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  Oootah's Call Zimbabwe Info/Intel Notes 2/3/18

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PostSubject: Oootah's Call Zimbabwe Info/Intel Notes 2/3/18   Sun Feb 04, 2018 8:19 am


Why in the world is everything suddenly all about Zimbabwe as it relates to the RV?

It’s only the 61st largest nation by square miles (roughly about the same size of Japan) and a nation of less than 15 million people. And sure it’s valuable, but so are a lot of nations in Africa. Forget the facts that they own all of the earth’s largest gold and diamond mines… We’re told there are enormous deposits of rare earth elements, easily accessible minerals and massive precious metals deposits, largest lithium deposits on earth, plus plenty of water (not typical for most African nations) which creates an unusually fertile agriculture industry.

But what about this out-of-print “collectible currency” everyone keeps talking about? This magical ZIM rate?

Well, there are two simple reasons for Zimbabwe’s sudden rise to prominence on the global monetary scene, and few know either. One has to do with volume, and the other vision, and together they have equated to victory.

Volume… Largest stack wins at the poker table nearly every time, right? Well, the ZIM back in 2008-2009 was sure printed with unprecedented volume. The ZIM currency has been out-of-print until just recently, and now they’ve resorted to printing sovereign bonds that act like currencies to gain trust once again with locals. But what if there was precedent for such a monetary decision in Zimbabwe?

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has done this before, the last time was in 2008-2009 but they didn’t tell anyone.

The RBZ printed bonds that acted like currency, and used the last hyper inflated series (AA,AB,AC) to pay back IMF loans that were imposing brutal austerity measures against their population. That final ZIM dollar series was circulated just like a currency, but with the notes having an incredibly high face value, and holding an even higher sovereign bond value. IMF declared Zimbabwe free of Chapter 7 and literally debt free earlier last year!

So why hide a sovereign bond beneath the facade of an everyday currency? There must have been a good reason, just like ZIM bond/currency suddenly being reissued today, yes?

Yes. But few were aware back then, and even less are today. Turns out the 2008-2009 ZIM currency was secretly printed on special sovereign bond paper in Germany, using legal, lawful, genuine bond ink–at the same bond printing company that printed China’s sovereign bonds–and together, they colluded and engaged in a clandestine printing without the awareness of top white cabal European leaders.

When the Europeans found out of course they promptly shut down both the Zimbabwe bond/currency printing and destroyed the plates, but the damage was already done as quintillions upon quintillions of high valued sovereign bonds were already in circulation.

This means that each of you are bearer bond holders with legitimate title to the land and assets of the

Sovereign Nation of Zimbabwe. Don’t believe it? Well, look at the front of your bills… see what it says in the far left quadrant. See the words “I promise to pay the bearer on demand…” yes, that means it’s a bond, printed on sovereign bond paper, using certified bond ink and you’re the final bearer of said bond.

So why would fiercely loyal Zimbabwe leadership intentionally give away such valuable sovereign bonds to foreigners? And why were some of these “bond/currency” printed with face values as high as 100 trillion units?

This makes absolutely no sense unless there’s a much bigger vision at play. Now everyone would agree that Africa is very old continent… sure. And China too? Sure. Both probably have some very old even ancient families that know each other very well, and maybe a few control a majority of the world’s raw assets do to age and experience. Ok, that’s all reasonable.

So, if that’s true, then maybe these old families probably keep a very close eye out for younger, power hungry races like the Anglo-Saxons of Eastern Europe, who’s appetite to accumulate, steal, rape and pillage everything on planet earth is historically well documented.

It also was no secrete the Vatican attempted to seize the entire world–for God–through self-imposed laws and doctrines in the middle ages, and the military arm of the Vatican (The Jesuits), had long attempted to infiltrate and overtake both the African and Asian continents to absorb their vast wealth.

So, it stands to reason that the African and Chinese Royal Families might have hatched a plan several hundred years ago to defeat the young white European invaders once and for all. It’s even rumored they set a clever economic trap using the in-ground raw assets of Africa as bait, allowing resource hungry European bankers to issue as much institutional debt as they could bear in order to default all the European banks at once.

This trap was neither cheap, nor a short-term strategy. We’re talking about a few centuries to execute let alone accomplish victory. But in the high stakes of a global poker game of world domination, the player with the shortest natural resources stack always loses, as eventually the larger stack waits out all opponents through a series of masterful moves demonstrating both unparalleled patience and discipline.

