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RayRat/Tony Call Notes 4/4/18

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes 4/4/18

Post by Ssmith on Thu Apr 05, 2018 5:42 pm

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call notes 4-April-2018
Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY LINK

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! This is Wednesday, April 4, 2018, with yours truly RayRat98 here.

Tony: Gooood morning, TNT!

RayRen: Here are the updates from yesterday; this is chronological so that you can see how the day changed:

 Early AM Hours: The Federal Budget Law of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2018 can be reviewed at the Iraqi Fact Department located in the Ministry of Justice Building. However, it is not yet available for public viewing outside of Iraq. Some are claiming that the Budget is effective immediately with all of the Article 2 requirements. Iraqi TV is reporting that the project to delete the 3 zeros will be implemented after the elections in May. (Hmmmmm?)

On Iraqi TV, the CBI and Finance Department were reportedly saying the economic reform process had to be interrupted due to security and stability concerns indicating that after the elections, total stability will be achieved.

Afternoon Hours: Economists are discussing with CBI officials, stating that it is not a suitable time right now to delete the three zeros, but it will be after the elections. (In spite of some “card” rate changes today? Hmmmmm?) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the new issue of the Iraqi Gazette No. 4485 has been issued, which includes the general budget law of Iraq for 2018. (Now, it is fully public for review.) “Supposedly” the six banks that met with Abadi were informed of an RV after the elections. (Don’t believe “everything” you read when it comes to public news.)

Amidst all of today’s “intended” confusion, some good news is anticipated on Wednesday! So that all seems contradictory, but in the midst of all that there is some good news anticipated for today. I’ll hand that over to Tony…

Tony: It was a crazy day yesterday, from early in the morning, with all the information. If we go through it all, nothing changed except that the Budget came out. We have been waiting week after week for the Budget to come out and then we would see the RV. If they did bring it out and make it retroactive to 1. January, they would have to recalculate and pay people their back pay, etc. That would be very difficult to for Iraq.

It made more sense to do the Budget, make payments this week, and then we don’t have to worry about going back to fixing things back to 1.January. Then they can change the rate any day they want, and so it is easier for them. Two weeks ago we heard that Iraq would delete the zeros with the RV, when the country is stable. Iraq has been in total chaos for ten years, but today Iraq and Kurdistan are on the same table. They are both saying “we are one country; one can’t do without the other”.

So they are agreeing, and there are no arguments anywhere. They aren’t fussing about the Budget because that is done. Sure there are lawsuits, but we have those in this country. People are protesting because they want their services and the promised reforms; they want to see the reconstruction of buildings, schools, and roads. But now Iraq is being denied money because they didn’t do the Budget or the RV. What are we looking for in terms of stability? I think Iraq is as stable as it can be.

The closer to the elections, the more chaotic it will be as his opponents try to prevent Abadi being elected. After the election, there are two possibilities: either Abadi will be elected, or he won’t be elected, and either way people will be upset UNLESS they do the monetary reforms NOW, which means they will get billions from the US, IMF, World Bank and investors, and they spend money like crazy between 15. April and the 20th of May.

If the money flows, the citizens will be happy and excited, and Abadi made it happen. The easiest way for him to be elected is to release this RV so that everyone is happy. President Obama should have let this happen before he left office because then the economy would have been booming and everyone would be happy.

In Iraq they have achieved everything they have been working on, and now they need to flip the switch so that they can move on. Much as I hate to admit it, Texas might be right and this may be the week so that momentum can carry them through the election so that there will be excitement and a 30-day party. It could happen any day; we found a location in Atlanta that has the new rates up which they then covered with a piece of paper. We’ve now found a second state where they are doing the same at the airport. Members just saw this in the airport! We are that close.

I told you last week that the banks are doing their final preparations this week in order to start processing people next week. Even this morning, the banks are still preparing to do that right now – NOW, not after the elections. Kuwait, China, and Germany all announced they would not change their rate, and then they did – Iraq’s doing the same thing. Some of the government people here and in Iraq already know this is going to happen – they are telling us even if they aren’t telling the rest of the world yet.

There is nothing negative in Iraq today in the news media, television, or articles. They have been telling people for weeks what the lower denominations look like; I can’t see that they would then wait a few months for that to come out. Don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do! As we watch these events take place, it makes sense for this to take place sooner rather than later. They need to get this last part done, this monetary reform that makes everything work, rather than suffer another Arab Spring. I can’t make them do anything; based on the information I have, this is what makes sense to me: that they will release the RV and move forward on that momentum.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Please tell me why Tony says to buy more currency if we are limited to 1 billion and if this is not for everyone then at least say if you have less than a billion buy more. Some will get so much that wall paper is all we could use it for.

