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US-Iranian dispute. . Expected scenario

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US-Iranian dispute. . Expected scenario

Post by Ponee on Sat Aug 25, 2018 5:41 pm

The issue of US-Iranian relations is one of the thorniest issues that can not be covered by one article, as it moves from the dark corridors to the surface and vice versa. It has long since begun since the Shah, who was considered the great policeman of the Gulf, US policy in the region, especially after the withdrawal of Britain from the so-called east of Suez and is meant by the Arabian Gulf. These relations continued even after Khomeini returned to Iran in mysterious circumstances after the renunciation of the Shah of Iran and the Iran-Iraq War. And then help Iran to the United States in its invasion of Iraq and the refuge of loyalists in power in the Council of the fateful governance, as well as Iran's sweep of Iraq and Syria under various pretexts and arguments, although Iraq was and still represents the strategic depth of Syria, which can not be bypassed only by Iran for its services

This introduction is necessary to know what plays and plays in the region, especially after the withdrawal of Trump from the Iranian nuclear agreement. And subsequent economic sanctions against Iran. And the harsh Trampic tone. And then courting her to return to the house of obedience by inviting Trump to the leaders of Iran to negotiate unconditionally 

that Iran has multiple wings used by senior leaders, headed by the guardian jurist, according to the requirements of the domestic and international political situation, there are those who satisfy America and there are those who threaten and considers himself a hardliner, America does not want Iran to be a beast of prey, but a guard dog used to ensure its interests, has enabled it to expand in the region after the nuclear agreement to achieve all or some of the US goals,

Eliminating the Arab nationalist spirit and stripping it of any tendency to resist the Israeli presence in the Arab region, by substituting the religious and sectarian beliefs in place of the national feeling to blackmail the rich Gulf states and make them pay the US royalties to stop the Iranian continuous threat and 

finally not to replace the Arab-Iranian conflict with the Arab conflict And consider Iran to be the closest and most dangerous danger in terms of its threat to Arab regimes or Arab presence. A prelude to the normalization of relations with the Zionist entity down to the deal of the century 

has been achieved these US goals successfully, helped by the tendency expansion of the leaders of Iran, under the export of the Islamic revolution and the slogan is nothing but an Iranian nationalist tendency to expand the name of religion. This trend is not at all different from the expansionist tendency of the Shah in Iranian expansion in the Persian Gulf and the Arab region

After these joint US-Israeli goals were achieved, the role of Iranian nail polish was to keep the role of the policeman only in the Gulf and the Arab region to ensure the continued interests of the US and the Jewish state. . It goes without saying that America does not want to destroy the Iranian regime, but to tame it or to bury it to be ready for any emergency, such as that played by the Shah of Iran in the region, to provoke tensions whenever necessary

The United States Trump to withdraw from the nuclear agreement first and then impose economic sanctions on them. The EU has played its part in mitigating the reaction of the Iranian street and the hardline wings of Iran, which are ultimately subject to the orders of the jurist. . The EU has taken a biased position on the nuclear deal, that is, Iran's position. And everyone knows that the European Union does not accept him against America, not even out of its volition and will, and we are watching the European position faltering and non-serious of the Iranian nuclear agreement

Iran is not absent from all these obstacles, but it is trying to extract as much of the gains as possible, so we see them sometimes threatening Europe that it will not accept procrastination with regard to the nuclear agreement, and at other times threatens America to cut oil supplies in the Strait of Hormuz and Bab al-Mandab. Everyone knows very well that such threats can not be achieved even if they are formality because oil is an essential element of life not only for America and Europe, but for the entire world in the East and the West. Iran does not have any advanced military and naval components to close the straits, let alone confront the world. All I have is speedboats equipped with light weapons that can disturb the naval forces and not resist them. At most, they can carry out suicide attacks
We can confirm here that America is still capable of invading Iran as it did in Iraq, but this is not one of its goals, although it has drawn up plans to implement this scenario when there is a need. The US defense secretary, like Haha, denied the perception 

that America, despite its strength, does not want to engage in direct or indirect military battles with Iran or its armed militias, because it does not want to spend the necessary funds. It knows the high costs of such wars through the US occupation of Iraq, Is not ready to sacrifice any American soldier to achieve its goals, especially as it is able to stop Iran's expansion and deter it through the imposition of economic sanctions on it, and America is in no hurry, especially after witnessing the rapid and terrible decline of the Iranian Toman against the US dollar, The dawn of the situation all over Iran popular revolution and to Atdhir Will you be

Iran, as we have said, is trying to resist these sanctions to achieve maximum achievements it can achieve on the ground, especially in Iraq and Syria, which has shown its readiness to withdraw from Yemen early. In this regard it depends on the violation of sanctions through Turkish cooperation with it and its almost absolute control of the political situation And the Iraqi economy. Iraq has already pledged to defend the Islamic Republic when the foreign ministry announced its rejection of the sanctions, although the Iraqi prime minister has said he will implement US sanctions. These sanctions faced a series of Iraqi militaristic denunciations in favor of the Iranian jurist

In general, Iran has been suffering from a dire economic situation since its military commitments in Syria and Yemen have exhausted their budgets. And that the new US sanctions will make the Iranian people lying in a situation that is not envied and may turn on their rulers despite the excessive repression of the regime. Therefore, Iran is trying to persevere in confronting these sanctions in blackmailing Iraqi politicians and their bargaining power to stay in power in exchange for facilitating Iranian evasion of US sanctions and trying to buy Iraqi gold and the dollar from the Central Bank of Iraq by auctioning the suspicious currency and by falsifying the Iraqi currency or the dollar to push the stolen gold as it did But this time it will be tougher and more aggressive on the Iraqi economic situation than before. Iraq will sink more and more into the quagmire of absolute loyalty to Iran and to the Wali al-Faqih. Iraqi militias loyal to Iran will also be hit by sanctions and salaries will not be paid to their mercenaries, forcing them to blackmail Iraqi citizens by setting up controls or stealing and robbing banks and financial centers. The sanctions would therefore indirectly include all mercenaries loyal to Iran

Although Khamenei has declared the inviolability of negotiations with America, we believe that Iran is pragmatic and its leaders will seek sooner or later to make all concessions to the United States and to comply with its orders to conclude a new nuclear agreement, including ballistic missiles, and return to its former international borders while maintaining its influence in Iraq. Until . And that this will not be long after seeing the intensification of sanctions and pressure on the street and will return running to the Great Satan in order to just stay in power and exercise the role of policeman standing in readiness

The article expresses the opinion of the author and does not necessarily reflect the view of Baghdad News



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