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 "RI in the First Quarter" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26, DELTA 3/25/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"RI in the First Quarter" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26, DELTA 3/25/18

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 "RI in the First Quarter" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26, DELTA 3/25/18 Empty "RI in the First Quarter" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26, DELTA 3/25/18

Post by Ssmith on Mon Mar 26, 2018 8:12 am


Pursuit » March 25th, 2018

Frank , is there anything you can tell us at this time ?

Frank26 » March 25th, 2018


OldSeaGuy » March 25th, 2018

We've learned the the RI doesn't need the Budget, but
the Budget does need the RI. So if the Budget is published this week ......
IMO we should see the RI in the first quarter of 2018 !!!

Walkingstick » March 25th, 2018

Iraqi facts reveal the date of publication of the financial budget law for 2018

BAGHDAD / The director of the Iraqi fact sheet, Shatha al-Tai, said on Sunday that the Federal Budget Law of the country will be published this week, pointing out that the delay of publication was caused by not sending a letter from the presidency.

"We have prepared the federal budget law for the year 2018 and waiting for notice from the Presidency of the Republic invites us to publish the draft law," Al-Taie told "Iraq News", likely to "reach notification this week."

"Article 73 of the Constitution, third article, pointed out that the injustice of the non-ratification of the President of the Republic, can be published after 15 days, but this matter is linked to the poetry of the Presidency of the Republic invites us to publish."

"We have published previous laws that were not ratified by the president of the republic, as in the unified card law, which was published 15 days later," she said.

It is noteworthy that the President of the Republic, Fuad Masoum, refused on (March 13), to approve the budget of 2018 and returned to the House of Representatives to review its content because of the existence of 31 violations of constitutional, financial and legal clauses, according to the presidential statement in this regard.

The House of Representatives voted, in its session held on Saturday (March 3, 2018) on the federal budget for the current fiscal year by boycotting the Kurdish deputies.


Tim » March 25th, 2018


Anothermailman » March 25th, 2018

Well, Iraq's parliament decided to use 2 days, tuesday and thursday of this week to make sure these important laws were completed. I'm sure they will take the full week before they publish the budget law. Maybe, Saturday at 11:59pm.

Sunkissed » March 25th, 2018

Frank asked last week if there was anything not done yet..... I wasn't certain until last night Q&A that the Budget had not been put in the Gazette in any location that we possibly couldn't see, when Frank answered my question. (Thank you Frank).

Now... in print --- we have the answer is in print!

IMO Perhaps.... the Budget posted in the Gazette may have been the single item that needed to be checked off for the RI...

Perhaps because the numbers would reveal the RI....

Perhaps the Budget will be posted simultaneously with...the 2nd Article and the Reinstatement of the Iraqi Dinar...and the release of the re-denomination of the Dinar...
Perhaps... …we will be at the Bank this week exchanging........Perhaps.

Great4u » March 25th, 2018

So THIS WEEK we get to see the RATE in the budget???

FaithPrevails » March 25th, 2018

IMO Iraq can come out with a PR , however with the flip of a switch it can be changed. We watch their actions and continue our study. FP

Darknight31 » March 25th, 2018

This would be my wager imo.... Yuan triggers the possible gold standard in under 11 hours... And iraq speeds up the timeline to pass publicly what has supposedly been done. Timing.... Impeccable or intentional?

Astaria » March 25th, 2018

Could very well be -as Frank has consistently taught us-ALL PLANNED!!! We see as Frank taught-$70 oil, Decrease in Dinar sales, Meetings moved up, Warrants for arrests for a thousand plus 'you know who'....Then HUGE post #125 from Walkingstick today-So much revealed as Kim Clement prophesied-There will be nothing ...then...and as Frank stated-BOOM BOOM BOOM---All in IHO and IMHO!

Frank26 » March 25th, 2018


Walkingstick » March 25th, 2018

Government insurers seek credit rating

Baghdad / Mustafa Al Hashemi

The National Insurance Company has announced a relationship between insurance premiums in government companies and property Tax.

"The citizen who has insurance premiums of 5 million dinars is exempted from a tax of 5 million dinars, and this is a good thing and positive," said General Manager Haifa Chamoun.