A: The first problem with that question is that you are not greedy enough. Be greedy! I don’t know what will happen when you go to the bank. They (the committees) want to limit you to one billion and/or ten 100T Zim notes, but the banks haven’t heard that. Even if you “only” get a billion dollars, you can use that to help others. If you can’t use your excess notes, you can give them to charity and community organizations, or to family members, to create the legacies we are talking about. Every time we think they’re going to do it, they don’t. Every time they don’t do it, it makes sense to me to go spend another $50 on currency. If you have the opportunity, why not do it? I am sure my family members can absorb anything I have spare, and I know there are people and communities that need a hand up. They know that people will keep buying currency, and I will keep telling people to just get more, to use the opportunity while it’s here.

Q: Is there any way to tell if the news out of Iraq is from the Maliki media; or other more trustworthy media?

A: I don’t know which newspaper he owns. I just read the articles as they come and see what makes sense, or my sources telling me what makes sense. We have people in parliament, in the government and even in the police forces.

Q: The new CBI site is showing 1.2 dinars = 1 USD, or in other words 1 dinar = $0.83. Is this an error? Smoke? Hidden announcement?

A: Is this today? Yesterday we had people trying to get on that site and see. Last night, the rate seemed to be 98 cents. I don’t see it, and people who should have been paid today were not paid. It’s supposed to go over $3 in a short period of time and that’s when it will be fully exposed. One person said the rate on his card increased yesterday morning, so it’s moving. [The CBI site is https://cbi.iq and it is in Arabic.]

Q: In setting up yourself to give the Ultimate way, to your Private Foundation, I thought I heard you say that if you give (for example) $10 million to the Foundation, that you can write it off as a charitable donation, but I am under the impression that you can get the write-off benefit on ‘a limit of 30% of annual Income’ donated to a Private Foundation. Did I misunderstand what you said, or is the 30% rule correct? ?

A:. That rule is correct per year, so that 30% is of your AGI; you can still right off ten million over a few years, if your income is small. You can carry it forward 9-10 years into the future.

Q: Would it be safe to say that the RV was kicked off by the Budget being posted in the Gazette, which happened on April 3 2018??

A: I guess not.

Q: Now that the 2018 budget is in the gazette, is there anything that you are aware of that we are still waiting on ? because I thought that was all that needed to be done to push the rates out in the market.

A: All we are waiting on is for the CBI to do it, and they have the authority to do it. Everything else is ready to go: lower denominations, electronic systems in place, connected throughout the world. Their final excuse what the Budget; now that it has been published, the new excuse is the stability of the country. Iraq is as stable as it’s going to be, unless they don’t release this. If Abadi doesn’t get elected, Maliki will drag this out so that he can drag in Iran instead of the US while corrupt officials pocket the money meant for the citizens.

Q: You have told us that you got information from one committee, of which there were 5 or 6 different committees, all reporting their recommendations to their higher ups. Since the info from that committee differs from what the banks are telling you they have as exchange instructions, and what other gurus are saying, is it likely your committee people were overruled by the other committees’ recommendations?

A: Anything is possible, but we won’t know until we go to the bank. This is why you need to have Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C until this comes out. That’s why it’s good to get more currency because (so far) the banks have not been told about any caps. The banks have not received those instructions yet, so I am ready to go either way. What I won’t be is surprised, because I have all the information not part of the information.

RayRen: We hear the banks submitted a plan to the IMF that might get approved.

Q: Is there a three-day wait after printed in the Gazette for the rate to be seen publicly?

A: They could have 72 hours, but they have already paid people today at the old rate. There is a reason the banks are preparing to do exchanges on Monday.

RayRen: I got texts saying the CBI site is a test site – the one with 3 in the site address.

Tony: I wanted to do two things here at the end. I want us to put together a way for you all to pay it forward, and take the top hundred PIF people and form a separate group. It can be a donation to an organization, or giving a waitress a thousand-dollar tip, whatever you want. I want to post that on FB and Twitter so that people can see that we are giving back immediately. I want to form a group for appreciation and so that we can do some great things in the future. Ray was concerned that you guys want to be anonymous; you can take part by taking a picture of the waitress or whatever, and sent it to me, in confidence. I really want to do this for the PIF people. When this is over, when you have gone to the bank and you have your money, once you are one thousand percent that this is real, I want to put together another book. We’ve already done a book for the history of this event so far, which we will give to President Bush and President Obama.

This second book will be a ‘thank you’ from us that we have come through this event – your story and what it means to you. These need to be ONE-PAGE thank-yous, and that will complete the story for those Presidents and also be part of our RV museum.

Live questions

470/404 caller: On Monday’s call there was a comment about the majority of US banks having the new rates AND the date for implementing this. Any changes to that?

Tony: That is the about the ‘blind rate’, which is not a rate but a code telling the top executives when this is to start. That’s still sitting there.

Caller: We know the Iraqi PM Is in Japan; any relevance to that? Does he have to be bank on Iraqi soil when they release this?

Tony: I don’t know that he ever has to be in Iraq for this to go. When this was supposed to happen years ago, the PM was in the US at that time. They took a room and made it look like he was in Iraq for the announcement.

Caller: Do you think there will be some kind of addendum to the Budget?

Tony: They wanted it to be a special edition, so I just don’t know.

