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"Prices will Drop" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 1/28/18

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"Prices will Drop" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 1/28/18

Post  Ssmith on Mon Jan 29, 2018 8:06 am


Richard » January 28th, 2018

No offense but why would the people of Iraq care it the dinar is 1-1 externally? Could someone please explain why?

DELTA » January 28th, 2018




McDan » January 28th, 2018

Delta are you saying the value of a million dinar after 1/1 will still be worth $1000 not $1,000,000

DELTA » January 28th, 2018


AgentSnowball » January 28th, 2018

But what would stop a person from buying IQD when the rate comes at 1:1 and eventually, theoretically moves to 2:1 or 3:1?

ChrisC » January 28th, 2018

Nothing. That is why the Iraqis want to open internationally higher to prevent the vertical chart that is going to happen if they don't. I am not sure how they can regulate their currency to stop this once they are Article 8. That is why I said some time ago that they should open as high as possible to slow down the "hedge fund" effect that Soros has used to the detriment of many countries.

DELTA » January 28th, 2018




Doodlebug » January 28th, 2018

I have a few millionaire friends. They want to wait til it comes out at 1 to 1 & buy then & make "quck" returns on the managed float. I guess they are the whales/sharks.

They didn't want to wait as we have since 2008. They used their funds in other places for these 10 years. Now, they are poised to jump-on-it & make a few miilion on a quick turnaround.

DELTA » January 28th, 2018


Doodlebug » January 28th, 2018

The Saudis said today that they are willing to help @the Kuwaiti Conference on rebuilding Iraq "IF" Iraq declares it openly that they are Sovereign. That seems to me to say: Pull The Dinar Trigger! Right.?. ~Doodlebug1.

Don961 » January 28th, 2018

Another "floater" .....

Angola Faces Currency Test

Monday, January 29, 2018

Angolan President Joao Lourenco was elected five months ago promising an “economic miracle”. But the path to transforming the oil-dependent country’s economy will be long and difficult—as was highlighted by anger over the de facto de-valuation of the local currency, AFP reported.

Since January, new central bank governor Jose de Lima Massano has been presiding over something of a fiscal revolution, weaning the local kwanza currency off its artificial peg to the dollar, and phasing in a floating exchange rate.

The local unit has been fixed at a rate of 166 to the dollar since 2016, even if the kwanza has changed hands at a rate of more than 400 for a dollar on the black market.

“We have an exchange rate that doesn’t reflect reality,” Massano conceded.

Before the currency is allowed to float completely freely by the end of 2018, the kwanza is now trading between two rates that authorities are for now keeping secret to avoid speculation. The central bank chief justified the move by pointing to the urgent need to stem the “continuing decline of currency reserves”.


CBI Governor Promises Stable Forex, Gold Markets

Monday, January 29, 2018

Governor of the Central Bank of Iran has reiterated that foreign exchange rates will continue to dwindle while saying “we do not insist on illogically bringing down the price of gold coins” in reference to the regulator’s recent announcement that a country-wide coin presale is to start from Feb. 4.

“Forex market fluctuations of the past two months are now being balanced,” Valiollah Seif was quoted as saying by IBENA. After breaking above an all-time high of 46,000 rials, the US dollar was traded for 45,650 rials on Sunday.

The benchmark Bahar Azadi gold coin, on the other hand, had lost more than 3% in value by Saturday’s close, but gained back as much as 0.5% on Sunday to be traded for 14.85 million rials ($326).


Don961 » January 28th, 2018

Well well ... hasn't this number of participants grown exponentially after Abadi showed up at Davos !!!!! ..... LL ... stop pushing and jostling for position ! .. you'll all get your chance to dance ! ...

950 international companies participate in the reconstruction conference of Iraq

The National Authority for Investment in Iraq, the participation of 950 international companies in the Kuwait International Conference for the reconstruction of Iraq, which is scheduled to be held on the 12th of February .

"The conference will be attended by officials from several countries and representatives of the World Bank and the European Union .

Araji said that the first day of the conference will be devoted to international organizations, while the second focuses on investment and reconstruction in Iraq, while will be on the third day to invite countries to participate in the event .

