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RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/26/18

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   3/26/18 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/26/18

Post by Ssmith on Tue Mar 27, 2018 9:18 am

(Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call notes 26-March-2018

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! This is Marvelous Monday, March 26, 2018, with yours truly RayRat98 here, along with…

Tony: Gooood morning, TNT! What’s going on?

RayRen: Before we recap the intel, we do want to acknowledge the loss of two members over the weekend: QueenJ from Louisiana, and also DBerry from MC. QueenJ was hit by a truck on Saturday, and DBerry had (possibly) a heart attack at age 60.

Friday evening reports:

Abadi informs that all contractors will be given treasury bonds to pay their debts.

Abadi indicated that all employees of all regions will be paid next week. The schedule for payments will be announced on Saturday.

Saturday morning reports:

Iraqi TV was reporting that a new date of March 27 (instead of March 29) was announced for Parliament to meet in-session and complete the votes on the 20 remaining laws. This two-day shift up provides a buffer for Abadi to react by March 29 if a quorum is not established at the March 27 session.

Sunday update:

Iraqi TV has the following information scrolling along the bottom of television screens….

The National Oil Law has been officially ratified and will be published in the Gazette right away.

Approximately 1,000 arrest warrants for corruption by political leaders, including former Prime Minister Maliki, have been issued today. #wearethepeople

The World Bank is extending its full support to Iraq for their reconstruction efforts.

The Budget Law is anticipated to be posted this week in the midst of stifling efforts by members of Parliament and other political leaders.

Iraqi TV is reporting civil unrest of Kurdish teachers protesting not getting paid even though the Kurdistan Region has received payment from Baghdad.

Tony: I like all those updates, and they make sense. HCL and the Budget were published on Wednesday, everyone is being paid back to November 2017, and other intel is coming our way.

In the meantime, I go into the chat room every so often, and also Twiter, etc. I am trying to understand this, and if it were black and white, written down and posted on television everywhere around the world, how would that work out? Would you be here today? Would you have taken this ten-year journey if you KNEW that it wouldn’t come out until now? Probably not. As it is, we got to experience the journey, to see something being built, seeing a whole country growing up and changing their laws, economy, and government system. We expect them to do what they say they’ll do, on OUR timing, when we cannot even do that ourselves, much less in their culture.

I say all this because I understand why people are frustrated. We have to go with the information we get. We all get intel from different sources, and everyone has a different schedule. I get calls from people at the Treasury, for instance, and all three sources say the Treasury is good to go on Monday, but then the banks say they won’t be ready until Wednesday. Judge's email/phone:  ksd_murguia_chambers@ksd.uscourts.gov  913-735-2340 DA's email/phone:  Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov   913-551-6730  Or the IMF said, “this is the last memo we sent out” while sources in Iraq say something completely different. That’s what we have to look at. We know there is a plan every week. Last week the plan was for everyone in Iraq to be paid by Thursday, and then by Sunday they were supposed to have a new rate. That was the plan from the first part of March. I told you all on the call that I get calls after the TNT calls, and they say X changed or Y changed. They are also constantly saying I get you all too much information, but I think you can handle it or you can’t.

This week, the schedule is that everyone will get paid by Thursday, again. This is when it should take place! A lot of times we get information a week ahead. They tell us something and it doesn’t happen until next week. We are now being told that the rest of the laws will be done by Thursday. Why do they want to wait until the very last moment? I think they will have the final votes on Tuesday because the Kurds are saying they will show up in Parliament on Tuesday. So I think they will vote on Tuesday, the laws and the HCL will be in the Gazette on Wednesday. Those are the laws that deal with finance and the rates of the currency. Article 140 doesn’t have to do with rates, so I don’t understand why people think we need 140 to be resolved before the RV.

Right now, we are telling you what is going on and what we’re looking at. Just because I am telling you what I’m being told is the plan, that doesn’t mean I can make them do it. I’m not in charge of this; however, everyone is putting out the best information they have. I don’t care who gives you the information first, or the 800 numbers – I just want it to happen, and have a plan to do something with it afterwards. We hear all the rumors of things going on in the world. This has to be about more than money; it is about your future. We see what China and Russia are doing to devalue in the dollar; two of the world’s most powerful countries are teaming up to take down the petro-dollar, so you’d better have a plan to have more dollars here. Interest rates are going up, so things will cost more. We can be part of the problem, or part of the solution here. So I give you the information about what is going on today, what the plan/timeframe is today, and then what to do after exchange to sustain these changes, to make our lives better, and to sustain these monies into the future. [Horror stories about lottery winners.] We do want you to make your plans for the future now, so that you can create generational wealth. Please pay attention and have a plan!

