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 "Paulsen's Rule" - Mon. PM TNT Thoughts/News 5/28/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Paulsen's Rule" - Mon. PM TNT Thoughts/News 5/28/18

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 "Paulsen's Rule" - Mon. PM TNT Thoughts/News 5/28/18 Empty "Paulsen's Rule" - Mon. PM TNT Thoughts/News 5/28/18

Post by Ssmith on Tue May 29, 2018 7:49 am



A Bit of ADVICE: Post-RV........ Pay for a great computer expert to LOCK DOWN your SECURITY on ALL your PC's, Tablets, Cell Phones, etc., as much as possible !!!!

Paulsen's rule.... data is only secure to the point of the cost to obtain it (paraphrase)... meaning if it costs more to obtain than the value it is not worth the hackers time or money. Soon it will be worth it after rv. be careful, do research so you understand.

Firewalls, VPN, and staying OFFline as much as possible, meaning 3 reasons to be online.... stay offline unless you are updating, surfing, checking email. Unplug or disconnect otherwise until next session. They cant mess with you if you'r not online. imo.'

A word about...ahem....VPN's....really??

g8way2k.... like tools in a toolbox, each has there own purpose/specialty... video makes valid points when using at home isp...... hardware firewalls do a better job for keeping riffraff out...and vpn's are useful when traveling & using a diff internet service provider to access web/email, like at an airport or public space encrypting info sent to/from device better than using normal way which many near you can 'sniff' your input. Thanks for your input.

more good talk but we need more action right? IMO

Private sector first, then privatization

29/5/2018 12:00 am

Walid Khaled Al-Zaidi

The concept of private sector differs from the concept of privatization in the prevailing view. Returning to the general perspective of both terms, the private sector is a non-governmental development economic outlet, either privatized, in its general concept. The process of introducing specialized investment companies (local or non-local) Various projects.

Naturally, the difference is essential. Considering the importance of the national development aspect in the economic field played by the local private sector, we may not find it in the foreign companies, and there are those who see the importance of foreign investment with the benefits that local investment may not bring. Who are interested in the Iraqi economic affairs between the first and critic of the second, and (on the contrary), and each point of view that he sees appropriate to the nature of the economic situation in Iraq.

The issue of developing a promising development strategy is one of the most important pillars of the development of the Iraqi economy in the present circumstances. It is based, among other things, on the cost criteria and the calculation process, and the liberalization of the constraints that limit the tools in the process of renaissance of the comprehensive national economy, as well as the importance of having a non-bureaucratic administrative system.

Which was prevalent during the rule of the former regime, which suppressed the freedom of opinion was to prevent the launching of the foundations of development and hinder the growth of the economy, and stop the march of prosperity, by holding government institutions and hegemony of economic life, and that picture is not seen today after the change in 2003, Two other partners in economic life were the local private sector and the foreign companies that Iraq opened to invest in its projects.

In order to distinguish the fruits of this change, we must first do the role of the Iraqi companies of the private sector and put them in reconstruction and construction projects, and implementation of the work and each according to its competence and the nature of its implementation and the extent of its experience in the work, before the search for contracting with foreign investment companies, the issue of activation of the private sector in the country Will bring a number of benefits more than others, reducing the phenomenon of escape of Iraqi funds abroad and work to return to the country and put them in construction and ages, and the employment of local labor in these projects will be greater than that of foreign companies, which reduces unemployment Among young people.

Activating the private sector will transform society from consumer to product through the rehabilitation of factories and building factories to increase local production and develop its quality to compete with imported products in both domestic and foreign markets.

And jumps to the importance of male, as referred to by Prime Minister Haider Abadi, but Iraqis are able to achieve the miracle of construction and reconstruction after the victory over the enemies of Alasash, and will lead to the reconstruction of ages and investment and job creation and raise the standard of living of citizens and the actions of the General Company of Railways within those After exploring the possibility of implementing investment projects with the German company Thermite using the technique of polishing the surfaces of the railway by advanced machines, the company entered into an investment contract with a local private sector to establish a modern residential complex in Baghdad Harddrive within the Ministry of Transport plan to invest its space in commercial purposes within the urban planning specifications
of the city.

The government's and its companies' implementation of projects contracted by the local private sector will undoubtedly contribute to the increase of the financial returns of the country, as well as providing job opportunities for various administrative and technical disciplines.

Finally, we say that the only dependence on contracting with foreign companies without placing a larger share in contracts with national private sector companies will lead us to undeveloped conditions. The projects which will be taken into account by foreign companies with the principle of privatization to foreign investors at cheap prices will be offset by weakness in national capital When he wants to buy and enter projects, and this does not come with financial returns we desperately need. link

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