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 "Nothing else to do" - Wed. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 4/18/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Nothing else to do" - Wed. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 4/18/18

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 "Nothing else to do" - Wed. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 4/18/18 Empty "Nothing else to do" - Wed. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 4/18/18

Post by Ssmith on Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:34 am


DELTA » April 18th, 2018


CBI Financial Situation Tables (wink)

Financial Situation Tables For 2018- January / February / March


Yrmailmann » April 18th, 2018

Hope it is ours much waited lower denoms

Manaolana3 » April 18th, 2018

Delta, Per our Monday CC, citizens are encouraged to bring in their currencies to exchange their three zero notes for LD's? The CBI must be expecting a deluge of them notes from the citizens!

Another Stellar MCC! Thank you Frank, Tink, Walkingstick, Delta, I-Teams, AG,

Newshounds: Samson, Don961, JJ, JLB, and Militia Man for his Perspectives

Salient Points from MCC All IOO!

Delta: Citizens are expected to come into the banks with their currencies to exchange their three zero notes

Delta: New salary scale due to ghost employees; they had to do salary reforms

Delta: When they reinstate, the taxes will kick in, but the rate has to come first

Samir Al Nusairi: Iraq has high tech system (Article VIII)

IMF to Alak: They will be integrated globally

Alak to IMF: We are ready to lift the three zeroes from the exchange rate...there are no more targets

Gen Mgr Rafadin Bank: In order for them to activate their ATMs, they must remove the three zeroes from their dinar exchange rate

CBI: They will send email to the banks and provide them 24-hr advance notice to turn on their ATM machines; CBI also notified some banks that participated in the classes of 2017 including Walkingstick's firm and other companies

Walkingstick: Two weeks ago they (CBI) gave us notice to turn on the ATMs; they will give a 24-hr period. Walkingstick firms have a total of 16 ATM machines.

Walkingstick: Many firms in Iraq were notified when to turn on their ATM machines; "chatter among many"

Walkingstick: Arab meeting was to unify the Arab currencies: AAD must not exceed $4.38

Walkingstick: Security/Stability- Counterfeit Policies: they have the means to detect counterfeit of the old and new currencies

Delta: Iraq can change their rate anytime before the 30th. IMF will update their rate to the CBI. There is no reason for Iraq not to do this, this month

Frank, Walkingstick Delta, Teams: THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO DO


Alak: We modernized our currency; we are lifting the three zeroes from the exchange rate; we are meeting with the media to give them the new rate and the instructions


MilitiaMan » April 18th, 2018

At this stage there are no coincidences in timing. This is an on going process and apparently cyncronized with the IMF in D.C and this mornings meeting with the EU and Iraq.. imo - MM

Don961 » April 18th, 2018

{Arab Monetary} Looking for financial safety indicators

17/4/2018 12:00 am
In a workshop organized in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund

Abu Dhabi / Follow-up morning

A workshop on "Financial Safety Indicators" organized by the Institute for Economic Policy in the Arab Monetary Fund in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Center for Economics and Finance in the Middle East opened at the headquarters of the Fund in Abu Dhabi from April 15 to 19.

"In view of the liberalization of financial markets and the resulting capital flows, and recognizing the importance of systemic risk to financial systems, the Director General of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Economic Policy, Saud Al-Briqan, said in a speech on behalf of the Director General, Abdulrahman bin Abdullah Al-Humaidi, There has been a great interest by decision makers in the importance of collecting proactive information for relevant indicators to ensure the stability of the financial system.

" Control of the financial system and the "Financial safety indicators are the most important tools through which the control of the financial system to determine the ability of this system to deal with fluctuations in the movement of capital."

"The workshop will focus on providing participants with the concepts, definitions, sources and methods of collecting financial safety indicators on the indicators and how to analyze them, how to collect, derive and disseminate financial safety indicators data, as well as preparation of sectoral data and compilation of financial safety indicators. Indicators through participants' presentations and presentation of the status of their countries. "

"The workshop seeks to present the concepts and definitions related to these indicators and identify the sources of their data, as well as to identify the methods used in the process of data collection and dissemination," he explained. "The indicators are divided into fundamental indicators and favorable indicators addressing the core indicators of depository institutions such as capital adequacy, Asset quality, profitability, liquidity, and sensitivity to market risk

"The preferred indicators are those relating to depository institutions and other financial institutions as well as non-financial institutions, the family sector in addition to the liquidity of the stock market and real estate markets."

