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"It has No Choice" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 3/19/18

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"It has No Choice" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 3/19/18

Post by Ssmith on Tue Mar 20, 2018 8:36 am


AgentSnowball » March 19th, 2018

You've all heard of BASEL 2 & 3 by now. Allow me to introduce you to BASEL 239: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BCBS_239

Now I'll show you the regulatory BCBS which is partly the spearhead of the BASEL 3 system that is being integrated:


Know of the chip in your bank card you've had for a few years now? That's part of BASEL 3 -- blockchain precursor.

Remember the old Amex card from the mid-nineties that had the 'security chip' in it? It's been in the works for years!

Things move fast and slow! BASEL 4 is right around the corner! Thought I'd bring this up with all the talk of electronic cards and such.

Hazen » March 19th, 2018

Frank, will tonight's CC's be hotter than last Wednesday's CC's?

Frank26 » March 19th, 2018

IT ...................... HAS NO CHOICE.

Walkingstick » March 19th, 2018

A parliamentary surprise: Budget has become constitutional for this reason

BAGHDAD - The parliamentary legal committee confirmed on Monday that President Fuad Masum exceeded the legal limit of 15 days to approve the budget law after sending it to the Presidency of the Republic, noting that the budget has become constitutional according to the law .

The Committee member Sadik al-Laban said in a press statement that "infallible exceeded the period of time stipulated by the Constitution in accordance with Article 73 paragraph 3, which sets it by 15 days to ratify the federal budget," noting that "the Federal Budget Law has been ratified by law and the government directly to implement its terms And published in the Official Gazette .

Al-Labban added that "the points of opposition identified by the infallible in the budget will be the responsibility of the Presidency of the parliament in its discussion or neglect," explaining that "Parliament has been close to the legislative term and I expect that will not discuss those points of contention ."

He added that "the 31 points of disagreement came before infallible and not from the Presidency of the Republic," pointing out that "the constitutional text did not refer to the possibility of rejecting the budget by the infallible ."

A member of the legal committee of the parliamentary high Nassif has confirmed, last week, that the rejection of President Fuad Masum to the federal budget "Shakly", while the statement that the Constitution does not provide for rejection of the budget.

On February 3, the House of Representatives voted on the draft budget bill for 2018 in full.
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi congratulated the Iraqi people for launching the general budget law for 2018, and called on all ministries, institutions and departments of the state to carry out their duties in the best way.

The President of the Republic Fouad Masum refused to approve the financial budget for the current year 2018, after it was approved by parliament.

The presidential press office announced that President Fuad Masoum decided to return the draft budget law to the House of Representatives.

For his part, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that no one has the right to stop the general budget of the country after the vote of the House of Representatives.

"We hope that we will receive a copy of the budget from the presidency to be in force," Abadi said, according to his press office.


Samson » March 19th, 2018

Kurdistan announces the arrival of salaries of its employees from the federal government

19th March, 2018

The Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government, Monday, the arrival of salaries of its employees from the federal government, noting that these salaries will be disbursed today and tomorrow Tuesday.

The ministry said in a statement received "The Economist News" a copy of it, "The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq sent a letter to the Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government provided for the transfer of the amount of 317.540.465 billion dinars, including 281.724.634 billion dinars for employees of the Kurdistan region except the Ministry of Peshmerga, And the amount of 35.815.831 billion dinars to the Ministry of Peshmerga.

The ministry added that "the Kurdistan region needs 590 billion dinars to pay the salaries of employees saving system," asserting that "the amount transferred from the federal government will be handed over Monday to the Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government."

The ministry said that it will "pay the salaries of the ministries of health and education, municipalities and the interior and the affairs of martyrs and families of martyrs and Anfal, political and financial prisoners and the Department of Nationality, and other ministries on Monday and Tuesday."

"The Kurdistan Regional Government will hold a meeting after the holiday of Noruz to consolidate the amounts that will be transferred from the federal government and oil imports to review the payrolls of employees and harness all efforts to improve the living conditions of citizens and employees."

The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Ali Alaak met on Tuesday (March 13, 2018) with the Minister of Finance of Kurdistan and officials in the ministry to discuss the salaries of employees of the ministries of health and education in the region before the holidays of Noroz LINK

Finance announces new salary distribution schedule

19th March, 2018

The Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government announced a new schedule for the distribution of salaries.

