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 Newspaper: Iran's allies in Iraq are determined to secure "organized smuggling"

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PostSubject: Newspaper: Iran's allies in Iraq are determined to secure "organized smuggling"   Thu Aug 23, 2018 9:53 pm

Newspaper: Iran's allies in Iraq are determined to secure "organized smuggling"

Twilight News

2 hours ago

The dispute between the Iraqi political parties widened on the government's position on US sanctions, as a source in the central bank revealed a close delegation to Washington for exemptions from some sanctions on Iran, according to Al-Arab newspaper.

The prime minister's refusal to confirm the news, issued by the central bank, headed by Ali al-Maliki, a member of the Nuri al-Maliki faction of the Dawa Party, known for his loyalty to Iran, shows that US sanctions have become a hot front between the political parties as they race to form a new government.

Political parties opposed to Iranian influence support Iraq's compliance with US sanctions, while Iran's voices warn of the dangers of Iraq's compliance with those sanctions.

Washington says countries that do not respect sanctions will face significant consequences after the first phase of sanctions is launched on Aug. 7 and the second phase is about to begin on Nov. 5.

The impact of the sanctions is limited to preventing the circulation of the dollar, gold and car trade because the sanctions do not include the export of consumer goods and Iranian foodstuffs that dominate the Iraqi market, but the suspension of trading in dollars can confuse most commercial activities.

Observers say that Iran's followers in Iraq are trying to collect the dollar from Iraqi markets by any means and that it reached the circulation of counterfeit Iraqi currency printed in Iran.

It seems that Iraq will have difficulties adapting to the sanctions because it imports a lot of goods from Iran without giving them anything. It will be difficult for Baghdad to anger Washington, its main ally, providing military support and assistance and overseeing security training.

There is still uncertainty surrounding a request for exemption from sanctions after Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi initially announced that Baghdad would abide by all US sanctions, but relaxed his position after being sharply criticized by his opponents, who owe allegiance to Tehran.

"The government is planning to ask for an exemption from Washington," a central bank official said, adding that a delegation would travel to Washington for the purpose, but did not say when the visit would take place, while an official in Abadi's office declined to comment.

Iraqi officials fear a shortage of basic goods if Baghdad commits all sanctions. This could lead to unrest at a very delicate time in Iraq's political arena.

Iraq imports a wide range of goods from Iran, including food, agricultural products, household appliances, air conditioners and auto parts, which last year amounted to more than $ 6 billion, or 15 percent of Iraq's total imports.

There are also energy contracts between the two countries contributing to trade, which amounted to 12 billion dollars last year. Iraqi officials say they have asked each ministry to compile a list of imports necessary to apply for exemptions.

Abadi stressed that Iraq would respect the sanctions on dollar transactions, which will be the most difficult for companies and block energy deals and large trade agreements, because it means preventing banks and the Iraqi government from paying dollars to the Iranian authorities.

The central bank has instructed banks to abide by the ban on dollar trading, but said it would allow euro-denominated transactions.

Analysts say all countries opposed to US sanctions, including France, Britain and Germany, find it difficult to persuade their companies to continue to deal with Iran, although it is making great efforts to maintain trade with Iran.

In particular, sanctions affect companies operating in the United States. US President Donald Trump said those conducting activities in Iran would not be able to carry out activities in the United States.

But a Western diplomat in Baghdad stressed that most private companies in Iraq would not be relatively affected by the sanctions because they "have no US investment, do not deal with the dollar and can continue to deal with Iran without problems."

An Iraqi Ministry of Commerce official said energy, construction and government-run vehicles and the public sector would be more vulnerable.

"We rely mainly on Iran as a source of building materials, cars and spare parts, because of low prices and ease of shipping through many of the border crossing points," he said.

Iraqi traders are likely to continue their dealings with the Iranians, despite Baghdad's pledge to comply with sanctions because of falling commodity prices as a result of the fall in the Iranian riyal.

