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THE BIG CALL WITH BRUCE DAWSON 7/5/18 INTEL ONLY DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1


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Post by RamblerNash on Fri Jul 06, 2018 1:04 pm



Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight.  I know this has been kind of a tough ride. Even I and Sue both have been somewhat affected by the sort of topsy turvy we have experienced especially the last month or so. What I hear and I got some darn good sources and you guys I try not to call it. I have come close and I wanted to, but what it amounts to is there are things that are pointing towards everything is ready, lined up ready to go. Boom Boom Boom. I actually get times for certain days that such and such is expected, toll free numbers are expected, exchanges are to begin such and such a time, and so on. Today was one of those days, but it just isn’t’ ready yet. We are just not quite there. Tomorrow we may be there, but not yet.

Bruce:  So what do we do in a situation like this? Sue and I talked about this earlier. We have to realize is I know people are counting on this. I know they are. If we have known 14 years ago we weren’t quite be there yet, we wouldn’t be here yet, I think I would have look at this as a later type thing for retirement or don’t get excited it will come right away because it is going to take awhile to make all these things around the globe to happen, and happen the same time so it can be released.

Bruce:  The difference is we know Tier 1, Tier2, and the Tier 3 and even the additional 6,950 Tier 3 accounts that weren’t necessarily Tier 3 accounts actually have been taken care of. They have been processed. Not all liquidity has been given for even those. We know with those tranches, mega trances that took place primarily last week and finished up Monday or Tuesday, when those finished up that was moving a tremendous amount of liquidity into the system around the world globally. We heard today money is moving around crazy. What does that mean for you and I who do not have that money?  Does it mean anything to us? Are we excited about that? Could we say that sounds great, but what about me? Ya, that is what we are thinking, and yes I am thinking like that too along with you.

Bruce:  It is important to remember and realize that we cannot even though I believe we are very close, and I got information right before the call to indicate we are very close, but we have to and I call it backwards Plan A and Plan B. Plan A is where we are right now. Hopefully you are employed. If not hopefully you can get a job.  Hopefully you are sustained. You have income. You have something to do in the meantime to provide for you and your family. Plan B which B stands for Blessing, that is what we need to have as our fallback position if you well. That is going to happen, but it will happen when it happens. We can’t make it happen.

Bruce:  Here I have this call with 1000s of listeners. It gets out by call notes to many people that we would call Tier 4, the Internet Group or the Informed Internet People, because you are listening to the calls. You may not be getting the truth all the time from calls and maybe you might not be getting the truth from me all the time. I hope you are. I am doing the best I can to put out what I am hearing and I glean the truth from what I am hearing so I do not put out anything that is not true. Take that for what it is worth, but you still have to evaluate even what you are hearing on the Big call. You evaluate what you are hearing on other calls if there are any, and you evaluate what you read on blogs. Just because it is in print and online it does not make it true. There has been tons of information put out on purpose throughout the years. You have to discern. You have to be very clever.  You have to discern to see what is really true in what you are reading.

Bruce:  With that being said and what I think is going on. We have information that does point specifically to Redemption Centers, specifically to banks that are going to be doing exchanges. We know we are basically next. There is sort of a group that we are going to call VIP Tier 4, people that might not have gone in yet, people that don’t need toll free number. Maybe you can figure out what I am talking about. These people are based on groups that were based out west. These people will be contacted. I believe some of those people in that group or in those groups are about to get started. I do not know if they will get started before us in Tier 4 get a toll free number. It is just they do not require a toll free number to do what they are going to do because a lot of that currency has already been exchanged and they are just waiting for a ledger to ledger transfer or a flip of a keystroke would be paid. That is not the situation we are in that still have currency in hand that are ready to go in to exchange it or redeem it in case of the Zim bonds.  So there is a little difference there and I think you know what I am talking about.

Bruce:  Right now we know yes I have been chosen to receive the toll free number for the Internet Group.  Yes I do consider it an honor, and I will do what I am instructed to do with that number when it comes to me. Do I have that number yet? No. I am hearing that the people who are suppose to assimilate that number to me, and I do know who they are, the numbers have been moved to the position to the people who suppose to give it to me have it. We are still moving along.  There are still calls going on with the major banks as they get their final details lined up and there is a lot to this. You have to realize what we see is pretty much the surface. We do not see everything below the surface that is going on and that has gone on.