According to the new schedule, the salaries of the Ministry of Education, the families of the martyrs, the Anfal and the political prisoners will be distributed on Monday and Tuesday, in addition to the distribution of salaries for the 11th month of 2017 for these ministries:

1- Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal
2 - Ministry of Interior
3- Ministry of Health
4- Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism
5- Ministry of Finance and Economy

The ministry said that the salaries will be paid on Tuesday despite the official holiday, noting at the same time to pay the salaries of the rest of the ministries after the end of the holiday holiday Noruz. LINK

This is how the national and Olympic coaches described the lifting of the embargo and its benefits to Iraq

2018/3/18 10:59

The national and Olympic coaches praised the decision of the International Federation of Football (FIFA) to lift the ban on Iraqi courts. "The decision has great dimensions," said national team coach Bassem Kassem. "The games are against our fans, and our players adapt to the climate and reduce travel effort. "The decision also has economic and political benefits.

The idea of ​​football is an important factor for reviving the economy and politically uniting the world and bringing people closer. International matches will be an opportunity to convey a vivid picture of the world that the Iraqi people love life, enjoy football and live a normal state and security stability."

He pointed out that "the decision is important and the Iraqi government to invest it through attention to infrastructure and the construction of other playgrounds." "We congratulate our public, which played a major role in the decision to lift the ban, because of its cultural encouragement, and we commend them for continuing their distinguished behavior, to lift the comprehensive ban and to support the capital Baghdad by embracing its brothers and friends."

For his part, the Olympic coach Abdul Ghani saw the decision as "the product of the diligence of institutions that worked hard to lift the embargo, and we congratulate them and the Iraqi public that dazzled the world in its presence and was a reason for the decision." He stressed that "playing in Iraqi stadiums is a real moral support for players, and therefore the decision will be a positive return in all competitions."

He explained that "Iraq has the experience in organizing international matches, and now we have overcome an obstacle, and we trust in the ability of institutions to obtain a decision to lift the comprehensive ban in the coming days." The World Federation of Football (FIFA) decided on Friday to lift the ban on three Iraqi courts (Erbil, Karbala and Basra). An international ban on international matches was imposed 28 years ago on the backdrop of Saddam's invasion of Kuwait in the summer of 1990. The decision remained in place after the fall of Saddam's regime because of the unstable security situation in Iraq.

The decision to lift the ban on Iraqi stadiums is an important step and a clear indication that Iraq is regaining its role and presence in foreign forums, and the importance of that decision is even greater since it came a few months after the announcement of the final and comprehensive victory over the terrorist gangs in Iraq. LINK

Egypt announces economic agreements with Iraq

18th March, 2018

The Egyptian Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced on Sunday the existence of various economic agreements with Iraq.

"There are agreements to participate in joint projects for the reconstruction of Iraq through the construction of roads and power stations, water and sanitation," Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry Tariq Qabeel said in remarks published by the Al-Ahram newspaper.

"These agreements also include housing, health and agricultural projects," Cain said.

Kuwait has hosted a conference of donors to rebuild Iraq, with the participation of various Arab and foreign countries LINK*

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia: $ 100 billion proceeds of corruption arrests

19th March, 2018

Saudi Crown Prince Prince Mohammed bin Salman said the total number of corruption attacks carried out by the kingdom since November was $ 100 billion.Bin Salman's comments were made during an interview with the US-based CBS television channel, which was broadcast late on Sunday.

The Saudi prince added that the real purpose of the arrests of corruption, which affected ministers, princes and businessmen, was not to collect the amount or any other amount.

In a precedent not seen in the history of Saudi Arabia, the authorities on November 4, 2017, arrested more than 200 people, including 11 Emirs and four ministers at the time and dozens of former businessmen, on charges of corruption, before releasing them.

Bin Salman stressed in his interview that getting money from the arrests of corruption was not a target, "but it is a clear message that the law will be for anyone engaged in corruption deals."

The total number of those summoned since the announcement of the formation of the Anti-Corruption Committee on 4 November last, according to the Saudi Public Prosecutor, about 381 people. LINK

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Re: "It has No Choice" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 3/19/18

Post by Kevind53 on Wed Mar 21, 2018 1:40 am

Know of the chip in your bank card you've had for a few years now? That's part of BASEL 3 -- blockchain precursor.

Remember the old Amex card from the mid-nineties that had the 'security chip' in it? It's been in the works for years!

Things move fast and slow! BASEL 4 is right around the corner! Thought I'd bring this up with all the talk of electronic cards and such.

PURE Horsecrap ... but then again anything you idiots have ever said about Basel is pure manure anyway.

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