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  "Beating Back the Drums of Hatred, Guilt, and Shame" by Ron Giles 4/1/18

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PostSubject: "Beating Back the Drums of Hatred, Guilt, and Shame" by Ron Giles 4/1/18   Sun Apr 01, 2018 8:57 am

HAS is back. I can hear the old drums beating again; Same old, same old. HAS, has pretty much stayed in their own group of angels with a few post given to IDC from time to time. Yo Yo has come back posting again, but why? Is it to let us know he can come back any time he wants and peel off, 5 or 10 thousand more.

Guilt and shame administered by those high and holier than thou, HAZ-met leaders, have once again set up their drum circles so the disgruntled and wearisome currency holders would have another choice of camps, Josef, Tank, Kim, TNT, ETC., or, the low keyed, but the real deal, NPTB.

It does not take long readying an unlabeled post to know that the Spinmeister, Yosef, has raised his discord flag up the IDC flag pole again. The drummers are getting closer and sending their messages that you are not a good person because your Grandfather stole an apple from his neighbor so he could feed his kid, one of which may be one of our own parents.

The real Question is this: why did your Grandfather not have sufficient to feed his family?Undoubtedly, it was due to the Kazarian mafia controlled society that preaches lack as a way of life. So when you see all the food-of-plenty flowing down the street in carts and trucks and they don’t stop to feed the hungry, you wonder why? Hoping to get an apple or a potato that might fall off the cart or truck, you follow them and they go down the road and through the gates of greed and gluttony, and there you find the Kazarians or Cabal having a feast-of-plenty and you’re not invited; you’re a slave.

Yosef calls these people Anglo Saxons. I call them Kazarians, Cabal, Luminati and any other despicable nouns that express my anger at being considered a slave, a peon, a useless Human Being. Why would you not call them for what they are?

Which one of us is a descendant of these Cabal Satan worshippers tha Josef would want to shame us? I’m not,….. so the guilt and shame fall off me like water off a duck’s back. No traction here Josef. I’m not one of your, angels. I don’t believe in your hate, guilt, or shame tactics. There’s a war going on here on earth, which side are you on, really?

Which brings me to living a Christ Centered Life.

I challenge anybody to show me examples of Jesus using hate, guilt, or shame, to coerce people to change and believe in His agenda of LOVE. I don't think you'll find it! To participate in this errant practice and then tell me you are a Christian is an arrogant, deceptive attempt to promulgate an agenda that is contrary to the teachings that Christ wanted His followers to believe in. Yes Yosef, there are two sides to your mouth, and we hear both sides. Which one do you want us to believe in? Which one is really you?

HAS, is supposed to be a group of benevolent humanitarians and I do believe that most of them are, but why is their leader, organizer and creator, not seen as duplicitous, when he claims he is a Christian, a “come-follow-me,” preacher type, while at the same time, uses guilt, shame, and hatred to coerce his spinmeister agenda? What other deviant beliefs exist in his own non-public life? And what value is there in bringing up past discretions of ancient ancestors, when Christ’s teaching are about forgiveness and changing one’s life to a better way of living? If you're on that Christ track, then why go back to the vomit, like a dog? If you focus on hatred, guilt and/or shame, as part of your declarations, then how are you ever going to, “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” when you are obviously living a Hatred-Centered-life? Get the two sides of your mouth together to become one mouth that talks about Love and Kindness and Compassion, a Christ-Centered-Life. If you want Christians to follow you, live the Christ like life. Then your HAS might become a support for Humanity instead of what appears to be, just a collection of paying, Yosef followers. It appears that the pattern of Cabal religious organizations is still alive and continues to divide and conquer the sleeping ones who believe they are awake. It’s visible and it’s just sad!

Josef, I call you a, “Spinmeister,” because you use geopolitical information and spin it towards your agenda. It is yet to be seen what your agenda is, but I can’t see lies and half truths as helpful.

Truth is, the Elder’s Gold is the only, “asset,” backing all currencies of the world. It is their brain child in harmony with the Heavens. The Gold back system contains Gold certificates that are digitally transferred with any money transferred in the new system. You cannot issue a Gold certificate when the Gold is still in the ground. It has not been identified so that a certificate can be issued. Admit you got it wrong, Josef. When Zimbabwe, or any other nation with assets in the ground, mines their assets and it can be identified and certified, then it can can monetize it into their economy. Until that happens their assets are only used to value the country in the GCR and has nothing to do with Gold backed currencies, only the amount of physical currency within their own economies. All currencies will be on par value with any other gold backed currency.

