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Post by Rosy on Wed Jun 06, 2018 3:02 pm

June 6, 2018 Mnt Goat News Brief 

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.   

I see that many don’t like it when I poke serious fun at past presidential politicians of the USA?

Many still support this obscure notion of that they care about YOU. Now finally you have a newly elected president who can create REAL CONSTRUCTIVE CHANGE in the many areas that really matter and so do you support him? 

Instead many still are bent on his management style. As I depicted in my last newsletter to get a point across to everyone, that there are different management styles for different situations. YOUR country is a crossroad, a crisis and it needs some serious political mending. Way too much corruption in the past administrations that was either unnoticed or, simply put, these past presidents encouraged it or just didn’t give a shit about YOU. Now it is a time for transition and you now have the president in the Whitehouse who does care and can make a difference. Who cares if he has his quirks. The questions is - Will he perform and get the job done? This is a time for important tasks at hand literally to save your country. Is he the person that can do it? 

Will you support him for this change (be part of the solution) or continue down this road of disaster (continue being part of the problem)? 

Everyone has to remember that I am an outsider looking in at the politics over the last decades of the USA. I am impartial. I see things much differently than you do. I am really a neutral person and just observe. We in Germany do not like the trend we have seen as the USA, as it is moving towards a very hard Fascists, Socialistic Society. I know everyone can’t believe this could ever happen in the good ole USA. People in Germany know where this can lead. 

This does not fit what we always knew the USA to be. How do these changes occur? They occurred over many presidencies a little at a time. So, don’t get caught up in the rhetoric and personalities. Forget the agitators. They don't want real change only conflict and division. The ultra-liberals will fight for their Socialism. Freebies buys them votes. Votes gets them elected. Once elected they change the direction of the nation. Get it? Instead, concentrate on what they are doing and have been doing to your country. This should always be the gauge and standards you should apply to your politicians. Watch what this new president does. If he does not perform, then don't support him. But be careful who is blocking him too since the ultra liberals have had it too good for too long already and don't want to give up their scams on the American people.

What do you really want your country to be in the future really depends on the next 8 years of president Donald Trump! Just saying…. Many still need to wake up. You can argue with me all you want back and forth and call me names. But look at the past and study it carefully. If this trend is really what you want in your society then I will shut up and let you have it. But don’t come crying to me later……Just saying… Germany already has to go through such a crisis. History does not have to repeat itself again. 

More news… 

Baghdad today - Baghdad A member of the House of Representatives AdelNuri, on Monday, the next parliament session scheduled for next Wednesday (today). They hope to get a quorum to vote on the Election Law amendments. This is an opportune time and the speaker wants to take advantage of it while the iron is hot. 

This amendment has NOTHING to do with the recent past elections and is really insignificant to us and the RV. However I am also told that besides the amendments to the law of the elections it is expected that these procedures will hold the process of negotiations to form a government and the approval of the names of winners. So, I am told they plan to ratify the new members to the New Parliament at this time too. To do this the judiciary must come out with a statement by then on their previous re-voting resolution. So this could be an exciting week with much progress in the right direction of all goes well. 

More news….

What we waited for: 
The Supreme Judicial Council on Tuesday issued a clarification on the appeals of the results of the elections and the competence of the judicial committee for the elections. See full article below. It appears there is no provision in the law to cancel or reject certain votes from the recent elections. 

More news….

So today is Wednesday June 6th and Parliament is supposed to meet and swear in the new Parliament members for the July 1st first session of the new parliament. Also, they told us they will announce the candidate for the new prime minister whose job will be to form the new government within 90 days. 

Do we need the “fully” formed new govt for the CBI to move ahead with the reinstatement process of the dinar? I am being told we do not and the CBI plans to move ahead as long as any candidate presented (we know it will most probably be PM Abadi again) will create political security in Iraq and support the monetary reform process and other economic reforms of the country. Like I told everyone way back in mid-April the choice has been made already by the CBI not to complete the monetary reform until AFTER the election. There was no more discussion or debate in the subject. The decision has been made. I didn’t care what Abadi said, bank sources said or anyone else. The CBI has made their decision already. I had to stick to the FACTS of what I knew and this is all I presented to you. 

However, many of these gurus kept being persistent and pushing their own agenda and opinions (not reality) on the timing before the elections and then even before the end of May. What do they say now? Now they, of course, decide to finally read the articles and pay attention to them since all their other nonsense and bullshit never gets them anywhere but made to look very foolish. 

Well,,,,, as usual, none of their overly optimistic attitudes ever pan out. This is because for some reason they believe that by being overly optimistic it is going to force the RV? I don’t get it? Do you? Reality is reality….lol…lol..lol… “I told you so…” You can’t change reality with lies. 

More news….

Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets (  ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks. 
Articles Begin


The Supreme Judicial Council on Tuesday issued a clarification on the appeals of the results of the elections and the competence of the judicial committee for the elections.

"The jurisdiction of the electoral judiciary is determined by the text of Article (8) of the Electoral Commission Law No. (11) of 2007 and its summary in the event that those who participated in the elections are not convinced that the result obtained is a complaint to the Board of Commissioners, The decision shall be made either positively or negatively, according to the evidence provided by the complainant. If the complainant is not satisfied with the decision issued by the Board of Commissioners, he shall appeal it to the judicial body of the elections under Article 8 mentioned above. Days from the date of transmission This method of contesting the results of the elections is the only method stipulated by the law of the Electoral Commission No. 11 of 2007 and can not be bypassed to another method because there is no legal basis for the judiciary based on it. that".

The statement added that "there is no provision in the law gives the judiciary authority to take a general decision to cancel certain results both inside Iraq or outside as required by some, as there is no provision in the law gives the authority to the judiciary request the Commission to re-calculate a certain percentage of the election results, That the judiciary issues decisions based on the provisions of the law allows him to issue a decision in a certain direction and without these texts can not take an absolute decision on the basis of information circulating in the media or just to satisfy a certain desire with reference to the House of Representatives is the law of the amendment of the law you (45) for the year 2003, where article (5) of this amendment to the abolition of Article (38) and that the process of counting and counting using the acceleration of electronic results and thus has been canceled by the House of Representatives under this amendment the process of manual counting and sorting.

"Article 8 of paragraph 1 of the Electoral Commission Law No. 11 of 2007 provides for the" exclusive authority "of the Board of Commissioners regarding the referral of any criminal case to the competent authorities if there is evidence of misconduct in the fairness of the electoral process. All respect this legal text and apply it strictly and not be allowed to anyone who was violating it. " 

"In the event of a complaint of forgery attributed to the Board of Commissioners, it requires review of the alleged to the competent court of inquiry to provide evidence to prove the existence of forgery and attributed to the person who did it and then take the appropriate decision on the right of the person who committed the crime of forgery in accordance with the provisions of the Penal Code, Either to imprisonment or imprisonment for the perpetrator of this crime. "

The Supreme Judicial Council also explained that the number of complaints submitted to the Board of Commissioners regarding the objection to the ELECTION RESULTS AMOUNTED TO (1881) COMPLAINTS, either appeals to decisions issued in those complaints, which reached the judiciary until 4/6/2018 amounted to (1221) will be resolved during (10) days from the date of their referral to the judiciary. As for the rest of the remaining appeals, the judiciary is waiting to be referred to it by the Board of Commissioners to be settled within the legal period ie 10 days according to the text of Article 8 paragraph VI of the Electoral Commission Law.

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