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Messiah Udumbara: Purpose of Zim Notes and the Current Earth Situation 3/6/18

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Messiah Udumbara: Purpose of Zim Notes and the Current Earth Situation 3/6/18

Post  Ssmith on Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:00 am

The Zimbabwe Money Note Purpose & Current Earth Situation All Currency Holder Must Know

Who ever printed the Zimbabwe ZWR Trillions Series are the people have a lot of knowledge about Earth. It could be guided by Spirit realm or some other beings who can extract the real Earth history long long time ago?

In order to printed that amount of Zimbabwe money note, the group behind must show have real physical GOLD first (in the current old system).

So who are the group behind? Are they the Chinese Elders behind China Government? No !

I do know exactly are they, but base on the Earth Geographic, the Gold most likely from Africa & small portion from Asia Nations.

You do not need to know the identity either for it could be guided by Spirit realm by “vairous method”, the only thing all Zimbabwe Money Note holders need to know is the purpose of Trillion Zimbabwe Money Note.

But first you must study & have some basic idea about current Earth situation.

Many people talk about the cabal this & that but do you know who they are, their network, etc.?

There are 2 bad people group: the one seeking energy in spirit field, and the one seek for money field like many public people you known the same.

The sad/funny part is the public cabal are being deceived by their own master ! Sorry but I have to say that, example: the Immortal Life & How Human body function already exist, but do any of you the public cabal know that?

The most sad part is that they are destroying the planet Earth at the same time by all kind of artificial chemical implanted like the GMO, pesticides, plastic, etc.

If we do not stop it, then 200% Earth going to see some kind of floods like the bible (Earth history), but this time it is much stronger & more casualty.

Life & Universe is not just around energy, vibration & frequency, there is much more than that! Technology is just adult baby toy, the only difference now is that adult human can recognize real baby plastic toy, while the technology metals machine, they cannot yet.
Imagine if the current human race have super ability like fly, teleport, telekesis, etc. like all fiction character in all kind of movies, they would laugh at all the robot, AI, machine, instead of value it like all stupid secret people/group at moment. Many stupid cloning people are living beside you everyday, how freaking stupid is that.

I know many of you want that moment (the Ascension/Evolution time) to come asap but human race must clean the “toxin” first. The Zimbabwe money note was printed for that purpose.

How many Zimbabwe money note ZWR was printed? 10 million notes.

The new money system & this transition money system will not be the last (the last is the land-backed money), but Earth cannot wait too long for that.

All Zimbabwe money note from $1 to $100 Trillion ZWR will be accepted & treated as equal.

There are 2 type of Zimbabwe currency holder, the one with “Earth project”, and the one not.

If each note worth 10 million USD then total amount will be 100 Trillions USD, while if 100 million USD each note then 1000 Trillions USD.

The problem is that can you handle just 100 million USD per Zimbabwe note, no limit number of notes? Do you understand the meaning of money & life, or you will be walk to the same road like many lottery winner? It is up to you now, planet Earth cannot wait more time & the Government cannot be baby sitting any more.

Even if you join any “cabal” secret group like all famous people in all kind of industry from USA, UK, to even China, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. It is your choice, it is does not matter to planet Earth anymore, for the Messiah already gave “perfect solution” to all Government, you will heard soon in the media.

For the one with “Earth project”, you will receive the rate better at face value but with some kind of contract & conditions. All of you will act like “small bank Government” to subsidy/support “loss, low-profit project” at this moment.

The Earth projects must harmony with Nature, there are a lot of project can help planet Earth, example:

– Organic Natural Farming, Planting.

– Natural Building using plant-based material like hempcrete, bambo, etc.

– Plant-based Natural Wearing Cloth.

– Fast food plant-based organic.

– Plants, Nature research/education.

– On demand products style where the products only be built if certain number request reach like the basic cotton cloth some service offer at the moment, but there could be like removable phone, laptop, machine, etc.

Volunteer contribution store like bakery, foods, etc (like the old village tradition long long time ago).

And a lot more, it is up to each of you, but I warning all of you this: all kind of charity, buying fake cabal-medicine/goods/products, services will not passed !

All people in this group will face background checking via remote-viewing if they do not pass the question round to show your understanding about the current Earth problem/solution.

More importantly, if you are trying to laundering money, you will be watched & will not allowed to transfer money to “land-backed money” system in near future. Remember this is just the “temporary transition”, not the final system !

All the pubic & private Zimbabwe money note will start at the same time, same rule.

This article will be my last post about the GCR, I am not the gold/assets owner of this transition system so I am not posting any more, if any “elders” want to talk & know the immortal life formula, Earth solution, SETUP bounty hunter solution system instead.

Good luck, have fun everybody !


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Re: Messiah Udumbara: Purpose of Zim Notes and the Current Earth Situation 3/6/18

Post  Purpleskyz on Tue Mar 06, 2018 1:36 pm


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Re: Messiah Udumbara: Purpose of Zim Notes and the Current Earth Situation 3/6/18

Post  Kevind53 on Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:29 pm

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