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 Dr. Clarks Responds to Happy Now & Susan! 3/27/18

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PostSubject: Dr. Clarks Responds to Happy Now & Susan! 3/27/18   Tue Mar 27, 2018 4:16 pm


HappyNow:  I just love a riddle.  especially one that keeps the hook in your mouth for months... no .. years on end.... thanks Dr Clark, Mtn Goat, Tony, all all the other "gurus" than came before them...

Speak plain and simple language if you want to be taken seriously... or take you're ranks among the foolishness of all the other "gurus".

Susan:  Thank you so much !!!  but I call BS because you said this...

and here is the BS......from the archives of DR/dinarrecaps.? look it up for yourself . "How many weeks & months did we list AFTER DECEMBER 2017, from our 7-27-17 Post?

DECEMBER, is the Very Last Month We Listed.

Have you ever wondered “WHY” we gave 6 months of B.S., AHEAD OF TIME, and ENDED at DECEMBER, from our 7-27-17 Post? did we list AFTER DECEMBER 2017, from our 7-27-17 Post?


DECEMBER, is the Very Last Month We Listed.

Have you ever wondered “WHY” we gave 6 months of B.S., AHEAD OF TIME, and ENDED at DECEMBER, from our 7-27-17 Post?


DR. CLARKE (3-27-18):  RECAPS, please DO NOT delete these 2 comments by SUSAN & HAPPY NOW, and Please include our ENTIRE reply comments here.

We want to take advantage of this Grand Opportunity, laid before us - AT THIS LATE HOUR.
SUSAN & HAPPY NOW: We concur & acknowledge your Frustration, Pain & Disappointment, as do MILLIONS more people, like you, around the Globe.
HAPPY NOW - We are NOT Mtn. Goat, Tony, Ray, TNT, Frank26, KFTA, Jester, Bluewolf, Restored Republic, DA Chat, BGG, IQDcalls, Poofness, or ANY other Guru, Blogger, Conference Call host, or Information Provider. We Honor & Respect every one of them & their place in this world, just like we honor & respect your place in this world. We may not agree with them, but we do Honor & Respect them - even if ALL of them hate, ridicule, despise, lie, and “spit” on us.
HOWEVER, we are Dr. Clarke. Our information, is OUR information and nobody else's. Just like SUSAN & HAPPY NOW, are NOT your Real Names, neither is Dr. Clarke our Real Name.

Of course you already knew that.

What’s MOST IMPORTANT, is the information, NOT the identity......especially in this world we live in Today.

"There is a TIME & PLACE" for Everything."
SUSAN - Just so you know, this thing should have been DONE & FINISHED OFFICIALLY IN EARLY 2016, right after we arrived. This thing was supposed to have been done early in the 2016 U.S. election year, in the heat of the battle with ISIS, as Hillary Clinton was supposed to be guaranteed elected President......as a feather in the cap & controlled by the THEN, ruling factions in power. It was supposed to be done in EARLY 2016, as fuel during the election campaign AND FOR GLOBAL SUPPORT, for THAT cause. When things didn't come together as planned (as most of life does - No Guarantees), especially during that summer of 2016, it was pushed to the latter end of 2016, closer to the Election.......and of course, THAT PLAN all blew apart, as Donald Trump shattered all expectations, and was elected President.

(One of the reasons why Sterling & several other Dealers were taken down, when they were)
IT's a GOOD THING for you, because if this would have happened back in 2016, you WOULD NOT HAVE received, anything even remotely close, to what you were expecting to receive, back then, COMPARED TO NOW, TODAY.

(For Example: Less TAXES is just one example, plus the Fairness of your Exchanges)
So, then it was supposed to happen During the Year, in 2017 FOR SURE, as they unraveled the pieces & control of ISIS......and as they did, a RATE increase was supposed to be implemented in the interim, to take care of "The People", especially Iraq & everyone else.....in the Process.

The rate would slowly go up over the next few months in a controlled way, through the markets, and of course, as Iraq gained more stability, they would also increase their base (In-country rate) - but at least, LIKE KUWAIT (why we reference them often), they would be off & running, despite everything not being "Perfect", but solid enough, to do so, with at least a START.

This was supposed to happen, especially sometime after Mosul was Liberated, but was postponed yet again, at the final hour, due to wanting to drive up the price of OIL (where their BIG BIG Money is at), AND simultaneously remove more & more crooks from the downline of ISIS connections, stealing BIG Money, not only in Iraq, all over the Middle East, but ALL Over the World, including the United States.

THAT process has been happening, as you can clearly see.
The thinking IS & HAS BEEN for the past year or so, "Every DAY we can hold this off, a little more Time - we gain a little more Advantage for Everyone involved - more OIL revenue, more Crooks stopped, more advance on ISIS & Terrorism, more Laws passed, more Stable conditions, more Banking stability, more Education, more Money accumulated, more Business & Trade Agreements, more Restoration, more Governing Strength in the Middle East etc."
HAPPY NOW - Thank you for researching our archive here on Recaps, because that's WHY it's still there. We took you all the way thru DECEMBER 2017, because That's When this thing was supposed to be COMPLETELY OVER. DONE. FINISHED......and that's WHY We had NO MORE INFORMATION PAST DECEMBER, 2017 - just 3 months ago. We told you the TRUTH.
There's a Good REASON, why we say:
We want to constantly remind you, that this is one of the Most Important statements of TRUTH, that there is for us Humans to get through our THICK SKULLS........AND WE DON'T SET THE RULES.
We've had MORE THAN ONE VERY CLOSE FRIEND, Die & Pass on, during this past 15 years.......Several In Fact......even Family Members - just like You have seen, many of your Dear Friends & Acquaintances on these sites, Die & move on - and NONE OF THEM, saw their Dinarland Dreams come True.

