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  Urgent Truth Call w/Steffen Rowe- Tank at Midnight EST 3/14/18

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PostSubject: Urgent Truth Call w/Steffen Rowe- Tank at Midnight EST 3/14/18   Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:10 am


• Supporters and opposers are welcome. Respectful challenges are encouraged. Disrespectful callers will face the Gangster Fairies.


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Posts : 17793
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PostSubject: Re: Urgent Truth Call w/Steffen Rowe- Tank at Midnight EST 3/14/18   Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:11 am

"The Why Tank" by GK

A call at midnight? What is this the zim crack group? Pass the pipe. The all night Intel call sounds upset

Partner with the banks to save the world?

Seriously Tank. That is your numero uno mistake.

Have you studied the Messianic Jacob Frank movement that began as evil and mutated into demonic control freaks that eventually became the controllers of all the banks, the designers of war and racketeering, the 1% who literally included child rape and sacrifice into their daily routine.

They are still there with claws and fangs sunk in and growling like rabid pitbulls on meat. These Frankists took over everything including the Vatican and designed millions of deaths in the world wars and every ritual sacrifice in between.

So which part of your own words don't you get. This false Jew killed real Jews to dominate all Jews and to use the religion as a Trojan fortress. Their Talmudic doctrine demands they do everything possible to live as chosen Gods and kill off the Goyim enslaving a certain fraction as labor and sex slaves.

So explain how partnering with Satan's loyalists isn't the very definition of madness. This Rabbi syndicate is in every county and municipality in every country in the world.

They do not partner with do-gooders. That would be like a pack of wolves adopting sheep to raise as their own.

Their founding of the Frankfurt School of subversion and Tavistock institutions created to perfect mindfuckery... Freud and Bernays and all the other parasite class vampires have never had sharing as a stated goal.

They have their people as Generals and Admirals and heads of state and spies in every shadow. The bureaucracy that approves or rejects permits and papers are THEM.

Quite frankly your idealistic ranting is so naive it's like listening to a cheerleader who still believes the losing team can comeback... While the losers are in the locker room showering

Yes they threaten the murder of families and they follow through. Time is always on their side because they own time and invented the clocks

They morph from cult to cult and they are the inventors of usury, slavery and the love of sadism.

But in the simplest strategy they agree to deals and pledges they don't keep. Rabbi Shekelgruber intended on entering his part of the global reset code but he had a flat tire. Maybe next month will be better.

Each month another "trustee" purposely drops the matza ball. Oops, maybe next month

Goyim falls for every false promise and trots behind like a 3 legged blind old dog.

So Tank your pleading with demons and powerless clerks is exasperatingly naive.

Even if you find one bank to work with Kim that money is given value by the hierarchy of the death cult that follows the Talmudic Babylonian money magick.

You sound like the wonder filled 4 year old. But why? But why? But why?

Why? Because a 6000 year old ruthless but brilliant crime syndicate designed or hijacked all the moving parts. Have you read the protocols of Zion or the communist manifesto or the Talmud?

Their lawyers invented stalling, burying, dismissing. They invented offers that can't be refused. They invented con artistry. They are evil but not in their minds... In their minds it is just good business.

Two things will happen. Either Goyim ends their reign with prejudice or Goyim sells out for fiat digits like they always do

If we sell out, expect guillotines to get busy in the near future to end this blip in time. It is all or nothing and yet we seem to be getting ready to murder Iran just as the cult wanted when it got Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Serbia and Palestine.

Of course I pray organized white hats who seem to have defused The North Korean part of the access of Frankist wishdead list, are just pretending to have Iran in its sights but I would hate to be Iran in this most dangerous game.

The problem is people really do not understand the reach and control of this Talmudic Mafia and keep insisting they are harmless poor persecuted business geniuses when the truth is murder and theft and con artistry are the methods they employ to be the tip of the pyramid

Just wanting to be awarded riches in this investment is to ignore the true award is complete and total justice over evil, riches or not.

