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Mnt Gloat News Brief 8/6/18

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Mnt Gloat News Brief 8/6/18 Empty Mnt Gloat News Brief 8/6/18

Post by RamblerNash on Mon Aug 06, 2018 10:06 pm

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.


The Electoral Commission announced on Saturday 8/4 the end of the manual counting of the Karkh stations in Baghdad.

The official spokesman of the Electoral Commission, Judge Laith Jabr Hamza said in a statement received "Al-Gharab Press" a copy of it, "the completion of the counting and sorting of the centers and stations that received complaints and appeals on Saturday 4/8/2018 Baghdad office / Karkh electoral."

He added that "the Board of Commissioners of the judges assigned on Sunday, 5/8/2018 to re-count these canceled stations that previously the former Board of Commissioners canceled and ballots already exist at the Baghdad International Fair by re-examination and examination, namely the provinces of (Kirkuk - Sulaymaniyah - Erbil - Dohuk - Nineveh - Salah al-Din - Anbar) ".

So what pops out in early Sunday’s news?

Information / Baghdad
“The Electoral Commission confirmed on Sunday that counting and sorting operations will end today after counting and sorting all Karkh stations.


The Independent High Electoral Commission announced last week that the counting and manual counting of more than three thousand stations in Baghdad.”

Does this mean all sorting and re-counting is ending or just for Karkh. Sometimes the Arabic to English translation is not very good. We wait for another confirmation.

Oh boy you are blind if you can’t now see the very evident stalling taking place here. This is yet more stations added to the list to be sorted and re-counts. Oh – but wait a second, they already completed these stations and told us they did. Looks like they are recounting them again due to appeals from the initial re-counting?

So what the hell is going on here? My gut feeling is they will continue to stall until September even though they recently told us within the coming week we will get the ratification of the election results. I don’t believe it for one second. They will get appeals and will have to re-count again and again until they decide to stop this foolishness.

I can not back this Sept timeframe up with any FACTS as to why but they did the same in the last 2 elections and stalled until September. Also they told us this week the alliances are not yet ready and are not yet strong. So go figure. These little hints they give us if you read the articles carefully.
Yes, Mr and Mrs Gurus – you have to read the articles!

See full article below.

More news….

I can assure everyone reading this newsletter today that the Iraqi dinar is NOT trading globally. This rumor was propagated by the mindless idiots over in the TNT world of their own reality. They take information from news announcements and make a mountain of intel out of a grain of sand.

In my Aug 1st newsletter I go into detail to debunk this stupid rumor. So go read it if you really want to know more. Rlax, relax and relax more! We are NOT where we need to be and the dinar is not yet trading on FOREX or any other global currency platform.

These rumors are so typical of these idiots over on TNT. Are they a bunch of toothless crack addicts? Perhaps they are if they act like they are? These idiots are the source of most of these stupid rumors.

More news….

Shafaq News / The Iraqi Interior Ministry reported on Friday the arrest of two money laundering bankers and transfer them out of the country.

The ministry spokesman Major General Saad Maan said in a statement today that the anti-organized crime units in the Nineveh province operating within the Federal Intelligence and Investigations Agency in the Ministry of the Interior in cooperation with a joint force seized four shops for unauthorized exchange, and arrested the owners after being involved in money laundering operations and transfer them Illegal inside and outside the country.

The statement said that the operation came after a continuous follow-up movements of the arrested, and seized the possession of the owners of the shops weapons and rigging devices.

(Mnt Goat – this article is amazing. Such a small, seemingly meaningless, tiny article but I am telling you to pay attention to this sort of articles. It is chock full of goodies for us and the RV. This is what we need to see cleaned up. This is the FRAUD and MANIPULATION of the currency that is needed to be cleaned up for the CBI to pull the trigger on the reinstatement of the currency. They are trying to create the right environment for this to take place. So this is all VERY good news and now just the same old same old.

Meanwhile they stall the formation of the govt as long as they can since they need to complete this cleanup of corruption. I have been telling everyone this is the reason why we wait. I will continue to tell you over and over again. Don’t believe me? History will tell all.)

More news….


Baghdad / Al-Sabah

"The Iraqi market IS ONE OF THE MOST PROMISING MARKETS IN THE REGION, and WE EXPECT TO RECORD THE HIGHEST GROWTH RATE," he said, adding that the company provides services in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey , Pakistan, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan. " A promising opportunity.