Al Barikan expressed the hope that the workshop on "Financial Safety Indicators" will achieve the desired objectives of deepening the knowledge of participants in this important subject. Financial sector status The importance of financial safety indicators is reflected in their ability to describe the financial sector's situation and safety in the country concerned, so that decision makers can address and address vulnerabilities in a timely manner and thereby avoid similar financial crises.

"These indicators serve as an early warning, allowing some time to deal proactively, scientifically and carefully with the challenges facing the economy, and correcting its course. Experiments have taught us that the time, effort and money needed to deal with financial crises are far beyond what we are capable of Early warning to deal with such crises link

Samson » April 18th, 2018

Iraq signs a financial reform agreement with a European grant

of 15.6 million euros

18th April, 2018

Planning Minister Salman Jumaili said during a meeting with European Union Ambassador in Iraq Ramon Blikwa and World Bank Representative Emmanuel Covillet on Wednesday that a 15-million-euro agreement on financial reform in Iraq was signed to strengthen regulatory institutions and develop public financial management. The country.

Al-Jumaili said in a statement that "the signing of this agreement is the first outcome of the Kuwait conference, which is officially achieved. We signed with the European Union an agreement on the program to strengthen the supervision of public financial management and strengthen accountability institutions."

"This program is a complement to a package of programs that the European Union has been looking at for years on governance in sound financial management," he said. "These programs are related to the promotion of the discourse of tolerance and information, including education, as well as programs related to the development of local administrations and strengthening the capacity of the Ministry of Justice and Interior to manage governance," he said.

"There is a set of previous programs for this program which falls within the framework of the cooperation agreement with the European Union. After the Kuwait conference, it gave an obligation to grant Iraq 400 million euros over three years." He added that "this agreement is the first of these programs, stressing the continuation of the follow-up to the outputs of the Kuwait Conference revealing the formation of a national team form, which opened the countries that have made or expressed their willingness, both in the field of grants or loans or investments during the Kuwait Conference, we received answers from more than Ten countries so far and we are waiting for answers from other countries that confirm these commitments formally. "

"The Ministry of Planning and the Reconstruction Fund of Iraq is fully prepared to implement or cooperate with these commitments to translate into reality through which we can reconstruct in the liberated areas and in all governorates of Iraq." "We are pleased with this constructive international cooperation that we have seen from the international community, which did not come from a vacuum, but came after Iraq proved capable of building itself and after liberating all its territory and realizing that Iraq is a key element in achieving security and peace in the region," he said. B "EU efforts" "The Iraqi government continues to cooperate with all international bodies that are willing to provide support to Iraq."

For his part, Ambassador of the European Union in Iraq, Ramon Belkoa, said that "this agreement is the first fruits of the Kuwait Conference," noting that "this is very important because it will have an important relationship to the reconstruction as well as economic and political reform, which is entrusted by the European Union, Especially in the fight against corruption as well as accounting and provide better services and this is the focus of this program. "

"Iraq is a rich country, but it needs a better management of resources and, more importantly, accountability and fighting corruption," he said. "There is coordination with donors who will provide grants to Iraq, as well as using resources better. "This is an important issue and the EU will always stand with Iraq in its challenges," he said. "After getting rid of an oppressor, he will face the greatest challenge and work towards building a better future."

The European Union and the World Bank will participate in the implementation of this agreement, which will complement the World Bank's $ 41.5 million program launched in 2017 as the modernization of public financial management systems. LINK

Iran turns from dollar to euro in foreign transactions

18th April, 2018

According to local media on Wednesday that Iran has shifted from the dollar to the euro in foreign official transactions.

The decision was taken at a cabinet meeting as the government seeks to manage exchange rates and support the falling riyal. LINK

International Monetary Fund warns of collapse of world trade system

17th April, 2018

The International Monetary Fund warned Tuesday of the collapse of the current world trade system, citing the US-China confrontation over customs duties.

