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 "My Journey of Life" by PinkRoses - 5/17/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"My Journey of Life" by PinkRoses - 5/17/18

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 "My Journey of Life" by PinkRoses - 5/17/18 Empty "My Journey of Life" by PinkRoses - 5/17/18

Post by Ssmith on Fri May 18, 2018 6:59 am


Today, my inner child is awaken and very scared and screaming not knowing where to go for safety. She is back in time when her screams filled the night air with terrifying sound scattering even the animals of the night to run for cover. Her breathing was labored, chest pounding so fast then faster and faster until she collapsed to the ground in the forest. Her wolves surrounded her protecting her so tenderly. Then her angels lifted her up and carried her to a safe place giving her peaceful sleep in a special place protecting her from certain death the bad men had wished to perform on her for their ritual that night.

Today, I hold my inner child safely in my arms in the safe place deep inside my heart that is divinely protected by the grace of God. Yes, I survived such happenings over and over again for many years and witnessed many who did not survive the rituals. To stay sane in my mind, I had to each day believe with hope and faith that God's knows each and every victim that was hurt and killed and one day they will see life again as he has promised in his word the Bible. Today each moment that I breathe a new breath, live another minute of life, I am grateful to be alive and pray for wisdom and guidance each day to carry out the will of God in my life. It couldn't be of vain that I survived and others did not. It couldn't be for no reason that upon this earth that such brutality and evilness was allowed and some of us were able to live another day and yet many more, thousands and thousands more all over the earth were killed in such evil ways of these bad men and women performing rituals to their demon deities.

Many years ago, I chose to always in each and every moment to stay faithful and hopeful that one day things would be different. I still remember staring up at my mountains praying for God to give me strength and courage as a little girl and then a young woman. My hope and faith enabled me to remain positive and strong that has helped me get through the rough days of flashbacks, nightmares, and memory pains. Too, by the grace of God, just as he forgives us each day, even though I never thought I would ever be able to do so, I was able to forgive all that harmed me or put me in harm's way. All means hundreds of men that harmed me. That day I was able to do so was a very victorious day for me. It opened the way for me to let go of negative feelings and anger that I didn't think I still had inside. Yes, all of my inner work that I have done inside was only possible by the grace of God helping me and the help of other dear ones that gave me and continue to give me their guiding wise words. There are no words that can express my deep heart felt gratefulness and thankfulness that I was given such help in my life down to this day. Each day in some way subconsciously or consciously I am replacing what happened to me with thoughts of hope and faith. By doing so, I honor all that I went thru, I honor all those that died cruel deaths, and I honor myself for the courage and strength having the desire and will to embrace life with kindness, joy, and love. These qualities are part of the 9 fruitages of the spirit that is found in the Bible book of Galatians. On the days that seem dark and hopeless I think of these qualities especially the three love, joy, and kindness. As long as I strive to display and produce works that show love, joy, and kindness to others, that shows to myself I am worthy to receive such love, joy, and kindness from God and other human beings that care and love me. It may sound simple, but it is such a powerful thing to love and not hate and be filled with anger. It frees one to have hope and faith in God and in humankind.

My purpose in writing this post is to share with others that when you hear or know of someone that was put thru such rituals or any type of abuse and there are so many out there that never have had a voice, please show them love, joy, and kindness. It heals the heart and mind very much more than you will ever know. When this blessing is manifested and we are able to start our humanitarian plans, my humanitarian project will be helping surviving children that are being rescued from child trafficking in all different parts of the world. Thousands of children have been saved already, but many more need to be saved. They all need provisions of housing, therapy, education, etc. Most importantly they all need people to love them and keep them safe and give them a beautiful future filled with hope and faith. May soon all of us be able to help others in whatever way we have paved a path in our hearts desire to do so serving others with love, joy, and kindness with our humanitarian projects. May all of you be blessed always and your lives be filed with hope and faith. Sending light, love and hugs,


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