"The presence of international companies in Baghdad in any of the sectors encourages the international effort to speed up investment within Iraq, which represents a promising and renewed opportunity to work, which all international companies want to enter."

More news….

The United States, which began searching for Saddam's wealth the day after the invasion in March 2003, admits that finding hidden assets and funds is extremely difficult and complicated, because Saddam Hussein and his regime had hidden arms, camouflage, and crazy ideas. The biggest challenge is to identify and track the flow of money that Saddam Hussein has appropriated for himself and his entourage and introduced into the international financial system.

Estimates of Saddam's wealth range from two billion dollars. The US-funded International Campaign to Prosecute Iraqi War Criminals says many of the money has been brought out of Iraq through a network of people who have been given the money to invest or keep until needed.

More news….


Cliff Whitney asked: You invited questions in your Aug. 1 newsletter, and I didn't know where to ask it other than under comments. My question relates to a video you posted on your Facebook site entitled "IQD Revaluation CCTV News Channel." This video point-blank states that there will be a "lop" or "re-denomination" of the dinar. Other "gurus" like "sandyf" are saying the same thing. I know you have said many times in the past that there will not be a lop, but do you have any comments in light of the CCTV new broadcast/video. Thanks, Mountain Goat, for all you do and the information you bring to us.

Mnt Goat answered:

First of all, not once does anyone on the Video mention the word “lop” so don’t interchange lop with redenomination. Your first mistake. A lop is only a form of redenomination as a redenomination can take many forms and processes and reasons for accomplishing it.

Second, go read my explanation under my FaceBook Notes, Here is the link.

Randy Meisell asked: One question ok. Do you really think they will reinstate the dinar this year? Looks like it's going to 2019.

Mnt Goat answered: Good question and we all want our money now. But the fact is no one controls the reinstatement not even the CBI. The CBI is only the guardian and the instrument that will facilitate and control the process. They must wait until certain conditions apply. They do not run the government. Like I keep saying if you go into this investment thinking you are going to get rich quick, think again. But you will get rich, eventually, if you have enough dinar and are very patient.

Having said all this I do see signs of 2018 rather than 2019. It doesn’t matter what I THINK but what the CBI and the GOI are telling us. I do not go by a crystal ball like some other idiot gurus out there or have some stupid secret sources or “boots on the ground”. I go strictly by what the official entities in Iraq tell me. I don’t care if the US Treasury is telling the banks to “get ready”. This is all foolishness and nonsense. How many times have we heard all this stupid nonsense? Yes, there is coordination going on with exchange centers and banks for the inevitable exchanges that will take place but Iraq must act first and so why not just relax and concentrate on what they do? This is the ONLY sure way to try to figure this out for any kind of timeframe.

Vince Capilla asked: My question is regarding the IMF, are we looking for Iraq to submit an Article VIII request to the IMF, and does Iraq need to have an Article IV Consultation before we can expect to see an RI/RV? You have mentioned these in the past, but not lately. I was just wondering if these items would tip us off that our quest was getting close. Thank you!

Mnt Goat answered: There is an Article IV consultation coming up in September with the IMF and my gut feeling is that they are stalling these election results until that time period. I have said this many times already. Why? Maybe the consultation is the answer who knows? But it seems very plausible. I do know the IMF is monitoring the MCP closely and for the first time since 2012 Iraq has met their obligations under the MCP of Article VIII. This qualifies them technically to move to Article VIII. But remember moving to Article VIII does not happen overnight. Iraq has been moving in this direction for years now. First you have to meet all the responsibilities as a member nation under Article VIII of the UN Charter as a member nation. Then they elevate you to operate with all the privileges under this section of the UN Charter. The loans we see Iraq now being granted under the SBA is part of these SDR privileges. So why are they not fully in Article VIII already? There is no magic to it and no trigger. No one is going to stand on a stage and hand Iraq a certificate for graduating to Article VIII. We must watch how they perform and opening the ISX up to a global trading platform on Aug 1st was a very good sign moving forward in this direction.

Yuri Mallmann asked: Dear Latest Mnt Goat News Letter , first let me tell you how much we appreciate you and we cant thank you for the fresh air and light you bring to us. Now, i would like to ask you...Will we see the 1:1 with the USD? Or we only we be able to see the so much expected 3+? It is not clear to me how they can reinstate in 1:1 and not be in the FX, could you enlight us? And since one post in the Dec 2015 timeframe Dr. Shabibi do not talk to us anymore, do you expect anything from him right now? Even a compliment to Alak maybe? And when can we put our champagnes to freeze?  Very Happy luv ya!

