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Mountain Goat 8/3/18

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Mountain Goat   8/3/18 Empty Mountain Goat 8/3/18

Post by Mountain Goatee on Fri Aug 03, 2018 3:10 pm

Mountain Goat   8/3/18 2018-010

August 3, 2018 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

I have to baby sit TNT again since they are bent on over-sensationalizing headlines in the news once again. This is how they get themselves in trouble over and over and again and how people are getting discouraged about this investment. They get discouraged because they are told over and over again it is revaluing yet then weeks or even months go by and nothing happens.

So what was said that is so wrong?

It was tweeted out by these idiots that “simply put the Iraq Dinar is now globally traded as of yesterday and those are the rates”.

They then go on to say and I quote again– “The Iraqi dinar exchange globally on Wednesday”.

This is sensationalism and is wrong to do this to you listeners and readers.

But if you click on the link and go to the site and read the article yourself and translate it from Arabic to English, you will find that the article is only talking about the Iraqi stock exchange. We knew this was coming as they told us this would happen at the end of July. This is NOT new news. Why take a grain of sand and make it into a mountain of intel once again? Oh – this is how TNT works and Tony himself has told us all this is what the TNT intel is all about – needless sensationalism!

The rest of the story not told by TNT cause then it would not be so sensational…would it? Either that or they can’t read. Did most of their members even pass the first grade?

We know that the Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) has been up and running for years now. Up to this point trading has been exclusively within the boundaries of Iraq. Now they opened it up to the rest of the world to get in and trade. This is all this is.

Is this GREAT news for us and the RV?

Yes, Yes, Yes but I would not hype it all up or connect this with other pieces of information (or typical TNT rumors) to form a bigger picture that the reinstatement is now taking place. It is great news and very much a move in the right direction for the Iraqi dinar. Why?

For three main reasons:

1.Since on the global trading platform it can create a demand for the dinar since traders will have to first convert their currency to dinar to trade. This demand will drive the rate up. But remember this is still the program rate and the CBI has not yet reinstated the dinar on the global trading platforms. We must NOT lose site of this fact.

2.It is the first time we see the Iraqi dinar “formally” going out globally. I do not consider these online internet sites selling dinar and other currencies global. They are merely “currency brokers” not trading platforms. The banks too are now operating under the same premise for the ones now selling and buying the Iraqi dinar.

3. Dr. Sinan Al-Shabibi, when head of the CBI, told us many years ago that the reinstatement process would be a very long process. We are now witnessing what he meant by this statement. We have witnessed the international banking and financial reforms, laws against corruption, measures taken against counterfeiting and money laundering, electronic banking to limit the money supply to 2/3 of what it was simply by not paying out billions back into the streets each pay day and now the ISX going global. So what next can they do? How about the final dead of the reinstatement? But we don’t know what we don’t know so what other events or reforms are on the agenda prior to the reinstatement? All we can do is sit tight and watch.

Back to the recent article about the ISX:

So the news article is talking about purchasing stocks on the ISX using dinar NOT trading dinar exclusively like in global currency exchanges such as FOREX. Get it?

Yes, in order to purchase these Iraqi stocks through ISX you will have to first convert your money into dinars and in the article, they give the various conversion rates for the different countries around the world.

So, if you want to trade you can purchase Iraqi stocks on ISX and but you must convert your own countries currency to the dinar to buy in. They are telling you that you can purchase Iraqi dinar at 1190 dinar per 1 USD and then they go to give the other countries equivalent exchange rates. Ina nut shell this is all this article is about. So why all the sensationalism over it?

So what is so sensational about this rate. Same old program rate. Get it?

So here are the exact words of the heading of the article that TNT and other gurus are bent on sensationalizing. When will they stop this nonsense?

I quote: “The Iraqi dinar Stock exchange worldwide on Wednesday”

Here is the link to the article:

Go and read it yourself. Here are the FACTS.

NO Hype, NO Rumors,, NO Opinions….Just the FACTS!