I can’t see why you believe this, but there is no collusion between Zimbabwe and China to back any currency in any country within the new Gold backed Financial System of currencies, because they are both Cabal Governments. While Zimbabwe has a treasure trove of in-ground assets, it is not the only African Nation that has major assets in-ground. You never talk about the Gold in Ghana. You never talk about the, in-ground oil reserves in Nigeria, which is the 5th largest exporter of oil in the world. You talk about the communist government in China as if they are representing the Elders. They are not. You talk as if the China and Zimbabwe countries are the engine of the new financial system. They are not. The African Union, a union of all African Countries, will emerge as the International voice of all Africa. Zimbabwe is one of 54 nations and will only have one voice at the table of the African Union talks. If you love Africa so much and preach of how they have been treated, quit spreading your propaganda when you only talk about Zimbabwe. The ruthless dictator, Mugabe, who weaponized the hatred for whites, used Zimbabwe for his own greed and gain. There is a lot that the people of Zimbabwe need to do to complete their distancing from the left over Cabal government, but they are trying.

Your talk about China in Africa and their investments in infrastructure with an inference that they are helping Africans, is false. Chinese interests are spending 60 Billion dollars to construct a railway from Tanzania to Kenya, that will only serve their interests in raping and pillaging the people. The trains will go past thousand of starving Tanzanians who will wonder why that train line was built instead of getting down to the local communities and stop hunger. Those Africans who know this are disgusted with the Chinese. Your Spin, Yosef, does not hold water when you look at the whole picture and where the influence of China is felt. Neither China nor any other outside government, will ever win the day in Africa. The only hope for Africa will be the influx of heart centered, non-religious agendized persons, that are hell bent on helping the people instead of building railroads that serve greedy people. Many Africans are Muslim and want nothing to do with the weaponized Christian religion used to enslave them. Leave your Bible home if you want to help Africans. They are not stupid and their beliefs need to be honored. God will help them find Him, regardless of what religion they believe in. Every single African is know to God and His benevolent love will be a home for each one of them, without exception. That is just a fact.

I do hope that HAS, as individual Humanitarian Angels, will be successful in their projects, but I worry about those who follow a leader that is hell bent on spreading hatred, guilt, and shame, to rally his worker bees to do their humanitarian work. I have listened to Josef before but I can’t stomach his hateful agenda. If his heart is in the right place, which I think it may be, he might change and abandon his destructive approach and really become the Christ Centered Being, that he says he wants to be. He has great leadership abilities and can do a marvelous work and a wonder. We may even see him in Africa in the future. That would be good for everyone, after he has changed.

So what about all the other third world countries? That’s an overload for sure and needs to be shared by many, many other heart centered people. For sure help is on the way. Glad there are enough of us.

Love, Light and Blessings to all
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PostSubject: Re: "Beating Back the Drums of Hatred, Guilt, and Shame" by Ron Giles 4/1/18   Sun Apr 01, 2018 10:41 pm

Quote :
I challenge anybody to show me examples of Jesus using hate, guilt, or shame, to coerce people to change and believe in His agenda of LOVE.

I challenge anybody to show me examples of Jesus or His followers using lies and falsehoods to defraud others ...

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."1 Thessalonians 5:14–18

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PostSubject: Re: "Beating Back the Drums of Hatred, Guilt, and Shame" by Ron Giles 4/1/18   Mon Apr 02, 2018 9:40 am

"Re: Beating Back the Drums of Hatred, Guilt, and Shame" by SERTF

If you really want to know what the spinmeister agenda is, I refer you to the following two articles:


2) The Art of Deception: Training for a New Generation of Online Covert Operations

Throughout this grueling, frustrating, and long ordeal of the GCR/RV saga, we have all had four big questions we seek answers to:

"IF" it is true ?, "WHEN" will it happen?, "WHAT" are the rates?, "WHO" is telling the truth?
There may be a fifth, "How" do we exchange / redeem?

Over the now years we watch, read, listen, wherever, and to whom ever we can to provide some semblance of believable information and direction. Some of the so called "GURUs" are believable others not so much. DISCERNMENT is the order of the day!

Here is my take: "IF" = YES, "WHEN" = very soon (April), "WHAT" = Nobody really knows, "WHO" = most, other than the "SPINMIESTER", and "HOW" = with a plan for Humanitarian Giving & Job Creation along with a Notarized Trust in hand.

Read the links and compare with statements of the spinmiester if you don't believe me. He has claimed to have already been paid, my question is "By Whom?"

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"Beating Back the Drums of Hatred, Guilt, and Shame" by Ron Giles 4/1/18
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