Al-Araji said that the projects to be presented at the Kuwait conference serve the human and the economy and include 12 sectors. He added that among them are projects in the field of petrochemicals and engineering, construction and agricultural industries, as well as large agricultural projects and projects in sewage, housing and hospitals .

The Chairman of the Investment Authority that the strategic projects will include all the provinces, especially the areas that have been freed from the organization of the preacher of the terrorist link

Stand4Christ » January 28th, 2018

SOTU 2018 Preview - Trump Will Kickstart The End of Chimerica; What This Means For Markets - January 28th 2018


While the State of the Union address is rarely if ever an FX market-moving event, in light of recent comments by both President Trump and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and with global trade suddenly on everyone's radar, if there is one market-sensitive topic that may get a kick start on January 31, it is US trade relations with China.

Here are my thoughts :

It really looks like to me that Trump and Mnuchin did pull off the strategy of "good cop bad cop" in the past 2 weeks.

So, now the market is fully "prepped" that, even if sudden fluctuation that will come to the FX (FOREX) market by around or soon after Trump's speech, most of the market won't suspect anything concerning the ripple effect that will come from the IQDRV, instead, they will be focusing on the effect of Trump's tax reform causing money to kick in, will look at what Trump will say, and will also look at China's response.

Like I mentioned that, when USD will suddenly get greatly greatly strengthened from IQDRV, it will crush many foreign currencies, including China's Yuan.

However, to the outside world and the market speaking (who don't really know what's really going on), it will "look like" China suddenly devalue their currency in order to gain an upper hand on trade against US.

When that happens, I really believe that (watching/speculating), both Trump and the market will easily assume and will pass the blame to China, calling them out for starting a "currency war" of some sort. As the result, China might respond with some radical move too, so pay attention

Either way, WATCH, some of the greatest geopolitical economic warfare between nations will be unfolding rapidly before all of our eyes soon. Watch closely, and learn, because "History Does Not Repeat Itself, But It Rhymes".

That means, if you can learn by observing closely in order to understand how the strategies will be played out by many different players now, you'll then also be able to approximately discern how other future geopolitical economic warfare will be played out as well, hence you will then also have a good idea on how and where to position your money ahead of time.
Hope this help

Stand4Christ » January 28th, 2018

Since I probably will spend less time at KTFA after the RV, let me also share some further knowledge with the family here from things that I have learned, studied, and research.

Like I mentioned recently that, I believed the elites planned to do many RVs all in once, but Trump came into the picture, he hijacked their plan, and he is spreading out many currencies RV, so that many of God's people can make money, and so that America will experience great and an ongoing economic boom.

IMO Trump is FOR currencies RV even more than the elites. I later understand why after spending much time studying and doing research concerning trade :

Besides great and positive immediate economic effect, foreign currency RV in developing nations will help PUSH manufacturing back to the United States.

Let me explain ...... the reason why manufacturing has left America for the past 2 decades was in fact because (1) currencies of nations like Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Philippines, etc. are far cheaper than USD, (2) those nations have a very low cost of living.

As the result, merchants find it more profitable to make things there, and sell things here, which has turned US into a major importing country. Because of the high cost of living in the US (compare to those developing nations), we simply can't compete, and we can't make the same stuff they make, and to sell them back to them.

HOWEVER, let's use Vietnam for example, what if Vietnam's currency gets revalued, and their value gets pulled up to a point that's closer to USD ??? Well, that in itself alone will discourage American manufacturers from wanting to open factories in Vietnam, because, even if they can make things in Vietnam, and sell things back to America, the shipping cost itself will likely cause them to lose money.

So, that will discourage many US manufacturers from leaving. Let's flip the coin to the other side. Since Vietnam's currency get dragged up, so, everyday Vietnamese will then suddenly be able to afford buying "Made in the USA". Guess what, we can make things in the US, and to even sell to developing countries like Vietnam, and they will be able to buy them.

---- can you see what this will do to our GDP !!!!????

Now, let's take it one step further, besides Vietnam and Iran, Trump in fact wants to "help" a few more developing nations to RV their currencies.