So, I don’t get all the brainless hype and sensationalism since the CBI told us this was coming in July 2018 months ago. Let’s all settle down and relax over this one.

There is still sorting and re-counting of the ballots taking place and so they continue to stall the ratification of the elections results until they are ready.

Yet another rumor (never proven):

We have NO affirmation of when the CBI will do anything once the ratification of the election results is announced. We only speculate at best that they will do something significant like continue the last stages of the project to delete the zeros (which means the dinar reinstatement).

Some gurus claim the CBI did tell us already they plan to continue the project to delete the zeros right after the ratification of the election results. This could be true, but yet after weeks of this news, they still do not produce these two articles they claim came out or even links to them. Why? Probably because once again just more hype by misunderstanding of the articles (if the articles even do exist) on the translations from Arabic to English and they don’t want you to see their mistakes.

I also want to clarify yet more bullshit from the TNT gang.

www.CoinMill.com – Is a Currency Converter and NOT a currency trading platform. Get it? Again taking a grain of sand and making it into a mountain of intel. Who the hell cares if you can convert dinar to USD and get a rate? Or convert dinar to the equivalent of any other global currency? Yes, it’s a great tool to use for it’s purpose but it DOES NOT tell us the Iraq dinar is globally trading. How stupid can you be? Are you an idiot or what?

These idiotic so called “intel gurus” do it to you once again. More mind games…

More news….


The official spokesman of the Electoral Commission for elections, Judge Laith Jabr Hamza, THE COMPLETION OF THE COUNTING AND SORTING OF THREE THOUSAND POLLING STATIONS OUT OF A TOTAL OF FIVE THOUSAND POLLING STATIONS for province of Karkh in Baghdad, stressing the increasing pace of work to finish all stations received complaints. Thought they originally said it would take 2 weeks to complete this work? They are never accurate on the timing and have been taking much less time. It appears at this pace it will be completed in much less time. They are projecting this to be completed next Saturday Aug 4th.

On Thursday the Electoral Commission announced they will complete the process of counting of polling stations Karkh on Saturday.

So what else is there to sort and re-count?

In the province of Diwaniyah on Thursday to begin the re-counting and sorting of those centers. How long will this take?

Complaints were submitted to the judiciary of the elections for a number of centers in the province of Qadisiyah, and after examining the Board of Commissioners of the judges assigned those complaints, which meet the conditions of substantive and formality, decided to re-count and sorting of these centers too. No projected completion date was given.

So far Iran and Jordan have been completed. They still have to work on Turkey, Kuwait and possibly others too.

So it looks like they are on track not to complete this re-counting for sometime to come, maybe late August or early September.

More news….

More news on the last part of HCL to be implemented. The protestors are putting pressure on the govt to implement this now. We are told in Sept. The law was passed in April and was scheduled for implementation in Sept. But they want it now.

Also recent news that Kurdistan agreed to join up with the Sadr Movement in Sadr’s alliance if Article 140 referendum get passed and implemented in the next session of parliament. They are not saying in the next term or year or months. They are stressing in the next session when parliament comes back in session. Is this enough to satisfy what is considered the implementation of the constitutional article? I think perhaps it may be enough.

So these are all lingering issues that cause the people to get upset and caused conflicts with the Baghdad government. This is called “INSTABILITY”. If these issues were not so important then why are we seeing them creep up again and again each time we get closer or in a window of opportunity to maybe see the RV? I don’t know you tell me.

Seems very coincidental to me. The fact is we have had these RV windows of opportunity before but it never happens. Why? Maybe we should look at issues like not having the constitution “fully” implemented and stop chasing our tails giving out any day / every day predictions. Many of these so calle intel gurus make their assumptions simply because “in their opinion” these are not important enough issues. But what if they are?

So here now we are seeing these constitutional articles being implemented. I have no problem is saying that these have been part of the holdups all along through this RV journey. I know what was said by the powers that control this reinstatement and they explicitly outlined the very basis criteria for bringing the Iraqi financial dealings with the outside world back. Sure banking and financial reforms also were included as well as executing the process to delete the zeros. But let’s stop getting lost in the weeds and keep focus on the target. Let’s not lose site of some VERY basic issues that also need to be resolved.

