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June 11, 2018 Mnt Goat News Brief

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June 11, 2018 Mnt Goat News Brief Empty June 11, 2018 Mnt Goat News Brief

Post by RamblerNash on Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:10 pm

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

Oh boy, oh boy….!!!! What news today I have for you….Hang on to your seats….

More news….

So first I need to clarify some comments I made about the current US presidential administration and a reaction someone made to my comments.

Let me state clearly that I am a supporter of any president who works for the people and through the people to uphold the constitution and other laws and not some foreign ultraliberal agenda being pushed down our throats by propaganda, lies and deception. This land is YOUR land and it does not belong to some 1% of the very wealthy or some UN group who are bent on taking it and its resources from you. Get it?

So these reactions to my post are VERY scary and only show a lack of knowledge and ignorance on the part of the person who wrote them. I certainly hope that this person does not represent the majority in America because if he does you are doomed from the start.

Obviously, he is more concerned about supporting the bashing from the ultraliberals, to bring down this president (who is finally doing the job that a real president should), then he is about the state of the his own country.

It is also very apparent he is being brainwashed by some YouTube site or some intel idiot gurus who have the same agenda as the ultraliberals. Does he really believe this garbage intel someone is telling him? Obviously, he appears to believe it. WOW June 11, 2018 Mnt Goat News Brief 2639[size=0]☹[/size]

All I can say is citizens like him are part of the problem with the USA and not being part of the solution. Who the hell cares if Trump is a womanizer? Who care how he combs his hair? Who cares about the color of his skin? Who cares what he had for breakfast? I don’t even care if he has multiple affairs while president. Just as long as “he gets the job done”.

About stealing 81 billion from the Federal Reserve? Wow! Someone really got this guy brainwashed. I can not even begin to talk about how ridiculous this statement really is. There are no FACTS to back up this accusation nor does he give us any. Again this is just pigeon dropping on all of us more intelligent people. 
Do you know what pigeons drop on our heads? Yes, they shit on us and then fly away….

Trump is using North Korea for political gain? Why not if it gets him re-elected. Hasn’t all presidents done this. But let’s get real with the N. Korea issue and this harsh statement made against the honorable president Trump.

So did you first do your research buddy? Since the early 1950’s there has only been a cease fire between N Korea and S. Korea, so technically they are still at war. Why in hell does the USA spend billions holding on to military bases in S. Korea then? You are paying billions in tax dollars for this support. I am not saying it was not necessary since some of these N. Korean leaders are bastards. But here is my point….

Has any of the other past presidents resolved this conflict and reunited North and South Korea? Like making PEACE? Truman was president when the Korean War broke out in 1950. Eisenhower was inaugurated in 1953 and no other president since was able to finally resolve these differences and make peace.

Now we have a chance for peace after almost 70 years and yet these ultraliberals want to convince you that this possibility of PEACE is wrong?

Oh but they claim the want a peaceful loving president at ANY cost, even at a security cost to the nation.

How they twist your mind and contradict themselves even on the main issues they themselves support in prior administrations. Now all of a sudden its so wrong for Trump to support them too. Yes, these same ultraliberals will also claim president Trump is a war mongrel and wants to blow up the planet with a push of a nuclear button. Yet when he tries to create peace he also gets bashed. I don’t get it. You can’t have your cake and eat it too… sorry! It does not work that way.

It is up to each and every one of us to sort out the propaganda begin to throw out all this nonsense from the crooked news media channels like on CNN. ABC and CBS and others owned by the ultraliberal anti-Trump goons. We must be strong minded enough to see through all this trash. At some point we must see threw the corruption and drain the swamp.

Mark Gossell wrote on my FB page:

“So MG i see u love and respect a man that disrespects women and minority’s in general ,says one thing from his mouth and actions says different, right now he is trying to make friends with a country just to make the news or history books that carries out the most cyber crime like stealing or was trying to steal 81 billion from the federal reserve using their own swift system against them plus the Sony studios ordeal because they did not like the movie about them , plus many more ,can’t use Russia anymore so why not try using North Korea LOL , “

I think perhaps Mark should start his own intel site and follow the Becky McGuire crowd. Did you listen to her last couple replays of her so called “intel” call? Don’t waste your time.

She now seems to believe we are waiting on some Rothchild pedophilia ring to be criminalized and taken down, as to why we are waiting for the RV. Really?

These corrupt officials are holding up the RV and they will take then down with this exposure. Really? How can anyone with a sane mind even begin to believe such ridiculous crap. How many times must this ridiculous stuff circulate through the dinar community? This stuff is so old already. Enough already! Seems, whoever is feeding her intel is taking her for a sap since she is new to the intel and she is a good sucker to use for their agenda. Seems Mark too has his sources for feeding into this crap. But again to bring FACTUAL intel is not her priority anyhow as she says over and over again she does not follow the events in Iraq anyhow. Really? This one really amazes me to no extent. So where then does she get her intel? Well you see it doesn’t really matter anyhow since her real intent is not about FACTUAL intel but her little scam to get $$$ from you. She now even put up new web site and her PayPal donation button. If this doesn’t tell you her real intent I give up….