Mnt Goat answered: Okay I asked for you to give only 1 question and since you gave many more I will pick the one to answer. I will tell you once again when to put the champagne back in the frig. I only hope we have not yet spoiled the flavor going in and out of the frig so much…lol..lol…

You must be clear and to the point when you ask me the 1 question. I am not a mind reader….

Ran Pin asked: Hello Mnt Goat, I want to thank you so much for the time and effort you put into your newsletter every week. Not sure if this is the place for questions but here goes. A few years ago you stated that the currency most of us have in the USA had come across Iraq's border semi-illegal? I don't remember the exact term you used. What are the chances that Iraq rejects our currency because we were never suppose to have it. I bought all of mine through a US treasury registered broker. Thanks again.

Mnt Goat answered: First I never said that the currency of Iraq that you hold has come across the boarder semi-illegally. I don’t know who the hell is telling you this but it was not me.

Second, I did say that the 3 zero notes were meant to stay within Iraq and for the exclusive use of the “closed” economy of Iraq while in financial sanctions under Chapter VII. This closed economy means they take the revenue from the oil in US dollars. Then the merchants take their dinar go to the currency auctions and exchange dinar for these US dollars. They then can trade with the outside world using the US dollars only. This was part of the Chapter VII conditions. Mainly they put this provision in because the downgraded the dinar so much and shut it off on the global exchanges it was almost worthless to the outside world. So who the hell wanted it anyway? So yes the dinar was not supposed to leave the country of Iraq. The CBI currency auctions sell US dollars not dinar.

Third, so this brings us to the question then how do all these online internet brokers get the dinar? They have special arrangements through the US Treasury and the CBI to purchase large volumes of the dinar. They are allowing this under presidential executive order 13303. Oh -did you forget about this executive order? So we are not profiteering off the disaster of the war but official investors in Iraq. This is what allows us to have this currency in our hands. It is the only way to obtain the currency. You can not buy or sell it on any of the global currency exchanges. ISX is not a currency trading platform and it does not trade dinar they trade stocks but you must first convert your currency to dinar to buy the trade. The banks now too have come online and are also selling the dinar once again. But be careful they are NOT trading the dinar but acting just like these internet brokers. Since 2003 they have always operating in this capacity only they shut down all operations at the request of the US Treasury during the ISIS invasion of Iraq. So now they are back that is all. No hype, no rumors. We are NOT just waiting for the rate to go up but instead waiting for the dinar to get reinstated on the global trading platforms as a legitimate tradable currency once again. When this happens they will adjust the rate based on the new peg to the new SDR basket. Yes, it could initially be assigned a new rate of $3.00+ and float higher quickly. Here is the important part – IN DEMAND!

Kathy Mohrmann asked: "get someone in the offices who will support to full extent of the law and enforcement the law equally"---really, MG, do you think that's what Trump is doing? He thinks the laws don't apply to him and his family!

Mnt Goat answered: First of all I never said the laws don’t apply to Trump so I don’t know who the hell is telling you this. Is this news media? Do they have you branwashed already?

Second, I normally do not want to mix politics with business unless it is related to business at hand. But in this case, you need some straightening out in your thinking. What I am saying in NOT my opinion but FACTS. So anyone telling you all this Trump bashing or hate mongering around Trump you better step up to them and ask for the hard FACTS. Cause you abe being brainwashed. Nothing but the FACTS mam….so sorry!

Third, just give me one example of what you claim about Trump and maybe I will believe you. Please stop listening to the FAKE news media run by the deep state who does not want Trump to succeed because he is spoiling their ongoing plans for the "New World Order". Hillary Clinton was supposed to sew it all up and meet Agenda 21 targets in her first term but it seems now the cabal is going to be weeded out instead and their plans may not succeed after all. Trust me the deep state does not give a damn about you. They are instigating this constant bashing because they have another agenda for America and it is being spoiled by the Trump administration. So how do they fight back? They must be relentless on Trump but not because they have a fear of a fascist government forming under Trump. How could they since this is their own agenda anyhow? Get it? So they twist the news and spin it.

Forth, Oh - Trump has had only 18 months in office and I can clearly state (with FACTS) all that he has done more good for the USA than the 8 years of Obama or Clinton administrations. Trump is NOT a socialist he is a free market businessman and is using his common sense and the democratic process and laws of the nation.

