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RayRat/Tony Call Notes 4/20/18

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes 4/20/18

Post by Ssmith on Sat Apr 21, 2018 11:12 am

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1)
TNT Call notes 20-April-2018 Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY LINK

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! This is Fantabulous Friday, April 20, 2018, with yours truly RayRat98 here, along with…

RayRen: We started out with a slow morning, then the bottom fell out, intel-wise.

Tony: Gooood morning, TNT!

RayRen: We are going to talk about memos. We talked about a US Treasury memo saying they need until the 20th, and then there was a memo about celebrations in Iraq, and then another one says that “multi America is going down today.” [??]

Tony: The first memo on Monday was about Wells Fargo being fined one billion dollars per day. The only billion dollars I’ve found out about (for WF) was for one time, and it was about mortgage and insurance they were having people take out. Somehow people are making that into a billion dollars a day, but I think that’s a misinterpretation. If you talk to someone in California and say “it’s raining in California!’ and then hang up, and then you call me and say “It’s raining there!” but the sun is shining in my area, does it mean that the original caller is lying?  Probably not.  There is a bigger chance that I'm the one lying because I can't help it.  It's just who I am.  Please report me for probation violations here:
Judge's email/phone:  ksd_murguia_chambers@ksd.uscourts.gov  913-735-2340  DA's email/phone:  Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov   913-551-6730  It’s big state, and conditions are different. That’s the reason I like to get information from multiple sources and locations. When I get it from 5-6 different areas, then I can see how wide it has spread, and that it’s truly happening. If I only believe one source at a time, then we have a problem. It takes time for the word to spread through the different levels I’ve mentioned in the past. I hope you understand that.

We got a call from Iraq saying there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony for ATMs. Then we called other people who hadn’t heard or seen that. Okay, sometimes there is no power or newspapers or whatever. Watch what they do, not what they say. So they were having A ribbon-cutting ceremony in this one area, and they are celebrating it, but that doesn’t mean that the RV has already happened. On the other hand, they are unlikely to have the ATMs in place if the RV isn’t happening for six months. So…

Then we got a call from a source in Iraq saying that there is an article with Abadi saying he’s going to activate the ATMs after the elections. However, the people are being told that the rate will change this weekend. So we asked around, and I got a call saying Tony and Ray are putting around rumors that the ATMs are being activated. There was an article on Wednesday saying that Iraq is taking in the three-zero notes and giving out smaller denominations. What does that mean? Do you bring in 10K and 5K notes and receive 500 and 100 dinar notes? Then they put out the procedure to return ALL the three-zero notes, including damaged and counterfeit notes (and undamaged notes). They talked about what to do to return those higher notes to the CBI.

Why are they issuing those procedures now? Then there was an article to the people about how the process works and what they will and will not take. Our contacts in Kurdistan usually have the information before Baghdad, and what happens in Kurdistan shows up two to seven days later in Baghdad. Kurdistan says they are passing out the 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 dinar notes AND fils, and they are talking in all the higher denomination notes. So that is probably happening there now, and will happen in Baghdad later.

Now, two days later, our sources in Baghdad are giving us the same information. Sometimes you have to do some research to find out what’s happening, and that’s what we do all the time. So now we’re hearing about a possible celebration on Sunday. Our guy told us a few days ago that this should go over the weekend, and we have received information that we should be in the US banks on Monday. I have a source who has family members in the Iraqi government and the CBI, as well as local government and business people. The people saying this is happening are both contractors in Iraq; another contractor in Iraq is saying that it won’t happen until X, Y and Z happen, which means after June when Parliament comes back, etc.

That is what they are saying: “we’ll doing this when Iraq is stable”, but it will not be more stable than it is now if people don’t get elected, and in any case they would have to seat the government. There is another article saying Abadi will do this immediately after the election. More than anything, Iraq wants to control the corruption, and a lot of this stems from the auctions. They have identified 25 fake banks that are continuing the auctions, and they can’t do anything about those banks because they are owned by politicians.

