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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1) 8/13/18

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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1) 8/13/18 Empty TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1) 8/13/18

Post by RamblerNash on Mon Aug 13, 2018 10:27 pm

TNT Call 13-August-2018

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  This is Marvelous Monday, August 13, 2018, with yours truly RayRen98 here along with Tony.

Tony: Good morning, TNT!

RayRen: We did not send out any updates over the weekend.

Tony:  After the call, we did get information about the vote being ratified on Friday.  We did put out an article saying the courts rejected the ratification of the two corrupt ministers unless they are pardoned by the PM.  It didn’t say anything about anyone else being ratified, just that these two guys were not.  There should be an official announcement by the Eid holiday, which starts on the 20th.   Tomorrow is the last day to receive the appeals of the vote, so they have not ratified the vote yet.  We listen to what they say but we believe what they do.

We do know they are having a big meeting on the 15th, and that Iraq needs 80 billion dollars for reconstruction.  We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Where are the banks at?  We like banks.  Something is happening there.  More banks are saying the dinar is going live, and there are more exchangers that are buying the dinar back as well as selling it – at the same lower rates.  The banks had major meetings on both Thursday and Friday, and they are looking for this to happen some time this week, starting tomorrow (Tuesday).  Until we get an update from the banks today, that is where we are.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q:  Tony, on Friday’s call you quoted some possible interest rates on funds invested with the bank. The rates that I understood seemed unrealistically high. Will you comment on the potential rates of return again please? I was hoping for interest in the range of 4% to 6% and never imagined 52% was realistic.  A:  There were people listening to Friday’s call agreed with everything we said, including that the exchange will not be taxed, and interest/income sent to humanitarian projects will not be taxed. These are the kind of rates wealthy people are used to;  they have been similar to that on platforms for years.  The rates for those with lots of money can range from 0.1% to 2.25% per day.  The key is to get daily interest.  As to whether it’s compound interest, that’s a question to ask at your appointment. It depends on which program they put you into, and how much you put into that programs. They want to come up with a trillion dollars for the first 724 programs, so they want to attract those investors, meaning you.

  1. If someone is single and has an S Corporation – is it wise at your exchange appointment to place all your funds into it?  A:  If is a separate entity and you put ALL your funds into that entity, how easy is it to bring out some of that money to give to someone else, to a project, or whatever?  If you have five million exchange, and put it all into a trust/corporation, and you intend to give your mother one million, only put four million into the entity and keep the rest available for personal gifts. Once you give it to the entity, it belongs to that entity, not to you.

  2. You always say diversify, right? What if you have one or more regular statutory trusts that are three years old?  A:  Fine, you have three trusts, so diversify.

  3. Is it wise to use a trust that the bank may create for you if you have ZIM?   If not wise, it is better to exchange personally as an individual and wait to create your non-statutory complex trust?  A:  I’m not having the bank create any trust for me.

  4. Once you have a non-statutory complex trust,  is it wise to have your own private family foundation as its beneficiary?  A:  No.

  5. Will your post exchange banking seminars assist us in securing the proper tools for the best outcome possible if we do not have the funds prior to our exchange appointment?   A:  The banking seminars will tell you what the banks have to offer by way of fee, bank products and investment products.

Q:  Since there is no limit on how much we can exchange when it comes to the ZIM, will we still only be exchanging the 50 T and 100 T notes?  A:  We can only share the info that we have.  We don’t know for sure if there will be limits or not.  That has nothing to do with which Zim notes will be exchangeable.  The UST told us only the 100 T and 50 T will be valid;  the committee says all 100 and 50 notes in trillions, billions, millions, and thousands.  Make a plan for every eventuality, and take all your notes with you.

Q:  one of my documents says we will need two forms of picture ID.   Do you know if this is still a requirement??  A:  When you open a bank account, you usually need two forms of ID, and I would think this would be the same.  Right now, when I exchange normal currency, they have never asked for ID, but that’s a bank where I already have an account.  Call the bank and ask what you need to open an account – they will say two forms of ID.  The best are driver’s license, and passport, and you can get passports expedited within a few days.

Q:  I am 76 a bit of a vision problem and my friend is  74 and hard of hearing.  We both have dinar, dong , and zim.  Would we be able to go together?  A:  That’s easy – get married!  <laughter> When you call the 800 number, ask the person who is setting up the appointment.  It should be alright.

Q:  Is the latest information on the NDA for contract rates still: 4 pages, 90 day term, and focused on us not sharing the rate we received with others? Do you still expect to get an advance copy of the NDA?.  A:  Yes and yes, so far as we kow.

