First off, I don’t attack people or their character..

Secondly by saying it not being posted is a personal thing with Patrick and I about some previous posts not making the grade.

But Yosef’s rants always making it and always the “Featured” post.

Many were rude and very judging.

In fairness to Patrick, he can not post everything and as a Webmaster he must set the tone or let it flow in a given direction.

How many posts do you think hit the cutting floor. Probably hundreds.

I have also been a Webmaster and know that.

As far as clean up in the blink of an eye. I am referring to Galactics or Entities that may or may not exist. If they can move Galaxies or recreate a whole Planet then they can do the other as stated. Do I believe all of that, I’m not sure.

As I do not believe in the Easter Bunny either.

I have always questioned authority and will continue to do so. Even “Source” or “Creator”.

It has served me well to get answers and discuss ways of improvement.

They can and will listen.

As to the comment of “Stop Bitching and get off Your Lazy Ass”

That Is very rude.

By the way how do you know I’m not a Galactic, Alliance, White Hat, Universal, Elder, New Republic or Easter Bunny.

You don’t.

How do you know what I do or do not do to fight the evil?

You don’t.

Next, who are you to suggest I may be part of the problem?

You don’t know me.

How do you know that I may have been awake to all of this for years and have done a lot prior to this time.

You don’t.

I can’t be brow beaten to take the “Pollyanna” approach about everything.

I too, as you, have posted many times on here. Positive things, good feelings, hope, rants when disgusted or more likely disappointed. Look them up!

As to how I help Humanity, that is my business.

As far as money goes, I don’t really care about money.

I just want evil to leave and people to live happy.

Your reply has given me some insight as to how you perceive people who may disagree with you.