Some gurus say but oh the CBI didn’t say anything about article 140 or even HCL. So it’s not an issue. To debunk these kind of statements you merely have to use you God given common sense. Since many of these gurus lack this ability you can see what they are doing to you. So the CBI does not have to explicitly say anything. They are in charge of the process but they must also get approvals and these approvals come with conditions. When they talk to the public they almost all the time do not give out specific reasons why they are holding back the project to delete the zeros but rather speak in general high-level terms.. They make statements like “needed a more suitable environment” or they need first to “deal with the Fraud and Manipulation” and very broad statements. Don’t you think? So there are many factors that are parts of these statements and so I would not want to discount or assume that these other factors could also be a part of these statements.

You know what they say about assume (Ii makes an Ass Out Of You and Me) (Ass-U-Me).

Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.
Articles Begin


The official spokesman of the Electoral Commission for elections, Judge Laith Jabr Hamza, the completion of the counting and sorting of three thousand polling stations out of a total of five thousand polling stations by the Karkh in Baghdad, stressing the increasing pace of work to finish all stations received complaints .

Hamza said in a press statement received by "Al-Ghad Press" that "the pace of work is increasing dramatically to count and sorting stations and polling stations received complaints and appeals to the province of Baghdad / Karkh."

He pointed out that "the Board of Commissioners of the judges assigned directly supervising the work of staff at the Baghdad International Fair where the number of stations that have been completed more than 3000 polling stations and there are only 2000 stations will be dealt with during the next two days."

He pointed out that "the counting and sorting of the stations of Baghdad / Karkh, will end on Saturday next August 4, according to the plan drawn up by the Council with the participation of a large number of employees and other supporting bodies."

Hamza revealed that "complaints were submitted to the judiciary of the elections for a number of centers in the province of Qadisiyah, and after examining the Board of Commissioners of the judges assigned those complaints, which meet the conditions of substantive and formality, decided to re-count and sorting of these centers (number of)

He pointed out that "a number of members of the Council will move to the province of Diwaniyah on Thursday to begin the re-counting and sorting of those centers and in conjunction with the counting and sorting at Baghdad / Karkh stations in order to complete the requirements of work and investment time available for the purpose of completion and one time on Saturday.

The Board of Commissioners of the assigned judges continues to work with increasing vigor and great efforts by the staff involved in counting and counting operations and the active support of the civil society organizations concerned with the electoral issue and the United Nations and European Union teams who are monitoring the process.



Information / Baghdad.

The former deputy Ali al-Badiri, Wednesday, delayed the announcement of the results of counting and sorting manual to further investigation accuracy, indicating that the demands of some politicians to speed up the announcement of the results is to mix the papers.

Al-Badairi said in a statement that the complaint by some politicians of the performance of manual counting and sorting because of delayed announcement of the results is a kind of pressure for the purpose of mixing cards.

He added that "the commission is a judicial body and its work requires the accuracy of the ballot papers in the contested funds," stressing that "judges are not specialized professional body, and slow work and reluctance and all the data indicate that the work is independent without being influenced by any pressure."

The Secretary-General of the movement of Asaib Ahl al-Haq Sheikh Qais al-Khazali earlier warned the Electoral Commission mandated that the protests may be affected in the event of the continuation of the "Salafatip".


Parliamentarians and experts of the economy and the Iraqi street is waiting on 5 September (September), the date of announcement of the start of activating the law of the National Oil Company, which identified 10 percent withholding is held from oil sales to put them in special boxes in preparation for distribution to Iraqis.

While parliamentary and economic circles called on the government to the need for commitment deadline guaranteed by law, to restore confidence between the street and the government, especially that the law will give each citizen a share of his country's oil.