Fifth, the cabal needs to divide us, steer us away from anyone who can challenge them. For the first time in 32 years of presidencies we finally have someone in the Whitehouse who can orchestrate the change that is really needed. But first you have to define the “changes” that are needed. This is which direction of moving the country. Didn’t you ever say to yourself it seemed very weird how most of the recent presidents seemed to be destroying American behind our backs yet waving the American flag all the time. It is a false pretense. Get it? They lie just as many of these intel gurus are lying about the RV. Its all staged.

Obama had 8 years to prove he could do it. Sure he is a great speaker but did he deliver? All you have to do is look at the FACTS – largest increase in national debt than in the last accumulative 24 years before his terms (7 trillion), a socialized medical system known as a tool of dependency on the govt under a socialistic society, opportunity to heal racial wounds going back as far as the civil war but did not. In fact, even now that he is out of office he continues to create unrest and racial tension, lowest increase in GDP in 32 years of presidents, highest jobless rates ever since the great depression during his 8 years in office,, etc,,,etc,, So go do your homework first before mouthing off and repeating with these deep state propagandists what to convince you.

This is how evil works. They need chaos and crisis to be successful. They must have it. I keep telling you this over and over again. Don’t you understand what the ultra-liberals have done to your own country? Where is hell has 7 Trillion dollars gone in national debt by Obama? I am in Germany and I can see it clearly. You are right in the midst of it and yet you have blinders on. I suggest you WAKE UP! It seems they were successful in getting thru to you. I suggest you go do some real research and stop listening to the mainstream news media. Hope this helps. Obama a past president politicking against a newly elected president and only 18 months after the elections. I can see they are really scared and they know they are next in line once the judicial kicks into high gear with these prosecutions.

Sixth, personally I don’t care what political affiliation you chose to associate with. It is freedom given under your constitution. However, if you are going to come on to my FaceBook Page and spread this Trump hatred crap you better be prepared to back it up with FACTS and not hearsay. I am open to listen to anything FACTUAL.

Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.
Articles Begin


Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

The Electoral Commission announced on Saturday the end of the manual counting of the Karkh stations in Baghdad.

The official spokesman of the Electoral Commission, Judge Laith Jabr Hamza said in a statement received "Al-Gharab Press" a copy of it, "the completion of the counting and sorting of the centers and stations that received complaints and appeals on Saturday 4/8/2018 Baghdad office / Karkh electoral."

He added that "the Board of Commissioners of the judges assigned on Sunday, 5/8/2018 to re-count the canceled stations that previously the former Board of Commissioners canceled and already exist at the Baghdad International Fair by re-examination and examination, namely the provinces of (Kirkuk - Sulaymaniyah - Erbil - Dohuk - Nineveh - Salah al-Din - Anbar) ".

He stressed that "this examination and audit of the stations mentioned will be at the Baghdad International Fair under the direct supervision of the Board of Commissioners of the judges assigned and the contribution of UNHCR staff who were selected to work for the re-counting and the presence of an active United Nations teams and the European Union and political parties and the monitoring of civil society organizations involved in the matter Election and the media. "




The Independent Electoral Commission announced the end of the counting and counting of the Baghdad Election Office / Karkh and start tomorrow to re-count the stations canceled in seven provinces.

The official spokesman of the Electoral Commission, Judge Laith Jabr Hamza said in a press statement received by the agency of all Iraq [where] a copy of it today, "the completion of the counting and sorting of the centers and stations received complaints and appeals to the Office of the elections in Baghdad / Karkh."

He added that "the Board of Commissioners of the judges assigned on Sunday will be re-counting and sorting of canceled stations, which was previously the Board of Commissioners had previously canceled and are already in the Baghdad International Fair by re-examination and examination, which are the provinces of [Kirkuk - Sulaymaniyah - Erbil - Dohuk - Nineveh - Salahuddin - Anbar] ".

Hamza pointed out that "this examination and audit of the stations mentioned will be at the Baghdad International Fair under the direct supervision of the Board of Commissioners of the judges assigned and the contribution of UNHCR staff who were selected to work to re-counting and the presence of an active teams of the United Nations and the European Union and agents of political parties and the monitoring of civil society organizations Electoral Affairs and the Media ".

(Mnt Goat – Oh weren’t these the original 7 provinces they told us in mid May they ONLY has to recount due to complaints. So here we go again. This is de’javu! Don’t you feel like we just got the run around and now come to a full circle and spent months for nothing? This is just more stalling. When will this bullshit all end?)