Mark, on the other hand, I am glad you are trying at least to inform yourself of the TRUTH and FACTS by reading my Newsletter, but please don’t pump this crap any longer on my FB Page. Okay? Or else I will certainly ban you for this nonsense. I know we have freedom of speak and opinion and this is all good. But with this freedom comes also the responsibility to provide FACTUAL evidence of any accusations. Rumors are just rumors. If spread they become dangerous and many believe if they hear something long enough from many sources it is the truth. But reality does not work that way….sorry!

My readers are mostly intelligent and responsible readers who don’t fall for this crap. So, please join the SOLUTION or get out of our way!

Go read my Mission Statement for my FB Page.

More news….

Learning a little history of Iraq never hurt. This is a real good documentary on Iraq.



More news….


A document issued by the Central Bank, signed by the Director General of the Banking Supervision Department, Qaseem Saleh, addressed to the Ministry of Commerce, reviewed by the "Economy News", "based on the decision of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank No. 61 of 2018, And the purchase of foreign currency for violating the provisions of the regulation of the work of brokerage companies, "noting that" also decided to confiscate the letter of guarantee of 250 billion dinars and the abolition of the certificate of incorporation.

(Mtn Goat – this is the forth article on the CBI taking down four separate “fake” banks fronting as banks using the currency auctions to get the USD out of the CBI reserves. So we can see the CBI is working on cleaning up this currency MANIPULITION and FRAUD they talked about in earlier articles as to why they wanted the “project to delete the zeros” postponed until sometime after the elections.)

More news….

Recently a legal expert, Amir al-Duma, speaks out against these Special Sessions of Parliament he said on Friday that IT IS NOT PERMISSIBLE TO EXTEND THE LIFE OF PARLIAMENT and can be done ONLY BY AMENDING THE CONSTITUTION, which he said is almost impossible to do.

Too bad Maliki and your goons, it looks like this tactic may not work anymore. What else will you try?

More news….


The leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr called in a written statement on Friday to the Iraqi security authorities to start a campaign of arms disarmament throughout the country after the holiday of Eid al-Fitr directly, calling for the arms inventory by the state.

(Mtn Goat – I believe this is in response to the recent bombing in Sadr city. We all know why this bombing occurred. Remember back to the Nori al-Maliki years whenever he did not get his way, Iraq always seemed to have this rash of bombings. Who was instigating these bombings? Guess who? Blame it on terrorists? Sure but the question is who are the real terrorists?

Now we witnessed this same pattern. The Sadr Movement needs to get rid of all of these crooked politicians. Like flushing a stinky toilet. You know it has to be done so do it. Now I believe Iraq may sincerely get the power to actually do it. No more negotiating on the elections results just to compromise to allow these goons to stay yet another 4 years in some kind of political position, thus immune from prosecution.

I am hopeful Sadr will finally flush the toilet and put an end to this chapter of Iraqi history once and for all. It sounds like someone (namely) Sadr, has the political will and clout to do it.

So let’s compare this also to the USA elections from 2016. This may be a stretch but I don’t think I am that far from the truth. Do you also have bombings too when things don’t go the way the ultra-liberals want policy to go? Do you have school shootings too? Who it doing this and why? The crocked news media wants to blame it on terrorists or mentally deranged people but who is behind it in reality? Who is instigating these incidents and why? They are NOT coincidental and someone very powerful is behind them. Can you see the comparison to bombings in Iraq? Same MO (Method of Operation). They have CIA and secret ops written all over them. But who gave the order to do it? Are we all being played with? Get it now?

This lingering stench from the prior presidential administrations and what they did to the USA is so bad, most don’t know half the truth of just how bad and deep it really goes. Some call it the “Deep State” or “Shadow Govt”.

I sincerely believe that if you stick to this new president and support him fully we will see a drastic change in govt in the USA for the good. At least I can see many of my readers are in the same mindset. Change can occur and now your current administration is almost in a position to flush the toilet. Much is riding on the November elections for Congressional seats. The Republicans must take back an overwhelming majority of the house seats. This will finally give them the power they need. Let’s flush that toilet in Washington and follow the example of Iraq. It can be done! Go out and VOTE!)

More news….


BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq’s Supreme Judicial Council, the highest judicial authority, named judges on Sunday tasked with taking over the country’s elections commission following allegations of widespread violations in a May parliamentary election.

Parliament on Wednesday passed a law that mandated a nationwide manual recount of votes from the election. The law called for the Independent High Elections Commission’s leadership to be replaced by nine judges. 
“The Supreme Judicial Council’s meeting saw the naming of the judges nominated to take over the duties of the board of commissioners of the Independent High Elections Commission,” Judge Abdul-Sattar al-Birqdar said in a statement.


The recount was approved by parliament a day after Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who’s bloc came third in the election, said there had been serious violations and that most of the blame lay with the elections commission.

The move could undermine nationalist cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, a long-time adversary of the United States WHO ALSO OPPOSES IRAN’S WAY IN IRAQ and who’s bloc won the largest amount of seats in the election. One of


[size=16]Oh….but the election saga does not end here……continue reading….. June 11, 2018 Mnt Goat News Brief 1f60a[size=0]

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