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 "Re-Everything" - Dr. Clarke Update 3/21/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Re-Everything" - Dr. Clarke Update 3/21/18

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 "Re-Everything" - Dr. Clarke Update 3/21/18 Empty "Re-Everything" - Dr. Clarke Update 3/21/18

Post by Mountain Goatee on Thu Mar 22, 2018 8:07 am

The ​Original Post
3/21/2018 09:41:49 am
Okie dokie skokie.  Spring has sprung.
And Pres. Trump met with the Saudi Prince yesterday.
Soooo are all the boxes checked? Are we good to go?
DR. CLARKE (3-21-18):

HereWeGo: March 26 must PASS. OIL.

HigherGround: Thank You. Acknowledged & Received.

Virginia Gentleman: Very Good. ALMOST.

Menno57: Bingo. 98%.

JR: Chuck Norris is a Very Personal Friend of Ours.

GIA: Appreciated.

What's happening on Friday the 23rd? 


MARCH 26th must PASS.

"The Very Last Minute........still Qualifies"

Dr. Clarke

P.S. WHY is ALL of Iraq getting PAID in arrears, and Up-To-Date NOW........In the 3rd Week of March?


What Happens in the "SKY" March 31st, the LAST DAY OF THE MONTH?........that's the SAME as January 2018, 2 months ago?


"SEE" Differently.

RE-Do, RE-Look, RE-Explain, RE-Search, RE-Pay, RE-Appear, RE-Sign, RE-Finance, RE-Loan, RE-Evaluate, RE-Exchange, RE-Deposit, RE-Employ, RE-Assess, RE-View, RE-Write, RE-Buy, RE-Experience........RE-EVERYTHING.



Comments from Dr. Clark Post 3-21-18

Original Comments:

3/21/2018 09:41:49 am

HereWeGo:  Okie dokie skokie.

Spring has sprung.

And Pres. Trump met with the Saudi Prince yesterday.

Soooo are all the boxes checked? Are we good to go?

Dr. Clarke:  HereWeGo: March 26 must PASS. OIL.

Dr. Clarke: Menno57: Bingo. 98%.

Menno57:  My humble comments on Dr. Clarke's post for us all to think on.


-OK, let me think, from what I think I understand.

OIL “Done”.

-OK, Oil agreements are done, course is set, got it.

Rex Tillerson “Done”.

-He made the deals, they are signed. Good job well done, now he can retire, he might have been hired just for this reason, and he only agreed to serve to get this done.

Most Powerful “OIL” person worldwide?

-Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman "cleaned out" corruption, and has the best regional relationships ever with Mid East countries


-Now Saudi Prince Salman meets with Pres. Trump,
at this time, after all the preparation, for what, to finalize what?
Could it have to be with the US timing for the RV ???

Mike Pompeo “CIA”?

-Why would Trump want Pompeo? Now? And to replace Tillerson? maybe it was all planned this way from the beginning, for a reason, for Pompeo's Knowledge


-Pompeo might be the best one to Manage this whole new world after the RV goes, adjustment of the currencies, needs Managing.


-Funding comes from OIL AGREEMENTS. Salman is a big part, and he just met with Trump. It's all set up, ready to be made public, in a very public way, soon, soon.


-If we only knew what evil was out there trying to keep this all from being safe !!! That's what we need Trump to do, keep us all safe, keep this process safe, keep the funds safe, keep us safe.

“ONE more”.

-We need just one more think. What is that??? Glad you asked.

For Abadi to make a very "PUBLIC" announcement to the World, that they are changing their Dinar Value. Other countries too are waiting for the same thing, like Vietnam, so they too can make their own "PUBLIC" announcement on their own currency.


-So we wait, no need to know everything going on behind the scenes, we just need to trust that the table is being set for us, and we are about to profit and benefit from all their hard work.

-Think about it, we have not had to do anything, while lots of people behind the scenes have worked hard. Why is it so hard to WAIT.???

Dr. Clarke

-Yes, you are the one and only Dr. Clarke. You make us think. You give us confidence that you know more than we do, more than lots of gurus, and since you are not "worried" or it does not seem to bother you when things come up and things are delayed, then why should it bother us ??? We can Trust in you knowing more than us, and telling us to relax and wait.

-Thank-you Dr. Clarke, for being you. I for one will relax and wait.

-your fellow sojourner, on this hope trail of financial freedom-paul

Dr. Clarke:  Virginia Gentleman: Very Good. ALMOST.

Virginia Gentleman:  Thank you Dr. Clarke. I'm a li'l late to this party, and here's my March Fool's Day OPINIONS. I still feel Dr Clarke is saying, "That's my story, and I'm sticking to it."

In the communications industry and media world the term and number thirty/30 means "End of Story". DC's original claim has been reflective of Kuwait and March 24th, albeit LOGICAL (lol). The timing of Rex Tillerson, the most powerful oil man on this spinning rock, exiting stage right was part of his commitment to help President Trump in regaining the US footing in the Energy Sector that Obama half-hazardly threw away (i.e., the most experienced and extremely wealthy oil man was never signed up to serve as SOS much longer than 12+- mos and he was far from blind-sided by his release).

So IMO we're looking for the last domino of 'Official & Public' to fall while the reshuffle of President Trump's cabinet clicks into place like a magazine on a quick reload making things safe to proceed on queue. Be patient and wait because only then can the last step safely come out of the dark hidden recesses into the public eye officialy revealing a new and substantially increased rate.





30 on 24!?!
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 "Re-Everything" - Dr. Clarke Update 3/21/18 Empty Re: "Re-Everything" - Dr. Clarke Update 3/21/18

Post by Kevind53 on Thu Mar 22, 2018 10:38 pm

Well wonder what the March fool will be saying when he is an April fool and still nothing has happened.

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."1 Thessalonians 5:14–18

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