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 KTFA CC w/ Frank26 Notes by TNT Sunny 4/2/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

KTFA CC w/ Frank26 Notes by TNT Sunny 4/2/18

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 KTFA CC w/ Frank26 Notes by TNT Sunny 4/2/18 Empty KTFA CC w/ Frank26 Notes by TNT Sunny 4/2/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed Apr 04, 2018 9:50 am



Frank26: In the middle of the night

FRANK26- KTFA CC, Monday, April 2, 2018 - Notes Only. Arranged as to subject not in order of speaking.

All is in Franks opinion.

I'm going to hit you hard tonight. When this was given to me yesterday I was in a bit of awe. I was hit hard. Went to bed with a peace in my heart.

On the last conference call, my last words to you were, “It is finished! It is finished!

Tuesday night Delta who watches Arabic TV, CBI on the Arabic side and translates articles . . said he’d just heard on TV, the CBI announced that they had closed the gap between the market rate in the streets of Iraq against the official exchange rate of Iraq.

That’s the 2% compliance. Take the 90 days and flush them down the toilet. I don’t talk to you about 90 days. . . nowhere on the IMF web site that talks about that.

​How did they do it? They used Article 8. The 2% compliance will adjust itself. The definition of Article 8 for Iraq is to lift the restriction on their currency. They are not going to tell you they are Article 8 compliant. That would signal a change. The countries on their borders would be excited.

They are now working under Article 8. Article 8 compliant. The acceptance of Article 8 requires them to lift all restrictions on their currency. Abadi promised this at the Kuwait convention.

Alak met with the media and explained they must introduce this document exactly as they were to receive it from him. They haven’t received it yet. IMO, Alak is now ready to hand over the information he was telling them about privately. IMO, the citizens are about to report to the banks of Iraq to received all of their reinstatement.

The 2nd article is very explicit. Filled with details on what the media is to say to the Iraqi citizens on the economic reform. What is in the 2nd article? Instructions to the citizens. Also will tell them where to go to pick up their smart cards. The new ones.
What I’m telling you is what Alak told the media. Also, how they will be paid electronically now on. And about bringing in your three zero’s notes and exchange them for the small notes.

They are closing in to do this day by day, hour by hour. IMO we are near the point of just waiting for Alak to release the RI. The gap is complete and why Alak said, “yes, we are ready.” The suitable conditions are being laid out.

It is now the opinion of ITEAM and all of us that it is just a matter of meeting all Article 8 requirements. On the CBI website that is the last step now. . .

FRANK or Frank quoting Walking Stick: Just a matter of time, days, hours for them to lift all the restrictions on their currency.

. . . the three zero notes and the smaller notes will coexist in the market place for a set number of years. Two, five or ten years. When will Alak give this to the media that he has already met with? Within days or hours, IMO.

When he does, it will be all over Iraq. The 2nd article - All over the world. All the media around will carry it and define it very clearly. Never been announced until this last Saturday. They said they were in Article 8 without saying it.

Only one more article left to release.

Our dollar is about to be gold backed. Our President is brilliant as a businessman.

Told everybody at the Kuwait conference they were going to lift the restrictions on their currency. . . also the auctions would stop. You can see clearly they are in the process of lifting the restrictions and reinstating the currency.

They (Iraqi citizens) have never seen small notes before. They been teaching the citizens for a long time by removing the zero’s from the price tag.

Where’s the budget? They tell you it will be in the Gazette today. Tomorrow.

Giant gold nugget. An article came out today . . . says that the budget of 2018, at the moment it is published it goes into affect. It’s almost as if they are waiting for something. Isn’t it supposed to be retroactive to Jan 1, 2018. By law. It’s in the constitution. It’s because your using it now, aren’t you. Your in Article 8!

It’s the legal committee asking saying it’s not legal on that date. It’s January 1st.

. . . Bring out another thing. If it comes out in trillions, it will go into billions the moment you wake up in the middle of the night they have lifted the three zero’s.

Is that the reason you haven’t paid anybody yet? You made a change.

The final article will be an exclamation on the (citizen) education. Sending representatives to the rural areas . . . from the banks that will be doing business with the citizens. A lot of those poor people still use their bartering system.

In the mosques is one of the places they will definitely announce the RI.

Back in 2004 De la Rue was commissioned to print their new currency. Our boys dropped leaflets so they could understand, “We’re dropping these three zero notes now for you to use.” They didn’t care.

They will not say to the citizens of Iraq, “Hey we are article 8 compliant”. They are handing out telephones and they are going to use those big screens. The ones in the square.

Still going to be a process within Iraq to catch everybody up to the monetary reforms. The 2nd article is in position. It was written over a month ago. The media will release it, word for word. When will they get it? I don’t know. It’s ready to come out.

As soon as Iraq gives the media the 2nd article it’s like lighting a fuse on a grenade. That’s why it was only a handful of these journalists that were hand picked. Giving Article two to the media is the last step for Alak. IMO, it will be very soon. The reinstatement has been accomplished in the first quarter.

Have you noticed the CBI website has been shutting down almost every day. The last time was for five hours. They are putting up articles . . . information.

I’m very interested in making this our last conference call.

I believe I have accomplished my mission tonight. It’s done. It’s ready. . . .Our conference calls as far as I’m concerned are officially over.

We’ll give you the places you can go and exchange your dinar. Give you the banks, the telephone numbers. I won’t help you with any financial advice. No license . . . not a lawyer . . .
Thank you guys. Love each other, Respect each other. Be patient with each other.

Monday Night KTFA CC 4-2-18

The first part is business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

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