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RayRat/Tony Call Notes 8/20/18

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes 8/20/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed Aug 22, 2018 9:57 am

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  This is Marvelous Monday, August 20, 2018, with yours truly RayRen98 here along with Tony.  

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!   

RayRen:  Much has happened.  We sent out several updates over the weekend.   

·      Saturday:  Iraqi TV is reporting a meeting scheduled for Monday that will resolve all of the bloc issues. 

·      Also projecting ratification of the elections will be finalized on Monday.

·      Sunday:  It has been reported that today on Iraqi TV Prime Minister Abadi has been calling for the government of Iraq to form immediately.

·      Iraqi TV is reporting first meeting of Parliament will be on the 28th after the Eid holiday.

·      The election ratification has been announced.

Tony:  That is quite a bit;  it was a big news weekend, with many articles. It all comes down to one statement:  “It’s done!”  they will do all the announcements today, with a date for the first meeting of Parliament on the 28th at 5pm (Baghdad time). That’s what we can look for:  they will select a new President and Deputy Speakers of Parliament. They will do this as fast as possible.  They will not take the 15 days.  We know the numbers, and they have not changed significantly. Abadi has been nominated as PM, with 168 in their bloc.  There is no guesswork, which we knew about on 1. April.  All the crooks have been voted out, so now we can have the RV.  They are down to the problem of corruption, they are now out, and the government can now go get them.  This also helps the stability of the country.  All they needed was to do the RV and that would resolve all their issues. 

Where are we now?  This frying pan has less heat and less oil if we get stuck there. This is the frying pan with Iran, now causing problems with the dollar as currency is being smuggled into Iran, and because fake companies are buying dollars through the auctions.  All the recent corruption has been through the auctions, so they need to remove the dollars from the street and stop the auctions, which will happen as soon as they RV.  So now everyone is watching the CBI because this part is DONE.  

The bank guys I talk to believe this will now be completed by the 28th, or failing that by the first week in September.  It could go sooner;  the CBI knows what is happening and could say “let’s do it!” right now.  That would make the GOI and the US and the people happy.   They have had meetings across the country to explain the procedures.  They [the banks] are running the system every morning to make sure it’s still operational.  We are hearing good things from Florida.  They do their technical stuff first, then they do a security audit every day, and they have a time every morning by which all systems are go, and they are just waiting for the GO signal. Then the final rates will come on the board, then the 800 numbers will be released, we will get it/them, and then exchange appointments will start two hours later.  Iraq is ready, the banks are ready, and we will have a great Christmas in September. 

Questions from the TNT forum

Q:  What is the latest word on the Zim?  A:  No change:  16 cents.  That means 0.00000016, or 16 million to 100 T Zim. 

Q:  Do your sources still think the dinar will revalue by the end of this month?  A:  Yes.  They have put a date of Tuesday, 28 August, and we should be in the banks before the beginning of September.  The banks did have some meetings, and they are running the system every day.  They are prepared every day from today. 

Q:  I'm from the Netherlands. I’ve been calling around to local banks, with no success. Is it easier to exchange in the US than, let's say Europe, because of the strong ties still between the US and Iraq?  A:  Yes; Iraq has said which countries it will exchange with.  However, you have to be a citizen of the US to exchange in the US, we think. 

Q:  have you received any instructions to review regarding the Exchange Procedure? Can you tell us what agency or institution gave them to you?  A:  No, haven’t received any instructions at all, not to read or review. 
Also regarding the NDA,  have you received an updated short version that you can share with us?  A:  Only what I’ve said before.  I have not received the NDA;  I have heard it’s a four-page NDA, and the last page is just a signature page. 

Q:  Is it significant that the Singapore exchange is closed until Thursday?  A:  No. 

Q:  How long do you need to have lived in a place regarding the exchange?  A:  We were told ‘six months’.  

Q:  Please ask your sources the following:  What documentation of proof will be provided to us that the exchange of currencies is Tax Free, and by whom, and when will it be provided? Those questions pertain also to what specific types of subsequent earnings - those other than the IMF Projects and Tax Free Municipals - from that money that you were told were to be tax-free.  A:  We’ve been asking that for years.  The UST, the committee, and the bankers have all told me this is a tax-free event.  The tax treaty covers that before we even see the money. 

Q:  If I wanted to gift someone money, rather it was the gifting limit or a lot more, couldn't I simply open up a bank account with an amount that I wanted to give, let’s say 100 thousand, then just add that person’s name to the account along with mine. Then that person could have access to the entire amount without having paid any taxes as well as myself, is that a legitimate idea?  A:  Sure, that could work.  The bank might have to verify the joint ownership of that account, and that might affect people who are receiving benefits.  So be cautious and find out the implications beforehand. 

Q:  Regarding the 700 International IMF Humanitarian projects, with whom do we have the agreement?  Who guarantees the loans and interest rates do we don't lose our principal -- IMF, US Banks, or?  A: The agreement is with the banks, and they are the ones guaranteeing your money.  These are global projects, and you are working with the bank that is putting you into their projects.  They are getting paid more interest than you are, and that is the purpose of doing this. 

Q:  Last Wednesday, you suggested the first basket might contain only two currencies rather than seven – updates on that?  A:  We were told back in May that maybe only two currencies would be in the first basket, and I said “Nope, that won’t happen.”  Last week, we were told that IF this doesn’t happen by the end of the year and we get finished before then, in that case one or more currencies might drop out. That’s not happening:  we are seeing movement, the banks are ready, the currencies are on the bank screens, Parliament is about to meet, and the CBI can release the RV.  I am not concerned about this on any level.  

Live callers

951 caller:  You mentioned the 24th might be the date – what do you see? 

Tony:  They are doing this every day.  If we go by what we see, it might be the first week in September.  However, the CBI could surprise us and do it any time. They didn’t give me a new window to work with, but they are trying to release this every day. 

Caller:  Does Parliament have to be seated before we see the RV?

Tony:  That’s never been a requirement.  They just want a stable country first. 

845/404 caller:  Maliki is no longer in the government, is that correct?

Tony:  Correct.  Up until this weekend he was still trying to be involved.  Some MPs were trying to switch over to M’s group, to make it a larger bloc.  As of today, M has not persuaded anyone to give him a seat in Parliament. 

Caller:  We are coming up to the banking conference in Jackson’s Hole.  Any relevance to what we are waiting for?

Tony:  I’m not hearing anything about that.  It is a good time for Abadi to consult with all the bankers at the same time.  

312 caller:  End of this month or the end of this year?!

Tony:  Back in June they said they would have this done by the end of August.  The some people said it would be January 2019.  I’m not really concerned about it at this point, what with the news that is coming through.  Parliament is on Tuesday the 28th. I think they will move very quickly because they want to get the government seated as rapidly as possible. 

Ray was traveling last Friday and I was at the hospital with my son;  they have made all his appointments on Wednesdays and Fridays at 10am, just the times of the TNT calls. That means we may have to postpone some calls until he is better or we exchange. 

732 caller:  When will there be high-interest offers on the international projects?

Tony: I am pretty sure they are NOT doing that at the first exchange appointment;  remind your wealth manager that you’re interested, and s/he will sort it out in later appointments. 

707 caller:  Is there a minimum required for the international projects?

Tony:  I don’t know.  They say they want a trillion dollars overall.  If you can’t get into those projects, you can still sign up for local projects.  

Caller:  Have you heard any more limits on the Zim?

Tony:  The meeting on Friday said, “No limits”, but that’s not set in stone until this is actually released. 

 [Computer crashed here.  Please see Sunny’s Cliff Notes for closing statements.]

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