Bruce:  We did hear today that as far as we knew we were all set and ready to go. Then we find out wait we have to wait for our own currency, our new dollar, USN, to be tradable domestically. We know the USN has been tradable global markets internationally for 9 days now. Why isn’t it good here? I do not know. Ask our Treasury. I think that is what the situation is. These last minute little things need to be approved, okayed, signed off, whatever. Some we think we know and some we probably do not know, but that is what I understood earlier this evening that is what we were waiting for before we can start. That is how close I think we are.

Bruce:  Then I heard since that time and this was maybe a half hour before the call started tonight, I have heard some of the releases have already begun, but they are moving slowly. That may refer to Tier 4 VIP release that does not require the toll free number. I can assure you that right now the toll free number has not gone out. If so, I would have it. Okay, to let you know. I would not keep it unless that is exactly what they told me to do. I do not believe that is going to be the case. 

I heard a few days ago this was going to go either today or tomorrow but before Saturday. I can’t tell you that is still the case. I hope it is, but I can’t promise you that is still true because what happens is information is good for a period of time and then sometimes it changes or something else comes in. Then it is like OH, we didn’t know that. Think of how many times I have heard that over the years. Something else, something new, something that we didn’t think of.

Bruce:  I tell you this because this is something that is relevant to you guys. We know that when we go in and we set our appointments to go into the Redemption Centers, there will be bank representatives from more than one bank. Maybe three, maybe more. If you have an Abbot Downing Representative for example at your Redemption Center, and they will be there at the Zim Redemption Centers. 

It might be just one person, but that Abbot Downing Rep can be the one to sign you up for an account with Wells Fargo. Now remember Abbot Downing is the top high end of wealth management division of Wells Fargo, but all these duties and exchanges will qualify you momentarily at least to be connected with Wells Fargo through Abbott Downing.

Bruce:  The other thing is HSBC and Wells Fargo is working very closely now, very much hand to hand, and they will be the ones primarily working with the Zim. It doesn’t mean some of the other Tier 1 Banks won’t be working with the Zim, but ultimately it goes to HSBC and then HSBC takes it to Afreximbank which is like AIIB. Then it goes further into one or two of the Chinese Banks before it makes its way back to the Chinese Elders. So there is a whole plan for the Zim. That is why it is so valuable when it comes in.

Bruce:  When it comes to setting up accounts, we have the ability to take up to $14,000 in cash if you choose and be wise about this. Be wise whether even if you are a person who uses cash or is comfortable with cash. It is a lot of cash to carry around or have with you. I wouldn’t recommend for you to carry it around or even to have at home. Use good judgment when it comes to how much cash you really want to have access to. That is your choice at your exchange.

Bruce:  I talked to you about temporary debit cards. You will have temporary/debit cards given to you at the exchange that will be tied to the accounts you set up. If you set up several accounts which you can do fairly quickly even with the same bank, you can set up two to say four accounts considered for personal use up to $20 million dollars for each account. You would have immediate access to that amount using your debit cards. 

​You have to be very careful putting a lot of money even $10 or $20 million dollars is a lot of money on a debit card. You have to watch your security of utilizing these. You would have that thing. Most of you say I don’t want something temporary. I want something permanent. Well, a couple of days should be all they need to get you your permanent debit card whatever that is. You will have a lot of choices on those. Debit/credit card. I still believe we are going to have American Express options through Wells Fargo. Hopefully that is still there. We should have other different Platinum, Black Cards, so on available through the other banks. You just choose what you want to work with initially.

Bruce:  Your Mother lode account, more than likely because of the amount, will probably be with likely HSBC. I can’t tell you absolutely that is the case. I believe that will be the case more times than not. You know a little bit about the availability of funds. If you have business accounts for your projects or corporate accounts. If you want them set up or you have them set up already based on your projects, that type of business, you can establish and put in a lot more in those accounts and you can have access for business or project purposes to a lot larger degree. I can’t say how much we are talking about. That is something you talk to them about.