So… they hope to get everything done by Thursday, and we think it will go before then. Every time they put something like that in the Iraqi news, it always happens a few days before the stated time. They do still want to get this accomplished before the end of March, which is Saturday.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: I understand now about the utopian way of giving and I’ll set my kids up with charitable family foundations to run, but what I’m wondering about now is: after the exchange how do I give this money to myself to use for myself? What kind of trust/ foundation allows me to exchange the currencies and use that bulk of money for myself?
A: Go back and review the ABCs of gifting [attached to the end of these notes]; use option B, which is a trust. You just need to know the proper way to do it. Look at the employer-employee relationship; if you work for someone, they pay you for the work you do. That is how you want to deal with your kids: have the foundation or trust employ them and pay them a salary for the work they are doing.

Q: My husband and I bought some dinar online for a friend of ours who is deployed in Djibouti Africa. He is in the Navy. Since we bought it and it will come in our name should we just give it to him along with a gift letter and the dinar with the certification and everything? We will actually be giving it to his wife who is here in town with us.
A: What was the original agreement? Are you buying it for him and he will reimburse you, or is it an outright gift? If it was a gift, you need to give with a gifting statement. If he is reimbursing you, create an affidavit to state that is the situation. All you need is a paper trail.

Q: Has the Committee come up with a solution to the “Zim problem”? Since the Zim is in the first basket, can the GCR can’t happen before the “Zim problem” is taken care of?
A: I’m not hearing that the Zim has been dropped from the first basket, so no problem.

Q: What is the status of the lower denominations, seems to me if their goal was to release them on the 21st, that they must have them all printed out and ready to go, but for some unknown reason they are refusing to release them. Any speculation on what their motivation might be in NOT releasing them to the public?
A: The lower denominations have been in the banks since last month – we heard that from three separate bankers in Iraq. The lower denoms have been in the ATMs for a month or more. They have not been released because we are still waiting on the RI/RV; they will be released as soon as the RV is announced.

Q: If I have a personal estate, a business and a foundation, should I only make appointments for one at a time? Foundation first, Business or Estate 2nd and should Estate or Business be third?
A: Just tell them when you call the 800 number, andthey will let you know how to proceed from there.

Q: is there anything special for anyone 65 years old or older during the exchange process? Is there a contact for anyone 65 years old or older?
A: Not that we have been told.

Q: 1) Once you fund a trust, can you put more money into it at a later time?
2) I want to give each of my daughters $1 million using a trust structure so they don’t blow through the money and get used to handling the responsibility of managing the entity as well. Once I do that, are they locked into that trust forever??
A: Yes, and yes.

Q: I have heard that the IMF is insisting that the spread between the CBI rate and the market rate must be no more than 2% and it should hold that spread for 90 days before the IMF will allow the RV. What have you all heard about this issue?
A: The only 2% I know is that once this goes live, the CBI cannot raise their rates more than 2%. That says nothing about the spread one way or the other.

Q: Is the $15,000 gift tax on the amount we paid before the RV or what the value is post-RV?
A: The gift tax is paid on the VALUE of the currency – that is why we suggest you give currency gifts BEFORE the RV.

Q: since the contract rate is based on first come first serve, how will that effect us on the west coast seeing as we will be 3 hours behind New York and 2 hours behind the mid west?
Tony: The East Coast will wait until the West Coast is ready, so that there is an equal opportunity to exchange. The East Coast banks will stay open later at night. That is how it was planned to work, just to prevent chaos on the other coast. We’ll see what happens.

Q: What is one specific question you would ask the TNT family regarding their prepared-ness for the RV?
RayRen: Are you worth it? Tony: Not ‘are you prepared’ but “have you prepared your loved ones for after this happens?” The moment you come home, you have changed the lives of everyone in your immediate family. Have you prepared them for what is about to happen, including emotions and expectations. You have been preparing yourself on these calls; have you prepared your spouse, kids, etc., for being looked at differently, for the questions and demands, for the projection that you are better and smarter than they are. I will bring my family and say that after the RV you will need security and privacy. Everyone will be watching what you are doing, and you have to change your lifestyle and your responsibilities. You will be looked at someone who will make a difference in your community, and they will ask why you aren’t doing things and giving back to the community. So: have you prepared your friends and family? Or are you setting them up for failure?

