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  "Exchanges, Greed, and the Cabal vs. Humanitarian Endeavors" by Blue Being - 3/11/18

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PostSubject: "Exchanges, Greed, and the Cabal vs. Humanitarian Endeavors" by Blue Being - 3/11/18   Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:15 am

There seems to be those that would say that those who have prepared humanitarian projects, who have worked hard through much surrender and devotion to better their self and correct their spirit are not deserving of holding the wealth of humanity and selflessly using that wealth for the greater good of humanity and the planet.

They who have abused their power and wealth to better their own condition and the few they consider their peers should only be allowed to hold such wealth. These so called Sovereigns that consider the rest of humanity as lesser than them should be the ones? Those that would choose to destroy the planet for profit, those that would rather the rest of humanity be slaves, denying their right to be Sovereign beings on this planet because they look at the rest of humanity as dogs? These parasites and termites should only be allowed to hold the wealth of humanity?

We seem to have some that call them selves white hats that think of the Light worker humanitarians as bottom feeders. Cough John from OWoN , who seems to push the idea that only those that bought dinar to get rich will be allowed to exchange .

Listen humanitarian Light workers , let me tell you a secret, if you don't already understand. This experience has always just been a game we play , to experience our self as separate from our self, this game called life on planet earth. It is a very malleable experience, is can be shaped by our thought and what we accept as being so. One person can shape their own experience in this game through that which they accept , many people together can change the world . There is a law in the universe which is (That which you accept you become part of). Through this law we can manifest what we want and shape the world.

This law can not be applied when their is doubt, it can not be applied with hope, it can not be applied with belief , it can only be applied with knowing. Most Light workers and Starseeds have already moved past beliefs , into knowing as to what they are a part of . And we understand that we are here to change the experience on this planet not allowing what happened in Atlantis to happen again, yet many still hope the rest of the world will change, or you think that the galactics are going to save you, don't you understand that you are the galactics? Okay getting off topic.

Many of us have been doing the meditation with Jared and it is a step in the right direction. Yet it can be much more potent than it is . Love is amazing for sure, yet we can also use this real law in the universe to create the experience we wish to have, by describing in detail what we want, how we want the world and life's experience on this planet and accepting it as being so.

Humanity has been sleep walking, yet those of us who are awake are so much more potent then they are, we can also be much more potent than the wicked ones. Understand who you are! You are Love, you are Light, you are the Life within all things, you are God , you are Sovereign, you are Free! You have just been playing a game of separateness and you were duped in to accepting and idea that you are separate from each other , Life , God and forgot your connection, yet we are starting to remember, our Eye is now open, may we keep it single onto the truth of what we really are! Love= Light = Life= God, Sovereign and Free!

Time to start creating the reality that we wish to experience which is in accordance of the greatest good of all life on and in this planet!

We did not come here to have the wicked ones or the sleep walkers to rule the show!


Blue Being
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Posts : 18213
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PostSubject: Re: "Exchanges, Greed, and the Cabal vs. Humanitarian Endeavors" by Blue Being - 3/11/18   Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:16 am

Blue Being, Ultimately I think that john from owon doesn't see the big picture. For a long time I thought he was misinfo, simply because much of what he says has never fit. Certainly not with the overall image I have of what is going on.

But, it may be a case of what happened to Jester. Jester now admits that it took him a long time to wrap his mind around the scope of the GCR and put it in perspective with what he was hearing regarding the dinar.

This has happened to a lot of people with a tight focus on one aspect of what is happening. Over the years we have seen several people disavow anything about the zim. But, all you have to do is investigate on your own, how many minerals Zimbabwe exports and you will recognize that a Global Reset will change the value of the zim. It's that simple.

Thankfully, I came to this from a perspective of a global reset. We were told to watch the dinar, to know when it was finally happening. I only finally started to buy currencies 4 yrs after I started watching it. I figured I was watching it, might as well have some skin in the game.

It really helps to try to remain as observational and objective as possible to filter out the noise. When people say, "if it doesn't resonate, let it go," that's what they are referring to. Bottom line is, yes we passed another "date." But, that date was really about unsealing the indictments. Did that happen? I don't know. I didn't look up the indictments list to see if any or all were unsealed. Ultimately we are waiting on an announcement of a gold/asset backed dollar. When that happens, you will know the gcr is upon us. Because that will change everything. And I am still of the opinion that needs to happen before March 26 when China's gold backed oil bourse opens.

We shall see.

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PostSubject: Re: "Exchanges, Greed, and the Cabal vs. Humanitarian Endeavors" by Blue Being - 3/11/18   Tue Mar 13, 2018 8:53 pm

Blue liars, white wacos, light frauds ... it's all the same to us.

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."1 Thessalonians 5:14–18

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"Exchanges, Greed, and the Cabal vs. Humanitarian Endeavors" by Blue Being - 3/11/18
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