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  "Are we Being Played?" by Robyn - 5/13/18

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PostSubject: "Are we Being Played?" by Robyn - 5/13/18   Mon May 14, 2018 8:02 am

We're told that tier one two and three have been contacted and in the case of one and two, have exchanged. How is this possible if the Iran Syrian deal requires another week of delay. Somehow tier 3 and 4 are being treated with a different set of protocol. In other words the elder's and the alliance are treating the internet group with different rules. If you look at the Asian and other Bric countries, they have booming stock markets the last few sessions. I recall reading a year ago that the elders wanted to give the third world countries an advantage regarding letting those countries gain a trading advantage over the western countries. I think they are following that protocol.

This would contradict the shotgun start that we are being fed repeatedly. If anyone else feels this is disinformation, just read a bit further.

The Iran deal is a distraction as promised by the alliance. The only thing is, the distraction is aimed at us. I just can't understand for the life of me, why the alliance don't simply give these third world countries higher value in country up front, rather than prolonging and angering the western countries with these constant promises and false delays.

I realize the Alliance and the Elder's are of the best mind's out there, but I sense their strategy is burning out the motivation of some humanitarians here. Many of us are just plain worn out by these pump fakes.

One final thought regards the core groups pp, farm claims, cmkx,etc. (These groups have to go with tier4). Cmkx is pretty much done with the major court cases but still the Depository Trust Corp and Cia Blackhats, are trying not following the court orders they've been given. to quote a member of the Whitehat interview a few years ago, (and Bix Wier) , Cmkx may have helped clean up the stock markets, and shareholders have no done enough to warrant a payment.

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PostSubject: Re: "Are we Being Played?" by Robyn - 5/13/18   Mon May 14, 2018 8:04 am

"Re: Are we Being Played?" by blueray

That's easily answered - by ANYBODY who's been at this for more than a week. Shouldn't need any hints, either. Have we misinterpreted the word ' benevolent ?'

But wait, there's more ! ' Operation Disclosure Intel Alert ' ASSURES us that, despite REPEATED admonitions that the Reset/GESARA is any minute now, we only have to wait for 7 MORE MONTHS for the Reset ! ! BOO YAH ! ! Go, Alliance. Keep right on f&@*ing around. NO HURRY ! It's just humans starving & dying. Aren't we lucky you are here for us! Don't worry about the chemtrails, either. Pretty soon there will be nobody left alive who remembers regular clouds & it will seem normal to the hordes of constantly poisoned humans with California lung disease. No biggie. SOMETHING'S gonna kill ya, right ? Anyway, I'm getting used to the taste of Strontium in my Corn Flakes. . . .



"Re: Are we Being Played?" by Gene

Are we being treated differently? Sure and it makes sense. Its NOT a bad thing.

Tier1..3 are either sovereigns or groups. How many of these do you think there are in the US? Maybe a dozen (if that)? Remember, there may be a lot of people in a group but its the lawyer who exchanges who is the paymaster and its over. He then has the responsibility of disseminating the money for worthy projects. Its not hard to protect maybe a dozen people where the lawyers will do the correct thing to properly vet people before handing them large sums of cash. Also, the rates these groups arranged was done LONG ago and they're getting pennies on the dollar compared to us. Just one of us may easily get more money than all the groups combined (at least its a possibility).

Tier 4? Us? Do we have any paymasters? NO! How many of us are there? Thousands for sure at a minimum. Protecting this many exceedingly wealthy exchangers is a VERY different issue and it needs to be done properly. Also, the exchange process is most likely different if even just for the sheer number of us that will be exchanging. Lots of bankers, lots of exchange locations that print black cards, hand out cash (that $10K we keep hearing about), etc. Even discounting our numbers if there are even a fraction of the number of exchange centers the intel providers have been telling us, protecting these is going to be a gargantuan task too.

Absolutly we're being treated differently and its for good reason. Its all for the ultimate safety of not only us but the exchange centers too. The alliance NEEDS us to help fix the world because its obvious from past examples, governments CANNOT get it done before they're off in the weeds. Our safety is number one.

Are we being held off? I don't know. Its been said that EVERYTHING we're seeing now is all folly - an act to usher in soft disclosure to keep the population from starting riots and to keep them "entertained" while the exchange process is ongoing. We all know that there's a contingent of our population who would go bonkers for finding out about the back room deals our government made where they weren't included in the decision making - you know what I mean. It has to be the way it is or else this would quickly degrade into a military marshal law event which the alliance is trying hard to avoid for obvious reasons.

I seriously doubt the issues in the middle East (Israel, Iran,..) are affecting the release of the RV. It was said recently that a FIRM date exists, it can't be changed and that it also can't be stopped. I believe this. Starting the RV exchanges is not something you just "do" because everyone else has their ducks in a row. There needs to be checklists, a fixed plan and schedule to get the ducks all lined up before the firm go date and on and on and on.

At this point I seriously doubt ANYTHING other than the firm start date is standing in our way. We're REALLY close though.

Yup, we ARE different and the NPTB are playing things carefully to quickly weed out any remaining cabal operatives intent on causing trouble in any way they can. And for sure the plan and target date was picked to give the alliance all the time it needs to smoke out and nab the ones who could and would cause the most trouble.

I'm just assuming that everything thats transpiring at this point, INCLUDING the Iran, Syria, Israel "folly" is nothing but - soft disclosure which doesn't effect our go date at all.

Look at it this way. Over all the years this has been in progress following 9/11/2001, as far as I know there has yet to be one single intel provider who has ever been right even once. NOW you're going to believe them when they tell you something? DON'T! Feel things in your heart and listen to what it tells you and discount all else.

No I don't think they're lying to us - well at least most of them - but I do think they're not being told the whole truth and in some cases falsehoods to aid in smoking more cabal minions out. Remember, this has been likened to a 4 dimensional game of chess. We exist on a small section of one layer and can't see the whole arena nor would we be privy to that information for obvious reasons.

As Q said, "trust the plan".

Yup, there's a plan and if there's a plan there's usually a FIRM target date.

Trust your heart, NOT your head. Your consciousness and spirit live within your heart. Its the purest part of your body and it neither can nor will it ever lie to you. Your head? Good luck with that! (wink)

May we all be on the other side of this QUICKLY so the hard work can begin. You think being a humanitarian heavyweight is going to be easy? Guess again. At least for a year or two until the dust settles to where we can back off and let out staff handle the day to day, a lot of the responsibility is going to fall on us. Its simply the way this has to play out but know that hard work will change the world for the better and stop the senseless hunger, death, disease and everything else the cabal so expertly created on Earth. Hard work, yeah, but when you see smiles where there never were any before, health where there was only disease, people surviving where there was only death and on and on and on, tell me thats not going to make you VERY happy and drive you to work even harder! The journey is the reward. May we all have a good journey! May our hard work transform Earth into the utopia its on track to becoming and hopefully sooner rather than later!

Signed: Gene
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PostSubject: Re: "Are we Being Played?" by Robyn - 5/13/18   Mon May 14, 2018 8:36 am

Collectively crippled from the neck up, folks...
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PostSubject: Re: "Are we Being Played?" by Robyn - 5/13/18   Mon May 14, 2018 9:05 pm

If you believe anything these fools and frauds say, then yes, you are being played ... big time.

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."1 Thessalonians 5:14–18

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"Are we Being Played?" by Robyn - 5/13/18
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