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WSOMN Wednesday Drama 2/7/18

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WSOMN Wednesday Drama 2/7/18

Post  Ssmith on Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:18 pm

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, another day done with more promising information and speculation but no RV numbers release yet…..On another note, there have been what appears to be more blessings poured out but none apparently with any sort of guiding our paths along the straight and narrow paths that managed to allude us into for these oh so many years. Bring it on home Father!!

Dear Lord God Almighty, a recent group prayer session has apparently started showing results. For those who don’t contemplate the meaning of our early Morning Prayer sessions and it does just that this week. As was posted earlier on the boards Martin’s health has turn from gloom to progress being made and he will be out of the hospital later today for in home therapy sessions where the family can be together again.

A special thanks to all of those who joined in my prayer. Here’s an idea for some of us to consider: How about picking out one person a week for a special group prayer session? No real personal information need be reviled just a first name and a short prayer posted so we can add our names (screen names only) to the posted prayer and let’s see what results we can achieve as a group going before our Lord in prayer.

Will this bring forth the special 800 numbers? Only time will tell but as the old saying goes “It couldn’t hurt” and remember always, “Our Destiny Awaits…

Because I SEE that the behind-the-scenes 'intel' I share here is being broadcast all over dinarland - by somebody here!

Chicago,,,,You're Very Much Appreciated in this Room, I for one Enjoy the info you bring, disregard the Fool that ran with your info obviously they think it's important enuf to spread around

Hi everyone, I think that you're all smart enugh to be able to "read between the lines" and see whats going on - and just who the likely prankster is that brought our 'private conversation' out to Recaps....either as some kind of an attempt to discredit me - or generate interest in this site...again. Either way, its pathetic. But, we'll just have to deal with it - I guess. For this short time we have left...

For some time now, I have been stuggling to come up with an analogy in our physical world of something that I'm sure we all might recognize that spins faster - and faster, just before it breaks. I was on a carnival ride called 'The Octopus" in a broken car that did just that kind of thing, as a child - fortunately...we didn't take flight though. Any ideas, anyone? Would love to be able to create the mental vision of what I see happening on the global stage and in the financial arena.

Chicago- I haven't been part of this conversation, but I have been following. Mind if I offer an opinion?

Why not wethrin - everybodys got one...lol

Because I am being respectful and I dont want to butt in if it is not welcome.

Wethrin, I'm happy to hear your "opinion" as I'm sure it must be something that you feel will be helpful to all of us here - and Im sure won't be judgemental as you know me well enough to know I don't accept any...lol

Chicago - I would offer, for what it's worth, that seeking a metaphor for the dynamic circumstances you have so aptly described, would actually take from it.

well, its not easy for "the guru's" IceQueen - most are only able to go on what they are told...and they've been lied to and there have been MANY "delays" as well.

Sometimes, it is best to allow the concept, topic or subject to remain as it is, without over-simplification. If anything, it might lower it and the effort you have put into crafting your topic.

Thank you wethrin, its just that there must be something...I'd like to be able to break this down by a kind of an "ah,ha" common mental image. iceQueen has come up with the best - so far. I keep circling back to a fan belt as it is breaking...but thats just not "it" either.

Anyway, just throwing this question out there so we can kick it around...but also to let you all know - that is how I really see this. We're at the last 'bit' just before all hell breaks loose, and the floodgates open. I'm sure you all realize this, anyway...

Chicago- Been watching the well planned and highly anticipated steps unfold for some 30 years now. Yep. Honestly, this is just the beginning.

Anyway - wasn't that EXCITING yesterday! And, then today - it seemed like 'Groundhog Day' again - and market rigging as usual...right?

As to the "Gurus" be cautions of any that "Just tell what they heard" because that identifies they aren't talking to actual Intel sources. Real Intel sources are relationships.

Relationships work two ways, and allow for follow-up. One should be able to ask, "Hey, what happened?" when things dont go as planned or previously described.

Gee, 30 years ago was the Harmonic Convergence. I'd say THAT was the "beginning" - IMO....and I've seen SO MUCH SINCE, I couldn't even list them all - if I stayed here typing all night

Chicago - Smile

"real intel sources" ARE relationships, and 'HEARING' is exactly how it comes through.

Let's just say nothing pisses a "Guru" off more than telling them what they don't want to hear! LOL

You have no idea how much I used to hear back in the days when I was running around with the Governor and his crowd - had i been anybody else, I could have made a LOT of $$$

Chicago - Someday, perhaps we should write some books. (Wink)

I "hear" things all the time, but it doesn't mean I repeat it

I'm thinking about it wethrin - going to find somebody who will work with me and spend hours listening to me going through the events of my life - then put it into a nice format. Think this can be done by phone, and it is on my mind. Because other than my Projects, which will be a sum total expression of who I am and what I've done - what am I supposed to do with this information?