Amid the expectations of the announcement of the final results of the process of counting and manual counting of stations contested in the elections within a week, the Electoral Commission on Friday, the counting and sorting of the funds of the province of Diwaniyah and Turkey, while a legal expert that we are coming to many appeals about the results to be announced, Former deputies that the controls set by the Supreme Reference have changed the prime minister's choice equation.

According to a source familiar with the Electoral Commission, "the process of manual counting and counting of the stations of Diwaniyah and a total of (300) stations, and all were identical and in the presence of judges assigned and agents of the political parties and a total of (595) station," He added " In Turkey for (64) stations out of (74) station has no problems, and the isolation of ten stations are no longer excreted and from them a station already canceled by the former Board of Commissioners.

For his part, said the legal expert Ali Tamimi: "The Federal Court will receive the appeals of the results of the elections within 10 days of the declaration of the Commission to them, where the tripartite judiciary will decide after this period," adding that "the Council of the Commission will raise the matter to the Federal Court under Article "The constitution did not specify the duration of the formation of the government, but the process of forming a new cabinet cab will take three months, because of appeals in the election results, and the mechanism that will form the government."

Al-Tamimi said that "THE COMING DAYS WILL WITNESS MANY CHALLENGES TO THE RESULTS OF THE ELECTIONS BEFORE THE FEDERAL COURT, and it will take a considerable time, but the court will expedite the matter for the formation of the government," and stressed that "after the end of the duty of the Council of the Commission will end the functions of new judges assigned, to manage the electoral process for local elections. "

In turn, THE FORMER MP FOR THE STATE OF LAW, NASSIF, EXPECTED THAT "THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION, COMPOSED OF JUDGES ASSIGNED TO ANNOUNCE THE RESULTS OF COUNTING AND MANUAL COUNTING OF PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS WITHIN A WEEK," pointing out that "the results will not change significantly only in some polling stations in the west and north of the country."

(Mnt Goat – read this next paragraph. Could this also be why they are stalling to much? They are not yet ready with their alliances.)

"The announcement of the results of the parliamentary elections and the ratification of the Federal Court will change many alliances and the political process may witness new alliances not mentioned previously," adding that "ALL ALLIANCES AT THE MOMENT IS NOT STABLE AND ONLY POLITICAL UNDERSTANDINGS SO FAR."

Basrah candidate To this, the judiciary of the elections in the Federal Court of Cassation decided to accept the appeal of the candidate for the victory coalition in Basra province Muzahim al-Tamimi.

According to a document issued by the Commission, which was seen by the "morning", the judiciary decided to accept the appeal made by the candidate for the victory coalition in the province of Basra, Muzahim al-Tamimi, after excluding him from the procedures of accountability and justice, and calculating the votes of fundamentalist, said candidate Tamimi in a press statement : "The judiciary has issued its decision to achieve the right after a marathon tour tried by the former Commission and the effects of political and other change the will of the voters in Basra not to count the votes for me," adding, "I was insisting to fight legal battle to believe the law and the judiciary and achieve what we wanted. The largest mass

In the context of mobility to form the largest bloc and then choose the next prime minister, said former member of the House of Representatives on the Liberal bloc Yasser al-Husseini: "The political blocs were working according to a previous approach to choose the personality of the Prime Minister, but the controls set by the reference in her sermon changed the equation.

He pointed out that "the next prime minister must be away from the quota and be more comprehensive and able to meet the demands of the public and the provision of

For his part, a member of a coalition of law, Haider Mohammed al-Lami, that the words and guidance of the reference represents a real warning to the political class, and said Lami in a press statement: "The reference addressed a strong tone to all politicians and a real warning of what exists and what will be found on the land of Iraq, "

In the same context, announced a member of a coalition of law, Mohammed al-Ugaili, that his coalition "seeks to form a larger bloc includes all the spectrum of the Iraqi people and political blocs that emerged from the ballot boxes with the presence of most of the political blocs representing the components of Iraq," noting that "these blocks are working on the development and formulation of the program Political will continue for four years in addition to the government program agreed between the political blocs formed the largest bloc.