This is all stuff for the first 90 days that you need to do because the first 90 days you need to let them know how much liquidity you need for what general purposes. Do not Blue Sky it. Just let them know what you do plan on using. Remember the word Intend. What do you intend to do with this. Bruce:  Then the money in the Mother lode account, the largest exchange account from the Zim Redemption, that you would have access to. Remember that is the account for the most part that will be earning the interest and being paid it quarterly, or semi-annually, or annually.

I think most of us would prefer would take that interest into our accounts quarterly. Monthly is too much and too quickly. Quarterly is okay every 3 months I am going to have “X” going into my account.  That money is yours to utilize anyway you want. Most of us will try to do the best we can to use it for projects, and giving money to ministry. We also will be giving to Rebuild America, using it for Veterans and those concepts.

Bruce:  I just want you to realize the amount of interest, the interest rate, not the rate of exchange of your currencies, but the rate you would be paid in interest is going to vary from 2% on the low end to little over 7% on the top end. That is really where you are going to be. If anyone has done a little math if you are a Zim holder even if you have one or two or few notes, it turns into real money really fast. If you take that and even put in 2%, 3% or even 4% it goes up really fast in interest only. I like to use 4% because 4% is easily divisible by 4 quarters. That means you will have 1% of what is in your account initially as the Mother lode account. 1% of that is available to you as interest every quarter. It is just is easy math. It is just easy math that way.

Bruce:  Okay you go I am going to get that much per quarter. I need to figure a way that I can utilize that if I intend to Rebuild America or this project, if I intend to do this scenario, if I intend to that or any of the different projects we have talked about.  Or if you want to do something completely unrelated to Rebuild America or working with veterans. It may be something completely different.  It might be creating a series of orphanages. It might not even involve the United States right away. It might involve other countries right away. This is what you need to decide.

Bruce:  When you go into your meeting with the representatives for your exchange or your Zim redemption, you just be honest with them what you intend to do because they will be sizing you up.  They will be sizing you up  based on how you come across, and what it is you bring in terms of projects, and a little bit about maybe your experience and what you have done in that area. They are going to be pretty good with all the role playing they have had. They will be pretty good sizing us up.

​Do not blow any smoke. Just go in and say this is what I have, this is what I what I want to do, and this is how I plan to do it.  I hope your projects are long. I hope you go with a 10, 20, 100 year project even if you plan on not being around. Someone will be around that you appoint to continue on, to continue on with the work. All of that is going to be set up.

Bruce:   Realize this I am talking about a lot different things, but you are going to only have about an hour to 10 minutes to hour and 15 minutes to do your full exchange. Some of this other stuff you can get return visits with your financial staff, your CPA, any attorneys that you need for any structures to put those together, your CPA to have a strategy for what it is you plan to do, and so on. You will be able to revisit this and should for several months until you become real handy with what it is you plan to do and how you go about executing your plan.

Bruce:  I really think we are very close. I have heard things that I am hoping they are still valid and true. If they are not, and if we do not go as we think right away here, you have to keep going. Keep that ball in the air.  Keep those plates spinning in the air. I do not care what you are doing.  If you need a job, need some temporary income, whatever it takes, you have to keep it going. Everybody is hiring. There is not enough workers as it is now. President Trump has done a marvelous job the last 18 months in getting the economy where we are the lowest unemployment rate we ever had all across the board.

Bruce:  We are going to have an issue on Rebuild American. We are going to have a situation that we will need skilled workers.  I think it is going to be a challenge to get them to do the rebuilding we are talking about. I hope we can get them.  I really do.  If not, we have to get them trained. We have to put them through Trade Schools and get them ready. Get them apprenticeship and all of that so they can learn as they go. That is what we plan to do. Guys, it is going to be so much fun when we get this thing started.  I am excited. I am looking forward to it. Be not dismayed. This thing is right around the corner. We just need to reel it in and pray it in.

Bruce:  Thank you everybody for tuning in. Thank you, Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. Thank you Big Call listeners for being faithful to us for tuning in every Tuesday and Thursday night at this time.  Everybody have a great night and let’s just see what happens the next couple of days. Good Night Everybody. Have a beautiful night. Get some sleep.


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Post by Scotchie on Fri Jul 06, 2018 9:25 pm

No such thing as a "USN".  There will be no exchanges in Bruce's lifetime.  How much longer can he give out false information?

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Post by Kevind53 on Fri Jul 06, 2018 11:54 pm

What a looser ...

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