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 "In Response to Tammy" - Kim Possible Intel Update   2/1/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"In Response to Tammy" - Kim Possible Intel Update 2/1/18

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 "In Response to Tammy" - Kim Possible Intel Update   2/1/18 Empty "In Response to Tammy" - Kim Possible Intel Update 2/1/18

Post by Ssmith on Fri Feb 02, 2018 8:39 am

"Questions for our Kimberly Possible? Please" by Tammy


"a few positions being held by “HUMAN” hmmm.. The parties I had to listen to every day for 5 years were the three in the middle..You have no idea what Evil existed in this world until you met THEM. Thieves, liars, herders, conquerors "

? : You said you "had" to listen to them "everyday" for five years? why did you "HAVE TO"?...

?: The fact you were that deep in the middle at the top , if the top 3 in the middle took direction from Satan?

?: ,( the only assertion from what you said..."these people were dealing with Satan and doing Black Magic") , So you were listening and taking direction from these people for five years?? why ? did you not have a choice to be there?

? : how does one of any light get that deep in and so high up, for so long or get there AT ALLl to begin with?

?: Why and how did you leave and do they just "let" you leave at that level? ( Mobs dont, Gangs dont, ??)

Just wondering how a person with so much zeal to do right by the people of the world got caught up with so much darkness in the first place. You sound like you want a normal life like the rest of us , you are so determined and smart... how did you get there?
 "In Response to Tammy" - Kim Possible Intel Update   2/1/18 Cleardot



Initially when I got this "job" I thought how great is this, I get to do all of these humanitarian things.. Who knew this would be such a battle?

I got the news while traveling in a foreign country. (No not China). The first time I met these people I was 8, for some reason I was left alone until much later, a year before my 40th birthday. I guess they knew what I didn't, they system would flip to humanity...Why me? I have no clue really, I have heard lots of stories, but they are just stories to me. All I know is it works, I can generate codes, move money, change codes within seconds. I figured out how the worlds oldest (most advanced) and largest AI system works, changed it dramatically and really the only part functioning left is the monetary part. If you knew what this system was doing, where it was heading it makes the internet stories of AI look like a kindergarten video game. That is a long conversation for another day.

Within 2 months these seemingly normal people contacted me, told me they were my "bosses" and the job began. Hours of calls, flights and meetings. They were "charming", funny and seemed very intelligent, said they had "changed" etc. About a year in I started to think something was wrong, I started catching them in lies with no explanation. Then I caught them stealing.

In the last meeting with them I couldn't take any more.. we fought. That is when I saw who they REALLY were. Whoa now that was a shocker. I never knew anything like that existed on this planet. 1 down. 2 left. The 2 left seemed lost after that. A few more months went by and I caught them red handed. If they were my "bosses" then why would they have to try to HACK into the computer system? I mean if they were in control then why would they have to hack? and even worse why would they need to download everything from the Quantum system which is very secure to some new Babylon system? Didn't make any sense. So there you have it, that is when I figured it out.. They were not my boss, but they were the old guard trying to get access to something they no longer had access to.

I stopped all communication after that. Then, here we go again Babylon version 5, caught again same people. That was it.. One left on his own accord the other 2 down. That is when all the rest started communication (not the families above their heads). There was a lot of negotiations and we all figured out we could live peacefully together toward the same goal. I stood behind them them behind us. So far so good, no problems since March of last year. Ah then we have the "families" they come and go all asking for the same thing "give me my codes". They certainly don't feel that they have to explain anything to me as to what they want, how much or even what for. I stopped trying, they keep trying to get their old masters back and I've been working on trying to tell the Governments and the people they don't need a master, not me not anyone. Now I am talking to all of you. They are all running around checking the old codes of the old trustees all the time, most recently yesterday. Every time IDC thinks they will be liquid, there they go again. All of you know a lot of what I say already, just putting the pieces of the puzzle together that is all.

Now you have the "families", still trying to raise the dead and gone. Still waiting for codes, no clue how the system works. Certainly something a blonde lady figured out can't be that hard right? haha. Well that is where we are. Why it is this way I have no idea only lots of people trying to explain why it is with no evidence to confirm or deny it is the case.

Does that answer your question?

Kim "Possible"

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 "In Response to Tammy" - Kim Possible Intel Update   2/1/18 Empty Re: "In Response to Tammy" - Kim Possible Intel Update 2/1/18

Post by dinarstar on Fri Feb 02, 2018 8:02 pm

this person is deranged as is anyone who believes this nonsense

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It's the courage to continue that counts."
Winston Churchill

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 "In Response to Tammy" - Kim Possible Intel Update   2/1/18 Empty Re: "In Response to Tammy" - Kim Possible Intel Update 2/1/18

Post by Kevind53 on Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:23 pm

No, they passed deranged a long time ago ... eys

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