"We have a partnership with government banks (Rafidain, Rashid and Iraqi for trade and industry) to secure all loans, especially development ones, in addition to our attempts to grant life insurance coverage to borrowers in accordance with the requirements and conditions provided by the three parties (Borrower - Bank -

Insurance Company ). The presence of an actor confirmed Shimon that " the payment of compensation by the public and private insurers evidence that the insurance sector is present and active," noting that "there are efforts and attempts to expand insurance business through our representatives and our producers to state departments, as well as the establishment of seminars in universities to define an important segment Insurance sector ".

"There is a significant increase in the insurance portfolio against the dangers of fire," noting that "there is a trade with all the provinces are applying for this type of insurance, especially after they know the amounts of compensation paid by government companies," asserting that " About twice the amount of compensation paid to this document , and that the majority of traders are insured by insurance companies aware of the importance of it.

Excellent experiences

and followed that "insurance companies generally has excellent experiences of insurance cadres and the economic situation need to raise awareness about the importance of the subject of insurance and its role in the economic process, noting that there are efforts to spread the vigorous awareness of insurance."

"The need to communicate with investment bodies and committees through the Insurance Bureau and the Ministry of Finance, which will highlight the importance of insurance on investment projects, especially as we live in the reconstruction phase of
liberated cities ."

Global classification

Shimon revealed the "lack of insurance companies in Iraq to a global credit classification because the classification needs to certain requirements are available to government companies, but not properly studied," asserting "a real trend to get this classification through the Ministry of Planning," indicating that "access A degree of classification qualify us to define the world our potential to open the door to insurance on major investment projects inside and outside Iraq. " The Director General of the company to re-work in the branch of Nineveh, the company after the liberation of the province of "Daash"


Frank26 » March 25th, 2018

WHY??? .........................(Big Smile)

GFulcher66 » March 25th, 2018

b/c it must ir imo………come on rv

DELTA » March 25th, 2018


Frank26 » March 25th, 2018


Boxman » March 25th, 2018

Seems they are subsidizing citizens and companies for the 1st 5 million in insurance premium dollar for dollar offset....assume they want to encourage purchase of insurance and encourage investments..i would think that investors from outside Iraq, would want and require insurance to protect their investment.. All part of investors coming to Iraq to provide jobs...Could be wrong, but think part of security and stability...IMHO

Mike100 » March 25th, 2018

Does Frank and teams still believe they will suspend the auctions at the end of this month?

Frank26 » March 25th, 2018


Samson » March 25th, 2018

Distribution of salaries of employees of Kurdistan Region

25th March, 2018

The Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government on Saturday, a new schedule for the payment of salaries in November of 2017.

According to the new schedule will be distributed salaries of ministries as follows:

First - Sunday 25/3/2018 Distribution of salaries:
1_ Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
2_mash Justice
3_ Judicial Council
4_mash Labor and social Affairs
social 5_alraih
6_mash planning
7_mash natural resources
8_mash transport and Communications
9_mash Construction and Housing
10_ Ministry of Industry and trade
11_cil Asayish

Second: Monday 26/3/2018:
1_ Ministry of Electricity
2_massh mines
3_dioan financial control
4_haih Alansa rights
5_ Areas outside the administration of the region
6_ Environment Agency
7_ Investment
Authority 8_ Integrity
Commission 9_ Election and Referendum Commission
10_ Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources 11_ Ministry of
Culture and Youth
12_ Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs 13_
Foundation Asayesh
14_ Presidency of the Territory
15_ Parliament
16_ Council of Ministers

Tuesday -
27/3/2018 : 1_ Peshmerga leadership Zirvani and Peshmerga Defense and Emergency
2_ Oil Oil
IV - Wednesday 28/3/2018:
Troops (70) and (80)
Fifth - Thursday 29/3/2018:
Office of the Ministry of Peshmerga LINK

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 "RI in the First Quarter" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26, DELTA 3/25/18 Empty Re: "RI in the First Quarter" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26, DELTA 3/25/18

Post by Kevind53 on Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:13 pm

The first quarter is over in 5 days. Wonder what excuse you'll use when your hype, as usual proves to be false hope? Or will you just forget that you even said it?

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