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2012 Douchebag of the Year (2/5/2013)

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2012 Douchebag of the Year (2/5/2013)

Post  Sam I Am on Sat Feb 10, 2018 6:51 pm

Before I announce the winner I want to tell you about something I read the other day.  I was looking through the USA Today last Tuesday and saw an article called "The Future of Iraq".  As I read through it I realized it was a half page dinar ad.  The dealer was First Liberty National in Houston, Texas.  The ad included several typical pumper lines that we've heard for years now.  Comparisons to the Japanese yen and the German deutschemark.  Millionaires created overnight by holding Kuwaiti dinar in 1991.  And of course, nothing is mentioned about Iraq's enormous money supply or the CBI's announced plan to redenominate.  I had to wonder how many more will be buying dinar now and joining the dinar forums, waiting for the latest intel about "the RV"?  I guess this is just going to continue until Iraq finally gets around to redenominating in another year or two.

James "Adam Montana" Wolf

The voting results are in and it was a tie.  Adam "Wolfyman" Montana and Breitling share the honors as the 2012 Dinar Douchebag of the Year.  As most of you know I'm no big fan of Mr. Montana.  I think his persona of a middle aged Harvard grad who profited on the Kuwaiti dinar (which he created in order to gain the trust of dinar investors and sell them a lot of dinar crap) certainly qualifies him as deserving of the honor.  At one time he claimed to have 1,000 members of his $17/mo VIP club.  That translates to about $17,000 a month if true.  And to entice people to sign up he stated that he used his leverage as owner of this enormous group to negotiate the best cash-in rates upon the RV.  Yeah, right.  Go ask your local banker what kind of rate they'll give your dinar group when it RVs and watch their reaction.  They'll either tell you it's a scam, or they'll chuckle and say "call me when it RV's and we'll talk", all the while showing you to the door.  Bankers know there's no big RV coming so there's no need to waste their time negotiating any special deal with any dinar group.  

Tony "Breitling" Elder

While Adam's behaviour is infinitely doucheworthy, Breitling has also presented himself as some kind of expert in order to develop a following of his own that I refer to as the Velvet Elvis Investment Club.  Not too sophisticated, to say the least.  Several times a week thousands of mobile home dwellers access the internet to listen to the latest insight from their favorite investment guru.  While he certainly hasn't profited to the extent that "Adam" has it's not for lack of effort, that's for sure.  He has pumped the dinar (especially the lower denoms through the Treasury Vault), the ISX Report, and a very risky high interest banking strategy through an essentially insolvent institution in Iraq called Warka.  Additionally he has promoted a MLM real estate scheme called REIC, and a penny stock called LD Holdings (LDHL) which was being marketed by Brad Huebner until he did the perp walk for dinar fraud.  And Breitling has also told his followers that he can get them the best rate upon the RV, but you have to email him to get in on it.  Now I wonder what B does with all of those email addresses?  I'm sure he never uses them to market any of the above.  I'm sure he sets them aside only to be used upon this big RV we've all heard about.    

You see, both of these guys are scammers.  They have sold their followers on the idea that they are sophisticated investors with expertise on the dinar, when in fact no licensed investment advisor or currency expert would dream of recommending investing in the dinar.  They know that revaluations of 20% or more are extremely rare, and most dinar investors would need a 20% increase just to break even.  They also know that there's a very good chance that the IQD will be demonetized if Iraq redenominates.

When I wrote about Adam Montana last year there was an exodus of biblical proportions at his forum Dinar Vets.  I think many people viewed Mr. Montana as the last refuge of reason in this dinar circus with ridiculous rates and bogus intel from clowns like Okie and TerryK.  What a shock to find out that he's as big a shyster as any of them.  He has apparently managed to survive and seduce a new crop of dinar newbies, however.  

When I wrote about Breitling however, he felt compelled to rebut my exposés.  My commentary on Tony was strictly fact-based analysis.  I had no history with the guy and no need to go after him other than out of a sincere desire to expose his ignorance and the danger of taking him serious.  But he made it personal with repeated namecalling and accusations.  He said I'm evil.  I'm a terrorist.  I'm a liar.  I'm a bubble head.  I'm a fag.  I'm a shmuck.  I'm a moron.  Throughout his lame attempts at rebuttal Mr. B basically called me everything but a child of God.  While at first I found it amusing (especially since he claims a background in debate) it does tend to grow tiresome after awhile, so I have to admit that I'm not at all dismayed at his inclusion in this award.

So the 2012 Douche of the Year goes to James "Adam Montana" Wolf and Tony "Breitling" Elder for misinforming the dinar community about a myriad of dinar related topics in order to market their wares to the unsuspecting.  


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Sam I Am

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Re: 2012 Douchebag of the Year (2/5/2013)

Post  Ssmith on Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:24 pm

Amazing....  they are both still around and still scamming folks.

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