I have to tell you, though, that I am SO GRATEFUL for my last business (commercial lending) for MANY reasons - but especially now for THIS journey we're on. Closing complicated deals is TOUGH. There are often MANY unforseen delays. people get frustrated. I learned a LOT about having 'patience'

I also ALWAYS kept in touch and maintained excellent communication with my borrowers - neverr left people "hanging" on the weekends - made sure I called them on Fridays

How about you wethrin?

I honestly dont know if I would be allowed to write books, perhaps something that could be published when I die. I have had the honor of working with and helping some incredible people.

It sounds exciting, and rewarding - I've always chosen a life of service also. I was excited about helping people achieve their greatest entrepreneurial goals - and dreams. We'd love to hear more, wethrin - if you'd like to share...

Na, dont want to bog down the board. You know what they say, old soldiers never die, they just fade away... LOL I yield the remainder of my time to the Distinguished Lady from Chicago.

Not sure how "distinguished"...lol - but, thank you! Seriously though, sure wish Ii could get a definitive on what heppened a couple of months ago at Langley....

There was a LOT of damage done yesterday, anything can happen – anytime

yesterday gave everybody a glimpse of HOW FAST this can all go. You know that post I put together with all the charts?

I started working on that before the close - and during that last hour, I must have replaced each of thoe charts over a half-dozen times! I wanted to have the best (worst) and had to keep changing as a result - lol
There was a LOT of cabal money sucked out of the system yesterday - poof, evaporated
'Operation Disclosure' outlines it pretty well. Did everybody get to see todays? and, there was also a 'House of Cards' set off that is currently crumbling - causing instability....but most of ALL - any last bit of "liquidity" left was taken completely out. Now what?

Knowing what I know, living through '07&'08 - coming to within 30 min of total global collapse with Lehman and watching them paper over it these last 10 years....

While still under the control of luciferian, baby-eating, blood drinking, peodophile banksters who've enslaved the ENTIRE WORLD with their Ponzi scheme built on USURY - I couldn't fathom bringing good money into bad.

I think Dizzy was correct Just off 9 months- ahead of his time

I've watched dinarland come around, over these years. Anyone who knows me, knows what a beating I've taken over these years - especially back in the earlier days (pre-Yosef) this was a different group...back then.

And, its not just dinarland - of course. people everywhere have been WAKING Up over this last decade - its SO MUCH BETTER than it used to be...and its been a process.

I just had my own little voice to use, all my life - starting from age 3 that I remember...and it was one/one - NOW WE HAVE SOCIAL MEDIA

ISLAMAPHOBIA which sprang out of the need to "always have an enemy" after 'the wall' came down - what chosen because of SHARIA Law which prohits USURY.

And, WE (the corporate fiction UNITED STATES) IS 'the enemy; and ARE 'the terrorists' - everybody in the whole ROW (Rest of The World) KNOWS it. Everryone, EXCEPT the flag waving American people

And, I was born here - and have spent my entire life "here". However, I've always associated personally with Europeans - they've ALWAYS been more AWAKE...and easier to have an intelligent conversation with.

At least, the older generation - now...maybe not so much. The indcotrination has been pretty thorough.

The only reason that this has gone on for SO LONG (the decades and even centuries of Crimes Against Humanity) is BECAUSE of ignorance. Thank goodness we've had the internet now for the last 20 years. They created it as a tool for spying, but many of us have used it as a tool to WAKE the masses - and its WORKING. But, there is always room for improvement. Would you like to hear something funny?

One of the first statements that I made reentering this group (after having been BANNED - not sure why, other than judgment) was that 'I saw peodophilia on MSM coming out, last night' - I must have said this on Sunday. Not one single person here has asked me about it.

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Re: WSOMN Wednesday Drama 2/7/18

Post  Kevind53 on Thu Feb 08, 2018 12:05 am

These people get more bizarre by the day. They must be playing with mercury, cause they are all becoming mad as a hatter.

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."1 Thessalonians 5:14–18

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Re: WSOMN Wednesday Drama 2/7/18

Post  RamblerNash on Fri Feb 09, 2018 1:06 am

wethrin wrote:Chicago- Been watching the well planned and highly anticipated steps unfold for some 30 years now. Yep. Honestly, this is just the beginning.

Saddam Dinars? Really?


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