The incentive for those nations will be very very great, because in their eyes, they will suddenly become on par or somewhat on par with USD, but what they don't know is that, every nation that will RV, they will automatically discourage American biz from opening manufacturing shops in their nations; and instead, they will open the door for us to easily sell (i.e. export) to their nations, because they can afford to buy America

---- Can you see the crazy trade surplus that's coming to America???? Can you see the prosperity that is coming to America and everyday average Joe because Trump wants other nations to do RV ??????

IMO Trump is truly God's greatest gift for America in modern day history. We America really will come to a point where we will say, "Mr. President, you need to stop, because we have been winning so much that, we can't handle it!!"

I hope this will open your eyes to see what Trump is really up to, and how brilliant he is !!!

Don961 » January 28th, 2018

Owe $ 20 trillion. Why do not the Americans print more dollars to pay off their debts?

2018/1/28 09:50:23 AM

On the evening of January 17, data from the US Treasury Department revealed that Saudi Arabia's holdings of US Treasuries rose by $ 3.8 billion in November to reach $ 149 billion.

In the same month, China's holdings reached 1.176 trillion US dollars, while Japanese holdings were close to 1.08 trillion dollars. Overall, the total value of US holdings of US bonds reached $ 6.3 trillion, which is, of course, apart from the $ 14 trillion US government debt.

Americans are indebted only to their currency. This is an advantage that no other country except the United States can print to transfer 60 billion US dollars to repay their debts to foreign countries. But if they are able to repay their loans once they print more money then why would they need to borrow in the first place?

Trump: We Americans can print more dollars

- "Print money to pay off the country's debt" Why did not this idea come to the mind of any US official as he sought a solution to the growing debt problem? In fact, this idea came to the mind of someone, and this person is the current president of the United States, "Donald Trump."

On May 9, 2016, Donald Trump told CNN: "If interest rates rise, we can buy our debt again at a reduced rate, provided we have sufficient liquidity." We are the government of the United States, I hate to tell you that, but we can not afford to default because we can print more dollars, "he said.

Trump's proposal, thought to be a genius and thinking outside the box, is in fact a reflection of the republican president's ignorance of the simplest fundamentals of economics known to anyone related to the subject. In short, the idea of ​​printing the United States money in order to repay all or part of its catastrophic debts.

- theoretically or on paper, the United States can actually print money to repay its debts, but this option is not possible or practically impossible because it will lead to much greater problems. In the first place, the country will be plunged into a quagmire of hyperinflation, with prices of goods and services going up rapidly, and the economy entering a crisis that is dwarfed by the 2008 crisis, if not destroyed.

- If, for example, $ 6 trillion is printed to pay bondholders, this will increase national income everywhere except the United States. Higher income will lead to higher aggregate demand for goods that can be bought in dollars. Traders will, of course, raise commodity prices.

- The purchasing power of the dollar will drop dramatically, and this will put pressure on the American industry, which will have to pay more for raw materials and spare parts imported, and this way the country will fall into recession and unemployment will increase because of the view of many companies that it is useful to move to China and places Where there is a new demand for their products.

- But the United States will not sink alone. The Chinese, for example, will find themselves in trouble, because even though they have more dollars in their hands, those dollars will not equal the same value they paid when they bought US debt.

- China currently has $ 1.17 trillion of US bonds. Suppose it can buy 200 aircraft carriers for this amount, after the inflation of the dollar printing step. This amount of over $ 1 trillion could buy only 50 aircraft carriers.

- So printing more dollars may help the US to repay its debt, but this will damage the entire world economy. And US bondholders, although they will recover their money, they will actually get a currency that is worth crashing into the ground, while America itself will enter a dark tunnel that was entered by a country such as Zimbabwe, and we will find Americans going shopping with cash bags.

- But the most important point is that the US Treasury will not be able to borrow again. For example, the US budget recorded a deficit of $ 139 billion in November, which was financed by selling bonds to investors and governments.

How does the US monetary system work?

- The US Treasury is printing the dollar, but the Fed controls the volume of money supply through its powers that enable it to support the credit cycle and control interest rates and reserves of banks from the US currency.

