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 "Where are we?" by blueray - 3/29/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Where are we?" by blueray - 3/29/18

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 "Where are we?" by blueray - 3/29/18 Empty "Where are we?" by blueray - 3/29/18

Post by Ssmith on Fri Mar 30, 2018 9:25 am

The obvious ~ Still no GCR/RV/NESARA/GESARA us peons can access.

Lot's more peons calling BS on the hearsay claims made by "intel providers."

Fanfare for the gold backed Yuan introduction on March 26th fizzled with no discernible changes. Still waiting for the predicted stock market collapse ALLEGED to accompany the Golden Yuan introduction. So far, another nothing burger.

Real Truth Call cameo by Yosef wherein he claimed - again - that money doesn't exist. Good luck subscribing with his internet group without sending him some non-existent money. Most of us are waiting for that invisible money to begin our projects. Maybe we should start some invisible projects instead. Mercifully, he's fading into oblivion, taking his preaching with him.

Super Trump seems to be confused lately. Between Russia bashing, sanctions, bowing to Israel & cabinet member firings, he apparently has no time for EBS or other RV related announcements. Must be secret stuff. Don't worry, 6 months from now they will fill us in.

War drums being pounded over alleged Skripal poisoning incident by Russia. The US, UK, Israel & many other countries jumping on that bandwagon, hoping for a Rothschild World War 3. China flexing it's Naval muscle out on the high seas, whether offensively or defensively is unknown.

Drake Bailey working hard to be noticed again, punctuated with even more claims of magical powers. Yet despite his powerful benevolence, no GCR yet. Then again, he told us [twice] that 'poking holes in chemtrail aircraft tires with a pocket knife' was the chosen method to end the spraying. Must not be enough pocket knives to go around.

Kent Dunn still insists the Earth is flat. Maybe he will take a group of us on a tour & show us the edge so we can confirm it. Strangely, Kent now says that since we've been chemtrailed for so long, if it was stopped it would ' disrupt ' the weather patterns & cause problems. Hmmm. Sounds like bullshit to me. Three "intel providers" claimed the spraying would end last month. Still going on, along with a distinct & noticeable reluctance to even discuss the topic. Clearly, us peons aren't getting the truth of it from the good or bad guys. Maybe the 'Galactics' ran out of pocket knives. Or maybe it's because we can see them with our own eyes & they can't make up frigging lies that are believable. Cabelas is still selling pocket knives, just in case.

Billions of prayers & meditations have yet to have any noticeable effect.

The Tank/Kim team seem the most genuine of the latest gurus. That they are not preaching, blowing Shofar horns or selling anything is encouraging.

Sananda's, SaLuSa's, Sheldon Nidles, etc., continue spewing the same monotonous touchy-feely message of love, forgiveness and compassion for the same monsters who abuse children & kill with impunity. We still have prisons & chemical injections to end this abuse of power that should be very busy right now. These crimes were perpetrated in our 3D world & 3D solutions are appropriate. Despite many claims that we are moving to 'higher vibrations,' I've yet to see this demonstrated. Maybe you have experienced it. Or have witnessed the vanishing bad guys. I'll wait for the movie.

The ZIM bond information changes daily, from zero's off, no zero's off, limitations on how many you can exchange, taxes, no taxes, NDA's, no NDA's, etc. I doubt we will know what's true until we exchange.

Lot's of old time truth tellers like Jim Marrs dying off. Honest replacements are unlikely any time soon.

Operation Disclosure daily briefings used to be encouraging. They have morphed into a never ending list of new "things that must happen before the reset." Many of the 'must happen' things have been checked off the list, yet new ones keep getting added. Have you ever wished they would publish the whole list up front ? Sure would be nice to know just how long the roller coaster ride will be. Aren't we just being kept on the hook ? Belief does not equal truth or fact, as many failed predictions attest to.

Most of us have hitched our wagon to one guru or another, listened to endless conference calls, had our expectations jacked up, only to be disappointed. Despite many claims of magical powers, gods & benevolent galactics, most of us are about where we started, minus a foreclosed house or two. Most of us REALLY want to help make our world better, the {invisible} money is just a tool. I vote we edit the old saying " The meek shall inherit the Earth " to " After billions are killed, all our possessions are looted, the ecosystem thoroughly polluted the meek shall inherit the Earth." Seems much more realistic & we've lived it. Perhaps if we had been less trusting & demanded proof of claim, we might have saved ourselves a lot of heartache. Go RV !

Whatever. Time to sharpen my pocket knife.


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 "Where are we?" by blueray - 3/29/18 Empty Re: "Where are we?" by blueray - 3/29/18

Post by Jayzze on Fri Mar 30, 2018 10:04 am

if you are waiting for the gcr/ rv/ reset you will be waiting a long time. yes the budget will be official by sunday but what happened to the new watered down hcl that was supposed to be in the gazette 2 weeks ago? just because you have a budget do not count on a new rate since they are still kicking the can down the road.iraq has and will survive without raising the rate since they have many suckers to either lend them money or will give them aid.
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 "Where are we?" by blueray - 3/29/18 Empty Re: "Where are we?" by blueray - 3/29/18

Post by Kevind53 on Sat Mar 31, 2018 1:11 am

Lot's more peons calling BS on the hearsay claims made by "intel providers."

Well if it comes from an intel provider, it's BS, so maybe they're smartening up  ...

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

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