don’t have a date or time.   Banks were expecting it this week.  It could go at any time.  Or it could go to the 15th, the 30th.  They are all good days for it to happen, but it could happen any day.  . . I don’t know when they might surprise us.  We are that close.

Tony:  The next time they mention (the Special Announcement) that I think we can look for it again.

Tony:  Banks aren’t excited.  I don’t see any expectations out there, here or over there.  I don’t have anything that says they are (expecting this by the end of the month)  Banks are ready to go.  They said it was going to be a great surprise.  Iraq has not mentioned the surprise since.  No mention at all in country.  The next time they mention that I think we can look for it again.  I think they want to get it done because it changes the face of their country.  Maliki is still there.  Iran is still there and doing things behind the scenes.  Threatening unrest if Abadi is elected.

Not going to tell everybody the day and the minute it’s going to happen.  Cheating, insider trading.  All the markets have to be notified if there is going to be a sudden price change.  Especially if more than one currency.   All markets – trading, investing, (options, futures).  They all have to have a plan for this to occur.  They would have to know if something was going to happen at 1:00 (example only).

We will get a phone call.  They have to notify the people in every embassy because dignitaries are coming into exchange their currency.  Military bases will know a lot sooner than we would get it.  Too many sources for it to leak out.  When they get ready to do it, it will definitely leak out to us.

IRAQ:    The US has the power and authority over them to form a government that will last for two years.  The US is threatening to do that unless they make Abadi the Prime Minister.   Tony:  US Telling them we will do that and they can vote again in 2020.  Our people over there are saying that portion is fake news.  That they are not threatening to do that at all.  The US is still in charge.  They can do those things but I don’t know that they will actually go through with them.

Surprise Announcement:  The people were waiting for it and the people were told the information was coming out of the “financial sector.”  The announcement has not been made you and Tony has not learned why it hasn’t been made yet.  Tony:  The next time they mention that I think we can look for it again.  I think they want to get it done because it changes the face of their country.

Politics:  Still fighting.  Sunni’s and Kurd’s have not made a formal decision.  Maliki claiming largest group and Kurd’s going to sign with them.   Sadr’s group claiming the same thing.

2% Compliance: Tony:  Have not seen anything from the IMF.  Iran is doing it and the IMF knows that.

Lower Denomination’s:  I believe Tony said the LD’s were not out.

Sept 30th is the end of their fiscal year.  Tony:  They have to have all of their money (allocated in the budget) for that year spent.  Every country has to do that.  It will be easier for them to wait until Oct 1st (beginning of new fiscal year for Iraq).

Military leaving the area are getting 1:1 and government officials getting 2:1 exchange rate.

Parliament had their preliminary meeting.  First Parliament meeting is scheduled for Sept 2nd or 3rd.  They will elect President.  Have 15 days to elect the Prime Minister.

Maliki: Maliki is still there.  Iran is still there and doing things behind the scenes.  Threatening unrest if Abadi is elected.  Search is on for Maliki’s partners.  Tony:  He’s still fighting to the bitter end.  Q. – When is he going to give up?  Tony:  We’ll know after the 3rd.

Iraq Delegation to US for relief of Iran Sanctions has not happened yet.  (It was not made clear if the delegation has never been formed or if they have not come to the US)


US Embassies:   Tony:  They have to notify the people in every embassy because dignitaries are coming into exchange their currency. . . notify the military. . .Somewhere the information will leak out. . . It will definitely leak out to us!

IMF also has humanitarian projects.  They are global and can be invested in.

Currencies:  Vietnam Dong is supposed to come out between .47 and $2.00.  The $2 would be the contract rate.


Banks were expecting to exchange people this week.  No date or time was released from the bank meetings yesterday.  Entire systems are still being run early in the mornings.  Tony:  Banks aren’t excited.  I don’t see any expectations out there, here or over there.  I don’t have anything that says they are (expecting this by the end of the month)  Banks are ready to go.

Taxes:   No taxes on exchange.

800 #’s:  will be available till exchanges run out. Ray: They want it done in 10 days but does not mean you have to go in and do it in 10 days.    The rate might not get greater until after 10 days. . .  Wells Fargo and HSBC are the lead banks . . .The 800 numbers will refer people to the lead banks for about a week, then other banks will be available.

Bank Account:  Make sure you have your account information restricted. Tony:  Have your credit locked (frozen).  You won’t need credit with all this money. Watch out for fraudulent emails.

Credit Unions:  Q. –  We can invest in the humanitarian projects through the credit unions?  Tony:  I have no idea.  I never asked them about credit unions. . . I like credit unions.  You can do more with them.