"It is impossible for the government to prevent the flow of Iranian primary goods through a common border of more than 1,300 km," said an economist and a member of the Iraqi Businessmen's Union, Antoine.

He said Iran would use every option available to maintain export flows, including helping allied armed groups to secure what could be called "organized smuggling".

Abadi leads a fragile caretaker government as political parties seek to negotiate a new government coalition after the May elections. Abadi is trying to stay as a consensus prime minister after he has struck a balance between US and Iranian interests.

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PostSubject: Re: Newspaper: Iran's allies in Iraq are determined to secure "organized smuggling"   Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:36 am



Alsumaria News / Baghdad
revealed Gulf newspaper on Saturday, about the involvement of bodies and parties of Iraqi oil smuggling operations from Iraq to the UAE , while confirming that the Emirati sheikhs known in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Fujairah involved these operations. 

"Some 40 Iraqi parties and about 10 political parties are feeding materially on the smuggled oil from southern Iraq," Al-Arabi newspaper said in a report. "There are Kurdish parties that also finance themselves from the looted Iraqi oil in the north."


"The smuggled oil file has recently become a challenge to the government because of daily losses incurred by Iraq from the smuggling of crude oil or its derivatives since 2003 until now," she said. 

The newspaper quoted an Iraqi minister as saying that "Iraqi official bodies have opened the UAE side to the smuggling of oil through the waters of the Arabian Gulf, with the help of UAE parties to gangs and smuggling mafia in different ways." There are UAE authorities, including known sheikhs in Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah, Dealing with Iraqi oil networks and mafias. "

"The smuggled Iraqi oil goes mostly to Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah, to operate power plants there or to mix it with Iranian crude oil in order to reduce the sulfur content," said the minister, who asked not to be named. Harmful to the environment, and requires mixing with Iraqi or Saudi oil to reduce the proportion of sulfur in it, "pointing out that" the money obtained by networks smuggling of Iraqi oil, are deposited in UAE banks. " 

He confirmed that "models and permits have been seized and the passage of customs stamps of UAE companies with offices in the ports of the UAE, where found in possession of Iraqi oil smugglers." 

The file of the smuggling of Iraqi oil is one of the most prominent problems faced by Iraqi governments since 2003, estimated annually losses of Iraq from smuggling operations by about one billion dollars, and Turkey and Iran The main destination of most smuggled Iraqi oil.


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PostSubject: Re: Newspaper: Iran's allies in Iraq are determined to secure "organized smuggling"   Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:38 am

Arrest warrants issued against 28 members of the Diwaniyah Council on charges of corruption

DIWANIYA, Aug 21 (KUNA) - The Diwaniya Council on Tuesday issued arrest warrants against 28 members of the provincial council for corruption charges.
Council member Zaynab Hamza al-Aaidi said that "arrest warrants issued against 28 members against the background of the decision of the provincial council to cover expenses within the budget law, which includes fuel and maintenance benefits to ensure the disbursement of fuel payments of 4 million and a half million dinars for each member and the President of the Council 9 million dinars And what happened is that after the objection of the Office of Financial Control on the transfer of funds has not been notified of this objection, but identified the violation and sent to integrity, and issued a decision to arrest accordingly and this political targeting in which a kind of defamation was challenged, a crime like a pardon, Minister of Commerce We are not satisfied with this pardon and because of the integrity and financial control we prevent the album from legislating the laws.We have formed a delegation to visit the judge super Zidane was explain the matter and the circumstances that have occurred, as we have identified a delegation to visit the Financial Control Director after Eid al - Adha because the arrest of the case does not warrant an insult to the person a member of the province and targeted under the public revolt against the government and because the orders of the Council members are the highest authority in And we have the right to legislate the laws that serve the province and can promote the reality of the province of service and economic. " 


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Newspaper: Iran's allies in Iraq are determined to secure "organized smuggling"
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