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A newspaper identifying factions and parties responsible for the smuggling of Basra oil to the UAE

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A newspaper identifying factions and parties responsible for the smuggling of Basra oil to the UAE Empty A newspaper identifying factions and parties responsible for the smuggling of Basra oil to the UAE

Post by RamblerNash on Sat Aug 25, 2018 10:47 am

A newspaper identifying factions and parties responsible for the smuggling of Basra oil to the UAE

A newspaper identifying factions and parties responsible for the smuggling of Basra oil to the UAE Oilbasra

Twilight News

8 hours ago

According to local observers and officials in Basra and Baghdad, more than 40 armed factions and about 10 political parties in Iraq are feeding materially on oil smuggled from southern Iraq, a file that has recently grown and is challenging the government because of The daily losses incurred by Iraq from the smuggling of crude oil or its derivatives since the US occupation of the country until now.

Finally, a senior Iraqi minister in Baghdad revealed the Iraqi government's approach to the UAE side regarding the smuggling of Iraqi oil through the Gulf waters and helping the UAE parties to gangs and smuggling mafia in different ways.

According to the minister who spoke to the new Arab, "Emirati entities, including well-known sheikhs in Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah, are involved in dealing with Iraqi oil networks and mafias, most of them linked to militias previously listed by Abu Dhabi as terrorist groups such as Hezbollah, al-Najaba, Badr, The highest and the call and the Sadrist movement. "

The minister pointed out that "the Iraqi government began to move effectively with officials in the UAE to work on this subject, but undeclared, not to raise a crisis or exploit the subject politically," stressing the purchase of tons of Iraqi oil by non-official bodies in the UAE, but close to the system , In an amount not exceeding $ 250 (tons of oil equivalent to about 7 barrels of oil).

He explained that "smuggled Iraqi oil goes mostly to Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah, to operate power plants there or to mix it with Iranian crude oil in order to reduce the sulfur content. It is known that the high sulfur content in Iranian crude oil is harmful to the environment and requires mixing with Iraqi oil Or Saudi to reduce its sulfur content. "

The minister added that "the money obtained by the smuggling networks of Iraqi oil, deposited in UAE banks," adding that "seized the models and permits of cut and traffic customs seals of UAE companies with offices in the ports of the United Arab Emirates, such as the New Testament Company and Jebel Ali, Iraqi oil smugglers. "

For his part, accused the leading figure in the ruling National Alliance in Iraq and a member of the parliament for the province of Basra, Judge Wael Abdul Latif, the UAE authorities to "facilitate the work of gangs and networks of smuggling of Iraqi oil from Basra," noting that "smuggled oil sold to non-governmental organizations at low prices , But those bodies are kept silent in the UAE. "

He explained that "the smuggling of Iraqi oil is carried out by groups and gangs supported by parties and armed parties are transporting Iraqi oil in different ways."

Abdul Latif, who confirmed that he has a video showing some of these smuggling operations, said he would provide the Iraqi government bodies with the methods used to smuggle Iraqi oil. "Usually a ship of oil arrives and settles outside Iraqi territorial waters and stays between three days and a week, There, smugglers begin to transport their oil through boats with a load of between 10 and 20 tons and sell it, either directly or deposited in agreed bank accounts between the smuggler and the beneficiary. In advance, this characterization has been transformed Of unknown parentage or illegal, as they are traded in the world of oil smuggling terms, to a legitimate oil may have to pass through the Gulf waters. "

He pointed out that the subject of the smuggling of Iraqi oil "started since 1990 after the imposition of economic embargo on Iraq, but the state was the one who was smuggling and selling it, to get the dollar, but it is still, but this time through gangs and groups supported From parties and armed groups, to evade and sell at prices far below world market prices. "

Abdullatif blamed the UAE for this, especially that "the ship carrying this smuggled oil does not have official papers with its cargo, and carries illegal oil, dealing with gangs no more," revealing "the Iraqi government's action on the issue through the management of Iraqi naval forces And the Coast Guard police to control these smuggling operations, which are usually from within the Iraqi oil fields or through the break of export pipelines and the withdrawal of large quantities of oil, and then transferred in large tanks to Iraqi waters in Basra.

He pointed out that "Iraqi naval forces managed to arrest a number of smugglers in the Gulf water supply and custody, and when investigated, it turned out that some of them follow the Iraqi political parties."

On August 14, the Southern Oil Police Command announced the arrest of a gang to smuggle oil in Basra. A statement said that its forces "arrested a specialized gang smuggling oil consisting of 4 people in the province of Basra," adding that "the accused were referred to the competent authorities to complete the legal proceedings."

The head of the Security and Defense Committee in the outgoing Iraqi parliament and the leader of the Sadrist movement, the governor of Zamili, "The issue of oil smuggling has become commonplace, everyone knows that there are political and military involved in smuggling, and there cover by some sectors caught these areas "Noting that" the armed factions get from the smuggling of oil on the amounts of up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a day. "

He added that "a small party that owns the weapons, and owns the militias and owns the force, controls the smuggling of oil, and must be stopped," stressing "demanded the Prime Minister to intervene and hold them accountable, but to no avail."

Al-Zamili expressed surprise at the "silence of the government, at a time when we need a real revolution and fight to prevent the dissipation of the country's wealth and theft, the oil wells are open to smugglers in Qayara, Dujail, Aalas, Ajil, Basra and Amarah." He stressed that "these riches belong to the people, A party, and an oil trader will have the strength, weapons and equipment and economic capabilities high, and will become a great Golla can not be confronted. "

The file of the smuggling of Iraqi oil is one of the most prominent problems faced by Iraqi governments since the US occupation of the country in 2003, estimated annually losses of Iraq smuggling operations by about one billion dollars, and the involvement of armed militias in the south and center of the country smuggling crimes, as well as the organization calling during the control of several Iraqi cities . Turkey and Iran are the main destinations for most smuggled Iraqi oil.

In the same context, the expert on Iraqi affairs and one of the researchers in the field of efforts to combat the smuggling of Iraqi oil, Ahmad Mahmoud that "the parties to the equation of oil smuggling through Basra through the waters of the Gulf is: smuggler or smuggling network, the mediator and the beneficiary," adding that " There is an Emirati role in the process, whether through the purchase of smuggled oil or because the UAE has become a major destination for smugglers' money from the sale of smuggled oil through accounts in Abu Dhabi and Dubai or through persons close to the government of the UAE, Legalization of smugglers until the passage of time is facilitated N carrying oil getaway. "

"Without the UAE, oil can not be smuggled out of Iraq across the Gulf, so there are small gangs that use the trick by transferring international oil products to the international waters, then returning them to Iraq with false permits and selling them again. The deployment in Basra today, "asserting that" the Iraqi Navy arrested an Indian sailors, it turns out that some of them belong to a company based in the UAE, and there are now detained in Basra of Iranian and Syrian nationalities, who were arrested at sea a few days ago during the smuggling of oil derivatives, They stole it from Iraq, and they built it Ha ship at sea to come in the last post and sells oil in the UAE port leaves a certificate like it came from the UAE as well. "

He pointed out that "the amount of oil smuggled daily from Basra across the Gulf, between two thousand to three thousand tons of Iraqi oil."


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