Live questions

972 caller: Back at the New Year, you said they wanted to set the international rate at $8. Also, any update on the Zim?

Tony: Their plan was to CAP the Forex/market rate at $8 maximum, then let it back down. WE haven’t heard anything new about the Zim. No banker has been notified of those possible changes, so be prepared to go either way.

865/404 caller: Regarding the ‘1,000 arrest warrants for corruption’ – what’s the status?

Tony: I don’t know. I have seen the news article, but no individual names. That has nothing to do with us, with the RV, or with the change in rates.

Caller: How have your sources changed over the years, here and in Iraq? Still 50-50?

Tony: Our sources in Iraq are about the same since the beginning, with people in government agencies, in stores and banks, people on the streets in Baghdad and in Kurdistan. People over there have had issues just for giving us information. Over here, each administration has given us different levels of information; however, our banking people have pretty much stayed the same, although some have retired, some have been promoted and moved on. We have been given more information from different levels a the banks. The biggest change has been through each administration because those people leave as the new administration comes in.

773 caller: I read a Bloomberg article about China shaking up the oil futures market; the article didn’t say how far along they were with that concept. How does that affect our getting the oil credits?

Tony: That process started yesterday. China does have oil; they can buy oil and create a market that challenges the US market in oil futures. Just like the petro-dollar, this is an alternative for other countries to use asset-backed currencies rather than fiat dollars. That is how the US dominates world economy, because people have to use the US dollar. If Russia and China set up an alternative currency that is cheaper and easier to use. trump is telling other economies what to do or not do under threat of removing dollars from them, and these other countries are saying “use our currency instead”. When enough people/countries get on board and switch over to other currencies, that devalues the dollar and our authority around the world because that is a better deal. Every country that has ever sat on top sooner or later gets knocked down. We are watching this in action: China+Russia are now teaming up to do that more quickly as they work in tandem. On the other hand, If you are aware of it, you can prepare for it. They are planning to dominate the world using money, and the value of money. Every war ever thought was about money, even if there was a different reason presented to the public.

409 caller: Supposing you go to the bank and get the contract rate, do you necessarily have to put it in a trust? The bank would be controlling your money otherwise…

Tony: No. You CAN put it in a trust, if you so desire and if it suits your plan.

RayRen: Your friends don’t understand the strategy I put out, or the use of the tools. Exchange in your personal name, then find a professional to put your trust together after your exchange. Take your time and learn what you need to do before you do it. If the bank offers you a trust ask why you should and what the ramifications are for not doing it.

Tony: if you take the contract rate, it will give you a higher exchange rate and you will sign an NDA. Now you have all this money, and you get to decide how you want to get a better deal with the bank. The bank will ask how much you will leave in the bank; they will then invest that money for THEIR gain, although you can negotiate a rate of return for yourself. But signing the NDA doesn’t tie you to the bank for ten years, it just binds you to silence for ten years. That is a completely different issue.

Next caller: Does the President of Iraq or PM Abadi influence the CBI, or is it totally the CBI’s call?

Tony: I believe Iraqi law leaves the CBI in charge of the RV and rates. Now, during the Obama administration, the US appointed the head of the IMF and the World Bank, so yes, we have some influence although we don’t rule those institutions. In the same way, Abadi has lunch with the Governor of the CBI, although he doesn’t rule the CBI.

Caller: So they should flip the switch this week?

Tony: Yes, that was the plan last week. Kurdistan did not pay their people, so they didn’t flip the switch. Kurdistan is now paying their people and will hopefully be finished by Thursday, and we can go back to last week’s plan, so we RV by the end of March.

Caller: Is the dong still at 47 cents?

We had a person at the bank this morning, and the guy in front of her said he was fed up with waiting. The teller simply refused to take his dinar, and told him that he would talk to the private banker because the teller was not authorized to tell him the rate. Our member went home, got her dong, and asked to see the private banker – who also said he was not authorized to exchange at that rate yet. So something is happening because there clearly is a new rate on the screens.

281 caller: If the teller can see it, it must be on the front AND the back screens, right?

