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"What Should Happen on Independence Day" by First Time Poster - 7/3/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"What Should Happen on Independence Day" by First Time Poster - 7/3/18

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"What Should Happen on Independence Day" by First Time Poster - 7/3/18 Empty "What Should Happen on Independence Day" by First Time Poster - 7/3/18

Post by RamblerNash on Tue Jul 03, 2018 11:46 pm


After today’s OD “Intel” Alert, I felt strongly compelled to comment. As for the people who directly posted right after the “Intel” alert, I agree, it’s time! More than ever. Question: To debate on how to release the information to the public as to not cause general upset is silly. Answer: Tell the TRUTH and maybe give them the “good stuff” FIRST! Let ‘s face it: we can all use some good news. Wouldn’t that be nice for a change. That’ll raise the Schumann Resonance through the roof. But let’s get real now and let’s get serious. The citizens you will be speaking to are adults, not children. It's time to destroy any candy-ass approach to informing the people of America of the TRUTH!!! We all deserve to know it, fair enough. Temporal as it may be, this is our home here in America so truth, honor and integrity apply.

And we, the currency exchangers and bond redeemers will aid assist those who have “issues.” That’s our covenant. Also remember, “the truth shall set you FREE!” On Independence Day! Couldn’t pick a better day to do it, America’s Birthday. And as Moses said to the pharaoh, “Set my people FREE!” And so like the Nike slogan says with a pretty please to preface it, “Just Do It!” They’re big boys and girls and as a people (unlike Jack Nicholson’s character in “A Few Good Men” said,) we can handle the truth.! We in this community and others did. Of course there will be some of those who “run around with their “hair on fire.” So what! As I said before, we along with others will help. Besides, when they discover they’re getting their country back and all that goes with it, they’ll be fine over time. We must stand tall. Faith, hope and courage! We must be Americans and do our country and the brave VETERANS we have in our country proud! Do FIRST by example!

With regard to the RV and the roll-out, I’m beyond sick and tired of hearing about this is a slow moving train or a long runway. BS!!! Most of this is already a done deal, brilliant plan mind you, but it’s been scripted to roll-out like a grade D movie. We’ve even been told to grab popcorn and enjoy the show. We don’t need a show to wait in line for and watch. Nonsense. This isn’t entertainment time. It’s a call for action, righting the wrongs, freedom, love for one another, being our brother’s keeper, unity and ... the rule of law. We NEED leadership, courage and the “action” to get it done. Please put an end to this nonsense of “pussyfooting” around, “kicking the can” and procrastination in general. These are just excuses for a lack of proper action. If a movie director were in charge of this “so-called show” and yelled “ACTION,” he means business. We must overcome this minutia ... NOW! This requires courage, gallantry and bravado that I believe those in charge most certainly possess. I sincerely admire, respect and salute you. But you have to have faith and trust in God that the people can handle this stuff. Sure there will be mistakes made. So, we fix them and move forwards, never backwards. If it gives you more confidence in people regarding the process, once again, start off with good stuff first to allay any apprehensions. You know, the good, bad and the ugly respectfully. Just plain old common sense where I went to school.

On top of it all, why should we (as a community of informed ones), continue to wait in the wings riding this roller coaster in the front seat, having done our homework and aced it, had the patience of Job, heard every excuse beyond imagination (unbelievable), while as “Q” himself once stated, “those who are asleep in the back of the class” are being treated as toddlers. We’ll be there for them. We handled this, they’ll be able to as well. Don’t tell me this is what America has come to be. What about “land of the free and home of the brave!” Ring a bell? It should! The country should resort to a “beacon of light and bastion of freedom” ... on Independence

E In addition to the RV, here goes. The Hercules Quantum Computer has been tested over and over again and again a gazillion times along with pump fakes, geo-political stuff, negotiations, ghost-ops. psychological ops, Iraq, Iraq and more Iraq (enough with Iraq), etc., etc., etc. Let’s get this done already and in the rear-view mirror. We’re stagnating as a species so let’s get this in motion. This is ridiculous. It would be a hell of a comedy if it weren’t such a tragedy. People are hurting NPTB, this country and the world at large NEEDS hydration. Please check any such egos at the door! Humanity’s future is at stake here. Trust in God!!!

Furthermore in regards to security, we’ve all been assured we’re good to go. Once again, trust God! Besides, Ben Franklin once commented that (and I’m probably paraphrasing), “those that opt for security over liberty, deserve neither!”

God’s got our back!

God Bless All Of You and ... GOD BLESS AMERICA! Let’s make it a truly Happy 4th worth remembering and celebrate our INDEPENDENCE!

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"What Should Happen on Independence Day" by First Time Poster - 7/3/18 Empty Re: "What Should Happen on Independence Day" by First Time Poster - 7/3/18

Post by Kevind53 on Wed Jul 04, 2018 12:17 am

Wow what a bunch of new age claptrap .... mixed with a large dose of pseudo science and wild fantasy ...

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