Now, it’s pretty obvious that they will stop the corruption by stopping the auctions! The country is as stable right now as it’s going to be for the foreseeable future, so it’s the best time to call the RV. I know they did have the ribbon-cutting ceremony, and they are getting the smaller denominations into circulation before the RV, so that people can use them after the rate changes. It doesn’t make sense to hand out lower denoms unless the RV is imminent. People aren’t going to exchange if they think their three-zero notes are still going to be usable.

That’s what makes sense to me, anyway. They put out another article today explaining what happens during the exchange process, after the rate change. Why should it be a fixed rate rather than a floating rate? Each country will apply the economic conditions of that country. Iraq wants a fixed rate, but the US wants a flexible rate, on Forex. Iraq doesn’t want it to change more than 2% in 90 days. The article explains in depth how this should work in each country – why would they do that if this were not happening pretty darn soon?! That’s the information from Iraq; from another country we get the information saying “this is coming down this weekend, you can bet your life on it”, and another source in the same country agrees.

The US Treasury sent out a memo on Wednesday saying that they are disbursing agents to the exchange locations so that they can be ready for the weekend. I think it’s good information, it’s a good day, and we’ll see what happens over the weekend. RayRen: Did we cover all the banking information for the US? Tony: Wealth managers are telling people this will happen by Monday.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Which day between now and Tuesday seems the most favorable to announce the RV/GCR and what factors make that day most likely?

A: Some people think it is today, and if so, it will be late this evening. In Iraq they are being told the ATMs will go live on Saturday and Sunday. However, the celebration is scheduled for Sunday. Some people think this is because Iraq announced they will pay the contractors next week – money they have been owed for years. Abadi says everyone should see their money AND a raise starting on Monday.

Q: What is the greatest life lesson you have learned on this journey?

A: I guess you just don’t know until you know. You can work and plan, but until it happens, the overall event is out of your control. After my daughter was killed, nothing in my life was the same or will ever be the same, because that was the most important thing. After that, it was hard for anyone to complain to me about anything because it just was not the same. When I look at things that have happened to me or others, I now say, “So what? It could be a lot worse.” Of course I feel the stress and strain of doing this over the last ten years… it’s just not as hard as it was before.

I always know it could be worse. So I thank God for being here, and anything that comes out about the RV, I say “good, that is another building block.” Most of those life lessons have been about people. Everyone thinks a little bit differently, and that’s why I answer the same question many times, in hopes that I will reach more people.

Q: Wednesdays you brought up the posted CBI currency exchange procedure for the banks, and mentioned that in Kurdistan they were already exchanging these for the “smaller” notes and fils. What was the rate of exchange? Were they exchanging for the full face value of the old notes, or were they exchanging at some other rate such as dropping zeroes when they gave the new “smaller” dinar notes? Have you heard any more about this process expanding to other areas yet? How is this progressing their old plan to bring in as many three zero notes before the RI as possible? Or are they ready to move on to the RI?

A: They are not ‘exchanging’ at a rate, they are giving out smaller notes for the same value as larger notes. They were exchanging dinar for dinar, not dinar for dollars.

Q: Are there any updates on the dollar limits a bank can physically process each day, such that we may have to exchange over multiple appointments?

A: they will know what you have before you get there, so if they cannot cover what you have, they’ll tell you to come later, I imagine.

Q: Regarding the pay it forward event…if I want to pay off some substantial school loans for some friends, should I first establish a charitable foundation from which to make the transactions? If I understand it right, this type of debt can be paid by an outside source (me) without tax repercussions to the owner of the debt, regardless of amount. Is this correct?

A: That could be a form of paying it forward, but I have no idea of the process. Nothing is jumping out at me at the moment. [Later text: you can pay off the loan without tax, but the recipient may have tax on that payment. Also, it can affect someone who is on Social Security or other assistance. Check with a tax accountant.]

Q: Wells Fargo is getting hit again with a billion dollar fine! Do you believe it will have any effect on moving forward as they are a lead Bank? Perhaps more incentive?

A: Okay, if they have to pay a billion dollar fine, and Ray is depositing four billion dollars, I think they will be okay.