Accordingly, the Fed does not print the physical dollar, but instead lending to banks and maintaining financial stability by adjusting the minimum ratios of bank reserves and interest rates in order to strike a balance between the twin objectives: full employment and price stability.

- The entity responsible for the printing of the dollar, which oversees the interest of currency minting is the US Treasury Department. As of August 2015, there are approximately $ 1.2 trillion in cash in circulation in the United States and abroad.

- When US banks need cash, they ask the Federal Reserve, which in turn deposits them electronically in the accounts of these banks after calculating the appropriate interest rate. Banks, for their part, when they have a cash surplus, return it to the Fed.

- The US president does not have the power to print the dollar. Only the Federal Reserve can order the Treasury Department's money-laundering department to print more money.

- The Fed usually makes one call a year to the currency clearing house asking for a certain amount of money to be printed. For example, the Fed ordered the Stamping Department in July 2015 to print about $ 213 billion.

The Fed determines the amount of money that is printed annually in light of two goals: the first is the amount of banknotes that are damaged and are no longer valid and need replacement. The second is the bank's expectation of the amount of additional funds that need to be in circulation to match money supply with economic growth.

The print dollars in our hands represent only about 10% of the total money supply, 90% of which are electronic only on bank systems.

Why not print the dollar and provide interest payments on debt?

- There is a big difference between the money the US government gets through borrowing and what you print. Religion is a transfer of wealth accumulated from one person to another, and the new money is a wealth created from nothingness. The new money makes the old value less, and this will prompt people to get rid of their cash holdings quickly before they lose their value.

Let's assume, as Trump suggested, that the United States could simply print $ 6 trillion, for example, to repay its bondholders. In this way, the US government will provide the billions of dollars it pays each year to serve this debt. This sounds good does not it?

- But as each trader of the dollar globally is currently approaching $ 1.2 trillion, the volume of the trader will rise from the US currency to enter the trading cycle $ 4 for every dollar currently exists.This scenario is very scary because this would mean that the dollar will depreciate to a quarter of what it was before the new funds entered the circle.

- In other words, excessive inflation will occur, the price of anything will suddenly rise four times. At that moment, what everyone will do is look for a way to get rid of the dollar in any way and exchange it in other currencies that still hold their value or buy assets such as cars, real estate and foreign stocks.What distinguishes these currencies and assets is that the supply of them is limited and this is what the dollar lacks in this case.

- World central banks that hold a large part of their reserves in dollars, will also rush to get rid of the US currency in order to protect the value of those reserves.

- But some may argue that the Fed introduced into the cash trading cycle trillions of dollars after the 2008 crisis, and these trillions did not cause inflation to spiral out of control and did not adversely affect the value of the dollar.

- In fact, there is an important point that many people do not realize, namely, that these funds exist only electronically and remain within the American banking system. The Fed controls the volume of the currency through adjusting the interest rates it pays banks to deposit their money.

Does America need to pay its debts?

- The United States undoubtedly benefits from the fact that it is a city in its currency, unlike Greece, for example the city in euros, but not this way. What most of us do not notice in thinking about this point is that the United States is the only country that does not actually need to repay its debts; it only needs to ensure that the world's confidence in the dollar continues.

- The US dollar is supported by the world's largest economy, which is why everyone views the US government's debt as one of the safest investments available. US bond-making governments, for their part, do not want mainly to recover their billions invested in these bonds. They just want to keep their money.

- Again, the idea of ​​the US government resorting to printing the dollar to repay its debts is a myth rather than an economic choice, and this is recognized by any student in the first year in the Department of Economics interested in his studies.

Source: Numbers link

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Re: "Prices will Drop" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 1/28/18

Post  Kevind53 on Mon Jan 29, 2018 3:01 pm

The Saudis said today that they are willing to help @the Kuwaiti Conference on rebuilding Iraq "IF" Iraq declares it openly that they are Sovereign. That seems to me to say: Pull The Dinar Trigger! Right.?. ~Doodlebug1.

Everything says pull the trigger when you're wearing your RV goggles.

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

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