And that’s exactly what the African and Chinese Royal Families did, they waited out Rome and the Europeans because they knew collectively they had no significant raw asset holdings (shortest stack), thus their potential was limited and their vast natural resources (largest stack), would wear them down over a long-enough timeline if they remained patient and disciplined. Which thankfully they did.

They also knew their fiat money lie would one day collapse under it’s own deceptive weight, exposing the Roman, European and American fractional reserve central banking network until it ultimately burned out from lack of financial oxygen–raw assets. Which as of July, 2017 it has…

Keep in mind, fractional reserve banking was not new to the ancient cultures. Usury had been in existence since the days of Ancient Egypt, but never to this extent where it threatened human survival. And it only really became a serious threat to humanity in the last two hundred years when central banking was introduced as a monetary savior mechanism by a few hyper aggressive Eastern European Banking

Families who like to call themselves the “Dark Nobility.”

So yes, ancient African and Chinese Royal Families used Roman and European aggression to their advantage, and began slowly accumulating the world’s remaining raw assets while also depleting their cash and buying up their bogus government treasuries. And when they needed some military muscle, they recruited the Russians. And when they needed to ensure oil supply, they recruited the Persians… first Iran, then Iraq… both were more than willing to team up with the BRICS Alliance.

With Russia agreeing to provide military cover it meant that the Romans and Europeans could be kept in check, and along as the Iranians (and later the Iraqis), could supply future oil reserves to fuel this alliance, together they had a winning combination that could both stop and defeat the Great Satan (i.e. The Money Changers). Which is what we are seeing play out on a global stage daily.

Imagine, all of this was planned long before the United States of America was even founded back in 1776 (which ironically the American Revolution was funded by the Chinese Royals, and why Americans pay tribute by shooting off Chinese fireworks every 4th of July). The world is a very old place, and America is a very young country. It’s sad they don’t teach real history in public education anymore, but it is not unexpected… that will change dramatically in the upcoming century.

So, getting back to the little African/Asian/Russian/Persian save the world saga… it’s very important to understand this pre-forged alliance in respect to modern day events because all defaulted on historic sovereign assets (bonds, currencies, bank instruments, loans, trades, ETF’s, etc..) must now be reconciled by the new global monetary authority–who’s raw assets are used as tangible collateral collectively known as the Global Collateral Accounts.

Zimbabwe did its part by appearing to be economically destitute when in truth they were fabulously wealthy, as was the plan per the Chinese, Russian and Persian Royal Families. Zimbabwe, then over printed their ZIM bond/currency knowing full well that one day all debts would be reconciled as part of a worldwide Golden Jubilee Year of Debt Foreignness. Even the Vatican was made to release all corporate claims on its foreign assets / nations / populations, as per Pope Francis’s 2016 Debt Forgiveness Jubilee, including assets they acquired several centuries prior in Africa.

Where the European Banking Families faltered is instead of folding for a few centuries, they doubled down and manufactured a terrorist false flag (9/11), which lead to war everywhere on the planet. This really pissed off the world community, which lead to the overt dismantling of their fractional reserve central banking system, as well as many of their private banks, which have all been drained down to the point of complete insolvency. See Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland…

Remember, the poker player with shortest stack always loses given enough hands… well, ultimately time and patience won the day. This means that not only has Zimbabwe’s national debt been covered in full, but the bond/currency you hold is also mercifully now being allowed to be redeemed at modern values based on Zimbabwe’s audited in-ground and above ground natural asset reserves. So, the entire world can abundantly benefit, and you personally can enrich yourself, home, community, country and continent.

And that’s exactly what happened folks, a patient and disciplined pathway to victory through volume and inspired vision means that you and some of your closest friends will all be depositing an incredibly high volume of these digital ZIM credits onto a Chinese global financial system right here in the new Republic of the United States this coming year, (2018), which by the way not only resurrects our own Republic of the United States economy in record time, but also thrusts Africa into the most valuable continent status overnight!!!!!

Talk about win-win-win-win for Africa, China, Russia, Iran/Iraq, North America… and an insurmountable defeat for Rome and the Anglo-Saxon European Union. What an awesome strategy to ponder, let alone participate in and profit from.
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PostSubject: Re: Oootah's Call Zimbabwe Info/Intel Notes 2/3/18   Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:35 pm

I see Oootah's still spewing her manure. Too bad there is no such thing as "Sovereign Bond Paper, or Bond Ink. Bond paper is just a term for a high quality paper used for printing. You can buy it by the ream or the case from any office supply company.

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Oootah's Call Zimbabwe Info/Intel Notes 2/3/18
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