951 caller: We can still go to the bank and exchange one million dollar’s worth before the 800 numbers come out, right?

Tony: That is what the committees say, but the banks say they are being told that everyone has to call the 800 numbers, which actually makes more sense that lines of people going out the door. The banks are saying they haven’t head the new plan yet.

Caller: Are you going to the bank when the 800 numbers come out? [Tony: No.] How long do you think it will take for the new rates to be published as well?

Tony: I am hoping in the next couple of days; the banks are saying that they are getting ready for next Monday.

Caller: Doesn’t Abadi have any influence on this?

Tony: He doesn’t – it’s with the CBI now. However, it will happen when Abadi feels the country is stable enough. I am sure Abadi has influence on the CBI.

Caller: Any updates on the Zim or dong?

Tony: Dinar is over $3, dong is 47 cents, Zim is ten cents.

240 caller: Where can I get the books?

Tony: The books are for the two Presidents only; the rest will be in the museum.

Next caller: What was the final resolution of retroactive Budget?

Tony: The 2018 Budget and is now active. They made the Budget retroactive back to the first, but not the rate. That solved the problem. Everyone is pushing Iraq to get this done now. The day they do it, they get the money from the US, IMF and World Bank, and they get none of that until they do this.

770 caller: Contract rate is on dinar only, $28.50; the contract is with whom?

Tony: The contract rate is with China.

Caller: I have three million dinar, so I have to go for a private banker, right?

Tony: That would be about twelve million, so you have to call the 800 number anyway.

Caller: The 800 numbers will be used to direct traffic, correct?

Tony: I understand we will be using global 800 numbers from the committee, and that’s what we are waiting to put out.

972 caller: What rate did they see behind the paper at the airport?

Tony: The rate was $3+; no, wait, it was higher than the bank rate.

847 caller: Iran is at war with Iraq, and I think they must be a factor. Abadi and Maliki are both Shi’a, and I wonder if the delays are coming out of Iran. [more of the same] I just see that Iraq is the only key to the GCR.

Tony: Let’s look at Iran. Iran’s military came over there when Maliki let ISIL in, figuring that he would be a dictator forever. That was a bad idea because ISIL got out of control. Iran came to fight them, even though ISIL came from Iran! Iran came in officially to make sure they were the first ones in to support Maliki. M is allied with Iran, and he owes them for sheltering him from Saddam. Iran wants their guy in, because they say that Shi’a Iraq is part of them. Abadi and his party don’t like Iran because they backed Maliki; Abadi wants the US to stay there because that’s what is giving Iraq its stability. So Iran has some influence on the politics, and they want Maliki to be elected; they don’t want the RV to happen because they don’t want Abadi to have that going into the vote.

Caller: Iran doesn’t see this as two countries, they seen this as strictly religious, and that there is an ephemeral border between Iran and Iraq. Tony: Iran is run by Shi’ites, and they want to control Iran and their oil fields. That’s what they are trying to do, by pushing out US influence and having Maliki elected. Yes, that affects the government and the RV because they don’t want Abadi to be elected. That is a part of the war: they want Maliki or another Iran-friendly Shi-ite to lead Iran.

Caller: Also, they just do things when they are good and ready, and it could be years.

Tony: We know that. Iraqis are taught to lie in business, and the best businessman is the one who lies the best. However, after ten years of doing this, we watch what they do, not what they say – they will tell you anything. I’m not mad at that them, though, because that is their society/culture. They are taught to lie in business and government. That’s why we get information from five or six different sources and countries, because then I can see the whole picture.

Caller: I like the Chinese, but they are the most superior businessmen on the planet. I think they must be important players or possibly the orchestra director. However, the Chinese seem to be ambivalent.

Tony: China was not involved in the RV when this was put together. China is the reason we have the contract rates; however, they were not involved in the war, so they were excluded from the oil contracts, and then made separate contracts with the groups so that they can get a share of the oil. That’s why they are willing to pat $28.50 for each dinar. They ARE putting up most of the gold for the GCR, even lending the US gold to take part in Basel III. They are the only country with a hundred-year plan! They take the long-term view, which is why they loaned gold to the US and other countries, and also a major influence in Africa. So yes, they do influence the GCR, including the dong and Zim. But as far as Iraq is concerned, Iran and the US are the major influences.

Closing Statement

Tony: The banks are still preparing to start exchanging on Monday. There is only one thing left to do: to just do it. The budget was approved, and Parliament is now out until June. We are just waiting for someone to do it, and that is probably Alak (at the CBI). It will have to happen before the election or they will lose. Everyone has their cards and they are doing all payments electronically now. They have met all the criteria, they have changed all the banking laws, and they are ready to go. Everyone is ready for them to go. Let’s just see what happens today and tomorrow.
Judge's email/phone:  ksd_murguia_chambers@ksd.uscourts.gov  913-735-2340 DA's email/phone:  Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov   913-551-6730  I did get a phone call from my guy in Iraq, and I will call him back after we finish here. If there is superfantastic news, I will tweet it out.

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Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 4/4/18

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Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 4/4/18

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