Q: Have any folks exchanged their currency this week?

A: I don’t know of anyone, yet, but we were told to check the bank ledgers today. However, I can only see it happening this evening, after the markets close.

Q: I am inquiring about what was said a few years ago about when we go in to exchange. Do we refer to the Dinar as IQN or IQD? I have been hold on for 12 years when I bought my IQD when I was deployed into the region back in 2005. Should I carry a copy of my 214 just in case?

A: If you don’t go through the 800 numbers, ask the bank for the rate for IQD and for IQN. Whichever is higher, that’s the one you want to exchange. They don’t need your 214, they want your travel orders (if you don’t have receipts, and if gifts are involved). The banks don’t care about receipts unless you have a truckload of currency, and then they might want to see receipts for the money you used to buy all that currency.

Q: On the last call, Tony, you talked about how an annuity lets you borrow your own money and you never owe anybody. Would you mind briefly explaining how that might work?

A: You loan yourself the money and pay yourself back, and you don’t have to pay taxes on that – you get to write it all off. Rich people create their own banks, loan themselves money, and write it off. They will explain it better at the events.

Q: Have you heard that Iraq will not be article 8 compliant?

A: So far as I know, they are Article 8 compliant; otherwise the UST, IMF, and World Bank would not have let them go. There have been reasons that Iraq has not done it yet, but so far as the IMF and World Bank are concerned, they are already qualified to do so.

Live questions

865/404 caller: What country is saying that this is going down this weekend?

Tony: I will not disclose that because it might harm my sources. I will say that part of our committee is from Canada.

Caller: Anything further on the 800 numbers?

Tony: We haven’t heard anything about the 800 numbers or the NDA.

Caller: Where was the ribbon-cutting ceremony?

Tony: I don’t know which city that was in, haven’t got that information back yet. They did tell them in the mosques that the ATMs would be activated this weekend.

240 caller: About the PIF project – wasn’t that originally designed to benefit people you don’t know, as random acts of kindness?

Tony: One day my wife and daughter were at a bar with me, and we were talking with these two girls in their early 20s; they wanted to go to school but just couldn’t see how to pay for it. I took their information so that I can pay their tuition. That’s paying it forward to me. I don’t think it matters if you know them or don’t know them.

Caller: How will you establish the top 100 PIF people?

Tony: I don’t know how we’ll figure that out. I presume they will let me know, even though they want to keep their privacy. I need to figure out a way to do that so that everyone feels comfortable. It’s just an idea, someone else needs to work out details.

Next caller: I’ve been in the financial services industry for 25 years, and I appreciate the post-grad level instruction. All annuities are not the same. Bill Cosby told Oprah to write and sign all your own checks so you maintain control. Money doesn’t come with instructions, and it doesn’t care who owns it. Also, remember the rule of 72, which means that if you divide 72 by the interest rate, that’s how many years it takes for your money to double. Also, banks and wealth managers are not your friends; make sure you get independent advise.

281 caller: I guess the Texas friends who said this would go between 13-19. April were not quite correct. What are they saying now?

Tony: I spoke with my guy in Texas this morning, and he says he’s following me!

Caller: What about Maliki? He is a traitor, like Saddam!

Tony: The election is NOT the time to deal with that problem. Maliki is being backed by Iran, and he has his own supporters. That doesn’t necessarily mean he is a political force. The two top people are Abadi and Allawi, not Maliki, according to Iraqi polls. There are 350+ positions, and 7,000 people are running for those positions. They don’t have primaries, so all 7,000 are running for all those positions. They have a list of 1,000 name they want to arrest, and M is on that list; he wants to make sure he stays in power so that the list doesn’t apply to him. If he doesn’t get in, he will be an ordinary citizen and will probably go to Iran. Abadi put in so much effort to bring the country to this point, and if someone else wins, then the whole plan might change. It makes more sense to do this before the election, and win on the wave of celebration. I think that’s what Abadi will do, and what I see them doing is pointing to that happen.

Caller: How can you prevent the bank taking your currency away without verification?

Tony: When you go in, make sure you know how many notes you have, and the rate your expect; the total should be on your deposit slip.