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PostSubject: Re: Urgent Truth Call w/Steffen Rowe- Tank at Midnight EST 3/14/18   Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:42 am

"Re: Urgent Action Required" by BonniB

Tank, just in case you haven't noticed the "Authorities of the World in Government, Military, and Financial Institutions" are busting their butts to do exactly what your asking. What makes you think they are not? Arrests are being made. Lives are being lost on Humanities behalf. Change comes hard to 8 billion good and bad brain washed people.

So here we are saying, what's in it for Me? Where's mine? Why hasn't this RV happened? Don't they know how many people are dying while they keep our money from us? The rotten bankers, politicians, Cabal, rich people, etc. don't care about anyone. Dah! That's no surprise. The past has proven the present.

Tank, you come in here with another diatribe about the Authorities of the World, trying to guilt them into action for you and Kimberley's agenda. The Authorities are just a little busy right now. Until all the Cabal are stripped of their money, their freedom and their power, will we be free. There are no short cuts even for you, Tank. We've waited 250 years, surely we can wait a little longer to finally get the job done right.

Tank, why do you and Kimberley think that you deserve special treatment and should go to the head of the line before the rest of the world? You have to wait your turn with all 8 billion people and 209 countries until the garbage is completely cleaned up. That's only fair, isn't it? Breath. Feel. Trust.
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PostSubject: Re: Urgent Truth Call w/Steffen Rowe- Tank at Midnight EST 3/14/18   Fri Mar 16, 2018 8:56 am

"Re: The Why Tank" by (Anonymous)

Talk about being brutally honest. This guy cuts through all the crap with a white hot knife, searing even the most delicate of tenderloin.

What he is doing is showing up all those who profess to be what they are not... especially the channelers of demonic deception.

What this has done has made us all look like complete idiots for even associating. There are a few who are interested in the truth and the rest just want what they want, the hell with the truth. That was the essence of this person's final comment. And that is the white hot knife.

And that is the reason I never wanted to be called a part of this community. Why I choose to remain completely anonymous. There are just too many brainwashed idiots out there.

No wonder the cabal/MIC/Frankists can't accept their defeat. There are simply too many of their blind, poor, and deceived devotees out there who couldn't tell their a$$ from a hole in the ground.

Now we wait to see if even the 800 number intel is just another ploy. Or whether we even get a chance at some kind of a bank redemption/exchange.

I noticed that you no longer mention the nationalization of the banks in your list of items to be accomplished. However, as this person points out, unless something like that happens, how will we ever get those people out of there en mass. How will Jerzy ever receive any humanitarian funds?

The whole concept of banks is wrong. Working with them is idiotic. Nevertheless, they are part of the system we presently have, so taking them over through nationalization (as Fulford mentioned is planned for the Bank of Japan) is the only logical recourse.

Clearly, the White Hats have a plan but they are having to deal with the devil before they can eventually eliminate him. So they are playing the same game of deception with the cabal satanists, as the cabal satanists have previously played with us. This is what is taking so long.

They are removing them. They are taking away their mechanisms. They are forcing them. They are using the wench with the long handle and just continue to twist at the joints until they either fail or come loose.

All this, while maintaining the relative safety of the populace. What a job. And they have a plan for us, to help prosper us and help heal us. Does that include exchanging worthless fiat currency? Perhaps, as Jerzy points out.

They are apparently doing TTM redemptions with dedicated humanitarians to help in this overall effort. Will we be included? Perhaps. We just don't know for sure how, where, or when they might include us in this process.

It stands to reason that they would at least evaluate people on an individual basis, according to their project offering. The rest would likely be exchanged at some kind of rate allowing for a level of prosperity to proceed the anticipated redistribution of wealth through NESARA/GESARA.

These are all just reasonable assumptions, as Jerzy would indicate. That is as much as can be known or assumed at this late stage. Because the people in the real know aren't saying anything.
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Urgent Truth Call w/Steffen Rowe- Tank at Midnight EST 3/14/18
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