Q:  Have the Hedge Funds gone ahead and invested in the Iraqi Dinar as predicted?  A:  They are aware of it and that is their plan;  I don’t know what they are actually doing.  The dinar is international and they can exchange it with various countries now.  Most hedge fund people will do their research and buy in.

Q:  The three-year structured payout “schedule” for the international rate($0.16)/rv on zim—would “it” apply to the contract rate($2) on Zim as well??  A:  I think contract rates will start with five-year structured payouts.  Whatever the rate, you will negotiate the terms with the exchange people.

Q:  If I deposit my exchange into a temporary trust devised by the bank, will there be a taxable event when the money is later transferred to a permanent trust?  A:  I believe so.

Q:  If I gift a relative $15,000 and siblings 2 and 3 also gift same relative $15,000, is that $45,000 still non taxable to recipient?  A:  It will probably be taxed as income;  call the IRS and ask them directly.

Q:  In your opinion, does it appear that Maliki will be part of this government or do you think he will be convicted of his wrongdoings in previous years?  A:  Abadi won, so we know that he will be part of the new parliament;  Jabouri has bought his position from someone else.  Maliki is the only one still in limbo.  Until they ratify the election results, we just don’t know how that will work out.

Q:  Is there a limit as to how many humanitarian projects that were mentioned on Friday’s call that we can invest in?  A:  No.  There are 714 projects approved by the IMF, and there are no restrictions that I know of, although you may be limited as to how many projects you support, to spread the opportunity to others.  You will also be able to reinvest your money after three years.  I’m sure they won’t let a handful of people take up all the positions.

Q:  Have you heard of people exchanging in more than one group?  Or more than one Tier like exchanging in Tier 3 and Tier 4?  A:  We have heard of different tiers and groups that have exchanged, and even different individuals, although those are still pending.  I don’t know if people can be in several groups at the same time.

Q:  Someone has posted a site where we may find Zimbabwe charities, but I don’t know if they would be on the ‘approved’ list.  Do you know if we must identify a Zimbabwe charity ourselves, or will others [the bank or perhaps Zimbabwe government] identify a list of Zimbabwe charities we may donate to in order to be involved in a structured payout agreement?  Do you know where we may find approved Zimbabwe charities we may donate to?  A:  You have answered your own question:  ask the Zimbabwe government or the bank.  Talk to your exchanger, and/or submit one to the bank for approval, and then they will submit it to Zimbabwe for approval.  You’ll have to do some work and planning.  Go to your exchange appointment and ask what it takes.  Your wealth manager will be able to explain it to you.

Q:  How much cash can we go home with for a 100T Zim?  A:  Doesn’t matter if you have ten 100 T Zim notes.  From the exchange, you will go home with 7-10K cash, with debit/credit cards with high limits.  Then you will use your checkbook, cashiers checks or wire transfers for high-ticket items, not cash.

Q:  What is the minimum amount of exchanged currency, that would qualify us for getting the daily or weekly interest rates – even the lowest ones, on the humanitarian projects?  A:  I don’t know.  It’s something you’ll have to discuss and negotiate.

Q:  This is a question for someone. She heard that you must give to a charity for all exchange for contract rate.  I let her know that it’s only for the Zim. Am I correct just for Zim?  A:  No.  Nothing requires you to give to any charity.  To get a Zim contract rate, you can create or invest in a humanitarian project;  you will get interest and at the end of the investment period, you get your capital back.  That’s not giving away anything.

Live callers

First caller:   Are we in the same place as on Friday, that this should happen by the 21st or before?

Tony:  They say they will have a new government by the start of Eid, which is the evening of the 21st.  Now they’re saying they will not ratify the vote until then, so I don’t see how they will seat the government until after that.  So I don’t listen to what they say, I watch what they do.  Out of that confusion… the banks still think it’s this week.

Caller:  Let’s say you invest in those 724 projects, I don’t think it can be compound interest.  However, daily interest adds up pretty quickly!

Tony:  Let’s say it is 2.5% per week, which is 10% per month.  On a billion dollars, that is 100 million dollars per month.

Caller:  So… if Abadi is not elected PM, then he will be charged for making a recount be done when there was no fraud?

Tony:  [I think that is Maliki you’re talking about, not Abadi.] But yes, M should be prosecuted for creating chaos when there was no need.  I don’t’ see why they would drag this out any further, and the banks are expecting to exchange this week.

312 caller:  Can we still do the bonds as well as the humanitarian projects?