(Mnt Goat – this is part of what we need to be implemented to get the reinstatement. Yet more evidence. Do you wonder why they publish this article now? The other piece is Article 140. Did you see the agreement that Kuridisan made with the Sadr Movement on this recently too. Is this all coincidental, especially at this point in time while we wait for the elections results to be ratified, which we also know will bring some action by the CBI in the “project to delete the zeros” (but only if these other needed laws are passed and implemented).

I am telling everyone that the constitution MUST be fully implemented and not just laws passed but laws enacted. Don’t believe me? That’s okay and this only shows how little you know Mr./Mrs “intel Guru”.

Oh – but they keep telling you then why would they have all these RV windows in the past if there were still laws to be implanted? RV windows by whom? Is it the US Treasury anticipating the RV? Who is telling them its going to RV?

Again I have to straighten out these idiots and clarify this one more time – read my lips – DID IT RV? So this the proof of what I am talking about. I don’t care about all these false RV targets. Iraq must implement Article 140 and this part of HCL that remains to be implemented OR no reinstatement of the currency. This has been and is still a provision in order for Iraq to get their currency back. Meanwhile the CBI has been working diligently to get all the needed banking and financial reforms in place in preparation for the govt and parliament to catch up to them in getting these laws done. Get it?)

He called for Basra, Abdul Salam al-Maliki, the province of the government to «respect the deadline guaranteed by law, most citizens are convinced that any law benefit from it financially and is not prescribed by the work, which will increase the internal tension.

He said al-Maliki said in a statement that the law is an achievement and a national distinctive, almost better for Iraqis since 2003, as it will give all Iraqis a share of his country's oil fair and clear way.

He stressed that the law clauses capable of reducing poverty rates and increase the welfare of the citizen and strengthen the national spirit and a sense of equality of all». He pointed out that «this law does not include Iraqis abroad, and this would call for the return of our children of expatriates and immigrants, Ours is a poor but circumstances forced citizens to travel, as well as mismanagement and occupation and the resulting chaos and corruption led to the unsatisfactory people results.»

And the law conflict with other laws, Maliki said: «will not conflict with any other law, such as petro-dollar or oil licensing agreements and oil investment with foreign companies, because it is a deduction of 10 percent of revenue from the sale of oil in the Development Fund for Iraq of the United Nations, which will in turn transfer of funds to the central bank, which will be distributed amounts to the shares on behalf of the form of every citizen ». And the oil-producing provinces quotas,

And al-Maliki said that «the budget and in agreement with the prime minister awarded producing provinces according to the petro-dollar law, 20 percent will be allocated to meet the debt or assignments have not been implemented over the past years with the actual quota of 5 percent per barrel of product, and allocate services to the provinces producing projects and the development of reality urban and service and others. »

He said the former member of the Committee on Oil and Gas Parliamentary Zahir Abadi, the «National Oil Company has allocated a fund for generations, and the shares in the national company is not bought and sold because it is the king of the citizen, a law that would achieve economically beneficial to the Iraqi people». Committed and the law of the Kurdistan region hand over the amount of oil produced in the fields to the national oil marketing company «SOMO», otherwise those shares will not be given to residents of the region.



(Mnt Goat – I have two things to say: 1)WOW ! & 2) I told you so! Mountain Goat   8/3/18 1f60a

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Mountain Goat   8/3/18 Empty Re: Mountain Goat 8/3/18

Post by Terbo56 on Fri Aug 03, 2018 3:15 pm

Making a mountain out of a molehill, that's all it is, along with blatant BULLSHIT-Again, nothing but misdirection and lies, and they ought to be f'n ashamed of themselves, Come on, people, WTFU!!! 2cents Mountain Goat   8/3/18 1656125192 Mountain Goat   8/3/18 1656125192 Mountain Goat   8/3/18 2350219667
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Mountain Goat   8/3/18 Empty Re: Mountain Goat 8/3/18

Post by Jayzze on Fri Aug 03, 2018 11:36 pm

folks vat we are seeing from the hinterlands is bs at its finest  from all sides. goat go to the weiner fest in the mountains.
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