They never got what they wanted.

They DIED holding their currency, with no Monetary Victory & Blessing, except perhaps, to pass it on to their Family or Friends.

HOWEVER, Their Victory & Blessing, came in a Different form....But they DID RECEIVE IT - Just Not in the way they thought.
WE DON'T SET THE RULES & thus why we say:
If you learn nothing else. Learn this to be the guiding principle in your Life Every DAY........No, better yet - EVERY MOMENT of Your Life.
YEARS, are not guaranteed. MONTHS are not guaranteed. DAYS are not guaranteed - and not even MOMENTS are not guaranteed.
………LET ALONE, an insignificant Currency Rate increase, to fill your Bank Account coffers, by a Country or Government or GOVERNMENTS, that you can't even BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND, no matter how hard you try……..thus our favorite TRUTH - This Whole thing is “IL-LOGICAL!”

Where are We At NOW?
We gave you our most recent synopsis & status, in our Post yesterday (3-26-18).
If you haven’t noticed by now after all these years - this thing CHANGES IN A MOMENT’S NOTICE. WHY?
Because it’s BIG. It’s too Important to hundreds of Millions of people. Yes, hundreds of Millions, on EVERY CONTINENT ON THIS GLOBE.
The GOOD NEWS, is that all the groundwork has been laid, and is pretty much over.
For Instance, when was the last time the country of Iraq, actually COMPLETED a BUDGET & made it Public into LAW?

How about NEVER ever before?

Well, they just did, and it’s about to be OFFICIAL. That word we keep Powerfully emphasizing. OFFICIAL.

That ONE THING alone, should tell you, where this thing is at, compared to the past 15 years.

Again, this is WHY we printed what we printed yesterday in our 3-26-18 Post……but you have to read it carefully. CAREFULLY.
ADD TO THAT……..the U.S. status: Budget signed. OIL rising in markets worldwide over $70 (we told you this way back last year - they want it at $90 by yr. end), Crooks being brought to justice……..Gold? Silver? Crypto’s?…… Iran’s currency tumbled yesterday (we told you that last year also). Vietnam is setting records ( we told you that from the beginning)……and more.
Are our “IL-LOGICAL” Opinions clear Today?
Dr. Clarke
P.S. Thank You SUSAN & HAPPY NOW, for helping your Fellow Comrades with your Comments, on this Dinar, Currency Speculation Venture, that’s about to come to an END…….spurring a Bright New Beginning.
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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Clarks Responds to Happy Now & Susan! 3/27/18   Tue Mar 27, 2018 7:46 pm

Recaps had to get the last word on that comment calling them out on their “dr Clarke” crap.
Nice try Recaps. Just keep playing games to keep the money coming in. 
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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Clarks Responds to Happy Now & Susan! 3/27/18   Tue Mar 27, 2018 8:59 pm

Yep he's done. Another wanna be done. I NO NOTHING'S NOTHINGS
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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Clarks Responds to Happy Now & Susan! 3/27/18   Wed Mar 28, 2018 1:18 am

One liar or another ... they'll just make up new names.

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."1 Thessalonians 5:14–18

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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Clarks Responds to Happy Now & Susan! 3/27/18   Wed Mar 28, 2018 8:06 am

I keep hoping but after 14 years its doubtful if we even break even
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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Clarks Responds to Happy Now & Susan! 3/27/18   Thu Mar 29, 2018 9:48 am

Dear Dinarland .. this April fool's day will mark another mile stone for most of you monitoring & participating in this fake news/insider get-rich scam ..
Since 2011 the same hopium sound bites, rum-tel & blatant lies have been promoted for profit by web hosts and "currency experts" or con men alike.
You’ve been lied to so many times, there isn't one new twist you haven't heard a dozen of times before. Most of you can accurately predict or either write the next Guru post by memory because you've heard the same lies over & over like a broken record.   
Don't you think it's a little weird that Non ME experts, unlicensed currency marketers , men & woman who've never step foot in the ME have magical contacts ready to share these salacious insights, at the same time Wall Street currency traders, Hedge Funds, Global economists & main stream media have remained silent, while life inside Iraq is an open book of instability, corruption & misery.
Evidence to date? Let's see one of those Wells Fargo back screens.

Please ask if anyone can share a mythical NDA, or receipt of an SKR, and the pink unicorn of them all the Q-Card with the new rate.  
We've seen the "don't touch bank memo's", and we know there's no accountability for false promises/ lies (thanks to #DOJ.gov #IRS.gov #FBI.gov #SEC.gov #FTC.gov ). As the result of any legal consequences/non-action, the remaining con men have become desensitized to shame, guilt or remorse.
There's another good reason why this con have survived this long and why Guru's are like a cockroach that can't be killed.
It's because the web hosts continue to provide criminals w/a communications platform, while the hosts knowingly re-post their fiction. Desperate & greedy people simply can't stop themselves from visiting, clicking & donating. 

Do yourself a favor this April Fool’s Day .. stop, don't click , don listen, don't support these sites and don't donate . Break the addiction .. 
Try this for the next 30 days. After 30 days, let's see who drops out.. or better yet get's the undivided attention of the #DOJ.com / Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov

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Dr. Clarks Responds to Happy Now & Susan! 3/27/18
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