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Alexander Gagin/Yosef *HALO —“Crusade" 2/28/18

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef *HALO —“Crusade" 2/28/18

Post  Ssmith on Thu Mar 01, 2018 9:48 am

*HALO —“Crusade"*

What a righteous crusade we are on my Human Angels!

So many twists and turns. Makes me wonder if I have any twists or turns left. But let me give you what I’m getting and let you decide:

Zimbabwe / China / Russia / Iran / Brazil are the true BRICS (BRICZ).

Zimbabwe hid in the shadows to avoid mineral exploitation. The bonds they printed to always be repatriated when the right time came. Which is now.

That amnesty free reception window is for sovereigns not citizens. Meaning, once they turn the current lower denomination bond notes into national currency, we can redeem at screen rates as our bonds will be currency as well (an asset class redesignation which is legal I’m told).

Even if you know about the history of the currency initially being bonds, you might be out of luck as to sovereign rates. We believe that may be off the table. Know we all could have registered our bonds with the RBZ as was stated in the Zimbabwe Gazette back in November 2017, but we choose to wait for the redemption centers.

Will their be higher than screen rates? Perhaps. But who is really going to ask for it if you can double the face value of any note.

That’s btw why the rate is 2:1 when opening, as to compensate the Internet private redeemers with higher than the 1:1 rate initially offered when the lower denomination bond notes were introduced in late 2016.

So our little crusade here got the NPTB's attention, but it didn’t necessarily convince them we should be “sovereign families” equal to their history just because we bought something off the internet, or worse, were gifted randomly funny colored bond notes by default.

I kinda understand, and I kinda am pissed. But 2:1 ain’t chicken scratch. And you can of course take less if 2:1 or even 1:1 is too much. Your call.

In Harare this week, over 300 of the world’s top mining companies gathered from 20 nations. There were there to spend trillions and resurrect Zimbabwe’s financial momentum forever.

Not sure if this happened, but we know Britain agreed to pay off all Zimbabwe's international debts (9.8B) in return for being allowed back into the Zimbabwe mining good graces. Sovereign reparations for colonizing their nation back in the 1850 by (Cecil) Rhodes/De Beers/ Rothschild.

Same cats btw that created Israel and being forced to pay pack the Palestines bills and return their land.

Boy did I have the timelines wrong about Trump and Netanyahu, but folks, I had the structure of what happened dead spot on.

Donna and Bibi are now being removed together, and it’s obvious their playing along and allowing their Presidencies to be decimated together to penalize both countries for crimes committed against humanity over the last 100 years. UK too. They have all been embarrassed and right sized according to how the NPTB see them in the future. And none of these countries has control of their short or mid-term fate.

If you don’t see that or understand why after 2 years of Yosef posts, then well, you’re not supposed to.

And yes they were all run in to the ground by Dracos who are assisting with disclosure. Trump, Bibi, and Theresa May included.

In terms of redemption centers, I confirmed Bruce’s information from last night’s Big Call. AM/PM staffing. Multiple strategies executing all at once. There’s a military component for the ZIM in case of attack, and we believe all three redundancy strategies will be used at one time or another, every redemption center, public / private / military as to throw off the cabal should they decide to take a run at one.

In terms of timing… well, we were hoping for a Zimbabwe announcement this morning of a new currency, or transition of the bond notes to currency backed by gold and diamond reserves that reached necessary reserve levels, but President Mnangagwa was a no-show in Harare at his own mining conference with 300 massive checkbooks in the hotel.

That was not expected by anyone. His VP read a statement as he was still “out of the country” in the Congo dealing with a Rwanda / Uganda / DRC issue about some mining control in the eastern portion of the DRC.

Zimbabwe needs that situation resolved to control the electric vehicle, technology, military minerals market for China and Russia and thus didn’t show his face because he didn’t have control of the Congo politics, nor military issues that have flared up here at the end.

Seems Mnangagwa is putting the old Great Zimbabwe Shona Tribal Band back together in Botswana, Angola, DRC, Zambia, South Africa, Mozambique and Nambia. Deep stuff. Go see the movie “Black Panther” if you want a historical lesson of Africa’s truth. Plus a beautiful image of the endless mineral wealth of Zimbabwe.

There’s really, honestly, nothing left to share with you beautiful people. We gave you everything, you gave us everything at HAS. And now we wait together for the blessings to begin.

Thanks for all the memories. Don’t forget to floss after you make your appointment. Uh, almost forget… wear clean underwear to your redemption—ya never know. Sobeit. Beitso.

God is with us

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Re: Alexander Gagin/Yosef *HALO —“Crusade" 2/28/18

Post  ReapAndSow73 on Thu Mar 01, 2018 10:33 am

Hey Yosef - it's March 2018.  You said Trump would drop out of the POTUS race, that he wouldn't get elected, that the electoral college would validate, that he'd be impeached, that he'd be indicted, that he's a clone, that he's a tranny...uh...over a year later, you've been 100% wrong, 100% of the time.

You claimed over 55K people signed up for HAS.  100% lie.  Didn't even have 3500.  More than 70% cancelled.  Ask me how I know  :-)

ZWD is defunct, decommissioned, worthless.  It is not a bond.  It is not a promissory note to be redeemed.  It's toilet paper.  It will NOT be resurrected.  You're a liar and a fraud.

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