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KTFA CC w/ Frank26 Notes by TNT Sunny 5/29/18

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 KTFA CC w/ Frank26 Notes by TNT Sunny 5/29/18 Empty KTFA CC w/ Frank26 Notes by TNT Sunny 5/29/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed May 30, 2018 8:19 am



The following information is a compilation of notes. Some were by an anonymous third party - Sunny

Frank26 Update, May 28, 2018, ". . .see something BIG by June 1st"

The CBI sent the Gazette an announcement on May 14th. In the May 21st issue The Gazette published a notice the CBI would be making an announcement. Speculation that the “announcement” could be about the re-instatement of the Iraq currency or Article 8 meaning they are International. Lifting restrictions on the currency and providing modern banking products is done by law in Iraq.

Yesterday there was an article out that said “immediately” which was interpreted to mean the introduction of the small notes as the environment is now “suitable.” Article in the newspaper that the Iraqi Dinar is equal to the USD. Dollars disappearing from the streets.

Walkingstick had not been heard from in a week. He knows he’s being watched and needs to protect himself, his banks. It was said for WS not to say anything they expected something big coming out and that things are looking fantastic.

The rate has to come first before showing the lower denominations. The banks are showing descriptions of the lower notes. ATM’s have new software and the billboards have been ready for some time. They describe the LD’s but do not show the coins/fils.

Frank: “If this is not an RI. . .I’m too excited. . .Whoever is holding US dollars in Iraq now stands to lose a lot of money.“

1190: Frank: I know it looks negative to go from 1260 to 1190, but it’s not. It’s the 2% compliance. Showing 1190 because they will start de-pegging from the dollar. Auctions must stop because, since Thursday, they are selling US Dollars with no profit.

When the auctions stop it will raise the value of the currency. At 1190 they become 2% compliant and can RI before June 12-14. Can RI this week. 1190 = .84 cents. Must have a "trade able currency" to be Article 8.

Delta: CBI wanted to move FAST for compliance of 90 days. Jumped the gun by moving to 1190. To move from 1184 to 1190 is a brilliant move. It removes the fractional banking issue. . . They don’t want to deal with fractional banking. . . Want to do this "immediately." A lot will lose money if they hold US dollars.

Delta: "You should be jumping up and down today. . . by Tuesday could make announcement of what Iraqi Dinar linked to. "This is HUGE, you should be excited about this." "We believe we are about to see the rate come out..."

Frank: “1190 is not a disaster. It’s a strategical move. It’s a move for the short run to the Reinstatement, with no fractional banking and to expose the 2nd set of books. The CBI with the US, IMF and WB knows what it is doing. . . They were told to “immediately” back away from selling USD. . . Immediately stopping the auctions means “International.”

Frank: . . .1190 rate is a tactical move for the short run, because they want to move immediately away from the auctions to gain a suitable environment. . .not going in the wrong direction. The short term in this direction is for a good purpose. In actuality they may be trying to advance it before June 10th. June 10 is the end of 90 days. With this move of 1190 they jumped the gun by two weeks. . . By doing this they don’t have to wait until June 15th.

Market rate vs. official rate is 1 to 1. Need now to change the rate! No need for a "programmed rate" any longer.

They are in compliance of the 2%. Accomplished by them using Article 8. They have to do it way before June 15-16.

Frank: New theory . . . That the CBI is trying to show the 2nd set of books now. It's possible they are exposing the 2nd set of books we told you about last July/August.

Delta: Do you think they will wait 2 or 4 weeks to lose money every day? They will not continue to lose money. CBI is about to rush to get this done. Everybody should be jumping up and down. In the next 24-48 hours I think we will have a clearer picture. "We should see something big BEFORE JUNE 1."

(Remember The Gazette says the CBI is going to make an announcement.)

Walkingstick: I am on another CC with assoc. from my firm. For good reason/s . . . a lot of banking activity right now. ATM’s, gold dispensing machines . . . MC, Visa’s.

Frank: . . . RI has to occur because the CBI auctions must end immediately. The election dust has settled.

IQD buy rate, 1182. The sell rate, 1190.

Saudi Arabia is de-pegging from the USD this week. Iran is de-pegging from the USD. They will eventually peg to a Middle East basket. There is an International basket with the Euro, USD, Japanese Yen. . .

. . .Many reasons why they did the 1190 move. . . .President Trump purposely told you around Feb. the USD is too high in value and has to come down. This 1190 is to keep the IQD on par with the USD or greater. They mirror each other. USD is at 74.76

End of Call Summary:

Frank: Last Friday CBI told all banks in the world they would stop using foreign currencies. After the banks closed Friday the 1190 rate hit. Causes banks to move away from auctions so they will re-instate their currency! . . .

1190 was to fix official buy/sell rate of IQD. 1184 was the rate before. This brings the IQD to parity with the USD.

There is a need for Re-in-statement; need for Immediate rate change; need for the program rate to go away. This is a major accomplishment . . .for a suitable environment for the RI of IQD (Iraqi Dinar) Waited for a movement of 3-6 pips.

Lava flow has stopped. Lava flow in Hawaii is flowing into the ocean. Ours flows into the Re-In-statement of the Iraqi Dinar.

Monday Night KTFA CC 5-28-18

The first part is business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

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 KTFA CC w/ Frank26 Notes by TNT Sunny 5/29/18 Empty Re: KTFA CC w/ Frank26 Notes by TNT Sunny 5/29/18

Post by clyde b on Wed May 30, 2018 7:03 pm




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