Tony:  The humanitarian projects are international and vetted by the IMF;  the bonds are local. They are two separate things, and you can work with both.  People need to think long-term when they get this money, not just go out and buy things.  If I can invest a million at 10% per month, then I can buy stuff with the income rather than the capital.

805 caller:  On the last call you said you had a date in mind for the release of the 800 numbers coming out.

Tony:  We are not past that date, no.

Caller:  How secure are these humanitarian projects for the IMF?

Tony:  I asked the question, and your money is guaranteed.

617 caller:  What’s happening with the auctions.

Tony:  They are still going on, and the only way they will stop is with the RV.

Next caller:  Should we really be so focused on what Iraq is doing vs. US sources?  I know you were given a window, and that it has not passed.  Which source is right?

Tony:  If the bank gives me a date, I can live with that – that’s the window they are shooting for.  If Iraq gives me a window, that is okay too; that’s our outside window. The protestors in the streets need money, so it has to be sooner rather than later.  It’s not just the structure they are having to deal with, it’s that Iraq is trying to appease both the US and Iran.  Iran wants someone who will support them, and the US wants Abadi because he supports us.  Iran is Iraq’s trading partner for 80% of their trade, so they cannot shut them out altogether.  Some are upset that Abadi is an ally with the US. That’s the conflict in putting the government together. There are US bankers in Iraq right now, and they are talking about shutting down five banks that work with Iraq.  They are flexing their muscles in Iraq, although there are articles saying Iraq is doing that, not US. It’s complicated, but one way or another when Iran loses, so does Iraq, because Iraq is caught in the middle.

954 caller:  [call dropped, something about humanitarian funds… question on interest.]  Where will that interest come from?

Tony:  They will have 100 billion dollar people everywhere, and even more with hedge funds.  Do you know where your interest comes from on existing bank accounts?  All of us put money in on the project, which takes 3-5 years to get done. They take that money and invest in other situations while that project is getting built, and dividing that income with you.  You get your money back and we start all over again.  These projects are guaranteed by the IMF, so I don’t think you need additional insurance.  Of course, you can if you like;  ask the bank if that is something that concerns you.  If I invest through the banks, the bank will guarantee that money.

The financial year starts on 1. October; that is the New Year in financial terms.

423 caller:  Confused about the window.

Tony:  Last Wednesday, several sources gave us the same date/time the RV is released globally, although we still weren’t seeing it.  They told us it might take ten days before we see it.  They are still expecting it this week.  Once Parliament is seated, there is nothing else Iraq can do to delay this.  Not ratifying the votes for (only) two members of Parliament is not going to hold anything up. It’s definitely coming to an end.

425 caller:  With regard to humanitarian and local projects, I plan to give each of my sons maybe five million each;  will they be able to participate with the projects?

Tony:  I don’t know.  I’m sure the local projects are open to everyone.  You will have to discuss the humanitarian projects with your wealth manager, but I don’t see why not.

509 caller:  On the last call, you said that eight people were killed at the protests…

Tony:  I believe they were US citizens.  That continues to happen, and we don’t usually hear about it.  No, it’s not holding this up, but it’s part of the ongoing chaos in Iraq.  I was on a call last night, and a guy I served with 3o years ago said, “I don’t call you because I know you get calls all day only and I don’t want to bug you all the time.”  He’s right – I get stressed out and frustrated just like everyone else.  I will be so glad when this is over – jut like everybody else.  All can you do is to keep a positive attitude.

972 caller:  If my kids don’t have a paper trail they may get taxed if I just give them money, so it makes sense to give them the currency with a gifting letter – then I know it’s tax-free AND they can take part in the humanitarian projects.

Tony:  Yes.  Always better for them to be responsible for their own currency exchange.

Caller:  Remind me of what you said about freezing credit so no one can steal your ID?

Tony:  Yes, you can contact each of the three credit bureaus and have them freeze your credit for protection.  You can still use your credit cards.  The bank can help with this.

Caller:  I preserve my credit by only keeping negative balances – works every time!

[Computer crashed here.  Check with Sunny’s Cliff Notes for closing statements.]

Closing Statements (Sunny)

Tony: Not much has changed from Friday.  Putting out new dates today.  We will wait to see what happens.  Get it ratified or after the 21st.

Banks still saying see it sometime this week.  That was the plan as of last Friday.  We are still in a good place.  Things coming to an end.  Enjoy your day.  See you Wednesday if we have to. Hoping we will see you before then.

Ray: Enjoy your Monday everyone.  Keep believing. (played “I Believe.”)


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