The IMF has used its semi-annual World Economic Report to note that policymakers need to calm the fears of their country's citizens before the end of the current period of growth that exceeds expectations, highlighting the Fund's growing concerns that it will stimulate Voter doubts to take protective measures. "

Japan, the world's third-largest economy, has been criticized by US President Donald Trump for trade and has been charged with imports of steel and aluminum, but Tokyo has not threatened to impose countervailing duties. LINK

Don961 » April 18th, 2018

A very successful meeting between PM Abadi and PM Abe ... is it a coincidence ... or part of a plan ... that PM Abe is now in Florida with President Trump ?? ... As leaders of their respective countries , they are reported to have a very good relationship .... golf buddies , etc. ... interesting timing ... imo

Planet of Iraq

17/4/2018 12:00 am

Abbas al-Sabbagh

Prime Minister of Japan (Shinzo Abe) hit the truth with his fair description of Iraq: "Just as you shoot in Iraq against Japan, the planet of Japan will also be the planet of Iraq." He pointed to Japan's visionary strategy on the Iraqi scene and the Japanese side's understanding of Iraq's desire to reach prosperous countries Such as Japan.

It is a reference to what was happening in the social networking sites of descriptions of this ambitious ambition, such as the (Japan), which was launched by some aspirants with a great sigh, but this dream became closer to verification after the Prime Minister of Japan to the possibility of achieving this, But was based on facts and facts on the ground, and was not far from the similarity between the modern history of both countries after the experience of devastating wars and the absurdity of their government and the destruction caused by the huge mistakes made by the decision makers They are the heavy price paid by their peoples.

He also discussed Japan's vision of the Iraqi reality, and estimated the actual need for its reconstruction. It organized a conference on "Job Creation, Labor Qualification, Training and Professional Development in Iraq," in which Iraq participated, represented by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and attended by prominent Japanese personalities, The European Union and the presence of representatives of 30 countries and international organizations at an international forum, which Iraq aspires to be an additional qualitative step to the Kuwait donors conference .

Iraq, after having committed itself to the principles of democracy and the peaceful transfer of power, and after achieving a decisive victory over terrorist gangs, and having succeeded in bridging its good relations with the countries of the world, symbolized the image of a new Iraq, democratic and peaceful, open and reflecting the success of Iraqi diplomacy in this endeavor. With the international community as a whole and in accordance with international law. The visit is important because it coincides with the start of Iraq's construction phase, especially since Japan did not indicate that it was involved in the polar conflict in the world or the Middle East.

This is consistent with the policy of neutrality and exclusion from the policy of involvement in the alliances or axes adopted by Iraq and also in line with the Japanese foreign policy and Japan's association with important political and economic relations with most countries of the world, thus enhancing Iraq's diplomatic asset no matter what Iraq needs in these circumstances. The visit was a valuable opportunity to get a closer look at the Japanese experience.

This successful visit comes after all of Iraq's ability to win the world's confidence, respect and support in all its internal, external, economic, security, political, investment and even social policies. Experiences of the country especially those that enjoy a high global reputation As a Japanese. From this point of view, the visit is gaining its importance from being coinciding with the start of Iraq in the stage of construction and reconstruction and the opening of the Iraqi market for investment.

Al-Abbadi said during the conference that Iraq looks forward to the future and has all the elements of the renaissance and development and after it moved to the stage of construction and reconstruction and will triumph in them as it won on terrorism, and that Iraq looks forward after this victory to reconstruction and development and economic development and that it has the energies to do so .

The most important results obtained by Iraq: the possibility of entering Japanese companies giant in various investment sectors in Iraq and reach a number of important agreements with the Japanese government, especially related to the completion of the water project of Greater Basra, the reclamation of land between the Tigris and Euphrates, Four 400 kV power stations will be provided in Maysan, Muthanna, Shatt al-Arab and Shatrah, as well as 12 mobile stations (132 kV), most of which will be operational before the summer of 2018 to increase electricity production in Iraq.

The establishment of factories for the manufacture of cars inside Iraq and the provision of after-sales services, and continued cooperation in the fields of oil, energy, electricity, services, education, industry, etc., and the good is coming to the planet of Iraq link

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