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"Gold Backed Dollar?" - Tues. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 4/3/18

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"Gold Backed Dollar?" - Tues. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 4/3/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed Apr 04, 2018 9:49 am


PappaJ » April 3rd, 2018


Derivations » April 3rd, 2018

PJ, I haven't seen an article but this link was posted in the forum.


H.R.5404 - To define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold.115th Congress (2017-2018) |

Introduced in House

Text: H.R.5404 — 115th Congress (2017-2018)All Information (Except Text)

​As of 03/28/2018 text has not been received for H.R.5404 - To define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold.

Bills are generally sent to the Library of Congress from GPO, the Government Publishing Office, a day or two after they are introduced on the floor of the House or Senate. Delays can occur when there are a large number of bills to prepare or when a very large bill has to be printed.

Rep. Mooney, Alexander X. [R-WV-2] (Introduced 03/22/2018)

House - Financial Services

Latest Action:
House - 03/22/2018 Referred to the House Committee on Financial Services. (All Actions)

Don961 » April 3rd, 2018

I believe it is HR. 5404

diamongirl63 » April 3rd, 2018

115th. Congress, 2nd Session March 22, 2018, H.R. 5404 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.

Iggy » April 3rd, 2018

I find this gold standard talk interesting as every single leader that has tried this in the past was killed...what has changed in this thought process that makes these folks think they will be spared a different fate?

Manaolana3 » April 3rd, 2018

Monday Night KTFA CC 4-2-18


Thank you Frank, Tink, Walkingstick, Delta, I-Teams, AG, Newshounds for another incredible CC.

Article VIII, lifting the currency restrictions, closing the gap between the market rate and of ficialrate, deletion of the 3 zeros investors humming all over the place, MOU's and contracts signed,

Accessing funds for projects from the 2018 budget screams they are done!

it spells the reinstatement is well underway, but not confirming to t he outside world yet, becaus e speculationwould run rampant as you explained with the countries on the border.

IMO, the currency auction is/isn't suspended, but made to look like it isn't done. it was don e in the manner we are not accustomed to seeing.

They must be incorporating a side-step (parallel)process that isn't transparent to the eyes of t he beholder, you and me. Alak said, the CBI wouldsuspend/stop the currency auctions in the first quarter, Believe this was done!

As I explained in my comments on another thread, the most important part of the entire MR processis the c itizens, for all the reasons you explained tonight. It is intrinsically complex.

They (citizens) must be linked-in interconnected (synchronized), but it must be done methodically and in a systematicmanner. It is extremely crucial and important they get it right the first time.

In today's highly competitive world, they cannot sit idly by and wait for the people to come to them.You must take the message to the people.

As they say, "there are people who watch what happens,there are people who make things hap pen, and there are people who wondered what happened."

You did a great job explaining th e steps they have done and are doing. I'm sure there is much morethey are doing unbeknownst to us.

Samson » April 3rd, 2018

Is it time to delete three zeros from the currency ?

3rd April, 2018

The central bank submitted a project to delete three zeros of the currency, in order to confront inflation and stimulate the economy, but was forced to stop because of the deteriorating security and political situation in the country.

The governor of the Central Bank, Ali al-Alaq, in a discussion session with the editors of a number of Iraqi media, including "Economy News", "The subject of deleting zeros from the currency is ready, but it needs an environment suitable to apply," noting that " To prevent manipulation and fraud by the owners of weak souls. "

The central government stands with the central bank's draft to delete three zeros of the currency, because it sees it "hurt the efficiency of the system of cash payments," according to the financial adviser to the prime minister.

He added, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, in an interview, "the economy News," that "the current environment suitable for this project because there is financial and political stability witnessed by the country, especially after the salvation of the organization (da'ash)."
He stressed the need not to rely on the project to support the Iraqi dinar, but "focus on the creation of all conditions that would support the Iraqi dinar and represented by political and economic stability," pointing out that "the central bank has accumulated experience in dealing with the subject."

The economist said, in the name of Jamil Anton, for "Economy News", "The current environment is not suitable for the project to delete the zeros at the moment, because the security situation has not settled so far in the ideal form."

He pointed out that "the project needs educational campaigns to be accepted by citizens and does not affect the movement of the market," noting that "the project has the benefits of reducing the amount of money used in deposits, which helps accountants not to fall in error in dealing with zeros in large amounts, As well as reduce the number of trustees funds and protect money from theft. "

Antoine predicted that the project would be implemented after the legislative elections scheduled for next May LINK

Risk1 » April 3rd, 2018

This is an economist opinion. And the comments of Saleh... Another great article regarding the deletion of the three zero notes. If the economist is correct, May is next month. Either way 2018 should definitely be the year

2Cents » April 3rd, 2018

Whether now or after elections, this is being talked about and is coming!!! No longer debating whether they should do it!!! This is continued education for the citizens IMO.....

Saleh says environment suitable!!!!! Huuuuuuuuge IMO

Frank26 » April 3rd, 2018

KTFA KONA ..................... BEHOLD .................. YOUR WEDNESDAY CC ........... PS ......... ANTOINE DOES NOT KNOW SO HE PREDICTS ............... THE KEY IS .......... THEY KNOW !!! !!! !!! ............ SO DO YOU ....

Samson » April 3rd, 2018

Iraqi newspaper publishes the federal budget law for 2018

3rd April, 2018

The Ministry of Justice, Tuesday, April 3, 2018, that the Iraqi fact sheet in its latest issue published the federal budget law for the year 2018.

In a statement issued today, April 3, 2018, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the new issue of the Iraqi Gazette No. 4485 has been issued, which includes the general budget law of Iraq in 2018.

The Presidency of the Republic, had warned earlier, the Ministry of Justice of the publication of the Federal Budget Law for the year 2018 in the Official Gazette, but retracted its position a few days ago and directed a letter to the Ministry of Justice for the purpose of publishing the budget law in the Official Gazette.

https://www.moj.gov.iq/view.3758/ has the picture but no link to the actual budget - if I get more soon I'll add it onto this post

4Cash » April 3rd, 2018

Thanks Samson looks like we are at the goal line just inches to go for a touchdown.

Ty1 » April 3rd, 2018


2Cents » April 3rd, 2018

Recall my post yesterday as to the timeliness of posting the budget today....not Sunday, not Monday as they stated but Tuesday!!!!
Let's see what happens!!!!
Note, Abadi should return from Japan Thursday evening/Friday morning......(Approximately 10.5 hour flight)

Manu68 » April 3rd, 2018

G’day 2cents either before he leaves on Wed or on his return... either way maybe on interesting week we’re on.

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Re: "Gold Backed Dollar?" - Tues. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 4/3/18

Post by Kevind53 on Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:04 am

More blah, blah, blah which is really nothing but hype, hype, hype.....

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