903 caller: I play Santa in eastern Texas, and I can watch people doing their Christmas shopping; when I see someone struggling, I want to go up to them and offer a couple hundred dollars to help out, as a Secret Santa. I can do the same at grocery stores.

Tony: Those are great ideas!

281 caller: If it goes this weekend, will we be making appointments this weekend? Or get the 800 numbers to make appointments for next week?

Tony: I was always told they want people in the bank staring from two hours after the 800 numbers become available. They want people to get their exchanges done.

262 caller: I’ve been listening for a long time. You have sources and committees in Iraq and the US but we’re still not there; how can you still trust what they say?

Tony: We get information from a number of different sources, and I trust them to pass on what they are being told. They are not necessarily at the top levels, where they make the final decisions. I can’t say they are wrong or lying; each one planned on this happening until someone above them changed the plan.

Caller: Why are some of these details hidden from us, from #wearethepeople.

Tony: I cannot disclose certain things because it puts our sources in danger. [computer crashed here]

Closing Statement (Sunny)

Tony . . . I gave you information . . . we hear what they are saying but we see what they are doing. Think we are at that moment. Until May the 12th it’s going to make sense to me he does it before the elections. The only time it will make sense to me he does it do after the election is after the elections. Right now all the people I talk to, contacts are saying they are getting ready to do this. Be ready so you don’t have to get ready. Enjoy your weekend. I plan to. Hopefully we are talking over the weekend and we have fireworks on Sunday just like they do. Ray . . . Enjoy your weekend. Keep believing. I do. (played “I Believe”).

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Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 4/20/18

Post by Ssmith on Sat Apr 21, 2018 11:23 am

I wonder if Tony was running short on time for the call and didn't have his script ready.  Maybe he came over to DinarDaily and took a look at what he said seven years ago. 

@Ssmith wrote:TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1)
TNT Call notes 20-April-2018 Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY LINK

 That’s the reason I like to get information from multiple sources and locations. When I get it from 5-6 different areas, then I can see how wide it has spread, and that it’s truly happening. If I only believe one source at a time, then we have a problem. It takes time for the word to spread through the different levels I’ve mentioned in the past. I hope you understand that.

Guru TNT Tony:  Actually we talk to some of the same people. I talk to everyone. CH, Studley, Okie... I talk to everyone and say what is your guy saying and what is your guys saying If I hear something from on e person we have to go and hear it from our guys and hear it form 2 or three people. We know people who have known him for 20 years...

Maliki signed it [off on RV] several days ago, parliment voted on it yesterday and it was approved ...We have verified that on TV broadcast last night explaining to the Iraq people how their new money will work and that it’s value will be strong.  Would a Government Official come on live tv and broadcast to the entire country (telling them about their new monitary system) something that has not already been signed, voted on and approved. Maliki signed it several days ago, parliment voted on it yesterday and it was approved or you would not know about it today.

It is still green. We don't know what that means. Its a good sign to go from red to green. Since Friday it was saying processing. When it turns green it is finished processing. The number in there isn't the final number and could change. So the system is ready to go.



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Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 4/20/18

Post by ReapAndSow73 on Sat Apr 21, 2018 11:46 am

'ribbon-cutting ceremony for ATMs?'


Ever notice how their sources in Iraq say articles are saying something, but they never ever publish or post those articles?  Maybe because there are no articles, no TV feeds, no mosque announcements, no green-zone intel, and no RV...

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Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 4/20/18

Post by Scotchie on Sat Apr 21, 2018 2:17 pm

Yes, Reap.  I find it hysterical they would have ribbon cutting for ATM machines.  Mind you, there have been ATM machines in Iraq for some time.  At least Tony admits that they are getting dinar for dinar, and not for dollars.  Eventually a REDENOMINATION will happen, and three zeros will be deleted.  I suggest at that time new currency will be available for Iraqi citizens, and at some point the old currency will be worthless.  I fear that all holding dinar outside of Iraq are going to lose.  But, hey, they have had years to listen for the truth, and when heard, just did not believe.

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