Tony: We want to see it on the front screen, where the teller can see it.

Caller: I know you haven’t yet received any instructions so far, and you said that if we don’t get those instructions, we should hold onto all our Zim notes. Do you think that they might still take the other denominations?

Tony: You have a 500,000,000 Zim note? Did you get it from the bank? No? The Zimbabwe currency is internationally traded right now, with a US exchange rate attached to it. However, the ones we are exchanging are the older notes, and those are the eight denominations we have been told will be exchanged. We were told by the US Treasury that only 100T and 50 T notes. However, nothing beats a failure but a try.

916 caller: When you transfer money from your personal account into a trust, if you are the grantor than that is not taxable?

Tony: That’s right.

Caller: Have you seen any drafts of the NDA?

Tony: No. We are going on what one of the authors of the NDA has told us, and why.

951 caller: What is the purpose of the trustees in a trust?

RayRen: Trustees are the officers in charge of managing the trust. A trust needs to have trustees to make decisions, and you can be one of them. You can be the sole trustee of your trust, but I wouldn’t recommend it. With one person calling the shots, their sanity can always be challenged; with two or more on the board, that gives you checks and balances. It’s unlikely that everyone loses their minds at the same time.

Tony: Ideally you want at least three people so there can be a majority vote, not ties.

818 caller: Is the RV going to happen after we have asset-backed currency?

Tony: When are we going to get asset-backed currency?

Caller: When we RV will we have an asset-backed currency?

Tony: That is the same question we had in the last call. We are going to Basel 3 and Basel 4, and that means asset-backed currency. That happened last June, and there was a further notification last December. That’s where we are already. Our physical notes are not going to change, so what do you expect to see in your daily life? There is nothing to see, any more than when we went from gold-backed to fiat currency. The US doesn’t have to accumulate any gold to back the currency – even today, there was an article on that. China has 1,000 tons and expects to get 400 tons per year, while Russia is the third-largest gold producer in the world. [This caller doesn’t understand Basel 3, so I am not transcribing his repeated questions based on incorrect premises.]

Caller: Will the oil credits be part of those assets? [Tony: Yes.] Will there be time limit on the Zim, or any kind of timeframe such as ‘must be redeemed within 30 days’?

Tony: I haven’t heard anything like that.

RayRen: this is why you want to pick and choose who you listen to: someone is saying you have to exchange Zim within 30 days? And you believe that? When we tell you the intel, at least we tell you where we’re getting our information from. We have already told you the expected rate for Zim and the timeframe over which it will grow – that would not be happening if you all had to exchange within 30 days.

208 caller: I gather that we can only take $7,000 when we exchange. Can we create cashiers checks?

Tony: Yes, $7,000 is the limit in cash. No, they won’t cut bank checks if the tellers are busy exchanging… but it’s your money in your account, and you can pay people using regular checks or wire transfers. They say that 10% of your total funds will be available that day and the rest within 24 hours.

610 caller: if you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822. You will find the address at www.tntsuperfantastic.com; click on DONATE and send your check today.

240 caller: When calling the 800 number to make your appointment, and telling them the total, can you go to a teller and exchange a million dollars-worth before the appointment?

RayRen: Yes, but we need to have talk about why you need that money instead of using Other People’s Money (OPM).

870 caller: Earlier you said that dinar cannot go up more than 2% in 90 days.

Tony: Iraq cannot change the rate; the market can drive it up.

347 caller: [Incoherent IMF conspiracy theories]

Tony: SDR are ‘special drawing rights’ that stabilize the world reserve currencies. There are responsibilities we have to take on if we want to stay ‘the greatest’. I went out with my wife and grown daughter and a group of women. They were all sitting around having a great time, and although I was not enjoying myself as much, I knew that I had to stay there so that they could continue to have a good time. As a country, we have give up certain things to be responsible as leaders. On this call, we give out this information to help you today and into the future. We are not saying “I know how to get my money and how to use it to advantage by keeping this information to myself”, but we want to help you, so we get on the calls three times per week. That is a small sacrifice for what we are accomplishing. We all win if we do it together. The same is true of the US; we give up some things so that the global economy can work better. We are part of changing the global dynamics, and that can make our allies into enemies. In Iraq, the US came in, and we had a lot of influence; now, with this administration, we don’t want to help Iraq grow, and so Iran is coming in full force. That’s why you are hearing about the global economy, with Russia and China helping other countries without recompense today. In the future, when they are in charge, they will behave just like the US. The world economy has to continue; it can’t shut down because we are pulling the plug in various places.