Nassif said that "the Electoral Commission composed of judges assigned to start the announcement of the results of counting and hand counting of the parliamentary elections NEXT WEEK," pointing out that "the results will not change significantly only in some polling stations in the west and north of the country." She added that "the announcement of the results of the parliamentary elections and the ratification of the Federal Court will change a lot of alliances and the political process may witness new alliances not mentioned previously," indicating that "All alliances at the moment is not stable and only political understandings so far."


Information / Translation

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A new global terrorist organization such as Da'ash may emerge in Iraq if the country does not implement what has been called political and social reforms, senior State Department adviser Douglas Paget said on Saturday.

"It is certain that a supporter has been defeated militarily in Iraq, but once again political conditions, social conditions, cultural conditions, lack of reconciliation, lack of accountability - accountability," Sputnik said in a report on Paget during a discussion at the Hudson Institute in Washington. Criminal case is exceptionally important. "

"The issue alone does not give us societies that can live with each other, and this is an issue that must be dealt with. It may disappear, but something like it can come back," he said. "While progress has been made in eliminating an oppressor from Iraq, Active worldwide ".

"According to local authorities, some cells of the organization are still active in Iraq, despite the fact that the country's leaders announced the end of the war against Saddam in December," he said.



Former Iraqi MP Ali al-Badairi on Saturday revealed the movements of Trump representative Brett McGurk to name the three presidencies with former parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri and the two ruling parties in the Kurdistan Democratic Region and the Federation.

He said in a press statement today that " The last that took place between McGuck and Jabouri and the Democratic Union and got to discuss the positions of the three presidencies and the imposition of the American will on the government decision, "pointing out that" WASHINGTON BEGAN TO MOVE TO INTERVENE IN POLITICAL AFFAIRS COINCIDED WITH THE IMMINENT ANNOUNCEMENT OF ELECTION RESULTS BY THE COMMISSION COMPOSED OF JUDGES.

"He added that" Washington is trying to achieve its objectives through political figures that try to support them to assume sovereign positions, "noting that" Jubouri and Kurds discussed with the representative of Trump to form the next government and the nature of political alliances and return to quotas. "Informed political sources have reported. Earlier, the envoy of US President Brett McGork, who arrived in Baghdad recently discussed the mechanism of forming the next government with a number of political leaders.



Baghdad / Sky Press

Al-Hayat newspaper reported on Saturday THAT THE CHANCES OF THE CURRENT PRIME MINISTER HAIDER AL-ABADI TO GET A SECOND TERM FOR THE PRESIDENCY OF THE NEXT GOVERNMENT HAS DECLINED VERY MUCH, pointing out that the coalition of state law put the name of its president Nuri al-Maliki to succeed him.

"The LEADER OF THE COALITION OF STATE LAW, NURI AL-MALIKI, IS THE CANDIDATE OF THE COALITION FOR THE NEW PRIME MINISTER," the newspaper said in a report. "The debate continues within the Dawa party regarding the freezing of Haidar al-Abadi's membership in line with the conditions of cleric Moqtada al-Sadr."

The newspaper quoted a close to al-Maliki as saying that "there is no political movements with the aim of Maliki being the head of the largest bloc in parliament because he is a candidate (state law) to the post of prime minister," referring to "rumors launched by political parties on the largest bloc and the role of al-Maliki , Aims to show that it is far from over from the current competition for the prime minister position. "

The newspaper confirmed Abadi's chances of obtaining a second term, noting that "he will not withdraw from the party, but the debate is still underway on the decision to freeze his membership."

(Mnt Goat – I can tell you there is no way that the USA or Sadr is going to EVER let Nori Al-Maliki as prime minister so this I would not even let worry you. But can he managed to wiggle his way into yet another position to maintain is immunity? That we should be worried over. He is slick and cunning like a snake coiled on a tree ready to strike. )



Baghdad - Mawazine News

The coordination committees for demonstrations in the provinces of central and southern Iraq, on Saturday, preparations for a major demonstration on Sunday. The coordination in a statement received / Mawazine News / copy, to "prepare for a major demonstration tomorrow."

"Our demands in the major demonstration will be the removal of governors and the abolition of provincial councils, in addition to the provision of services." The coordination confirmed that it "WILL CONTINUE TO RALLY FOR DEMONSTRATIONS UNTIL THE DEMANDS ARE MET, AND BRING THE CORRUPT TO JUSTICE."

The capital Baghdad and the provinces of the center and the south, PROTESTS AGAINST POOR SERVICES AND RAMPANT CORRUPTION and disruption of the programmer of electricity.


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,
Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free democracies of the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and to rest of the world to follow.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

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