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Newspaper: Sadr will resort to a second option in the event that the 40 conditions are not met DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

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Newspaper: Sadr will resort to a second option in the event that the 40 conditions are not met

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Newspaper: Sadr will resort to a second option in the event that the 40 conditions are not met Empty Newspaper: Sadr will resort to a second option in the event that the 40 conditions are not met

Post by RamblerNash on Sat Aug 04, 2018 10:29 am

Newspaper: Sadr will resort to a second option in the event that the 40 conditions are not met

Newspaper: Sadr will resort to a second option in the event that the 40 conditions are not met Muqtada2

Twilight News

9 hours ago

Despite his entry, after winning his electoral list, "Surun", in an interview with the alliance "Al-Fath", which includes the popular crowd, which was the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, describing some of them as "brazen," and approaching the announcement of a semi- Sadr returned in the past two days to propose new conditions, following the rapprochement that took place between the president of the "conquest", Hadi al-Amiri, the leader of the "coalition of state law," Nuri al-Maliki, and the accession of movements and small parties to the list, "conquest", led by political figures known for their sectarian discourse, Fatalawi.

This was seen as a preemptive step by Sadr against his current opponents and the former allies of yesterday, and at the same time evidence of the near-reaching agreements between the political blocs to announce the mass bloc in charge of forming a new government 83 days after the elections of 12 May.

A source in Baghdad, close to the leader of the "wisdom" bloc, Ammar al-Hakim, said that "it did not lead to anything", revealing the intention to postpone the understandings until after the official announcement of the results of the elections. "The Prime Minister's complex still controls the scene, and the names are not unanimous or welcome all the blocs." Sadr launched 40 new conditions, regarding the form of new party alliances, to establish the largest bloc in parliament, as a prelude to forming a government.

The most prominent conditions call for a national program and a government based on principles and principles rather than on quotas. In addition, the parties' loyalty to Iraq should be exclusive, referring to preventing pro-Iranian parties from approaching the center of decision. He stressed that no party should have an armed wing.

On the conditions of choosing the new prime minister, he called for being independent, non-members of the House of Representatives and non-dual nationality, and not to run for the upcoming elections, whatever the circumstances.

"Sadr's conditions in the administration of alliances will bring good results to Iraq, if adopted, of course, there is a broad rejection of it in the Shiite camp," said a member of the Sason coalition, calling for a sovereign, sovereign Iraqi government, What, and wants in the arena only the army and police, and that the process of distribution of positions between the communities. " He pointed out that "others have the right to put forward the specifications of the next prime minister or to determine the form of the new political process, being the winner of the results of the recent elections, and so far has not proved the process of manual counting and counting of any fraud incident carried out by others, but there is rejection by the Shiite parties, Conditions ".

He continued, in an interview with "the new Arab," that "the new prime minister may not necessarily be from the Sadrist movement or from the alliance are already going." He pointed out that "the work of these conditions may disrupt many dialogues between the political blocs to reach the formation of the largest bloc, and the secretion of the new government, but of course it will benefit Iraq and the Iraqis, and will remove many of the political figures loyal to foreign parties, Hadi also investigated the post of post The head of the next government, because it is known as pro-Iran for more than 30 years. "

Despite the official rejection of the alliance, "Saron" for his approach to the parliamentary opposition, and his search for strong alliances to form a government, but sources close to Sadr told the "new Arab", "the option of parliamentary opposition, supported by the people and community, is still present in the mind of Moqtada Sadr, "indicating that" Sadr if he failed in his project, he will inevitably go to the opposition, and will go to the street as happened years ago, and becomes an observer to the work of Parliament and the government, and constitutes a factor of political instability in Iraq, which is well aware of opponents. For his part, a member of the list, "Baghdad Alliance," the star of Jacob, that the conditions set by Sadr on the choice of prime minister will blow up efforts to form the largest bloc. He said, in a press statement, "The purpose of racing blocks winning the election, to form the largest parliamentary bloc, through the alliance with other political forces, is to receive those blocks the post of prime minister," pointing out that "

And the leader of the current "wisdom", Habib terminal, that "Suron is the largest bloc alone, and therefore all the conditions that come from the outcome of the election results," explaining, in an interview, with "the new Arab," that "the conditions of Sadr to choose a president The new government is not impossible, and will not disrupt the political dialogues, because they are subject to debate and research, and all day waiting for the hour announcement of the election results, and the date of ratification in the Federal Court, and then begin the official announcement of alliances to reach the largest. "The results are the only obstacle to the declaration of alliances.

In turn, saw the Iraqi political analyst, Ahmed Sharifi, that the factors behind the delay of dialogues, "Sarun" with the rest of the parties is to see Sadr's new state industry. "There is a big difference between the vision of the Sadr movement in forming the new government and the vision of Muqtada al-Sadr, because the current wants a Sadrist government, while Sadr is going to break the party line from the government and the official," Sharifi told the New Arab.

He pointed out that "Moqtada al-Sadr is looking for an alternative mechanism to rule the country through partnership and the majority and quotas, but the cordon put by the parties to immunize themselves prevents the realization of Sadr's vision."

He added that "Sadr will not approach the conquest, and will not accept that Hadi al-Amiri prime minister, because he knows that Amiri will turn Baghdad into an Iranian city, which angers Sadr, and Sadr will not approach the wisdom bloc of Ammar al-Hakim, "Al-Sadr and the Communist Party have turned to the opposition, and have a strong influence on the Iraqi street, in addition to investing the curse of the religious reference in Najaf, represented by Ali al-Sistani. Judgment ".


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Newspaper: Sadr will resort to a second option in the event that the 40 conditions are not met Empty Re: Newspaper: Sadr will resort to a second option in the event that the 40 conditions are not met

Post by Terbo56 on Sat Aug 04, 2018 10:46 am

The 'second' step, would be to blow Maliki's brains out, that way, Sadr will have a strong and stable government- As long as Maliki is STILL walking, Sadr has about as much chance of having a stable government, and a strong country, as a snowball's survival in hell, and THAT IS A FACT- Get rid of Maliki, and most of the countries problem will be solved-Maliki has been 100% the problem of Iraq not being able to rise from all the destruction, because that is what Maliki thrives on to get what he wants- The country of Iraq, and all the riches of the CBI, and to control the people, and they will only suffer more hardship, and the control of the people will only get worse, and will be retaliated against for going against Maliki for prime minister- WTF is wrong with Sadr and Abadi? 2cents Newspaper: Sadr will resort to a second option in the event that the 40 conditions are not met 1656125192 question omg
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