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"It's Coming" - Tues. AM KTFA Thoughts/News/Mon. CC Highlights 4/24/18

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"It's Coming" - Tues. AM KTFA Thoughts/News/Mon. CC Highlights 4/24/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed Apr 25, 2018 10:36 am


Some Highlights from Monday Night CC:

Frank26: CBI had used funds in the budget for Jan, Feb and March to print new currency.

It looks like they are preparing not for a 1-1 rate, but for a higher rate when they RI.

It looks like in the country it will be 1-1, but internationally, we don't know, but it looks like it will be a higher value.

Alak, the governor of CBI, said in an article “We Are Ready. It could be any day … any second.

IMO They have a target date and they are waiting for it.

The CBI has sent instructions to every bank how to accept the currency notes. They are about to distribute the new notes

Based on their past behavior, when CBI says something it takes a month for them to do it. It is like a Quarterback throwing a football and the ball is in the air ..IMO that's where we are at with this investment.

Delta says he has a lot of friends who are bankers and they are telling him "any day now" .
There are large volumes of money moving. why?

Possibly in preparation of something! Hmm.

IMO We are no longer watching Iraq, we are waiting on Iraq to change their rate.

IMO We are about to see the memo to turn on the Iraqi ATM machines to dispense the new currency

Monday Night KTFA CC 4-23-18

The first part is business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

PLAYBACK # : 641.715.3639 PIN: 156996#



Samson » April 24th, 2018

Rafidain delivers about 7 thousand advances to pensioners

24th April, 2018

The Rafidain Bank, Tuesday, April 24, 2018, the disbursement of a new batch of retired civilian and military veterans of three million dinars.

"The 14th installment of the civilian pensioners 'advance and the tenth installment of the military pensioners' advances have been disbursed to 6,945 civil and military pensioners," the bank's information office said in a statement followed by the obelisk.

The statement said that "the payment of this advance was by informing the pensioner by sending him a text message informing him of the advance payment, after he completed all the legal procedures to grant it and disbursement through electronic payment tools." LINK

Economist: Can not take advantage of the increase in oil prices at the moment

09:47 - 24/04/2018

The economic expert Hamzah al-Jawahiri said Tuesday that it is not possible to benefit from the rise in international oil prices during the current time, pointing out that the budget law does not allow to spend too much money on what the budget has calculated.

Al-Jawahiri said in a statement that the "high oil prices to more than 70 dollars a barrel is a very good indicator of the recovery of Iraq's economy, but this increase can not be used at the moment," noting that "the budget voted on them by calculating the price of a barrel of oil Up to $ 46, as more than this amount can not be disposed of until the end of this year. "

He added that "the budget law does not allow the disposal of excess money than what was calculated by the budget, where it is placed in the Central Bank and not be affected until the end of this year," noting that "this extra money can be used to improve the salaries of the popular mobilization after the end of 2018, where The increase in oil prices is an important factor to eliminate the deficit in the budget and the payment of loans and debt arising from Iraq.

Al-Jawahiri stressed that "the prices of oil may return to the landing again, where can not take Iraq a wrong step towards the disposal of money obtained from oil," noting that "the provinces that get their share of the petrodollar can not benefit from this large money only after the end of the year Current, then entitled to dispose of the allocated amount of oil money. " LINK

Tomorrow will start the week of financial inclusion in Iraq

24th April, 2018

The Association of Iraqi Private Banks announced the launch of the Financial Inclusion Week on Wednesday in all parts of the country, with the aim of increasing the dealings with the banking sector

The Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Ali Tariq in a press statement that "on Wednesday will see the start of the activities of the week of financial inclusion, which will involve all banks and financial companies operating in Iraq, in order to educate the public on the importance of financial coverage, which will reflect positively on the economy "He said

He added that "the Central Bank and the Association of Private Banks are directly supervising the organization of the week of financial inclusion, which will be launched in conjunction with Arab countries," noting that "Iraq wants to increase the number of customers with the banking sector to a large proportion because it will make citizens enjoy the banking services available to the public of loans Electronic payment and others . "