Donating:  Tony:  We don’t want people to donate that cannot afford to.

EXCHANGING:   1st, 2nd, third Mouse Scenario:  Tony: Years ago I told everybody to get the book, “Who Moved My Cheese.”  That book has, 1st, 2nd, third mouse – cheese factory.  1st mouse will take what they can get.  The 2nd mouse is going to wait and see what happens to the first mouse.  First mouse usually gets the trap and the 2nd mouse can then go get the cheese (after the trap goes off).  The third mouse will get the cheese factory because he will wait and get it at the highest rate.  He will negotiate to get THE highest sum. . . we know Dr. Shabibi said it (the Dinar currency) could handle up to $16.  Other people said it would go to $12 and our committee member told us the plan was for it to go to $8 and we had economists tell us last week it could go to $8.  It’s strictly on you, each person (to watch it).  No one is coming on and watching the rates to say, “Go, go, go!”

ZIM Information:   The current administration is trying to negotiate a new deal with Zimbabwe.  Tony:  That is not what is holding this up.

Ray:  Wells Fargo and HSBC are the lead banks to exchange the ZIM.  The 800 numbers will refer people to the lead banks for about a week, then other banks will be available.

You can exchange at one bank and move your money to another bank for a humanitarian project.  Payout could be in a lump sum at time of exchange or a structured payout.  It depends on the size of the bank where you exchange and the amount you exchange if that bank can payout the full sum or will structure the payout.  Tony:   EACH BANKING location will decide how to pay it out.  A grocery store location will not pay it out. . . Somebody with $16 million could get it all paid today or at a smaller branch get $4 million a year.  I just chose that number. . . A structured payout will not necessarily be an 80/20 split.  We don’t know what the structured payout will be.  Those who are are not part of a humanitarian project will not get structured payouts. Only reason to do a Zimbabwe humanitarian project is to get the higher rate.  Could take up to 90 days to have a Zimbabwe humanitarian project approved before you could exchange and have funds.

  1. – Can a non-profit participate in the ZIM humanitarian project?  Tony:  I guess so.

  2. – Do we have notes or bonds?   Tony:  A bond is an 11.5 X 8 piece of paper.  Q. – What is this that is gold plated? Tony:  I do have one.  I don’t know if it’s worth any more.

  3. – Would you exchange all your ZIM or wait?  Tony:  I see what is going on in the world and I am cashing in EVERYTHING!  If I want more dollars I will make more dollars with my dollars.  I’m in the US so I need dollars. more than anything.


Tony . . .  All right guys, I wish we could have brought a whole lot more information. Wish there was something out there.   But, right now everybody is quiet and they’re waiting to see what Iraq does.

Banks are already done.  Again, they’re testing the system every morning.  Making sure it is live and ready to go. Rate are still on the screens, even though they are grayed out.  Haven’t been any changes there.

Iraq continues to put out news articles about government the being the best, getting rid of the corruption, everything else.  About the groups getting together.  Maliki saying he has the biggest group. Abadi and Sadr are saying they have the biggest group.  Kurdistan is saying they are not going to commit until they know what the other groups have.  Sunni’s sitting on the side line.   There is a US delegation there today still.  Somebody just went over there again on Monday trying to talk to the Kurd’s and trying to get everybody to make a commitment now and not actually wait until the 3rd to do it.  So, that is what they are working on, putting promises in and going back and forth.   Just being Iraq until the 3rd.  Somethingwill happen then.  Every time something does I look at it as another step closer.    We’re almost there.  Everything is becoming more and more transparent.  There are actually time limits for everything to be done.  And then CBI will have to do it soon.

IMF, CBI, US are going to have to make the decisions.   Do they let CBI  go now? Or on the 3rd? Or before Iran ruins everything everyone else has worked for by flooding the market with counterfeit dinar or by continuing to smuggling out the US dollar.   That’s what we are waiting to see.

One way or another it’s all about too come to an end.  On the 3rd we’ll see what happens.  Is that the 3rd?  Oh the 2nd. Anything else, any good news comes out we’ll send it out.

Ray . . .  Tuesday is the 4th but anyway.  We’ll be back Friday.  If something should happen in between time, in the meantime don’t forget the principles rules we share with you.  1st, 2nd, third mouse if your not going to go after the contract rate.  1st, 2nd, third mouse still exists.  A lot of clichés.  They all come in at different times:  “Get’s greater later;” “Strength in numbers” and we can still say “Divide and conquer.” Just keep holding on.  Keep believing!  We sure do.  (played “I Believe.”)

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