480 caller: If the currency devalues, do the bankers know what to do?

Tony: Of course you want your money to be in the safest place; you have to go in and interview your wealth manager, so determine if his or her plans for your goals will fit you. If not, get a new wealth manager.

Caller: What are the best questions to ask? I’ve been listening about four years now.

Tony: This is the exact thing we’ve been trying to prepare you for – looking at all thes things, learning the terminology, reading/understanding what’s going on in the global economy, so that you can be ready and KNOW where you want to go post-RV. Know where you want to go in the economy and let the wealth manager know where that is. The wealth manager is a human being like anyone else, and they don’t know everything that interests you. They do know about the stock market, but not that much about Forex or the global economy. They usually look five years down the road to see how to make money for their bank, and to keep you as a client.

Caller: I’m interested in cryptos, but I don’t know that wealth managers will know about that sector.

Tony: Wealth managers have their own ideas, and the agenda their bank wants them to follow, so that the bank can money and the WM can make a commission. Every bank has a different idea of where they want the WM to direct you. You have to understand enough to say “No, I want X, Y and Z” and they will still make their commission.

Caller: Is it best to have more than one wealth adviser?

Tony: Yes, and I would let each one know that they are in competition with each other. I will openly tell them that I will shift more money to whoever does the best for me.

Closing Statement

Tony: I’ve been getting a ton of information while the call was going on. Everyone is getting excited about China, with ten billion in trades in the first hour. They have been trying to do this since 1993! We really don’t want trade wars, and I don’t want to get into politics, but we see what’s happening: China is escalating their plan even as we wait for the RV. The new guy in the Fed is talking about raising interest rates five times in the next year! That is going to affect all of us, so plan for it! Hopefully everyone in Iraq will be paid, and all the laws passed this week, and everything will be published in the Gazette. Sometime between Wednesday and Sunday this whole mess should be over and we can go forward into our great future. I work on my plans every day, and make sure I am ready to go. I can’t make them do this; I know the rates on the screen but don’t know if those are the most accurate rates. The banks are frustrated when this didn’t happen (again). All I can control is my readiness for this to happen, and what happens after that. Enjoy your day.

RayRen: We did have some training calls over the weekend with a lot of emphasis on PYP – protect your principal. Keep that in mind when you run to the bank!

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

Note: Here are the ABCs about giving money, with $100,000 as the example; purple comments are by RayRen:

A: You might gift $100,000 in full to an individual, and the recipient will have to pay the (current) gift tax on anything over $15,000. CORRECTION: The donor would pay the gift tax, not the recipient. Another less tax way is to give them currency before the RV with a detailed gift letter. This latter way means the value will not break the $15K level at which the donor needs to pay taxes. We have all learned this big difference thanks to the education from Tony and Ray (et al). This is no longer a favored option by me.

B: You can create a trust. Lots of options/types here, so study is mandatory. Can be made with a trustee that could be the individual to manage the trust. You could write terms that include a salary for this person to manage and go through an educational process of managing money. In my case we are using a trust to transfer money across generational lines in the event the RV creates more than the inheritance has-to-be-taxed amount. It’s easy to get lost in the details, so much study is needed. Get an estate lawyer after RV, set up a trust (or trusts), and fund it then. You don’t need an estate lawyer, just someone knowledgeable in drafting contracts for estate planning purposes.

C: Another way to give to a cause and have it last for years is via a foundation. You need more than $100K however to make it truly self sustaining IMO. More like two to four million dollars. Invest the money to create annual income for the cause and to fund a small (even one person) staff to run it and disperse earnings. Can have some of the same benefits and educational opportunities as a trust. Comes with lots of requirements, and the one who donates to this foundation (you) might be able to write it off your taxes as a donation. Study is required. Hire a lawyer to do this right and lawfully. You’ve somewhat missed the point here, the recipient will learn how to make this work in their favor.

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   3/26/18 Empty Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/26/18

Post by Kevind53 on Wed Mar 28, 2018 1:23 am

Caller: What are the best questions to ask? I’ve been listening about four years now.
The question you should be asking is; "Why am I still listening to this crap after four years of lies and hype?"

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