He pointed out that "the activities of the week of financial inclusion include the Iraqi banks to display their products in public places that you see appropriate from universities and commercial centers and others." He pointed out that "the banks will during the week of financial coverage to open bank accounts and the granting of credit cards and others LINK

An Iraqi delegation will visit Kuwait next month to follow up the pledges of the reconstruction conference

24th April, 2018

An Iraqi delegation arrived in Kuwait early next month to follow up the pledges made at the reconstruction conference in Iraq,

"An Iraqi delegation consisting of the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Al-Alaq and the head of the reconstruction fund and a delegation from the Ministry of Education will visit Kuwait on the fifth of next month to follow up the commitments made by Kuwait on the reconstruction of Iraq," said Mustafa Al-Hiti.

Al-Hiti added that "47 countries made pledges at the Kuwait conference," noting that "such pledges need to sign agreements and this may take time in such conferences, but it remains."

He added that "the Republic of Egypt has expressed its willingness to receive students from the affected areas and also received patients to deal with them, and these are all pledges and there is a high committee to follow up these pledges."

He pointed out that "will be held next Thursday, a meeting in the Rashid Hotel to follow up the investment projects that were presented at the Kuwait Conference," explaining that "a section of companies submitted to Iraq to carry out these projects will be discussed these projects in this forum." LINK

Leb » April 24th, 2018

Visa International....yet Iraq still has a Program Rate?

Pattycakes77 » April 24th, 2018

Don't worry, we still have tonight or till the end of April. IT"S COMING

Samson » April 24th, 2018

The Central Bank signs a memorandum with Visa International tomorrow

24th April, 2018

The Central Bank of Iraq announced that it will sign a memorandum with Visa International on Wednesday to grant its legal framework within Iraq

"On Wednesday, the central bank will sign a memorandum of understanding with Visa International that will provide the legal framework for the company in terms of providing services, consultancy and support to the banking and financial sector," said Central Bank Payments Department Director, Duha Abdel Kareem

"The presence of Visa International in Baghdad will make a positive change on the economic market," adding that "the central bank has steps to support competition between international financial companies LINK

Oil at $ 74 a barrel .. What next ?

24th April, 2018 Kamel Abdullah Al - Harami

Will the barrel continue to rise, or will it fall after OPEC and Russia have completed their commitment to reduce oil inventories and surplus oil reserves after 16 months of full commitment and a rate of more than 100% of communication to reduce production at 1.8 million barrels per day? What is the required and appropriate rate for a barrel of oil acceptable to oil producers as well as the global end consumer

Some hints have started at $ 80 or more per barrel as growth continues, global demand for oil continues, and technical and continuing political crises continue to accumulate in Venezuela, Libya and Angola. And with US threats to boycott or block US oil on Iran, OPEC's third largest oil producer.Which could lead to a sharp reduction in oil supplies as OPEC and Russia continue the principle of commitment to oil reduction

And the current rate of oil is a very appropriate rate for us in Kuwait, and if it continues at this figure until the end of April next year, we have achieved a surplus in the general budget of the state after years of stagnant fiscal deficit continues.

The fear is the continuation of waste, expenses and expenses and maximize the item of treatment abroad and increase the rewards and early retirement, unlike the rest of the developed world, which increases the retirement age to more than 75 years. But we in Kuwait are "good intentions", which means that the barrel above $ 70 is a bad number for our economy as we continue to increase our expenses without restriction

Of course, oil producers will continue to produce and invest, a golden opportunity for them after OPEC countries helped reduce their production and leave the rope on the jars by taking the total global growth on oil first and then to the rest of the oil producing countries.

This may not matter to the OPEC countries and Russia at the moment after achieving its goal to reach the rate of $ 60 and then to over 70, especially if they managed to stabilize this rate and higher as they continue to continue to reduce production and the return of oil markets to normal, and start again the process of organization and arrangement And oil supply management, a role required for OPEC and its group LINK

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